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  1. brian says:

    my son and daughters x box ones plural both broke right after warantys up and right before christmas huh funny dont you think my ps4 works fine and dont have that lag my son has ranted over for the last year evan changed internet still xbone lags dont worry son still thinks its the greatest but then again his car was leaving lakes of oil where ever he went when i said something about it he told me his car had a computer and would tell him if there was something wrong xbone fanboy

  2. s13 says:

    wtf you cunts xbox is better than playstaion morons

  3. Xbox are cheating fucking cunts

  4. Tubax says:

    Guys, fuck the XBOX series, not microsoft, microsoft makes kewl software and OS, but their gaming consoles are pieces of junk.

  5. My Xbox died says:


  6. fuckXbox says:

    2/14/17. Eveyone. Burn you PILE OF SHIT XBOX.

    Just do IT.

  7. fuckXbox says:

    Microsoft is a criminal Company.



  8. fuckXbox says:

    Xbox games and Xbox are a pile of SHIT.

    The FTC needs to take every Microsoft OFFLINE.

  9. Devon says:

    How do you get your brother off the xbox one he keeps me up at 3 to 4 am in the morning and wakes me up at 8 to 9 am because of how loud he is he is such a cunt he should fuck himself and fuck the xbox one

  10. Gavin.R says:

    The fanboys are retarded and so are most of the players. Today i experienced two cunts today on rocket league that praised each other and would not shut up. When I said for them to stop praising each other they responded with more praising which to me says that this console is full of fucking children that are immature and insecure. That is why i wanted to report them but the reporting system seems that it doesnt work and the choices given to determine what the person did, are not always what im reporting them for. So i tried to contact microsoft and they responded with just reporting them and leaving it at that. This console is GARBAGE.

  11. Fuck Xbox one With there shitty community and there fucking tech stuff also the download takes forever to download more like shitting an old pile of crap thats been down there for 10 days, I was downloading DR4 while it keeps saying “Installtion stopped” Pissed me off, then randomly the fuck face DR4 decided to go number backward last time it was 69% and now 66% FIX YOUR CRAP XBOX!

  12. Tyler says:

    Can someone tell me why my shit bags have faster download speeds than this fucking xbox i just spent 300 dollars on. 1 fucking mbps is un-fucking excusable for a company that charges you 300 dollars for their shit then charges you to use their internet services and buy all of the dlc for every fucking game that comes out. Fuck you xbox

  13. Eli says:

    I hate xbox1 mostly beacuse one of the free online games that i cant play qith online players just because u need a fucking subscription , if anyones ever played warfdane on ps4 youd be able to play witg otyer players reguardless of iff u haf playstation plus or not this really makes xbox look bad. Especially when ur suposed to be able to play that specific game online for free

  14. Rocket says:

    The Xbox feels like nothing but overpriced plastic. Be wise and stick to Sony or Nintendo.

  15. msMONKEY says:


  16. Cory D says:

    Bill gates must have infected his microsoft brand with some fucked vaccinations and now xbox owners got that shit.i have never ever had more shitty experience with a gaming console in all my life.


  17. Negro Pete says:

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  18. Death_Slayer says:

    Xbox is the crappiest piece of hardware ever.
    It is as if the devil himself pulled it out of His ASS.
    Xbox is an overrated piece of Dogshit
    Anyone who thinks xbox is better than ps3 is Motherfucking Idiot

  19. Jayden Markkk says:

    Xbox can eat a big back of dicks.

  20. Kay lupa says:

    BK KING MURDA xbox one gamer tag …. I need info on this dude asap @

  21. Jake Mart says:

    I hope who ever thought the fucking xbox one would be a fucking good Idea go to hell cause the dam thing looks like shit plays like shit and I sold mine 2 fucking days after I bought its crap Id rather play the fucking Sega Genesis And tv is crap the DRM Dosent fucking matter ugh the controller is also crap 360 was better the dam xbox one is so dam bulky and it still the games are crap I mean the discs they get scratched and when you buy one online they tell you to fucking go to your bank if it dosent work and even if it dose work when you play it it says its for the dam 360 Xbox go hell PS4 wins any fucking day the Atari Wins Any dam day

  22. walak smd says:


  23. Lee says:

    OMG… This site rules. Been reading loads of forums but this one by far had me howling my head off.
    I too am on Xbox but now only till my ps3 gets formatted. Would have loved it done by now but like many ppl Xbox has swallowed my cash, for the last time I must add.

    Today is the last time I spend any more coin on Xbox crap. Lining some cunts pockets all the while having nothing but problems with the system and live.
    I have had the same problems as most of you and many has happened at the same time and today was the final straw.

    Suck arse Xbox, fuck you bill gates and I pray that my Xbox hits you as I throw the fucker out the window…..
    A lad near the top of this blog peeked my interest when saying…. See how fast the Xbox falls from a block of flats. I am in my friends, 7 stories up in a 10 story building. So dissapointed when it just bounced with just a couple scratches. Plan B…. Open Xbox, empty out left over fireworks, place in drive with fuse…. Much more fun till the police arrive anyway haha. Big fucking boom!

    Thanx guys / ladies for this site, so happy that’s its not just me. ?

  24. Ashton Perfect says:

    Why do u guys hate xbox so much? it has some problems but so do playstations and other consoles.

  25. Anthony Morts says:

    Instead of saying layout i should have said the user interface which is the dumb ass UI from windows 8 which looks like throwup on a screen with them shitty tiles/blocks stacked next to each other

  26. Anthony Morts says:

    The nutbox is most definitely a piece of shit and i hate it and microtard that my life goal is to put them out of business by making my own business. More than just that playstation is the master console because of the free internet access, better graphics, ps1 classics available to download and more than just that ff7 is exclusive to playstation which in my opinion i feel that the crapbox one does not deserve the ff7 remake because xbox would destroy its reputation. Xbox is a fucking waste of money compared to playstation because for one, xbox started off with a shity 4 gigabytes of storage which rendered you unable to download any games to it unlike the ps4 which was released with 20 gigabytes, now lets compare the final versions of them both, the xbox 36660 in its final version had 250 gigabytes while the ps3 had 500 gigabytes and had the ability to have “removable” storage unlike the 3-shitty so in other words the ps3 can have a terabyte or more of storage wgile the 3-shitty was stuck with only 250 gbs meaning playstation surpassed turdbox when it came to storage capacity. More than that is if you do download anything to the shit box there is only a 20% guarantee that it’ll work but playstation has 100% guaranteed satisfactory downloads compared to shit box. Xbox was hacked seven times between 2002 and 2012 but was never known due to the media being corrupted but even when xbox live was hacked none of the customers got any special treatment from microtard but when playstation was hacked everyone got two free ps3 games and a months subscription to playstation plus which by way the is far better than xbox live because you get benefits such as downloadable games and more but all xbox live gets you is “multiplayer” which is why xbox live is a waste of money. Its even more pathetic that turdbox one now has backwards compatibility which is a waste cuz who want to play a shitty non-blu ray 360 game on a shitty xbox one did i also meantion the shitty graphics of the 360 are the same even though its one xbox one? Also more information to give is that if you do purchase a game and download it to the shit box if your storage gets corrupted you have to re-purchase the game from microtard. Also microtard bullshitted eveyone by acting like they dont know why the rrod happened but they fuckin knew that it would happen because of the red LED lights in the power button if they dont know why it happened then why are there red lights built into it huh? I know, its because it was intentional so you would have to buy a new xbox which means more money in microtard’s pockets which was their pathetic scheme all along. More so if i find out ff7 remake goes on the xbox i will personally



    Also isnt it pathetic that bill gates made microtard and runs it but at the same time he has no education whatsoever i mean he never went to college and yet he runs a business but with no education or knowledge. Thats pathetic and he's a loser not only that but why the fuck are people who actually have college degrees working under a loser who doesnt even have one? Did i mention that the new layout for everything is fucking retarded? Its a fake as minecraft layout with stupid blocks stacked next to each other which is the worst layout ever not only that but i knew someone who bought one of them touch screen laptops that had this shitty layout and it took them five hours just to find windows media player which tells everyone that "your downloaded files will take eternity to find" which is why i shall stick with apple computers and android phones. I could continue but you all get the point… Down with microtard and stupidity box i am a supporter of fuck xbox!!

  27. Anthony Morts says:

    The nutbox is most definitely a piece of shit and i hate it and microtard that my life goal is to put them out of business by making my own business. More than just that playstation is the master console because of the free internet access, better graphics, ps1 classics available to download and more than just that ff7 is exclusive to playstation which in my opinion i feel that the crapbox one does not deserve the ff7 remake because xbox would destroy its reputation. Xbox is a fucking waste of money compared to playstation because one, xbox started off with a shity 4 gigabytes of storage which rendered you unable to download any games to it unlike the ps4 which was released with 20 gigabytes, now lets compare the final versions of them both, the xbox 36660 in its final version had 250 gigabytes while the ps3 had 500 gigabytes and had the ability to have “removable” storage unlike the 3-shitty so in other words the ps3 can have a terabyte or more of storage wgile the 3-shitty was stuck with only 250 gbs mepla playstation surpassed turdbox when it came to storage capacity. More than that is if you do download anything to the shit box there is only a 20% guarantee that it’ll work but playstation has 100% guaranteed satisfactory downloads compared to shit box. Xbox was hacked seven times between 2002 and 2012 but was never known due to the media being corrupted but even when xbox live was hacked none of the customers got any special treatment from microtard but when playstation was hacked everyone got two free ps3 games and a months subscription to playstation plus which by the is far better than xbox live because you get benefits such as downloadable games and more but all xbox live gets you is “multiplayer” which is why xbox live is a waste of money. Its even more pathetic that turdbox one now has backwards compatibility which is a waste cuz who want to play a shitty non-blu ray 360 game on a shitty xbox one did i also meantion the shitty graphics of the 360 are the even though its one xbox one? Also more information to give is that if you do purchase a game and download it to the shit box if your storage gets corrupted you have to re-purchase the game from microtard. Also microtard bullshitted eveyone by acting like they dont know why the rrod happened but they fuckin knew that it would happen because of the red LED lights in the power button if they dont know why it happened then why are there red lights built into it huh? I know, its because it was intentional so you would have to buy a new xbox which mean more money in microtard’s pockets which was their pathetic scheme all along. More so if i find out ff7 remake goes on the xbox i will personally



    Also isnt it pathetic that bill gates made microtard and runs it but at the same time he has no education whatsoever i mean he never went to college and yet he runs a business but with no education or knowledge. Thats pathetic and he’s a loser not only that but why the fuck are people who actually have college degrees working under a loser who doesnt even have one? Did i mention that the new layout for everything is fucking retarded? Its a fake as minecraft layout with stupid blocks stacked next to each other which is the worst layout ever not only that but i knew someone who bought one of them touch screen laptops that had this shitty layout and it took them five hours just to find windows media player which tells everyone that “your downloaded files will take eternity to find” which is why i shall stick with apple computers and android phones. I could continue but you all get the point… Down with microtard and dtupidity box i am a supporter!!! πŸ™‚

  28. It’s very funny how all you xbox fagboys are crying like the little fucking faggot bitches that you are…

  29. Xbox is for fucking faggots. watch this video. It’s the true meaning of the FagBox One

  30. Raul says:

    Why so much hate reactions? Your’e are all saying that microsoft is a shit company? Well you are now at the moment on a (windows) version, and not on a (sony) operating system right? If you hate microsoft so much, why would you use windows? Go begging to sony and ask If there is a operating system from there company!

    Facts of microsoft:
    – (Xbox live) Servers are better.
    – (Microsoft cloud) Best clouds servers ever made!
    – (Windows) Best operating system ever.
    – (Anonymous) It tooked 3 days until the came in. (Sony: 3 hours)
    – (Community) They are not complaining and yelling to other platforms like sony. There having fun and not make does stupid websites.

    Well I hope you guys understand the fact that the community of Xbox has a better reputation…

  31. Anon says:

    Seriously, we need to take action. They laugh at us. They sell us garbage, and laugh. Someone needs to step up and take real action. I’ve had it with their garbage product, which is followed by completely retarded customer ‘support’, which is nothing more than another scheme to get more money.

    Someone, please. Take hostile action.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Xbox is for faggots and kids.

    • Conor Sturmey says:

      You got that right

    • Elfinpanic7 says:

      Fuck xbox β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–„β–„β–„β–„β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

    • Maymay says:

      I understand that you hate xbox or hate consoles in general. All of you on this site are entitled to hate consoles and microsoft all you want. (Nevermind the irony that alot of you microsoft haters are probly typing your posts from a windows computer lol)

      And I agree the direction they took with xbones and ps3/4 are not in the best interest of people in general- let alone gamers. And True- there is a much higher failure rate with newer consoles and microsoft support isnt great.
      So you have a plethora of reasons to hate the company for throwing quality down the toilet. Planned obsolescence is nothing new folks. Its just a sign of the times unfortunately. And we dont have to accept it, but unfortunately reality doesnt give a shit whether you accept something or not.

      Dont you guys think its a little overboard to make slurs generalizing PEOPLE that you dont even know? You can hate the console- and lord knows that we ALL hate listening to little kids on voice chat swearing and calling people names. (we hate listening to those high-pitched squeals AT ALL.) So yeah, we hate listening to kids on the internet. But what about just normal people. Mature, reasonable people who play the games or watch netflix and dont bother anyone? It is just plain wrong to hurl insults at people youve never even met across the globe just because they happen to own a console. Some of them dont even play cod or halo or any other war sims. They own a handful of games and dont even HAVE an xbl subscription. It doesnt make them any less of a person just because they occasionally boot up fable or fallout or kingdom of keflings. Just remember how you felt 20 or 30 years ago when adults were berated for playing a video game or reading a comic.

      Like the old saying goes- “dont hate the player, hate the game” Only in this case its “dont hate the average consumer, hate the console or the company that didnt manufacturer it properly”
      And by all means, hate the parents of the 10yr old who is playing CoD unsupervised and calling their teammates Fa****s and N*****s and swearing like a sailor on voice chat. Because they should have raised him to be more respectful and sportsman-like. And not playing games for adults.

      So instead of saying shit like “Xbox is for fa****s and kids.” Or that people who choose to play their games on one platform or another are – Maybe we could keep the hate limited to the pieces of plastic or the faceless conglomerates ran by people who are probly not smarter than their smart phone.
      Like the website says “Fuck xbox” – I’m pretty sure it doesnt say “fuck owners of xbox”. lol

      So yeah… I too hate companies who dont let users tinker with products they own (xbox modders getting banned) Or when companies try to prevent people from buying/selling used equipment. I hate products that consistently fail because they were made from shit-quality parts put together by slave or child labor in 3rd world countries in factories with No QC or health standards with sub-standard machinery.
      But I dont hate countless people whom ive never even encountered their gamertags let alone met, talked to, etc. I dont think any less of people just because they own an xbox or a playstation.
      I’ll bet 100% of the people on this site have at least one friend or family member who owns one of those consoles or a Windows PC. Hey Anon- are all of your friends gay or minors? No? That’s what I thought. Would you seriously end a friendship or relationship because your best friend or gf/bf bought a console? Didn’t think so either. Well, I rest my case.

      I know ya’ll like to flame and you love any excuse to toss bigoted slurs around; but please, lets try to remember who the real enemy is and leave the people out of this.

    • Fuckxbox one says:

      Man xbox 360 was dope! Now they fucking ruined it all with the xbox one. I can’t play my games anymore b/c these pieces of shit think I shit money or something to be buying every new system! I was one of the biggest gamers and now I haven’t picked up a control for almost two years maybe three. I miss playing everyday or staying up all night trying to finish the game. Fuck tards are losing money b/c NO ONE SHITS MONEY. They should continue bringong out new games for xbox 360 and they would make tons of money. Dumbasses. I just want to play alot of new games but I ain’t gonna buy a stupid new console just for that. Fuck you xbox one and all associated with you!

    • old* xbox one user says:

      this website was the biggest slap in the face ever, how could I be so blind. I’ve been being shit on my Microsoft my whole life. I’m so happy I saw this site before buying ANOTHER xbox one. I’ve owned 4 xbox 360s, and its not because I’m a greedy bitch, its because they ALL stopped working. Total playstation bought by playstation users: 4… total xbox bought by xbox users: 12 or more at least. My xbox one just stopped working today, wanna know why? beause it couldn’t install an update properly, it needs a fucking computer to download the update on to a usb port so it can be plugged intp the shitbox one and take an our to manually update. I FUCKING hate Microsoft, fuckity fuck fuck. haha bet this website helped more xbox users than than xbox support. fuck you Microsoft, hello ps4.

    • Microshit says:

      Fuck microsoft, the dumb slut. It temporarily disables my account because they think fucking scammers are on it, that’s me on a fucking different device, FUCK THE SLUT THAT’S CALLED MICROSOFT



    • Anonymous says:

      Go fuck yourself, scum.

    • Xbox DIE says:

      Fuck this shit. i watched porn on it and i got caught so now i have no Xbox fuck Xbox

    • fuck xbox says:

      This xbox sucks big cock

    • Bobarkerthefucjtard says:

      True, I’m about to get a PS4, I’m sick of Xbox enforcements shit

    • Leslie says:

      I see PlayStation fans are progressive thinkers, even made yourselves a little website with what I have to say is an extremely clever name. bravo

  33. Shitbox dOne says:

    Place this video on your website. It’s the true meaning how shitty the xbox one is.

    • Gary says:

      Fuck me dead we made the
      Mistake of wasting out
      Money on a xbox1 console and it would have to be the biggest piece of crap I have purchased. I wish now I have given my money to a charity

    • tristen says:

      xbox is the worst console to ever fucking use. it will ALWAYS freeze/crash , your profiles always get corrupted , you can’t do anything you want without having problems

  34. Anonymous says:

    Wii U is better then the xbox one. Even the Atari 2600 is better then the xbox one… The xbox is fucking shit out of a fat black woman’s asshole. Fuck You microsoft.

    • Warren says:

      Well if you think any of this is bad, what about the fact fibre optic broadband speeds STILL does nothing to help the bullshit lag on Xbox Live (more like Xbox Dead!) – and new routers with 300mbps Ethernet ports, forget it – the fuckin Ethernet port on your Xbox won’t handle those speeds, it chokes stuff so bad the packets might as well be delivered by a fucking postman!!

      And why the fuck have they never updated the message system on the bastard things, it takes forever to type a message, unless you have a keyboard, but even if you do – you make a mistake and you got to wank all over the left shoulder button to get the cursor back to correct it!! fuckin morons

  35. msdrip says:

    To all the haters on this page… go to hell. Consoles are for dipshits, simpletons, morons, and rubes. Oh yeah, almost forgot…. Microsoft is a piece of shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      PC games & PC gamers all not real gamers. PCFaggotRace are for dipshits, simpletons, morons, and rubes. Oh yeah, You hate microsoft’s Xbox and you play PC games off of a pc which the software is made by the same company that makes xbox.. Damn you are fucking retarded.

      • microsoftMustDie says:

        Just to be clear, you, the dipshit console gamer, who is too fucking lazy to get off the couch, and actually pays for the privilege to play your games online, can’t even play at 60fps in 1080p. While I am playing at well above 60fps, at 5760×1080, triple screens. Your hardware sucks! And you have no access to decent peripherals, because the company which makes the console won’t let you use anything worth a shit for playing your games. (As a long time PC peripheral user, I just know better! Too bad you’re too damn ignorant, or we wouldn’t have this problem!

        I have wheels, shifters, pedals, multiple joysticks, throttles, oh and I can kick the living shit out of you in every FPS ever, because you play with a fucking controller… And I’m old enough to have played FPS games from back when console players didn’t even know what the fuck they are!

        PC is and has always been the better gaming platform, but since you’re too fucking lazy to put one together and maintain it, go play your loser machine!

        The whole point is this page, is to kick the living shit out of anyone who wants to tell me that I actually have to buy a piece of shit, low polling rate, high latency controller designed for the idiot’s on the console systems. As if I didn’t know anything about good controllers… (I own quite a few! And most PC specific controllers kick the absolute shit out of the garbage console ones) Yeah, that’s right, your controllers fucking suck ballz!

        Microsoft can go fuck itself for thinking that I will ever buy a fucking XBox controller and hook it up to my PC. (Never going to happen!) Not in a million years. (Oh, and your play anywhere on the 10 marketplace… Yeah, we’re way fucking smarter than to fall for that shit… Fuck you, we remember Windows Live, and you ain’t gonna pull that shit ever again!

        Speaking of latency, your stupid fucking consoles are played on televisions with at the very best (the fastest on the market) you can get latency of around 20ms. “That’s fucking pathetic!” All gaming monitors (even the cheap ones) boast 1ms latency! Who in the fuck can even pretend to be serious about games with that kind of latency? (Oh, yeah, that’s right, nobody!)

        Oh, and console gamers… Fuck you for allowing gaming to be ruined by paying for same day DLC, and pre-ordering games. (you fucktards need to taken out and beaten for that shit!) PC gamers would have never agreed to that kind of scam! (and now we don’t really have much choice thanks to you fuckers!)

        And fuck you Microsoft for the whole directX 12 only on 10 bullshit! And the attempting to force us to upgrade, fuck you for that too! (I hope Vulkan kicks you fucking ass, and we can finally be free of you dumb ass fucking bullshit business practices once and for all!) If it weren’t for games support, I would have switched to Linux a decade ago… And burned your fucking software in effigy.

      • FANBOYassshreder says:

        God your such a dumb fanboy console peasant aren’t you LOL how cute some edgy teenage kid sad because someone disagreed with him and was right about it stop crying like a birch and admit it cunt.


    • Me says:

      Loser get some friends n3rd

    • Jay says:

      I have a ps4 I guess that makes me a dipshit well at least I get more pussy than you and have more money



    • Anonymous says:

      Why does Microsoft have so many fucking password and fucking e-mail addresses you need to put in to do fucking anything! I thought it was bad on the 360 so I upgraded to Xbox one but fucking hell what the fuck! You have to put in fucking passwords and e-mails just to do fuck all, you even have to put in some useless fuck all password just to play a fucking game! Jesus Christ


  36. Fuck Xbox says:

    I hate xbox why? because its piece of crap red ring of death,xbox live its just for 12 years old kids,Xbox is more faster than ps3?Yeah at least ps3 is free online and more fun than xbox, Many people says xbox is more fun >because many of xbox fan likes call of duty and people buying xbox live to see the famous people.

    • Me says:

      “More Faster”? WowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • skankhunt42 says:

      “xbox live its just for 12 years old kids,Xbox is more faster than ps3?”

      you cannot the spell or a grammar right, my an good friend.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Gorpple dimpole bopper says:

      Fuck xbox had a account for 5years ends up getting locked cause of someone in China got into the account so now even tho they know about it and told me about the odd activity theirselves i still dont have access cause of security reason i dont think a fucking hacker would call xbox to get into a account I have to prove my identity with shit I no longer have from 6yrs ago like phone numbers credit cards he’ll I didn’t even use credit cards I used their dumbass cards i poured 50 something a year for 6 years money wasted

  37. Nomorexboxforme says:

    This is exactly what happened to me. I had these two options and I obviously picked the second option, which was to wait 14 to 21 days as I wasn’t going to give a company my details for something which is there problem. I received another one after 12 days and guess what? It’s a replacement of someone’s else’s broken Xbox One!! So Microsoft just sent me someone’s else’s broken Xbox which had so many scratches. Everyone? Buy a Nintendo Wii U instead, people like Nintendo will actually sort out your issue, unlike Microsoft, will just say: “Fuck You, pay us money dammit!” 

  38. Link says:

    There is one good thing about the Xbox. You can C4 on it and watch the fucker blow up. LOL!!!


  39. Link says:

    Microsoft Is Shutting Down Xbox Entertainment Studios. So much for original television content on your Xbox One.While the Xbox brand is remaining largely untouched by Microsoft’s sweeping 18,000 job cuts, there is one significant casualty: Xbox Entertainment Studios is being shuttered.The studio was created in order to make exclusive television content for Xbox owners. Not everything went according to plan, however, and the studioβ€”which employs roughly 200 peopleβ€”is being phased out.β€œAs part of the planned reduction to our overall workforce announced today and in light of our organization’s mission, we plan to streamline a handful of portfolio and engineering development efforts across Xbox,” Xbox chief Phil Spencer said today in a statement. β€œOne such plan is that, in the coming months, we expect to close Xbox Entertainment Studios.”While Spencer praised the accomplishments of the studio, sources told Recode that the studio was disorganized and lacked a firm business model. This in turn chased away potential content partners, making it difficult to secure original content.All is not lost, however.The Steven Spielberg-produced Halo television series will continue production, as will the documentary series Signal to Noise. However, all the other promised original programming is on the chopping block.Microsoft hired CBS entertainment president Nancy Tellem in 2012 to head-up Microsoft Entertainment Studios. Tellem will continue working on the two productions, as will other top-level members of the studio. There is no indication yet of how many employees will lose their jobs as the result of the closure.In total, Microsoft is set to cut up to 18,000 jobs out of a total of just over 127,000 employees. Most of the cuts will be from the devices division which acquired 30,000 new employees when Microsoft purchased Nokia last year.While the closure of Microsoft Entertainment Studios may make financial sense, especially if it was being run as poorly as sources suggest!
    , it’s yet another change to Microsoft’s original vision of the Xbox One as an all-in-one entertainment device.Those changes include walking back an online requirement for the console, a new used game policy that limited the ability to resell games, and the bundling of the Kinect motion and voice sensor just to name a few. And while some have been met enthusiastically by consumers, the broader portrait Microsoft has been painting is a lack of confidence in their product.That’s a troubling sign, even if Xbox One sales have increased since the release of a cheaper, Kinect-free SKU in June.Given Microsoft’s focus on games at this year’s E3, perhaps this should come as little surprise. And given Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s sharp focus on shaping the firm as a β€œproductivity and platform company for a mobile-first and cloud-first world” it’s easy to see why the studio would be phased out.

  40. Nintendo/Atari says:

    It’s funny how my 34 year old Atari 2600 and My 27 year old NES still works to this day with no flaws. And the new xbox one doesn’t. That’s fucking funny. And also a wake up call to this fucking xbox faggots to know how shitty the xbox piece of fucking cock smoker thing it is.

  41. Xbox Rules says:

    No it doesn’t. It’s a fucking piece of shit. I would rather be a victim in 9/11 knowing that I’m going to fucking Die than play the faggot kiddie Xbox console. I would rather get Cancer and Aids, or be a kid at school getting shot and killed. I would rather watch a Batman Movie and have some crazy fuck, dress like the joker and put a fucking bullet in my head. Xbox fucking sucks. It’s a piece of shit, I would rather be a star in a Gay porno. I would rather get raped by faggots in public. I would slice my fucking wrists. I hope I do get cancer. Xbox is worst than E.T. for the Atari 2600. I would rather take a suicide pill than play the fuck faggot box. I would rather cut my own fucking dick off and shove it up my ass. Xbox is for fucking kids, 99.9% of xbox sales is from little fucking kids. Real Gamers play Nintendo,Playstation,Sega,Atari,intellivision,ColecoVision & Arcade Games.

  42. smokey says:

    i’ve had 3 xbox’s n no good experiences with any of them… 1st: had for not even a month and it got red ring of death!2nd: it got stolen!3rd: ruined 3 games in about a week!thats why i hate xbox!!!!

  43. aggronian says:

    Hey, umm sorry but i don’t know a name to call you by sorry πŸ˜› This site is amazing, microsoft ruins everything and if i had to rank consoles it would be Wiiu, Pc, Ps4, my toaster, my microwave, my electric toothbrush, going outside and playing basket ball, taking a dump, and then the xbox dumb- er i mean xbox one.I will spread this site around forums since it is so awesome! good going guys πŸ˜€

  44. Billy says:

    The Xbox One is a glorified VCR with a stupid faggot Kinect that SPIES on you.

  45. Jeromy Cole G. says:

    I love this site. Microsoft is so fucking gay, all they want is to suck all the money you have out of your pockets. My account stopped working for no fucking reason whatsoever and it’s pissing me the fuck off. I had an entire year live subscription and 2 months into the year, every time I try to log in, it says “Something is wrong with your account” THE FUCK?!?!??!? Tell me what the fuck is wrong with it so i can get back to playing with all my friends that decided to get a stupid fucking xbox over a ps3. FUCK. YOU. MICROSOFT. totally agree with this site. All microsoft fucking wants is our money. 2 months after renewing my live membership, I can’t even play because everytime I sign in, It won’t allow me to play and says “Something’s wrong with your account\” THAT’S FUCKING GREAT LET ME PLAY MY GOD DAMN GAME. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT, GO SUCK PLAYSTATIONS DICK

  46. Xbox Is Shit says:

    Xbox Is Fucking Piece of Shit!

    • John says:

      Xbox is so stupid. Xbox one bans me for cussing!? That’s what your supposed to do. Everyone reports me for ducking cussing! Everyone does that!!!!!! Your supposed to get mad. Fuck you Xbox one

  47. PCMR Brother says:

    Totally agree. The PotatoBox and all its iterations are completely awful and almost useless as a gaming platform. PlayStation too! In fact, you may as well consider all consoles totally obsolete and just start playing on PC, where you won’t have to-Waste your money on $60 games that Steam offers so much cheaper-Be at the whim of one company that dictates your hardware and all online service-Deal with awful 30fps and scaled-down 720p that does nothing but hinder gameplay, despite what companies may say about “a cinematic experience”.There’s more reasons to be found at for reading, hope I enlightened you!

    • Tom says:

      I agree totally, you want to hear how stupid I am? I bought the crapbox one the DAY it came out…yes I been a gamer since I was 7 years old in 1987, i should have known about..#1 never buy a new console for a new generation the day it comes out. #2 wait at least 6-8 months to buy a system as the price drops dramatically, with tax and a new game I spent a little over 700!!..Yes over 700 I’m a real asshole. #3 ahh number 3 us that I’m a fucking asshole. I didn’t have wi-fi when I first wasted 700 of my hard earned money. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the”new” crapbox one “s” not only is three hundred dollars cheaper from when the asshole that is me bought it, it’s about half the size, took that ridiculous power block and fit it inside the system like Sony does, system,

  48. Martin J. says:

    I own an xbox and for 3 third time xbox live has turned to shit. If they choose to beg for money by making us pay for pricey ass cards the least they could do is put it to good use. Now, like I said for the third time xbox has turned to shit. The severs are absolutely terrible and unplayable even offline. I just have a hunk of shitty machine in my home. I’m switching to PS4. Also I am in love with this website.

  49. mike says:

    Love this site. The Xbox is and has always will be trash. Sure they have halo which is a great shooter but to me one game is not enough to over look the trash that is the Xbox consoles. Sony systems have proven time and time again to have better consoles and will always prove that. I love this site cause Xbox sucks!

  50. Mike V. says:

    I just wanna thank you for making this site, you seem angry but you make great points. I am sadly an xbox360 owner atm but as a veteran gamer and as someone with a mind of my own i can see threw the bs. I really use to hate xbox when it launched (ps and pc strictly) and this site has made me wonder. I realized that i was just trying to game with friends and a majority of those friends played on xbox because of brainless sellers like halo ( i call it brainless because it basically rips off great games like unreal tournament and other fps ) but idk something about consoles are convenient to average consumers ( like the people i wanted to play with ) i have to say that was the only upside to the xbox was how easy it was to game with my friends but it really wasnt me. It was just overhyped to consumer types but a true gamer knows, playstation and nintendo have been in the game and satisfying gamer needs way before xbox came into the picture, and i feel like it only sold to these consumer types because its a multimedia device to me before its a gaming console, but even as a multimedia device it fuckin sucks. To wonky and inconsistent, but that is what i expect from money hungry tyrants. When i really think about shit i can go on for days but i wont trouble you with stuff im sure your well aware of. I wish computers were cheaper.. Anyways if you read this thanks and keep it up man. FUCK XBOX

  51. Ace says:

    I don’t mind the xbox since I modded the thing but fucking hate xbox live. I own both ps3 and xbox and out of the two the ps3 wins hands down. The thing with the xbox live gold subscription is that its hard to cancel it. The only way I could cancel it was cancelling my credit card. It was a big account trap. Personally I wouldn’t get the latest consoles because always on surveillance.

  52. Brian says:

    Resurrected my 360 from RROD only to have the DVD drive fail a week later.I refuse to buy such a crap product TWICE. I’m just glad my investment in the device is basically nothing.By that measure… I got my money’s worth.

  53. WENCESLAO says:


  54. Stephanie says:

    I will never spend another penny on xbox or even Microsoft products if I can help it. I spent over $300 on xbox and accessories etc in the past year just to have this piece of junk DIE and be completely worthless after a year of LIGHT use. Customer service was stupid and nonhelpful, and of course they suggest I pay MORE money to have it fixed after their own update is what screwed it up to begin with. It\’s not enough that I pay them every month to just use my own apps. FTSNever. Wii it is from now on

  55. Dominic T. says:

    I actually like the Xbox in some ways but very few. The customer service is atrocious for trying to recover passwords and accounts. It denied the password I’ve been using for years and it locked me out. I had to start a new gamer tag and all of my save data isn’t available on it. Fffffffuck xboxxxxx

  56. Light Y. says:

    I Love Your Site. I Come Here Almost Everyday to Relax. Put Me Down As A Supporter. Xbox Sucks. The PS4 Is Pretty Much Destroying Xbox One In Sales. I Just Thought I Would Point That Out.

  57. Jason S. says:

    The xbox is a load of shit, it has barely any features, and the features it does include, ps3 already has, and does it much better. The only feature that ps3 doesnt have is party chat, but most of my experiances in party chat are 12 year olds asking for a 1 on 1 no scope match, and if i decline im just yelled at and called a noob. The ps3 community is much more sensible and well appreciative. It also features way better exclusives, such as Little big planet and infamous, as well as countless other creative titles, such as the unfinished swan and journey. thank you for alerting the world to the growing problem that is xbox 360, and the xbox live community

  58. James B. says:

    I completely agree. microshit, stick to fucking computers. your games consoles are only good for holding cans. Buy any console except an xbox because trust us- you will fucking regret buying an xbox. They are nothing more but shit. :]

  59. anthony says:

    Just lookin up why my xbox put a ring on another one of my disks. Gone through 2 xbox’s now dam there annoying. I bought my ps3 used at a pawn shop 4 years ago still going strong. Anyways not gonna buy another xbox this time. Put this under hate mail please haha.

  60. xboxno3 says:

    pay for online,too many little kids,lost profile and all my games i brought to “hackers” apparently..TWO consoles went rrod JUST out of warranty.never buying a xbox again …used xbox to write this took me 15 min..go buy ps3 or pc dont waste time on the s%$t box unless u want to see how fast it falls from a building… your site rocks keep it up!!!!

  61. PS3 FTW says:

    Xbox Sucks. Xbox Live Sucks As Well. Xbox Live Runs On P2P Servers. PSN Runs On Dedicated Servers. Xbox Live Got Hacked In 2005, 2006, AND 2009. It Took Sony Four Years For Their Servers to get hacked. Which Was Once In 2008. Another Thing You Xbox Fanboys Do Not Realise Is Playstation Has Been Around For A Generation Longer.Sony Knows What Their Doing When they make consoles. How Long Did It Take The Shitbox to get Wifi? 2009? PS3 Has Had Wifi Since 2006. At Least Sony Got Their System Right The First Time. They Did’nt Have To Keep Making New PS3 Models. TAKE THAT YOU FUCKING Xbox RETARDS

  62. Jamie says:

    Ive owned a xbox (3) and they got RROD on around 2 months. I didnt even bother about live AS YOU CAN NEVER CONNECT!!!! and ps3 is free and i have never had any prolems connecting to the servers unlike xbox!

  63. Noah says:


  64. james says:

    i have an xbox and i will agree it sucks but wii is NOT better than xbox i will tell you right now

  65. Gavin says:

    Please do the whole world a service, and burn Microsoft to the ground. with fire. to every structure in their name. I would be forever in your debt. Thanks.

  66. Victor says:

    i do own an xbox but realised how greedy they are and it really pissed me off

  67. Jake says:

    I just paid about 110$ buying assassins creed 4, forza horizon and gears of war judgement off of the xbox dashboard waited for them all to download and i cant play any of them it just keeps saying the game cant be played try downloading again and when i contacted microsoft they just gave me the usual bullshit “oh try clearing your system cache” oh that didnt work why dont you waste another fucking 100$ and send it in so we can give you another used one that will probably fucking break in the first week i get it im done with stupid fucking microsoft and i hope everyone who works at that stupid company gets herpes.

  68. Tony says:

    Microsoft sucks balls!!!! They locked me out of my own account because they thought someone was trying to access it, which was me. Incompetent fucks! I dont even own an xbox (wasent going to fall for that one), but I have windows 8 and the only games you can get for it are from xbox live. It even seems to be fucking useless online. I buy these games and they demand me sign in for them, then they shut down or delete my saved data and recommend that I pay for them again. I think they just love money too much to care about their shitty products. I called up their support center just so I could tell them their company sucks. I have had a ps3 for 6 years and what a surprise, it hasent broken down once. Microsoft can go fuck themselves, preferably with something rusty.

  69. ghetto hard drive says:

    the thing that bothers me about xbox fans is how they stick up for a system that has no real positive to it99% of the games are third party so u might as well get a pc and run it better on therethe kinect sucks and kids games are better on wii or wii u so if u have kids u might as well buy them a nintendo systemand they CANNOT COMPARE their games to triple A exclusives like uncharted, god of war, mlb the show, the last of us, beyond two souls, dragons crown, little big planet, project diva F, journey, guacamelee, sly cooper, ratchet and clank, time and eternity, twisted metal, resistance, killzone, gran turismo, starhawk, tales of xilia, ni no kuni, motorstorm, metal gear 4, etc (and don’t even get me started on sony’s bundled games)360 didn’t even have a blu-ray player.. it sucked.. the controllers used batteries..and i ask xbox fans why they buy it and they say things like “xbox live is better” and i’m like ok for one psn is FREE on ps3 and for two, playstation plus is a WAY BETTER DEAL than live.. whether we are talking ps3 or ps4also when xbox red ringed on 50% of people- all xbots people did was send it in or buy a new one.. they weren’t compensated for their headache.. while ps3 only really had one big problem which was when psn was down for like a month.. but as soon as it came back we all got two free ps3 games, two free psp games, and a free month of ps plus!!playstation takes care of its customers.. they even gave out a free $10 to some users on psn not too long agosony actually cares and does a good job.. that’s why i hate xbots, because they keep supporting this crap company and the xbone is spying on you with that nsa camera as well.. and it has that stupid woodpecking disc drive lol.. and the whole dashboard is a windows 8 rip off and everyone i know hates windows 8.. including myselfxbox just sucks man seriously.. it is just a piece of trashand i can’t wait til uncharted 4, drive club, and infamous second son come out so all the xbots commit suicide lol

  70. Martin says:

    I feel like an idiot paying for xbox live when half the time it doesn’t work, cant get ip address or some shite like that, excuse the language but I fucking hate the thing!!!!!!!!!!

  71. scayman223 says:

    i can agree quite i bit, i tried signing up LIVE today and it repetedly took me in a circle of steps and i wasted an HOUR STILL trying to get it to work

  72. Im finding facts says:

    Wake up (Se)Xbox fanboys! (Se)Xbox Live was hacked, too! The reason that you don’t know is: All news stations were corrupted!

  73. Danny says:

    I honestly use to like Xbox, this night turned me so hard against Xbox. I just bought battlefield 4 tonight and I wanted to play it but NOPE. My Xbox freezes and is taking hours to load the dashboard and I have perfect connection yet it “can’t connect” fucking bullshit.

  74. Kevin W. says:

    First, thanks for opening this website to let more people know that XBox is the most horrible gaming system ever made in the entire history. Yesterday I had this huge argument over which system is better with my friend and all he said was “Xbox Live is the best online service ever, enough said.” After that, I was wondering, why the FUCK would there still be idiots JUSTIFYING that paying for something that you were supposed to get for free (like online gaming)? With a PSN account and any PlayStation System, you can pretty much play any game that supports online multiplayer for free without hassle. But what about XBox? Take the 360 as an example, the hardware specs are horrible beyond repair, yet the biggest company that is devoted to destroying customers’ rights, Microsoft, is still taking people’s money for ONLINE MULTIPLAYER ON THEIR SHITTY-ASS MOTHERFUCKING XBOX. To be honest, I think that EVERY SINGLE THING THAT MICROSOFT HAS EVER FUCKING MADE is HORRIBLE BEYOND FUCKING REPAIR (not only XBox). I love PS3 not only for those awesome and well-made PlayStation exclusive titles, but also for the simple and easy-to-use UI, friendly community, devotion to the protection of customers’ rights, and a free online service that includes pretty much everything a gamer ever needs.

  75. Sam says:

    I just the service of XBOX in Israel, DO NOT BUY XBOX in Israel. you won’t get any service – you should send them the parts by mail and then they will sent it back. I just bought XBOX (PIECE OF SHIT) and the Power supply doesn’t work good, now i need to wait 14 days till i get my new back.XBOX ISRAEL IS A JOKE DO NOT BY IT !!!

  76. Romegolarge says:

    Awesome site man!!! I used to like xbox but only because sony forced me to go to them with that high initial price. Which I may add is really worth paying for. The problem was I couldn’t afford it. Xbox always since the very beginning has been a piece of shit system. PlayStation made a few mistakes that allowed Microshaft to capitalize on. Gained fanboys behind that piece of shit system. That company disregard and disrespect the consumer and these fuckin fanboys let them. Microsoft can goes to hell.

  77. LondonBranchOfFuckTheXbox says:

    xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay,xbox is gay, oh just to gay. Guess what my old pal died when his xbox exploded when he tried to fix it. And no hes a brilliant mechanic so it was an easy task. Microsoft don’t fucking realize they just took the life of a innocent guy who was enjoying life. Fuck you xbox, fuck you, and go to your shitty mommy. Any xbox cunt who replies to this should be hanged and their dick cut off and their stomach shot six times.

  78. Xbox hater says:

    Xbox, the pussiest console has cost over 100 bucks a fucking year just to have xbox live.👎 Bill gates go fuck yourself until your penis becomes anorexic and shrivels up

  79. Michael says:

    I can’t express enough how much my hatred is for Microsoft. They are money hungry bastards who want to make every game that comes out an exclusive to their console so people will buy their shitty system just to play that one game, they know people will do it!! I am a pure hearted PC gamer and If I had to play console, my choice would no doubt be playstation 3. And what I find to be funny is that the Xbox One STILL doesn’t have bluray disks. They’re billion dollar criminals in my book. Fuck xbox and fuck Microsoft!

  80. John says:

    Well it finally happened, I was in the middle of new vegas enjoying myself when ONCE AGAIN!!! The damn xbox got hung. Oh dont forget that it left a ridiculously noticeable circle scratch on my disc that makes it now unplayable. I pulled it off from the table and smashed it about 5 times on the floor…its in many many pieces and I have never felt better. I am fucking done with this piece of crap and so is my wife, she was in the room cheering me on πŸ™‚ so the moment felt epic. Look the xbox does suck and the ones who support it are 13 yo bitch boys who think that halo was the first and greatest game ever made yet they wont play army of two, fallout, bioshock. All they play is a lame series of games that should have bowed out long ago, dont be fooled the PS3 IS better try both and you will see.

  81. freshdewwwww says:

    xbox banned my console from live for life bc i wasmake me waste my money in a lobbey with sumone who was supected of hacking and the real bullshit is i dident even kno the person who was hacking fuck you xbox just bought year subscription and coutless games and movies and on my 5th xbox and you ban my whole console from the internet for being in a lobbey with a person who ive never met that was supected of hacking PEPPLE XBOX DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND NEVER WILL THEY ARE JUST MONEY HUNGREY PIGS IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WILL NEVER BUY AN XBOX 360 OR ABOX ONE DOWN WITH XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. MCG-TheReaper says:

    I’m sure you are wanting more hate mail but i’m sorry to disappoint. I was actually looking to see if this domain was taken and unfortunately you stole it. First off i hate consoles in general, sony or xbox. Doesn’t bother me either way. They are pathetic compared to the power of a computer. I was going to create a site very similar to this and just post on how Xbox is now starting to interfere with pc. Now there are many great games that only allow you to play it with a damn xbox360 controller… That is by far the dumbest damn thing I’ve seen. Leave the shit ass slow controllers to idiots. Give me a 17 button mouse and a keyboard and i can easily beat anyone using a controller. Have fun with your hate mail and thank you for a great site.

  83. ryan says:

    After supporting and defending xbox since the original xbox (which was a great device) I’ve been betrayed by the sudden need for bullshit signing in online. I dont even fucking want to use xbox live to play like madden and shit, why do i fucking need to sign in to it

  84. Connor says:

    Hi, i hate xbox too, but yeah, you need to change the colour of blue on the menu at the top. 30% of humans can’t focus on that colour of blue, so it’s pretty much unreadable, i’m on of them 30% lol. Just trying to help, i can live with it πŸ™‚

  85. Fuck gfwl says:

    I fucking hate games for windows live, it makes me want to kill people again!Fuck micrsoft, tell Bill Gates to stop ass fucking the customers!!!!!

  86. James F. says:

    Thank you, i made the horribble decision to upgrade from ps2 to 360…BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. Worst expirence of my life, i was charged over 50 bucks after my little brother bought some dlc on the FREE TRIAL, why the hell would they let you buy something on a free trial??? and even more importantly, why is online multyplayer not free?? i cant count how many times ive wanted to play online with my freinds, but to do it i would have to go over to my cousins house so we could play the ps3, not to mention the cost of so many batteries… it seems that when you get something for a xbox, they always want you to buy something else. FUCK MICROSOFT, this laptop im on is a piece of shit too but i’ll save that for another day

  87. Rashai says:

    Fuck Xbox for suspending me because faggots like to report you when you fucking talk shit back to racists.. I was going to get a Xbox one but realize I’m paying for Xbox live and they can suspend me and not give my money back..PS4 ALL THE WAYY!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Mike says:

    So I just downloaded Skyrim Dragonborn and it won’t fucking work. It won’t appear in the “add-on” section for the game, nothing. I paid, downloaded the fucking thing fair and square, and it won’t work. It won’t work because I downloaded at at my friends house, I guess? Well no…it won’t work because X-Box does not give a SHIT about its customers, about what we want or how frustrating they make gaming. I can’t even get someone on the fucking phone from xbox without telling them my serial number from the back of my xbox, which is a hassell on its own, but also they just keep saying my x-box isn’t registered which is BULLSHIT. I took my hard drive to my buddies house, because my xbox won’t fucking go online, and I took my credit card out, and downloaded the DLC. Then took my hard drive home, so I could play the DLC. But, while the DLC is in fact on my hard drive, it will not let me play it on my xbox. I guess I have to go online and RE-REGISTER, AND RE-DOWNLOAD THE GAME ONTO MY XBOX. So there’s really no point to having an external hard drive. But my xbox won’t go online. My xbox won’t go online because xbox’s are fragile as fuck and mine hasn’t been able to go online for years. So I’ve been doing what I do with this hard-drive, to avoid buying a 4th fucking xbox system. This is the 3rd one that’s had problems. It can’t go online because for some reason it never recognizes when an internet cable is plugged into the internet port. No error message, nothing. Just has no idea something is plugged in there, like a hoe with a large vagine that can’t feel anything anymore.I took this piece of shit xbox in to get repaired, they can’t repair it. They don’t know whats wrong or how to fix it. This is my 3rd xbox. Both of my previous xboxes had problems and had to be returned/replaced/repaired etc. I will never buy another one of these fucking garbage piece of shit systems, and I plan to avoid anything microsoft sells for the rest of my life – however, I hate the Ps3 controller. Can’t stand it, can’t get used to it, and I tried because I hate xbox so much. So it looks like I’m done with console video games because the new nintendo is terrible and weird like the Wii was. Jesus Christ. I just want a video game system that I can play and enjoy without it breaking out of nowhere, without the thing having to go online or whatever else. And I don’t want to have to jump up and down like a lunatic. I want to sit on my couch, hold a controller that feels comfortable, and play a fucking game. Why the fuck can’t this just be simple. I want to play a video game and relax, not get frustrated because first I have to do a whole bunch of fucking shit. I want to go to a store. Buy a game. Play the game. If there’s a DLC, I’d like to be able to buy it at a store, too. Why the fuck does that have to be so fucking hard? Why the fuck does this shit have to be so complicated. I want to fucking powerbomb everyone involved with xbox and microsoft.

  89. Supporter says:

    “Does PS3 Have Party Chat??” -Yes, it does with PS+.

  90. Fuck Xbox says:

    Fuck XBOX, it’s a piece of shit! It fucks up in every store!

  91. Layla says:

    There are positives and negatives to every console. The question is are the positives worth it? In xbox’s case, I’m starting to wonder. The pro’s are obvious, it’s a gaming system, dvd player, etc standard issue. The thing that pisses me off is the fact that it is not user friendly. What I mean is that when i hooked up the windows media center, it destroyed my itunes (on my pc). WMC wasn’t able to connect properly and i was searching for help on forums online and they’ve been having this same unresolved issue for years! (not one or two, more like 4 or 5) There was no solution. What utter bullshit. It took me hours to try to restore my pc and hours more to try to make WMC work (but not directly through my pc)Another thing that pisses me off is that a) you can’t delete an accidental new gamertag without making a new email and switching gamertags all over the place. To avoid hours of trouble I asked a representative for help and he/she made it worse. After 2hrs talking online i gave up and just left the convo.It’s the simple things that don’t work. I don’t care about the money because I don’t spend much (i don’t have netflix, live, etc). What pisses me off is when my game console can’t do simple tasks like a) work properly b)not mess up my computer c) have decent customer service d)have a simple button that is so helpful (like delete account). Microsoft misses the point.

  92. Jesus says:

    I did a google search for “fuck xbox” and saw your site come up as the first result. I like your site and it’s message. Put me down as a supporter.

  93. Duncan says:

    It sucks really bad

  94. Snitsnuk says:

    See, I have never trusted Microsoft. I did for about 2 years, then they fucking went to shit with Windoze 98. They integrated Idiot Exploiter into their decent operating system and made it buggy, hackable, and just plain unstable.Now, with Xbox, you can get ALL THAT SHIT *AND MORE!* Your dose of shit now includes idiots insulting you over the Internet, criminally insane 6 year olds, and also paying for Internet (which, coincidentally, you ALREADY PAY FOR!!! WHEEE!Welcome to Microsoft. Screw you and thanks for the money, bitch.

  95. Raven F. says:

    I have been an xbox user from Xbox original, As well as a live subscriber. but now i am done, Fuck xbox , why pay 60$ for a game then have to pay 10$ monthly on top of that to play online.. Its crap, think about that 10X12=120 PER YEAR, So in 4 years you made Microshit 480$ , not including games you buy etc.. Xbox turn itself off and get RROD .. i support this site 100%

  96. Booby says:

    They think I am going to stay as a customer, fuck off microwank.

  97. ikihi says:

    My xbox 360 died right after the warranty was up. fuck microsoft, never again.

  98. Nirch123 says:

    Ive changed my Xbox 360 to PS3 yay. IM SO GLAD at this thing ive just read ur post and so true truly support it took me a day when I bought my 360 its shitsucking money, gold not worth a shit, bad performance, the console itself sounds like a diesel engine last month ive changed it into a PS3 and its freaking online, blu ray, free games, so quiet and performance amazing truly 100% better in 2 words Xbox SUCKS!

  99. Robert P. says:

    Not only fuck Xbox but FUCK MS, I was on the Xbox forums voicing my concerns over some aspects of the new Xbox1 when an American bitch started to flame me so I told him to piss off, and yet MS banned me and not the americunt, MS are totally biased and hate on anyone who is not an americunt, fuck MS and fuck shitbox, everyone should download as much illegal MS software as possible to teach these obese cunts a lesson or two.

  100. Richard A. says:

    Their Next-Gen XBone is fucked, too. Check in every 24 hours! No used/trading/selling games (You get a shitty Kinect game? You keep it.)! $499 price, way higher than Sony’s $399 or Nintendo’s $349 prices! Oh wait, you went back on that, Microsoft? Why put us through that? Because fuck you, customer, that’s why.

  101. undisclosed says:

    Xbox is the shittiest piece of shit ever and someone should fire Bill Gates sorry ass.

  102. CANR says:

    Hate Mail – 138 Supporters – 569 Therefore = Fuck Xbox

  103. Zach B. says:

    I agree with Andrew the Awesome…Halo just has such a large fan base, that people will buy the Xbox 360, and the upcoming Xbox One, just because of Halo. You are right to voice your opinion, but nevertheless, I have the right to voice mine, too. Yes, the Xbox 360 is subject to lag, bad connection and other technical problems. But in all reality, nothing technical can ever be 100% perfect, and cannot always function 100% of the time, but mere human error the impossibility to ever create the perfect artificial item, electronics included.

  104. Zach says:

    Fuck that piece of shit sorry excuse for a console. They are making Kinect mandatory and in doing so making the machine $100 more expensive then it should be. They are removing all the DRM and online check-in bullshit not because we clamored for it, because they are losing the preorder tallies to Sony. They come out saying its because of us, but its about money… Im tired for paying for a online service with advertisements… thats not how it works you greedy fucks. You should be paying me back my fucking money. FUCK M$ AND FUCK XBONE.

  105. ding wong says:

    Fucking piece of shit. Obviously the dumb cunts at microsoft want that fucking webcam on all the time so they can sell your information to the FBI some more. Fuck those corporate cocksuckers. Buy a Wii U or a ps4. At least the creators of those consoles give a fuck about making a good product. By the way the cunts at microsoft weren’t even using an xbox one to show off the new games they were supposed to show on an xbox one. Some dick was playing the games on a windows 8 computer or some shit and projecting it on to the screen…only dumb ass xbox fans would fall for that shit.

  106. Rah Lam says:

    Xbox and microsoft can suck cambodian nutsuck. Short history,Loved Sony since the day i first received a playstation. While everybody tried systems like dreamcast (which in my opinion is top 2 of All Time) that couldnt stand the test of time, i gradually made my way to the ps2. Now,Where i swayed off the Sony path is when the xbox 360 came out. And let me be very clear, THE ONLY REASON WHY I BOUGHT A 360 BEFORE I BOUGHT MY PS3 WAS BECAUSE PS3 SHITTED ON THEMSELVES WITH THE $700 PRICETAG..The first couple of week i was impressed with the value, but only because the membership was free for a month before you had to pay for it. I had fun online and enjoyed the games (mostly sports and fps) i’d puchased. as soon as the first month was up it was OVER.Constant red rings, constant game freezes, and even when i shelled out the money for the live gold, the online gameplay was HORRID. I literally remember asking myself “wtf happened?”so i sent it in, had it returned, 3 red rings, sent it in, had it returned, 3 red rings, sent it in, had it returned, 3…red…fuckin….rings..In that order, especially THAT many times.i couldn’t believe the quality of product i had invested in, all returns was refurbished, after the second time i figured the least they could do was send a brand new one, but to no success. And for the times when i didnt get 3 red rings, the fucking machine would SCRATCH my games. And to those of us who has been through that you could understand the frustration as my game freezes, i press eject and see the infamous, perfectly circular scratch around the middle of the disk. Damage that microsoft’s machine caused and yet microsoft refuses to pay for. (again i ask, what human can DRAW a perfect circle, let along PURPOSELY scratch one on the $60 game they’ve purchased…the ignorance)2 years pass and the ps3 finally drops down to a respectable price, i purchase it and have not had to send it back in ONCE….as long as you keep it in a ventilated area and keep it away from dust this machine will operate perfectly. Should have never left you my love.So in conclusion, fuck xbox, fuck microsoft, fuck their restrictive gaming policy for the greed of another dollar and most of all fuck their watch over you, big brother, let me measure your dick with my lasers technology.

  107. just a pissed of xbox customer says:

    I always been a Loyal Xbox Customer from Day 1, and defended Microsoft on some points. but now with all the new Xbox1 restrictions, 24/7 audio/video spying system! everything high priced, have to be online to play even Solo game..poor lifetime console For SURE and no doubt about it im going Ps4! without even looking back on xbox new deals because they FAILED next Generation and raised a big FUCK YOU on loyal customers, im addicted but they are gone way to far! Thanks for trying to open peoples eyes.(and sorry about my sketchy English, im french canadian from MontrΓ©al)ps: you should expose all new xbox restriction of gaming, always powered machine for audio/video recording and console just cant work without Kinect.. have to be Online each 24hours or console wont play any videogames haha!!! cant bring your video to friends because the CD only work on the owner xbox.. Peace

  108. Bernard says:

    Lol microsoft is done. πŸ™‚

  109. Adam says:

    We should totally get together and make a baby.

  110. xbox is dumb says:

    Microsoft can get fucked and go to hell for trying to make consoles, they cant compete with sony so why do they even try

  111. Mat says:

    The new Xbox is ugly and you can’t play used games without paying a fee!!! I did have the 360 for a while but I am so glad I sold it. I will never buy an Xbox again and only hope that other people feel the same way! Fuck Xbox. Fuck Microsoft!

  112. Mike Z. says:

    Screw the Xbox. My Atari in my opinion blows it away simply because its 30yrs old and Still Works Just Fine. That being said I am a huge fan of Sony and Nintendo. Their exclusive titles are just plain better in every way. I mean I’m not the type to by a console just for one series of games BUT I’ll be damned if I miss one of Link’s adventures that hits a major Nintendo console. Which if you know anything you know Nintendo is the world leader in the industry. Period. Hardcore gamers can say what they want but Nintendo has consistently outsold every other developer of hardware out there. Not to mention they pretty much owned the portable gaming market until the smartphone and tablets came along and even then they were messing with the tech way before anyone. I’m a supporter fuck Xbox. If I where a billionaire I would buy crates of xboxes to shoot skeet with. PULL!!! POW!!! I have to disagree with you on the soda can point in that any flat surface on earth would still be a superior place to store ones sodas then a fucking Xbox. Awesome site. Fuck Xbox

  113. Jared says:

    After watching the Xbox One reveal, I decided to sell that piece of shit known as the Xbox 360 and buying a Deluxe Wii U with four games. I can’t believe I once liked that ugly overpriced piece of plastic shit. I have a damn TV and computer..I don’t need a stupid Xbox One..I’m saving up for a PS4 also. I look forward to seeing that fat lard die.

  114. steve says:


  115. Bob J. says:

    Tried to be unbiased. I’ve had ps2 since it first came out and it still works fine today. Got a ps3 about three years ago. Every disc is always put directly back into the box when it’s not being used, and I’ve never had a scratch, overheat, error of any sort, etc. Got an xbox360 two years ago. Friend came over, brought halo reach. We played for about an hour, then the system started making screeching noises. Turned it off, ejected disc, and it’s fried like it was put in the microwave. I had never even used the system yet. No wear and tear but it eats a working disc like I had a shoved a piece of cardboard in it. We promptly unplugged it and played Ratchet: Deadlocked on the ps2 for several hours with no problem.

  116. Jason says:

    been back and forth with both gaming systems. but thinking when it comes to xboxone and ps4 sony gets my money this time. im just really sick of wasting money on the xbox more and more every year even after already owning the damn thing. all these new social features there putting on xbox one yeah look cool but probably gonna be a price for every fuckin app they have on there,more ways to take are money. they take away the whole point to the console gaming! not being able to watch a movie and surf the web at the same time.. wtf useless shit who the fuck is gonna do that. if im watching a movie im into it nothing else. anyways ya im here cuz my xbox wont play a movie i download and i got pisssed and google fuck xbox haha.. thumbs up bud

  117. michal w. says:

    check out the video by angry joe. everything in it is true the xbox one is going to suck

  118. camander says:

    Xbox had a great thing going for them, but its over now. The introduction of the Xbox One is the beginning of the end of Microsoft. They will lose it all, their fanbase, their money, and its all around support from a range of people. The new Piece of turd disguised as a Ps3 with a Microsoft logo slapped onto it is a fing humongous disappointment. Ive never cared about the trustworthiness of an xbox but this has just straight up pissed me off its night night for Microsoft so you might as well give it your fair well kisses now.

  119. Jay T. says:

    FUCK Microsoft. Xbox one. no.

  120. iHatexbox says:

    Xbox is a fucking overrated piece of shit an you must pay to be online.I hate xbox,I hate Microsoft and i hate xbox fanboys.

  121. Bryan says:

    I got the 360 back in 2006 and it collected dust. It wasn’t until 2012 when I got the Wii. I played and had more fun on the Wii in one year then I had with the Xbox, which I had for 5 years(sold it in 2011). I should’ve got the Ps3 instead. I have the WiiU right now and I’m looking for a second system. I said hey,I’ll give the xbox a chance. safe to say, I’m getting a Ps4.Fuck You xbox. You made me hate videogames for 5 years and I will never buy an xbox ever again!

  122. DisketteDetective says:

    Hmm, let’s see here… Most of the hate mail you’ve received are from fanboys who can’t spell or use correct grammar for the life of them, sure does say a lot about Xbox: Shitty fanbase, shitty exclusives, and shitty console in general. Take it from someone who’s had an Xbox 360 and traded that shit in for a PS3, best decision ever. So Xbox fags, please go learn how to spell and maybe get some deodorant while you’re at it.

  123. Fuck The Xbox says:

    Fuck xbox one. The 360 was good but this new Xbox is truly a piece of shit I do support you now!

  124. Jack B. says:

    I did a google search for “fuck the xbox 360” and saw your site come up as the top result. I like your site and its message. Put me down as a supporter.

  125. Michal W. says:

    i can’t agree more the xbox 360 is an overrated piece of shit the only reason people like the xbox 360 is that they never played the ps3. i wonder what the xbox 720 will do. probably nothing good. ps3 4 life!!!!!!!

  126. ryan says:

    well i strongly agree with you because i have had my xbox for 3 years spent so much money on the consles and the live but today i got banned i dont know how but i got a permanent ban till 31 12 9999 like what the fuck xbox do you know a place i can get rid of that piece of shit consle

  127. James H. says:

    Microsoft are money whore and that is why they want you to pay for xbox live, GET A PS3, its free online and its a hell of a lot easier and a hell of a lot more fun! i have heard of an organization of hackers and developers that are planning to take down xbox so that they cant say that xbox is safe and that why you pay for it, im not sure what its called but if you search the web long enough they youll find it James H. (FUCK YOU XBOX!)

  128. Ryan says:

    Well as of today my fifth xbox has crapped out. This seems to happen every time something really good comes out that I’m looking to download or purchase. Well that’s the end of that Microsoft will not see one more dollar from me!

  129. Joey Dynamite says:

    Your choice of words for this website are brilliant. The Xbox is a console which has no quality to it at all. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a console that is as loud as the Xbox. The fan in the console must be from a retired airliner or something. I’m the the only person out of all my friends that owns a Ps3, the rest own an Xbox. They said that Gears of War is better than Metal Gear Solid 4. I laughed for a looong time when I heard that. The PlayStation is a console which has been mistreated in its current generation.I’ll never understand why people would go for a console that looks like a shoebox….Anyway, keep up the good work.

  130. Qwal says:

    My xbox fucked me over so im done with the piece of shit.

  131. Sam says:

    I bought a grand total of two games for my Xbox360. The first day, both were ruined because my Xbox was fucked up. I couldn’t even get the damn thing replaced/refunded because their support system is full of faggots who can’t even speak English. Personally, I’m going to live without the Xbox-exclusive games and switch to a PS3. It’s so, so much better than their shit. If I don’t get a refund, I definitely plan to sue them.

  132. Kieran says:

    I was reading this comment about how this kid threw his Xbox controller against the wall and it didnt break, we’ll I just threw my old controller(from back in the day when I was an absent minded idiot and owned a shitbox) it broke to fucking pieces. Just goes to show how bad the quality is. Any way, keep up this amazing work, and fuck the haters that don’t know what is right. Peace!

  133. Rod says:

    I have had nothing but trouble connecting to XBL, witch they make you pay for, replacing controllers, replacing routers, replacing consoles, FUCK 360! FUCK Microsoft! They have made a hater out of me, I was always Sony/PS fan anyway, 4 years of dealing with 360 Bullshit is enough for me! PS3 here I come.

  134. sombody says:

    fuck xbox 360. my ps3 broke with ylod n got a xbox 360 bad man the controller sucks it keeps turning off while im playing games and when your aiming with the sticks its inaccurate so i threw that piece of shit controller and yelled FUCK XBOX! AND PUNCHED THE SYSTEM I FEEL LIKE SMASHING IT BUT I THINK IMA SElL IT TO SOME RETARD.

  135. Adrian says:

    Why as a society do we choose to be misled by bullshit. I love xbox 360 and have been a fan since it first came out. I have many friends and family who have xbox and have gotten the red ring of death. My buddy got it three time within a year but the third time xbox refused to replace it for free because his warranty was out. So he went and got a new one. My nephew also got the red ring of death and again xbox refused to fix it because the warranty was out. He also bought a new one. I owned the white xbox and it stopped reading disks. So I went out and bought the xbox slim. I also bought my kids a xbox slim. My kids tray kept getting stuck and would not come out. I called xbox but the warranty was out so they couldn’t help me. I had to take the xbox apart and luckily fixed the problem. Now MY xbox is over heating and shutting down. I called xbox and the explained that the fan in my power block went out and needs to be replaced, but my warranty is out. So I have to buy a new power block. Now my kids power block is making noise and the fan will probably go out too. I said all this to say I’m still a fan of xbox. Thats the true definition of crazy. I’m doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. I keep buying and supporting xbox even though they keep fucking me. I’ve never owned a PS3 but in every way it seems superior. It has free internet, it plays blue ray, and it had a web browser way before xbox. The problem is that millions of Americans are like me, we are getting fucked by xbox and saying thank you. Xbox makes way to much money to not back their products. But honestly who would want to back a piece of shit.

    • TenuousMite23 says:

      iv owned my xbox since 2005 and its fine, ps3 doensnt have free fucking internet, xbox plays bluray and finally FUCK YOU!!

  136. Chichi says:

    I would rather play fuckin atari then Play this piece of shit. So lemme get this straight i have been through 3 xbox in 4 years 2 red lights of death and now disc tray error fuck xbox fuck microsoft and last but not least fuck that rich ass bill gates team ps3 for now on

  137. PS3 fanboy says:

    The xbox sucks. who needs to waste $300 on a unreliable shit when u can get a ps3. great site keep it up.

  138. Albert says:

    The Xbox is complete garbage, and I’ll tell you why. I have received an Xbox as a gift for Christmas. It seemed amazing at first, then not even 5 months later,the drive scratched five, that’s right, FIVE copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. So I bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. The drive itself broke. So I was forced to pay $40 to download Grand Theft Au IV from it’s shitty over-priced marketplace to my USB flash drive. Then after a month, it got the RRoD. To sum up, after 9 months, it got the RRoD. NEVER buy the Xbox. Get a PS3 or Computer instead.

  139. Paul says:

    Yep, so I’ve been loyal to sony since PS1, and have since purchased a ps2 and a ps3. at one point i had to sell all my systems to get some cash in. In the mean time, i used a buddys xbox just to have something to play. that didnt last long because i got a ps3 once again. xbox continued charging me for xbl, i had no idea there was an auto renewal option that was set ON by default. thats fucking bullshit and they will not refund my money. I was never too fond of their services, but now they can for sure suck a dick. PS3 <3<3

  140. Tom says:

    I’ll keep it short. What can we do? I’m serious. This is borderline communism. This piece of shit product is NEVER validated with proper customer support. They try for MORE money out of you. What can we do? I’m done bitching, and reading the words of others. I want action. I’m so angry my fists are bleeding from bashing my shitbox. It’s eaten 3 games….just scratches the HELL out of discs for no reason.What can we do? I’m ready for action, and not afraid to get my hands even bloodier.ahem. I’m a rational, sane person, I’m just venting. Perfectly sane, but I’m sick of this company rolling over consumers with shit products.what can we do?

  141. Lj says:

    I own 2 ps3 the first one I have had sens the ps3 first came out about 6 month’s ago it started over heating when i played online but still ran just fine on single player games so I have it and am saving up for another TV so I can plug it back in but i got a new one 320 gig love it but my problem is that I fucking love skyrim but I finished the entire game so I’m waiting for the new DLC dawngard but guess what I first had to what fucking 30 days because xbox was a dick and had to make it fucking exclusive for 30 days because they suck so they haft to make everyone else what to make them look better and now I just herd they mite never come out with it for ps3 because of some problems because ps3’s graphics are so much better so when that awesome game is put with the graphics of the ps3 it makes every thing explode ( in other words makes the system over heat and freeze) but that’s just because ps3 shoots for the stars when it comes to every thing. So Xbox can suck it.

  142. Pcube says:

    The xbox is complete garbage. To illustrate the brainlessness of its userbase, an individual I knew that did not own an xbox but played it frequently at a friend’s house actually purchased modern warfare 3. I asked him why he bought it even though he didn’t have a console to play it with. His response? “I heard that it’s a good game.” Microtrash needs to get the fuck out of the gaming market. Another gem of theirs is “Windows Live Marketplace/Games for Windows Live” — an interface so fucking shitty and riddled with DRM that if I was to discuss it I’d probably need an aspirin.Keep up the great site!

  143. AbsurdMixture says:

    sup i just wanted to say a few things let start off with FUCK YOU XBOX YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT fuck you and fuck gaylo and gays of war also fuck gable worst everything ever my PS1 has better graphics than xbox so i could spend years writing about why egg-box $3.60 sucks but not today and buddy im with you 1010%

  144. Mike says:

    think you’ll like this. this is a GREAT video:

  145. Err...idk? says:

    lol i got only 1 thing to say.i’d rather pay for PS plus and get free games and discounts every month than play for XBL where u only get online and nothing else. microsoft are just some greedy fucks who want our money not us to play and have fun -___-

  146. R0n3 says:

    yo imma tell you what here nigga,my xbox died like a piece of dog shit it is while my ps3 is still working with all the good games yo’ ps3 got swagg…ps3 got free internet and good games i finally sold that blasted trash 360 and got some ps3 games for it.hell,best thing i ever done in my whole life.

  147. ______ says:

    Alright,so i finally got a PS3 5 months ago ^_^ the 360 was annoying the fuck out of me with their achievement problems and with no online since i didnt want to feed their sorry asses to pay for LIVE just to play online.And i finally unhooked the piece of shit out of MY TV and made some space for my PS3 and since that day i finally started to enjoy gaming like I should.The only bad thing is that Xbox got 2 good exclusives,Left 4 Dead and Halo.But of course PS3 god GOW 3,Uncharted and inFamous.The PC and the Wii suck balls too you know.On xbox u gotta buy batteries and shit while on ps3 u can recharge it without batteries.Microsoft is here for the money,not for gamers to have fun and all they wanted was to make more money of an overrated chicken shit console while Sony wanted gamers to have fun while playing for free on the PS3 and no batteries and all that crap.Fuck PC,fuck XBOX 360,PS3 is better as we all know.

  148. Styr says:

    you know what? fuck PC and fuck xbox.mostly fuck PC it cant even be compared to any consoles.less games,shitty graphics no good online,bad user interface and no trophies!PC is the worst PS3 is king but xbox sucks wii sucks n64 sucks

  149. Donkey Bollocks says:

    So I got a communication ban for nothing, well I was playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and me and a couple of mates thrashed a clan who were T Bagging us and so I sent a message saying how T Bagging was for losers, they obviously felt upset and the clan reported me for raping them all, so I got this ban and now MS are telling me that I have to go on the stupid forums and talk to one of the XBLPET team, so I have done that and nothing has happened no reply from them and nobody at support knows anything, what a crappy service.

  150. Doctor Arsenic says:

    The only market for the Xbox are people who want to complain about shit and fucking CoDfags.

  151. Mateoski says:

    Honestly, I agree. The 360 sucks balls. I owned a 360 back in 2005 to 2007 and within the first 15 days, I got a Red Ring of Death. Over the course of 3 years, I had 6 Red Rings, each for repairs costing $60 (since Microsoft decided to cancel out my warranty since they thought I hacked my 360 because it overheated so fast) On top of that, I had to pay for Gay Box Live, which was $65 for each of those 3 years. Did I also forget to mention that XBL has been hacked down numerous amounts of times (about 7 times)? The years were, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2012. Each customer reported more money missing than PSN users. Plus, it was the same deal with PSN. It went down, this time, XBL was down longer than PSN. PSN was only down for two weeks while XBL was down for a month and a half. Overall, XBL fails. PSN is 1000x better. On top of that the console itself for $250 including the games which were each $60, so that’s a total of $1000 and more I spent on the 360 over the course of 3 years. Microshit honestly is one of the cheapest, laziest, pathetic, inconsiderate companies out there. It’s fanbase consists of kids aging from 6 to 13 (I mean, my little brother is 14 and he’s way more mature than them). Their hardware sucks since I was constantly getting Red Rings and the console was constantly overheating, the graphics sucked, the controller is a ripoff of the PlayStation, GameCube and Dreamcast controller. Plus, the 360 or the Gay Box 3Shitty has no exclusives since only like 2 or 3 games are exclusive on the 360. The rest are either on PS3, Wii or PC. PS3 was totally different. It was the total opposite of Xbox. Sony had a much more mature fanbase, better controller, better games and actually HAD games, better graphics, better hardware, better Internet (PSN was only hacked once. XBL was hacked down 7 times from 2002 to 2012. Hacked twice in 2012)I could go on, but it would take me years. Overall, the Xbox 360 is a failure. A disgrace, a mistake to the gaming community. It should’ve never been created. Oh yeah, and did I mention that XBL was hacked since in the year 2012?

  152. Jacob says:

    I’ve spent more money on my xbox 360 to keep it functional than microsoft has on it’s entire staff AND IT’S STILL FUCKING BREAKING DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  153. Bryan says:

    Ok, so i bought my xbox on 2010. It was great for 3 months but then i got one red ring on the power button. I didn’t even know why there was one ring since i always hear about 3 ring, so i sent it to microsoft. I waited and waited but never got the fucking console back so i bought the latest one (the black one). Its working to this day but im pissed, because i wasted like 400 dollars for these ass consoles. Ive had my ps3 since 2008 and it still works like new, so fix your shit microsoft

  154. jay says:

    xbox is terrible just terrible. It must be destroyed. Almost all the games they make for it are ported to other systems right. I thought it was a long long process to port a game.Turns out its not. when they make the game on pc with a microsoft program for developing xbox games they output the file. as xbox pc or ps3. If someone were to get this program from microsoft and put it on the bay that would be the end of this. you would not even need an emulator would create installer for the game for pc as for ps3 i think it is burned to master and mass distributed. most developers have the program from what i see but its not the entire program the porting part is not there. only the top game developers have it. and microsoft is sure to probably recieve games port them there and be done see. If any one out there can access this program or its sdk get it. there will be songs written about your thousands of years from now. good luck

  155. KidZBox3$60c says:

    This site is just awesome. Finally someone said the truth about the fucking XBOX360 which has only kids on the community, poor performance, a crappy white plastic frame which is more fragile than the wings of a butterfly and only TWO acceptable games. Halo and Gears of War, the PS3 and the PC are clearly superior, in performance and games alike. I just say Uncharted, God of War, Killzone and Heavy Rain. The other awesome games like the Total War series for PC is better than ANY game on the XBOX. It’s also sad Microst has to buy exclusive rights for the XBOX, obviously Microsoft cant offer the XBOX community any reasonable games.

  156. Surgy says:

    Xbox hmm, the first console put into population that might be secretly spying on people, could it be The Kinect and its camera are profiling its users faces and such and sending information to Redmond.

  157. Dik Mcdik says:

    OMG FUCK U K I LUV XBOX I LIKE HAV SEX WIT MY XBOX U CAN GO DIE, no but in reality xbox and microsoft sucks, good customer support but they couldn’t solve an issue worth shit.

  158. Stephen says:

    So I went to cancel my account, which you have to fucking search for, and then once you figure it is actually called turning off auto-renewal, you try to turn it off but then an error occurs. This error makes it so you actually have to call customer service, which is literally always some foreigner who cannot understand a fucking thing you are saying. The entire time on the phone he is telling me about xbox live deals… fucking retard I’m canceling this shit, do you honestly think I want to hear deals? I just realized today how much I hate this piece of shit system and everything about it. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to cancel my account.

  159. Hank says:

    How the fuck do I get XBox OFF my fucking network? I had a tenant, in our mother-in-law sweet. He had an XBox. He’s gone, but, that fucking Xbox still shows up as connecting to the network and I think it’s fucking up my connections. Got any idea how to clear the piece of shit from my network?

  160. Sparkz says:

    There’s nothing I love more than a good rant. This website is the fucking best. PC forever~

  161. David B. says:

    I have to say that I was overjoyed to see this site. I own all 3 of the gaming consoles (and my old ones as well) and can’t even stand to play xbox 360 anymore. I have it stored in a box in case there is some random xbox only game that looks so amazing that I must play it. But then again I could just play Dark cloud 2 on my ps2 and still have a more enjoyable time. Today, 3/16/2012 I plugged my xbox 360 in for the first in a very long time and had to do the whole “upgrade the dashboard” bullshit. Low and behold, after upgrading the dashboard it wouldn’t let me use my gamertag that had my saved data, and the foreigners at customer support said there was nothing they could do. So, thank you microsoft for proving that you are a worthless piece of shit. Oh, and to those who support xbox by saying PSN gets hacked all the time, yes they do, because there is something to hack. Might as well hack something worthwhile. Hacking xbox live would be like stealing the wallet of a mentally handicapped person (so, basically an Xbox fan).

  162. Obama says:

    Its funny how I see no fuck Playastation 3 sites.Guess people actually LIKE having there system last longer then there goldfish.

  163. mehasps3 says:

    so many hate posts over a fucking stupid console war?thats quite nerdy u know.i use ps3 and im happy with it. i can afford it so i didnt buy xbox which has worser graphics, playing in internet costs money,and so on but its good too. this isnt really a hate post against you but its against this console war. BUY A FUCKING XBOX OR A PLAYSTATION IF YOU WANT I DONT CARE.thank you. PS.PS3 FTW!

  164. Pauly-D says:

    My Xbox 360 recently blew up and decapitated my grandpa.

  165. XBOXHATER says:


  166. Justin says:

    Ive had xbox since they first came out and they have fucked us over for 7 years now fuck them and fuck ps3.they are a complete rip off their games,their systems,all their accessories and much much more u trade in games just to get $3 back for a top game u paid $60 for the games are so over priced its fucking crazy FUCK XBOX FUCK XBOX FUCK XBOX

  167. Bill Gaytes says:

    Fuck the JewBox 360 and whoever loves it. I wish i never bought it and Microsoft should refund all of us cause we wasted money for their ass console. The fanboys are just some new 360 users who never encountered any problems and they’re happy about their slutty console.Just wait 1 or 2 years,you’ll see what i’m talking about. PS3 means freee internet, no disc-reading gay problems, no achievements problems, i could go on but it would take me years….

  168. Fuck The 360 says:

    Dude,i own a 360 and it’s a FUCKING PIECE OF CRAP. I wish i could buy PS3 now….It’s a piece of shit,you gotta pay for online,i mean what.the.fuck.Is microsoft that poor? My 360 is broken as fuck,i can’t earn achievements,i can’t play most of the games, and i only played on it 3 hrs a day. You fucking serious? My friend plays all day on his PS3,has online free,he can still earn trophies,and he LOVES the PS3.I wanna just smack the fuck out of my 360…but i actually payed fucking money for a dumb ass console. It’s a shit-ass console,that’s all i can say.

  169. CJ P. says:

    The games are great. The media streaming is cool. The controllers are sadly the most well-built part of the ‘system’ (tossed ours across the room on several occasions, usually due to a cd-drive error and they have NEVER failed). I’ve been through 3 systems and have to kick my self in the ass for being such an idiot. Sadly, I have 5 kids in my house(3 are mine) and keep them update on the newest titles. The number however don’t lie, the 360 has such a high failure rate compared to the other choices. I don’t want a ps3 or wii, I just want my shit to work. I’ll be buying one last 360…not because I think my experience will be different, but because I don’t want to hear shit from the kids while I dismantle the crap 360 bodies, repair them and mod them. I think microsoft can suck my nuts and I would gladly steal my next system and games. Am I whining? No, I’m a consumer that deserves to have a solid product for the cost, or fair product replacement. Am I angry? You fucking bet! I’m done paying for garbage that 8 year-old kids in China could probably put together better. Oh wait….

  170. Ryan says:

    My god i would disagree with you fully about 20 min ago but his just makes me so fucking pissed. I used to idolize Microsoft Because im from seattle. I have the zune, pc, Xbox. i have worked on a this xbox account for 7 years. about 1 year ago my dashbored had an error so i couldnt see what was new, contacted them 3 times. they had no fucking idea. than about 20mins ago they came out with an update. Since because i have that error i cant update, no update means no playing. 7 fucking years wasted in 20mins. they told me all i can do is make another account, FUCK you i told them fix this shit right now. than i got “will be taking no questions at this time”. Thankfully i have a playstation. i never been more anti microsoft ever.

  171. Jerison says:

    Xbox is a piece of shit.Ive had to call Microsoft 10 times in the last year of haveing 1.I have an xbox pro and would give anything for a PS3.Errors for Xbox: Red Ring of death , Error E68 , Error E76, Error EXBOXISAPIECEOFSHIT. fUCK Xbox When i get a PS3 i gonna throw is at a guy that works for Microsoft.

  172. suzy says:

    i had 2 360`s and they died. Pretty much a coincidence that i had 3 original xbox systems and they died. Also my windows 7 freezes alot. Pretty funny there all from microcock!

  173. HOLY SHIT HELP! says:


  174. David says:

    Here’s my story about Xbox 360:I got it for christmas about 3 years ago. I was pretty excited because I had always wanted one for the exclusives like halo, gears of war, etc. As time went by I realized this console was starting to become quite troublesome. Since I couldn’t play online because I had no ethernet cable around my gaming room, I was forced to buy the wireless adapter (it cost me about 150 dollars since I’m not from US) plus xbox live for 1 year (about 100 dollars). I had already spent around 250 dollars and could buy a better console with that money. I had my fun on live and everything but I still got some weird glitches while playing Black Ops. Now I can’t play anything since I got the E74 error, and looks like it’s gonna cost me more than 100 dollars to fix it. What’s worse about the error though is the memory loss, I don’t know for sure but I believe my gamerscore and my hardworked achievements are all gone forever πŸ™ I have like 7 games for the 360 that I will most likely never have the chance to play again because I feel like if I fix it right now, the ring of death will eventually happen again and I will just keep wasting money to fix this terrible console over and over again. Even my Nintendo 64 has lasted about 12 years and my 360 only 3 or so. I hate you xBox, I should’ve gotten a gaming PC or a PS3. I will probably never buy your lame products.

  175. john says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 <3 <3

  176. Mike says:

    Xbox sucks. I’ve acquired 2 different xbox’s. Both of which required repair, and both of which ended up dying anyways. I think i’m gonna go buy a playstation tomorrow, and then after that I’ll probably mod my two xbox’s with a hammer and some gasoline. I have put so many man hours into fixing those dumb sonsa bitches, how could such a big name corporation make a product like that, and basically rob people? and then rob them some more by switchin up the power cords and shit! Fuck microsoft, boggle these nuts and kick rocks. sony has my vote.

  177. Jay says:

    I recently came into possession of an xbox from a friend. I was extremely excited. I love Mass Effect and was stoked to be able to play it.The first round of disappointment and bewilderment came when I realized that it doesn’t have wireless built into it. I mean… even my Wii has that for petes sake. So after my jaw dropping to the floor at the outrageous price of an xbox wireless addon I figured out how to bridge my lan and wireless on my computer and run a lan cable to the xbox to get online. First trouble over.The next step was to sign up for an account. After playing wow all these years I’m fairly used to paying subscriptions but when I got onto xbox live I found that everything there cost ADDITIONAL money. The addons to Mass Effect, a few hours of gameplay and extra guns were as much as I payed for the game itself. Gritting my teeth I bought a points card and then came back.Not enough memory. Not enough memory? Are you kidding? I deleted accounts, game saves, profiles etc clearing space. Still not enough for the DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT OF ONE GAME. Xbox’s solution? Fork over MORE money for another memory card!So after a bit of googling I found you can now use a flash drive as memory. Wonderful. I plug it in and try to get onto Xbox live. ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR ERROR. It won’t even let me on now. God only knows if the downloads I already bought will still be waiting for me when I eventually get online. And of course I’ve heard how the hardware on these things breaks down after a few years. I don’t know how a machine so buggy, so prone to breakdown, and so freakin expensive at every turn is so successful. Especially when everything involved in xbox live is over-complicated and counter intuitive compared to… well …. everything. God help someone who doesn’t know anything about technology. Honestly I’m almost ready to throw this machine out the window. /rant

  178. TRL says:

    Wow I still love this website! Props to the guy that keeps track of these haters and keeps posting their bullshit…it makes for a very funny read! This is where I go after a long day to help me to laugh and relax…people standing up for Xbox? Last time I heard something that funny was when they wanted to give black people rights! Too bad nobody listens, otherwise we would be free form TWO shitty things in this world!

  179. cameron r. says:

    I had an original white 360 for 3 months and it got RROD from playing GTA IV. What was worse is my disk was stuck inside and when i sent it in, they sent back a refurb without my game. There goes that 50 dollars. So here is my second, it was RROD on arrival. So i sent it back and they sent one again. Guess what? RROD ON ARRIVAL. So i sent it back but they sent it back to me and said the serial number is a black listed console! WTF? SO IM OUT MY MONEY! So i sold it on craigslist to some 360 fan bitch and then used the money for a PS3. Guess what? Ive still got that ps3. Hmmm….

  180. EP says:

    i have owned an xbox 360 for years now, however i cannot understand why i cant just put that fuckin retared controller down considering it makes me extremely pissed off every time i play it. fuck xbox. i smashed my controllers today and am saving the xbox for when i am too pissed to even comprehend. i strongly encourage every other sap sucked into the xbox/microsoft mind-fuckery to do the same!!

  181. Jellyfish says:

    I posted a long ass post before already about how my incredibly frustrating time with this system, im back for an update! I haven’t played my xbox since that post. Ima either sell that pos or smash it.. i wanna smash it, but if i can make money off this garbage that would be nice to. Anyway im done with that trash. Got me a sick ass PC since then and have been playing team fortress 2 and WoW and cant wait to get Battlefield 3 on it (it looks fucking beautiful on PC) Fuck xbox biggest piece of shit i have ever had the displeasure of wasting money on…

  182. Drac says:

    I remember waiting outside all night for the x box 360 when I finally got home I hooked it up then unhooked the piece of shit and took it back cause I rather play a guitar with 1 fucking string. when ps3 came out the xbox 360 was even more shitty because ps3 dominates In Every way. And if one thinks xbox is better there either sadly retarded or tragically come from a long line of inbreeding. the hate mail is funny uh xbox 360 has been hacked many times dumb fucks and they don’t know what there doing the first models didn’t have hdmi or wi fi and finally they made a model that looked like ps3 and put those features in still no bluray so there gay.

  183. Sony Boy says:

    Fuck da shitty piece of shit,shit fucking turd box. How could anyone own a psone,a ps2 (worlds most poplular console) and not own or want a ps3. Ill tell you my theory. Its because some of you un-loyal ps2 players could’nt wait another year for ps3 to come out. And you felt you had to jump into the next generation of console. But you fucks you see by buying the xbox (excuse my language i mean the shit box) you fucking went back a generation cause all it really is, is a turd in a box. I really think things would of been a lot different if sony released the ps3 before the shit take a dump in da box box. It would of dominated and 2011 would be a lot different for ps3. Ps3 and sony are the ones. Ill back you till the day i die. Ps Bill gates go suck ya mum threw a straw u cunt.

  184. Kutas says:


  185. PS3fucksXBOX'sMom says:


  186. Doom says:

    Fuck it. Just made a xbox live account and it sucks. I can’t even buy games because the stupid thing keeps telling me that I need my parents to give me more rights. I’m 31, I live alone.. Fucking shit. Shitconsole. PC FTW.

  187. sam says:

    i loved my xbox. but now, after having to send it in twice taking over 2 and a half months, i hate my xbox and Microsoft. the only reason i have it and still play it is because i wasted all my birthday money buying a 300 dollar system, with 200 dollars of games.fuck off money hungry Microsoft.

  188. arielkanarie says:

    hey I think you’re right and wrong,its true xbox live sucks, the xbox has major issues and so on…thats why I own a pc, the best graphics of them all.but still…the wii is like the last breath of nintendo,and the playstation sucks donkey-ass thank you very much for such a cool website

  189. Rainbow says:

    Hm. You are tots right. I use a Mac as my own console :). with a PS3 emulator i developed. M$ sucks.

  190. I just had sex for the first time says:

    When I bought my PS3 my GF fucked me. I dont know why but who cares. I am one happy sailor πŸ™‚

  191. Jeremy G. says:

    I’m on my fifth xbox and when and if I send this piece of shit in again I am literally going to shit on top of it put it in the box and send it. Even better I will steal bill gates lunch and take a shit in that and them force feed him like hes been force feeding us this malfunctioning piece of fifth xbox now runs slow is lagging and destroying my game saves almost every time I play the damn thing I called xbox and they r telling me its gonma cost me 110 dollars plus to fix it FUCK XBOX BILL GATES AND HIS MOTHER FUCKING MOMMA

  192. Razzosinni says:

    Damn,I just hate that fuckin’ thing. I can’t believe Microsoft wants money for XBL. Why the fuck is Sony able to let you online without paying? This is totally awesome.And you know something ? Fuck PC (it needs almost an annual upgrade and there are awesome games appearing only on consoles),Fuck Wii (Casual gamers…biggest non-sense ever) and Fuck X360 ! (A console with major problems)PS3 rules,respect Sony.And yes,I am a mega-ultra-fanboy PS3. Because IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING. PS4 it’s on its way.

  193. Atn says:

    Well, I think I got your point. Fuck Xbox.Yeah, agreed man!But when you just stand there, tellin’ the world that the Wii (the wii eh!) is better? Naah, you serious?Come on dude, giving away 250€ for the Xbox 360 POS is bad! But you gotta admit it, the wii reeks!Buy a PC, spend 4K $ for it, and be glad to, cause it will last a decade. In that bunch of time, you could have owned 4 different consoles.So, pleeeaaaase, could you just let the Wii catch up to the left of the screen, with the 360? Would you?

  194. simen henry b. says:

    how to fix a mother fucking cocksucker of a fuckin dad fucker xbox 360? my mother fucking xbox stink! fuck xbox! PS3 <3

  195. Chris H. says:

    Take a look at this and you will find out what sort of brainless moron uses Xbox, I dont know what this guys mental state is, the sad bitch just records anyone and then posts stuff about being a pedo.

  196. Dave M. says:

    What a tribe of Assholes! Xbox Live support has to be the worst on the planet. I just hope I can find some poor soul to sell this 360 piece of shit to!

  197. ginses says:

    Ur fucking right, i was stupid enough to buy this shit, when I got the red ring of death I had to replace it cause it seems like they did it on purpose. Right when the WARRANTY ends you get a fuckking RED ring. So I bought another one and now I GET GODDAMN DISC READING ERRORS!!!!!!!!!!!! BUY A PS3 trusts me. FUUUUCKING MICROSOFT!!!!!!

  198. snake says:

    Xbox, where to start. I cant express my feelings for this so called gaming console. is it good? is it bad? or is it just so cheap you thought you should just go out and buy one? Just because its cheap doesnt mean its worth the price your paying for it. If its not to late take it back now. But if it is, i feel sorry for you. at least you can watch your movies using the built in dvd player, after you manage to get the disc to read that is. but ill would recommend selling your xbox and make a smart, future proof investment in a Playstation 3, the better option. What do i mean when i say “the better option”? well ” better” as in the god of gaming consoles, may he reign forever. but seriously, blu ray is the future and from the cards sony has dealt, they knew about this long before it was even the present. screening high definition games in unbelievable graphics, it puts xbox about 10 feet under ground, in all areas, that being graphics, game play, and over all performance. the only area the beats the Playstation in is live, and we all no that it has better live then the PSN, but if thats all they got, well that not much is it, also, your have to pay for it. which is a bit stupid but i guess if your money hungry you would make everyone pay for everything. specking of money hungry, everything is over priced in the market place. 800 gamer point for some shitty map packs on halo? bit steep dont you think. playstation is superior in every genre except for live, as i mentioned. And dont call me a fan boy because i do own a xbox as well so im telling you from first hand experience that xbox isnt worth your effort, your time, or your money.I regret buying one and i would hate to see that big grin of yours from purchasing your first xbox turn to a frown once you power it up and it cant read the first disc you put in, probably the game that came with the console, so an un-used and un-scratched game.choose the smart option,the safe option,the option of the future.Choose Playstation 3

  199. Walter says:

    I masturbate to this page. If we ever meet, drinks are on me.It’s a good thing all these fanboys exist, because I and others are fixing xbox 360’s (repeatedly) for retards who insist they are better consoles. Because Microsoft doesn’t fix them right. Here’s a list of the proper fixes to get one working, at least for a while, and assuming the chips didn’t fry;xclamp fix + good thermal paste 12v fan mod mobo screwed to case a new heatsink for certain models Also, rumours (for now) circulate from a few threads showing the new “red dot of death” on the 360 slim. And the only reason I’m contacting you, is that it’s exhausting to be right, and completely alone, every goddamn time. I guess people got tired of shooters that require thought; halo and cod sure as fuck don’t.

    • Elfinpanic7 says:


  200. irish fetish says:

    xbox is a whore with no respect, it says it loves you, fucks anyone for Β£40, gives you false promises, then never speaks to you after it’s sucked you dry.

  201. bob says:

    so for some reason my xbox live account is now invalid. i called tech support but they don’t have a clue to what they are doing, i wouldn’t trust them to not piss themself’s in there sleep i have been a faithful xbox and ps3 user since the systems were released, once i was blinded, but now i see the light. xbox is pure concentrated evil. i can’t believe a system that was made by a bunch of child lovin’ freaks was actually put on the market. they should have just called it the fagbox 360 because only little pedophile little faggot mutherfuckers would invest in such a horrible system set up by the second most evil company in the U.S.(first being Wal-Mart). i seriously suggest anyone with more than 2 braincells just sell or break the god forsaken machine. unless you like to rape children, throw that piece of shit where it belongs, IN HELL!!!!!!!!! so thank you microsoft, for showing us how little you actually care about your customers, i hope little pheobe abele gates likes the taste of her dad’s cock

  202. Erick says:

    My wife ordered an XBOX Slim from Amazon like 3 months before Christmas for my Son. When we set it up it wouldn’t work! Froze all the time, Red Dot of Death etc… Amazon wouldn’t take it because it was past their return date, Xbox took it in to fix and sent it back with the same problem! I sent it in again and they called me to say it was tampered with so they couldn’t help me; the problem was the first time I sent it in the dipshit tech didn’t put the tamper sticker in the right place, so when they got it the 2nd time they accused me of tampering! FUCKING SOOO PIST!

  203. Cody says:

    i know some idiots that said Xbox is superior i hacked into it in 3 min just to screw with them then i deleted all there content then all they did was cry wat lazy fucks

  204. vinamas says:

    xbox is nothing eccept a piece of fucking shit wii play staton pc its all great consoles

  205. Hundred Dollar Bill Rapes says:

    What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck is Xbox? Go fuck yourself Xbox you fucken mother fuck! Eat shit and die Xbox rapist! Your Xbox ASS accessories cost an arm and a leg and does lame things. Go trip and break your neck on the kinect. The only good thing in the world the Xbox can do is I love loading my bread into the Xbox and it heats it up.

  206. Bon De Vera Mungcal says:

    Yes, my aunt sent me a xbox360. When I opened the box I’m so excited but when I tested it in our TV. What the fuck? 3 Fucking Red Lights. Microsoft you SUCK DICK. You can not even make a decent OS today like your Windows Vista Fuck-Ass Bringing BSOD in our brand new PC. Microshit is losing fucking money and they want to recover their losses by just cheating on its customers and they’ll say we extend warranty. Fuck the MICROSHIT FAGBOYS WHO LOVES TO BUY MICROSHIT’S LOW QUALITY AND DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS. THIS MICROSHIT CORPORATION SHOULD DIE! FUCK YOU MICROSHIT! FUCK YOU BILL “FAG” GATES!

  207. John W. says:

    I have had enough of this black pile of shit sat in my room, I am selling this crud because the service is shit and so is the lump plastic they call the Elite, FUCK off Xbox you noisy fucking piece of shit, and then you have the retards on live a couple I could name are Federal Reserve what a cunt he is and his queer boyfriend conory who is just some mumbling cunt, and this is the sort of asshole who plays on Xbox, every cunt I have met has an issue whether its beating up their Mum (I kid you not) or playing the drums late at night just to wake the neighbours up or having your girlfriend on one Xbox and youre on another but dont communicate unless its reciting the scripts from family guy, I tell you Xbox is fucking up communication between folk, and making people fat and lazy, then they cunts try to sell you the kinect to get you to exercise no thanks MicroSHIT, FUCK XBOX YOU NOISY WANK BOX

  208. Mikey B says:

    Xbox sucks. They steal your money. Today I called and asked if i could get my xbox repaired. They wanted $120 because its not under warranty. That’s b.s. because it is not my fault that my Xbox has an open tray problem. They build them to break so idiots like everyone who supports Microsoft will send them in for a simple fix. My xbox is not under warranty and they said they had two great offers. One was to fork over 120 bucks so they could fix it and the other was for me to dish out 115 bucks so they could tell me how to fix it. How about hell no. This is like the 3rd Xbox Ive been and today I traded everything I had 360 related and bought a PS3 which never breaks. Much better choice FUCK XBOX 360

  209. Fred5107 says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE – The hate mail doesn’t really bother me. Most of the haters are typical 12 year old Xbox fanboys who just like to scream insults. I know PS3 is better, so fuck ’em. – I agree with everything you said. I read some of your hate mail and it’s pretty harsh. How are you taking this?

  210. shitbox360SucksDickAss says:

    xbox360 is for the microshit fagboys who like to suck the dick of Bill Gates Of Hell!

  211. junior says:

    xbox suks cuz u have topay for everything unliike sony and nintendo were its free and they actually care for you! microsoft is illegabile to get sued i tested a wii ps3 and xbox and put a disck inside them and inflected more pain and shoke the wii and ps3 only , and slightly moved the xbox and when i took the discs out every one was fine except the xbox disc!

  212. todd says:

    i think that xbox and its creators should burn in the deepest darkest hell and should have there wives and oldest daughters bang and gangbanged by people of sony and nintendo. microsoft only cares for our money on xbox live it always tells you buy this and only have there $50 dollar membership cards at the stores

  213. Nick says:

    i got suspended 2 weeks for the second time over nothing. I literally did NOTHNING and i pay 60 bucks a fucking year to play. I would beat the FUCK out of xbox employees if they were in front of me…every last single fucking pussy that works for them

  214. Amirul says:

    Ha! Xbox 360 is a copycat version of PS3.How do they got Xbox 360?This.X = symbol on PS3’s joystick.Box =ox symbol on PS3’s joystick.360 =ircle symbol on PS3’s joystick. (Circle has 360 degree)I hate Xbox anyway. It sucks. PS3 is the way better than Xbox.

  215. joseph says:

    I realized today I don’t have a problem with the 360, I have a problem with half the people who play it. there always glued to the Xbox and always talking about how amazing it is. its adequate, not amazing.

  216. mike h. says:

    bought a ps3 slim about 2 years ago, best $235 i ever spent. xbox fanboys can suck a dick, although most of them probably do anyway haha

  217. Chronic-X says:

    Dude, love the site, and I have to agree. I’m soooooo sick of fucking Microsoft throwing their $$$ around to get 360 exclusives… bullshit. And what the fuck are they thinking even trying to compare a 360 to a PS3, I mean come on, Blu-Ray standard (that’s 10 times the storage of your FAGBOX 360 kiddies, at least disc wise), free online play (and sorry X-Box community is NOT that much better than PS3, had a room mate with one for 2 years…. was a big paper-weight) and the bugs on 360 are horrible… not to mention compatibility. Anyone remember the X-Box fans (the ones that cool the system down, even though both types BLOW) that shorted out systems and BURNT PEOPLES HOUSES DOWN? (I knew one of the people it happened too, DEATHS BLAMED ON PS3 = MOTHAFUCKAS) Thats true customer support on Microsoft, “Yeah we know the shit don’t work right, but lets fucking sell it anyways… as long as we get our money fuck the consumer” they knew about the compatibility issues and did nothing more than give a small warning to consumers about “Incompatibility”… you dicks, burning my house down isn’t “Incompatibility”, its a fucking health concern. You know, I read the hate mails and I’d be defensive too if I gave someone 300 bucks to lube my ass up and shove a defunct system in it. And how about graphics, at least PS3 can COMPETE with some PC graphics… 360 looks like some beefed up Dreamcast that Microsoft decided to refurbish and upgrade… you say Halo? pshht I say enjoy your sad little excuse for an over-rated “It’s been done 100 times” FPS game. I HATE YOU X-Box, so just keep throwing your money at all the retards to make them play your system, its the only way you’ll ever stand up to PS3 and Nintendo. If you have an ounce of intelligence… stay the hell away from X-Box. You rock man, keep up the good work, maybe a few of those retards will understand just how bogus Microsoft really is after a look at some of this.

  218. ant says:

    you are fucking right in every way. xbox is the most overrated system out there and they say fuck ps3 and its laggy online. well ive never experienced lag except on treyarchs flawed call of duty black ops. xbox says its got the best games. they got halo and gears or war…two overrated lackluster pieces of shit. while ps3 offers a variety of exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 4, uncharted, little big planet…the list goes on…you are absolutely right in every way man

  219. Rob M. says:

    i liked your site

  220. popoctave says:

    I fcuking hate it, why, after two hours frigging around with my sons xbox live account and making a right mess of it, XBOX support advised us to create a false account and lie about our sons age so he can play fifa online on their shitty console, (fucking hypocites) they did however promise us a free live subscription for all the inconvenience (3 hours on the phone with an incompetent microsh!t employee is no fun), however, and not surprisingly (after another 1.5Hr argument with a total drongo)they have since told us they can’t give us a free subscription because the information they require, isn’t actaully, available. Fcuking w@nkers. This is the UK support number, try it, if you’ve fcuk all to do for 2 hours and want someone to fcuk your brain and console up. 08005871102

  221. Joseph says:

    you ever go to school and hear about kids complaining about their precious cheapxboxs crashing? and yet these kids still want to by another one? whats wrong with this world? my ps3, 4 years running not a SINGLE hardware problem. when you look up the facts, ull find they pretty much add up the same in gameing, but in quality, i like to by something thatll last me more than a year before it craps out.

  222. Grant says:

    I know that All you cry babies, wanna argue about who has the best console. I just wanted to make a point here and be frank with all the gamers. The PS3 is the best console for Graphics, hands down. Compared to the Xbox360 who still is running its old crappy pixelated games off DVD’s, who can only store game information on 4.7GB Disc’s, You can’t compare with the PS3 which is running its Game Disc’s on Blue Ray Discs. Which can store if duel layered an amazing 50GB of data. That means more Graphics for your games. When it comes to 360 it will lose the race because its games will still have crappy graphics compared to the PS3 which in fact, HAS a better graphics card anyway! Though Xbox360 may beat PS3 for games, I would rather play something visually amazing and have free online, that play some pixelated crappy thing, with online you have to pay for, thats gay! Now as for the Wii, it may be the cheapest and have the shittiest graphics out there and the simplest of games. But I can tell you that Nintendo has done the right thing from the start and when Nintendo releases its new console after the WII it will blow PS3 and Xbox 360 out of the water, and have all you sucking Nintendo’s balls just to get your hands on their games. Keep in mind, the only thing that is stopping the WII from being the best console is 3 things, GRAPHICS, ONLINE and a GOOD FIRST PERSON SHOOTER Like the Xbox. No matter what you wanna admit or not, HALO was the only thing that sold Xbox market. Without it, it will slowly die. When good old Nintendo Releases its new 3d reality console with 3d glasses, and its new controllers like it has now. YOU WILL SEE Xbox and PS3 bite the dust. I can guarantee you that Nintendo will take its silly WII remotes and change them into GUN CONTROLLERS that you can reload, and have 3d glasses to have Virtual reality and Probably release a game as good as 007 golden eye like the N64 like back in the day…If it even releases something like halo therefore NONE will be able to compete with Nintendo. Nintendo is the next gen of consoles. THEY PROVED THAT WITH THEIR CONTROLLERS! Its only a matter of time, before the WII which is a prototype to the next console will blow away ALL YOU CRYBABIES! SO there! AND XBOX GRAPHICS and HARDWARE FAIL ALL THE TIME, EAT IT! PS3 RULES FOR NOW! BUT SOON Nintendo will have you all sucking their balls GO WII!!!

  223. Isaac C. says:

    Ok now the Wii may not have the most hardcore games out there ill admit that. But it does have those insant classic mario, link etc all the ones we grew up with and its reliable as FUCK! I was playing metroid prime the other day and accidentally tipped over my wii when i went for a drink. No big deal, no freezing no system imploding. Just resume gameplay. Back when gears of war 2 came out. I also accidentally knocked my system very lightly. And i swear it sounded like i put a puppy through a lawnmower. The loudest noise imaginable x 25 and thats what i got. not only that it scratched the shit out of my disc and broke it, so with no warranty i was fucked. A more recent disaster was when i was playing dead space. cant wait for number 2 which comes out in 2 DAYS! Im on chapter 11 1 more chapter till i complete the game (which would be my first time) i saved my game and was going to call it for the night. While saving the xbox 3fixme froze up. not before saving or after DURING. The part where it says saving DONT TURN OFF YOUR CONSOLE OR UNPLUG IT. The little bitch shuts down on me and i was sweating bullets. Turn it back on system works fine? ok load up dead space and load up my file. Data IS CORRUPTED AND CANNOT BE LOADED! Thanks to this BRILLIANT MACHINE MY FILE IS FUCKED AND I HAVE TO RESTART AND LOST MY FUCKING DATA. Also my system is CONSTANTLY FREEZING NOW! So even if i did get DEAD SPACE 2. Id probably just have the same shit happen all over again! Piece of shit machine! I wish Bill Gates was a necromorph. Id dismember him limb by limb and end his life. P.S dead space fucking rules! Im picking up number 2 on my ps3. fuck microshit

  224. xbox faggs says:

    I have both systems and the ps3 is by far the best one it has blue-ray remotes are re-chargeable build in wifi doesn’t scratch ur discs free online play and a lot more good stuf …. and the xbox well it sucks balls it does the complete opposed of the ps3 that shit crashes disks u have to buy wifi addapter and a blue ray separate shit it has a fucking disk tray that’s fucking gay and the remotes have to be run with batterys that fucking gay point is xbox360 is only for faggs that like to suck big cock fuck all u xbox faggs

  225. tony says:


  226. Jellyfish says:

    Not even gonna lie, I enjoy playing Halo 3 with my friends its pretty fun. But thats where it ends. Im seriously thinking of purchasing a top notch gaming pc. I got my 360 in 08 and over that course of time ive had 7 rrod. Im not even screwing with you or trying to be funny… 7 RROD! I remember the first rrod, was around the time Red dead redemption came out i was pretty pissed. But i thought ok my console crapped out on me its been 2 years now , it sucks but at least if it gets repaired now it can be fixed back to top performance so this wont occur again… RIGHT???? So since i have warranty wth, i sent it in for free repairs, atm im swamped with college so i needed to focus anyway. So i get it back after a week, which really surprised me because i was told it would take 2-3 weeks maybe more. So when i had free time id play it every now and then. Guess what happens 2 months later…?? /facepalm just barely 2 months after i just got it repaired it craps out on me again! Same procedure as above, warranty free repair bla bla, starting to get annoyed but at least its free. This time it took long for the repairs maybe a month or a little bit under that, so i assumed the extensive repair time it took had to ensure a reliable product. So Im making breakfast for my girlfriend (my xbox was on prior to doing this) I go back to the living room to shut off my system and what a SURPRISE. Black lines all across the screen. I turn it off then back on and BAM RROD! 3rd time rrod and now im really getting pissed off, not because the system fries and im unable to play halo and mass effect, but because when I send something in for repairs, free or not I EXPECT it to be in working condition, its just the fucking principle damit. Also ALL OF MY RROD WERE WITHIN A 2 MONTH TIME FRAME! I shit you not everysingle time it crapped out on me it was 2 months after i JUST get it repaird. AS if it is designed to die after 2 months so u can send it in for repairs and give them more $. Though I have a warranty n my repairs are free, i had to pay for the warranty so they still win. I felt like such a damn tool sending it in everytime just to have it fry on me! Speaking of frying, back in Novemeber of 2010 I got a bonus @ work so i decided to spoil myself of bit and buy myself dragon age. So i buy the game eager to play it when i get home. Unwrap the plastic turn on the system AND BEFORE I EVEN PUT IN THE BLOODY DISC I SEE 3 BLINKING LIGHTS. It was at this point i was about to upload a video of me lighting my xbox on fire and put it on youtube. BUT AGAIN LIKE A DAMN TOOL I SEND IT IN AGAIN TO GET IT FIXED! /TIMESKIP. I get it back and it seems to be working fine, my dream came true and i actually could play my games without an erratic heartbeat fearing my system would explode any minute. AS I said before i had 7 rings in the this xboxs lifespan. I didnt write about all but the 3 but you get the idea, same shit all around. Let me tell you one more thing though. My buddy owed me 20 bucks when i bought him some shit. So he recently paid it off and bought me dead space. I never played this game before and when i tried it oh man i fucking love it. Ive had it for a little bit under a week and i cant get enough of it. SO much infact i went out and put in a preorder of dead space 2. So im playing dead space and the game is freaky enough with the atmosphere and sounds, not to mention i fit the mood by playing in the dark. So im on edge when im playing. Im walking down a corridor and I swear to god i almost had a stroke. Yes the aliens and shit you encounter in that game are spooky as shit but thats not why i almost passed out. I did it because a bunch of cubes, pixels scribbly lines and blurred visuals went all over my screen followed by an EXTREMELY LOUD AND SUDDEN NOISE. I turned off my system turned it back on despite that and not even 2 mins into the dashboard the SAMETHING HAPPENS AGAIN. Pixels on the screen, crazy noise and a furious man! The funny thing is my xbox HAD THE RED LIGHTS!!! But i was still able to turn it on and go through the menus and everything( that of course is what i could do before it would freeze not seconds later!) I tried this severeal times and all the same shit happens flashing red lights pixels and distortion. Im not even sure if my warranty covers freezing i think its only rrod so thats just salt on the wound. My xbox live sub is ending in 4 days and i was alrdy set not to renew it because i was pissed with xbox shitty shitty product. and since i didnt play any online games just singleplayer. Now my xbox will turn on i can press about 1 button and then it freezes up on me. This is absolutely fucking unacceptable and im FURIOUS RIGHT NOW! Ive fucking had it with xbox!! Live dies in 4 days, I only play singleplayer games which ARE AVAILABLE ON PS3 AND PC. and my xbox is constatly freezing. This all just happened about 30 mins ago. Im sorry for the wall of text rant, i really am but i guess i need to vent my hate, and thats what this site is for right? With all the money i spent on games subscriptions and controllers….. I could have EASILY bought a sleek gaming pc or even a ps3. Im kicking myself right now but i wont make the same mistake for the 8th time -_-! P.S I got wii on launch in fucking 07 the DAY of and it works fine to this day! 4 FUCKING YEARS AND NOT A PROBLEM.!!! FUCK XBOX SERIOUSLY. IM putting money towards what i just listed above and im gettting rid of this paperweight!

  227. Dave says:


  228. Rinus says:

    FUCK THOSE GAYBOX 360 OWNERS.PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – PS3 4 LIFE – And i’m so FUCKINGGGG mad that Metal gear solid Rising is comming for the Shitbox 360..MGS is always loyal to the PS3.Keep on going with your website!!!

  229. Geo says:

    Xbox is horrid we’re in the 21st century and yet the Xbox still has a disk tray LMFAO what a piece of shit it fails in so many ways i would be just wasting my time naming all the ways it fails in.. but yeah my point is that xbox fails.. so does Microsoft

  230. Gio says:

    OK, well I fucking hate xboxs..Just found out my third one was broke 10 minutes ago. I love their games, and online is better then PS3 ( except you have to pay ). Even the controllers I like better. BUT THE CONSOLES ARE THE BIGGEST PIECE OF SHIT EVER. FUCK MICROSOFT FOR SELLING A PRODUCT DESIGNED TO BRAKE, AND ESPECIALLY FUCK THEM FOR MAKING THAT PRODUCT SO GOD DAMN ADDICTING. also Id sell my soul to the devil just to see whoever designed the xbox console get his dick bit off by his own mother.

  231. brendude13 says:

    This website is so true, if you think that the XBOX 360 is better than PS3, Wii or PC then you really are stupid, deluded, or in most cases being paid off by Microsoft.Games, Hardware, Reliability, Design, Features, Price, Business ethics and any other god damn aspect I missed out then the PS3 is better.The only reason I can think to buy an XBOX 360 is for Mass Effect 2 (until 21st Jan), Cross Game Chat, FFXIII avatars and using it for christmas lights when it fucking breaks. So if I buy an XBOX 360 I am left with a fucking Β£50 a year telephone. If any fanboy can find any reason other than that to buy an XBOX 360, feel free to message me at and Gears of War are for simple minded idiots who think it’s funny to shoot people in the face, ironically ever other XBOX 360 is a fucking clone of these two generic and overated games. NOTHING in the XBOX 360 game library holds a candle to MGS4, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5 and God of War III. Not to mention the upcoming games such as Versus XIII, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 3.For years Microsoft were constantly throwing money at everybody trying to kick the PS3 while it was down. Final Fantasy XIII, Assassin’s Creed, GT4, were all lost due to Microsoft’s greed. The effects were obvious, the resulting games were delayed and showed major constraints due to the DVD bottleneck. The XBOX 360 just doesn’t have the horsepower to compete with the PS3’s.

  232. christian p. says:

    im a 15 year old boy who has had 3 xboxs with in a year my mom contacted customer support and they were rude mother fuckers to her FUCK YOU MICROSOFT AND YOUR CHEAP ASS PRODUCT HOPE MICROSOFT AND THERE PRODUCT WOULD ALL ROTT IN HELL IGNORENT PIECE OF SHITS FUCKING DIE MICROSOFT

  233. Joseph says:

    Everyone says the cheapbox’s graphics “rape” the ps3’s. The ps3 came out after the cheapbox 360, obviously making it better. a newer, younger console will obviously have a better graphics and sound system. Plus, all xbox games suck! xbox has no variety in their games, when I go to the store their all fps or gta copies. I do favor these genres, but every now and then its nice to take a break from the blood and gore and play lego star wars or mario.

  234. Bman says:

    I used to love my Xbox, until I realized the truth. Microsoft deliberately manufactured a console that had obvious problems. You move the damn thing and your game gets busted and your out 60+ dollars. Red ring has never happened to me, but a friend of mine had to send his xbox back 6 times! It’s ridiculous! Microsoft is a company that doesn’t give a flying fuck about their customers.

  235. Mike T. says:

    A survey in April found the failure rates of the three main consoles.Wii: 1% Failures, nice PS3: 8% Failures, still not too bad Xbox 360: 42 FUCKING PERCENT.The numbers speak for themselves…

  236. Fred A. says:

    Why did I ever get this lump of shit, the console breaks, the controller is uncomfortable, to get online is an added expense that is governed by assholes will ban you for just about anything, then you have the inane retards who are two faced wankers who try to be friendly and these cunts never get banned, and then you have the games that are so fucking lame and short the only reason that xbox have achievements is because the games are so shit they try to keep you interested by getting these stupid achievements that actually tells everyone else on xbox that your a sad cunt with no life, thats why I always edit my profile and illegally unlock these fucking things, what is M$ going to do call out the achievement police? Fuck off M$ and fuck off Xbox you piece of useless breakable shit.

  237. Nate says:

    I remember back in 06 when M$ was advertising the 3 fixme on tv with the dude running on a beach with his console yelling i have a 360 i was saying to myself it would be funny if he would trip on his face and broke the damn thing at the same time i was saying to myself i will just wait till the ps3 comes out and guess what i did and never had a problem with the console and still play it to this day and happy with it

  238. jason f. says:

    why should i pay for a repair for shit the fucking xbox did.

  239. Mike says:

    People spend hundreds of dollars and commit their time to such a shit system. I spent 600 on mine with games and the whole deal and it one day chooses to shut the fuck down… fuck you microsoft. Your all thieves, selling cheap half ass products and showing no support. Sorry my xbox is fucking 5 years old, IM SORRY i bought it the first day it came out showing my support and now you can’t do shit to help me… FUCK YOU I HATE YOU. PS3 you have my content.

  240. russel russel miles says:

    I just searched xbox sucks, and wasnt surprised how many top sites came up with that in the title. I completely agree, I have had a PS3 for years now, and love it, but I broke down and bought a Xbox and Kinect to both try out the motion gaming and Xbox exclusive games. Upon initial boot, it froze during splash screen, after multiple TV’s, cords(HDMI and normal), and plugs it still does the same, needless to say I am returning tomorrow, and love to see like minded people. I should have learned by the previous Xbox I had that red-ringed, and the replacement for that one that eventually did the same.

  241. J$ says:

    I agree with you man FUCK xbox i will never own 1 only ps3 or nintendo i’ve played xbox’s because of all the ignorant ppl i know lol but nah fuck xbox and microsoft bruh 1 love

  242. Scarr says:

    You’d literally have to be a mentally inbred retarded son of a bitch to be stupid enough to think anything about X-Box is good. Obviously the people that claim it is have never bothered to even try a PS3 ever. I have both (360 has died over 10 times in less than a year, PS3 died once in 4 years, and that was because my cousin spilled a soda on it). I have run both systems side by side, and everything the 360 does, PS3 does it way better, it looks better, the controls are more responsive and the controllers themselves are more ergonomical (that means it’s better for your hands to hold for longer periods of time for you unintelligent x-box retards), free PSN that’s more than twice as fast as the laggy Live service you have to pay for, a more mature community that isn’t full of 12 year old morons that think that Halo is the best game ever (it’s actually the worst), bigger HDD’s, Bluetooth compatibility, Blu-Ray player. Seriously, only a complete idiot that’s so stupid they deserve to be shot would honestly think 360 trumps the PS3 in any way other than price.

  243. Steve says:

    A response to 11/14/10 “Hate” Mail #101 from Austin – Hey, Austin. You do realize that you’re completely ignorant and obviously have never even used a PS3’s online capabilities? 360 has a buggy P2P “server” that is only about half as fast as PS3’s Dedicated servers. Then there’s the stupid lie that only Micro$hit fixes their systems when within the warranty for free. I like how you posted your letter as if nobody would be smart enough to catch you in your blatant, uninformed lies. Good day to you, moron. I hope your $hitbox explodes in your face and the melted plastic burns out your eyes.

  244. Anthony says:

    I cried in happiness when I saw this web site. I always thought I was the only one that had pure hate for Microsoft. Thank you for making this web site and I hope the truth spreads through the world like a wild fire. I hate xbox/Microsoft/Bill Gates with a passion and hope they all burn in hell for the plague they have created. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  245. lenton s. says:

    I own the worst gaming console. I have yet to play this thing without it overheating!! Mind you , my console is kept in a cool temp room, I am going back to PlayStation. Wish I had NEVER heard of X BOX!!

  246. Johnny C. says:

    i have been along time nintendo fan and i have been a playstation fan. i have both a wii and a ps3, and i agree ps3 blows xbox 360 away. xbox 360 is a piece of shit. i know people i work with who have xbox 360’s and their dumbasses i laugh at them. i never wanted the first xbox and i don’t want the 360. i’m glad i found someone who does’nt like xbox 360 either. because you know like me that they are unreliable consoles. i am a video game collector as well as a gamer and i don’t have an xbox in my collection, nor will i ever. i don’t understand why people are still buying that piece of shit. i think people are stupid or they don’t want to pay $300 for a ps3. just thought i speak my mind.

  247. Orion says:

    What really disappointed me about the xbox 360 is the backwards compatibility. Only 200 titles??! And half of them are bullshit like NBA 2k3 and madden 03 if your goin to play a sports game you have the newest one. I wanna play timesplitters 3 but no the goddamn xbox 360 cant play an xbox 1 game what the fuck. And also my consle has been replaced a whopping 4 times and it once took me 67 minutes to connect to an agent on the phone and all the dumb mexican bitch said was “i know what you are feeling” no you dont u fuckin bitch. Im not saying the ps3 is the best or anything because it doesent have a great library, but the thing is xbox doesent either. All it is halo (which is just an averege sci fi shooter, nothing special just push A and B repeatedly and you win the match).FUCK XBoX

  248. Batara the SHITBOX HATER says:


  249. Scott says:

    A recent message I sent to X-Box after being contacted if I was satisfied with the level of support they provided. I felt like this was an appropriate place to send a copy of it.—I recently had my X-box give me the infamous “red ring of death”, and was very close to paying to send it in. In the end I decided not to send in my X-Box 360, because honestly I’m completely sick of the quality of product that this company puts out. Out of my friends that have 360’s, the fact that an overwhelming majority of them have been hit with this “red ring of death” and needed to send it in is ridiculous. I can’t justify spending $100 to repair a product, especially when I have no faith that it won’t just break again. This isn’t even the first time this has happened to me so I can’t just chalk it up to a random defect, I had a “red ring of death” problem with my original X-Box and actually did pay to send it in and get it fixed. I guess I’m just trying to say that I’m sick and tired of X-Box’s general nickel and dime strategy. You charge to play online, charge for a wireless adapter instead of just including it in the system from the start, charge for these ludicrous repair costs…I just can’t see how it’s worth investing any more of my money with this company.The crazy thing is that the only X-Box exclusive games I even regularly play anymore are the ones in the Halo series. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the game, but at what cost? I’ve already invested $300 to buy the system, $60 per game, $50 each for my 3 controllers, $50/year just to play online, and now you’re telling me I need to pay you an extra $100 to get my system working again or all of the money I’ve already spent is wasted? Maybe if you put in enough effort to make the X-Box 360 actually worth the $300 I spent instead of what is in reality a system that is essentially disposable after only lasting a few years this would be a different argument. Just by comparison, my Nintendo 64 I got as a kid (while obviously less complex) is still working after 15 or so years. Where is that kind of reliability and dependability with your company? How many people still play on an original X-Box, even though it was only released 9 years ago.Unfortunately there are a lot of games coming out that I was planning on buying before this happened. Fallout, Call of Duty Black Ops, Assassins Creed, all games that I won’t be getting on the X-Box platform now. I just don’t know how, even after being with X-box since the original came out, I can stick with a company that treats their customers like this. But don’t worry, in the end I’ll probably still buckle and buy all those games I just listed, only it’ll be for a Playstation.

  250. Steve Ballmer says:

    Hi guys, well we released the new dashboard and Im sorry to say its a complete pile of shit, thanks for all the money though, suckers.

  251. George says:

    You’re right man this is the best website out there, all of what you are saying is true, plus all of the people that have Xbox are a bunch of stupid nerds that think it’s the best console, ever, why don’t you man up you fucking losers and get a PS3 instead of that wussy shitty console you have!!!

  252. Clover Star says:

    i hate the fucking xbox, i never thought micrsoft bitch ass would be this fucked up once i did a study on the xbox boy it will make you go mad on how shitty it is still all people knows it but deny it and still want the xbox y is it even called the xbox more like copying the gamecube if you do the math the first xbox 360 was already a failure but still microsoft wont even put the money on how to stop the red ring instead try to come up with something new like the elite its nothing different from the arcade or the other shit all they did is add more GB look im not here to argue about ps3 or wii im just here to let ya know the truth and the truth is xbox does suck who pays just to play online you should be able to play free with yur frends fuck the silver or gold member microsoft knows damn will they

  253. David says:

    Tried to fire up my Xbox to play Medal of Honor tonight and got the error 74 code. Went to and was told that it had to be repaired, and that I should follow the link to file a request pickup… Great- Except the link on the site is broken. I then attempt to go to customer support… Link broken. After 30 minutes of futility known as I threw the console in the garage, gathered up my games for gamestop tomorrow and getting the hell away from Xbox. What a whip.

  254. Mike says:

    I have had my console happy for years then in got RROD 4 times in a row then Microsoft wouldn’t replace it so i told there support manager or whatever to @#&^ my #^*# and %$^& OFF! I then told them that there console blows and i am going to buy a PS3 and a Wii so i did. i hope Microsoft gets raped by a Giant Dinosaur, and i hope Linux and Ubuntu pummel Microsoft. i hate there products so much i video taped me blowing up my xbox. I wont even put there shitty OS on my comp. i also think Microsoft should pay you to use there product!eat me microsoft

  255. Shawn B. says:

    First of all. L O L. Pretty funny website. I like it. So here’s the age old tale..I originally bought an xbox to play games offline when bored, decided to start playing online, everything was good. Bought live, yadayada.Well, I played for a little bit of time and these mysterious yet hideously ugly red lights just popped up out of nowhere. Hm, xbox isn’t working. So, I WITH warranty, called and talked to them. They told me I needed a new power cord.. Eh? So, I bought one instead of waiting for them to send it.. Who knows when I would’ve received it. Back to gameplay! Wrong. My xbox then showed the red lights (RRoD), a few months later.. How convenient? Yeah.. Warranty just ran out! $100.. one week wait? I JUST PAID FOR THIS PLASTIC PIECE OF SHIT. I paid. πŸ™ Very stupid. So I get it back, only to find out that these careless morons cracked my case, and broke the little USB door on my console. How great, right? I send it to you for a problem you need to fix, and you break other shit. Awesome, Microsoft. So, I get the console back all is well.. Well, I don’t sign into my email for a long time and now it won’t let me sign in at all. I call up xbox, they tell me I need to submit a form stating my info etc etc to get the email reset and my password sent to me. After stating all of the correct information except for my grandfather’s occupation.. they tell ME the primary account holder on my xbox console.. I’m not the owner of the account?? lol.. The box wasn’t bought use, was never borrowed or used by anyone but me.. But uhm, I’m not me? Smart. So, they don’t reset my email, or give me a new password for that matter.. so I’m stuck paying for live on an account I can’t even recover or make changes to. How awesome is that? I love Xbox. I would totally buy another one.. Actually, I’d rather douse myself in gasoline and jump into hell. PS3 Here I come, Oh, Bill Gates.. Go fuck yourself you money hungry pretentious piece of shit. πŸ™‚

  256. Ricardo J. says:

    —- iiight listen imma keep dis real wit anyone readin. DONT BUY A XBOX! Its fun da graphics straight da games good but IT AINT WORTH IT! Imma tell yall exactly how much i spent on xbox and on what $300-system, $100-2 controllers. $60-Saints Row 2, $60-Gears of War, $60-Halo 3, $60-GTA 4, $60-2nd GTA4 Cuz da piece of shit fell over n scratched da disk, $60-NBA2k10, $60-MW2 $60-Madden 10 $200-RROD repair. This is where it gets fun da same shit happend twice 2 RRODs the 2nd time i thought it was just my xbox so like a stupid ass i went n bought da $500 elite thinkin it would be better cus its nicer n more expensive so $500-Elite, $40-SSF4 $60-Halo Reach $60-Madden 11 right after i bought madden the disk tray wouldnt read my Saints Row 2 or GTA 4 n I take good ass care of my games, SO i tried all my games NONE of dem would register being in da console…i called da customer service for xbox got some bitch dat barely spoke english, she told me to take my harddrive off for a disk tray problem. i had to call back 5 different times to get someone i could understand they said its the laser and its another $200 guess where my xbox is in last weeks garbage HAHA! so lets add all the money i spent $1740 on fuckin xbox and if u count da 200 for the laser repair dats almost 2 stacks…I aint gon lie xbox is fun fuckin wit people on xbox live is fun the games are fun but ask yourself this question is a couple hours of entertainment a day worth all that money n dependin on who u are it could be more or less but I say HEEELLLL NAAAAAW!! Save yall selves the money get a ps3 youl be able to play that with all the new games and while the xbox people are spendin 3x as much and dont have they shit half of the time.

  257. Mick O. says:

    great page mate, I have an xbox story. I bought my first xbox 360 the 2nd day of release.. Payed for the online subscription as well ( though I dont understand how pc users can play gears of war & halo for free while I had pay) a few days later I had to go out and buy a charging kit for the controller, but none the less I couldn’t wait for some high def gaming(without a hdmi port) the console done me until September 2008 until it red ringed, I ignored it and just let my xbox sit in the corner until feburary 2009 where I rung Microsoft and just got it fixed for free, great when I got it back… For 2 weeks were I got the red ring again.. I rung Microsoft and told them to fuck off & called them corrupt cunts and I’m going to Playstation. I never went to Playstation I again let my xbox sit for months until I decided to get it fixed. My friend had an insurance policy with a game store so he let me use it and I recived a new xbox(refurbished for it’s correct name) brought it home plugged it in & was red ring out of the box, brought it back and they gave me another one which I plugged in at work to try before I came home & that xbox red ringed also so I brought that Bk and got another which worked fine apart from the disc drive having to be manually opened.. I stuck at it until December where I traded it in for an elite, all was fine until it started scraping discs & making loud noises so I brought that back and instead purchased a ps3 slim with built in wi-fi, bluetooth connection, controller charger in the box, free online, Blu ray & one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen in uncharted 2. Not only did I do that but my hatred for Microsoft carried over to buying an iPhone & throwing out my pc & buying a mac. Great to be back with the brand that revolutionised gaming & sells to over 13s. Plus yes Playstation have charged for an online subscription but playing online is free Playstation plus is a totally different thing. Great site

  258. 9rockky says:

    i have a wii and really great pc, i want to buy a hardcore console. xbox360 is what i chose (ps3 is too expensive for me) and you know it really really sucks. i play it for a few hours then i need to wait it cool down.and i need to save my money by not eating lunch for xbox live ,how suck it is??!!now,i sell that away and buy the ps3 slim it really great console and free online!!!

  259. krissy says:

    fuck xbox and all microsoft corporations. fuck bill gates and his shitty attempts of making money. fuck microsoft. fuck the red ring of death. ps3 all the way. its free bitches!

  260. Fred says:

    Does disc read error ring a bell

  261. Ben D. says:

    Im on disability and have run through 3 fucking xboxs, ALL RROD within 3-6 months with only 4 hours of play a day, WTF. FUCK XBOX AND FUCK MICROSOFT you think with all there fucking money they could build a decent piece of hardware but no there cheap bastards. AND FUCK EXCLUSIVE DLC!! Iv been waiting for Dead Rising 2 FOREVER and I just found out they got TWO exclusive dlc the epiloge and the prologue, I can get the fucking beginning or end of the game for my ps3? WTF? Why would Capcom do that? The japanese fucking hate the xbox! Its the lowest selling system in japan! God bless your site cause it speaks the fucking truth, developers need to get off there asses and read this shit n listen to people and bring gears of war and shit over to the ps3 side cause im tired of dishing out hundreds of dollars just to play a 60 dollar fucking game

  262. Omar says:

    wen i had the choice between 360 and ps3, i chose 360. I fukin regret it.My 360 failed within a year, im like wat da fuk!? Fuk microsoft. My cuzin has a ps3 its the shit. Has never failed on him. Fukin hate xbox now. Not only that put they make u pay for online, those greedy bastards. Ps3 is the shit, ur right on all statements man.- 360 < PS3 also its not Xbox 360 from Microsoft, its Xbox 3-shitty from Microslut.

  263. Bryan says:

    your’r right the 360 is a fucking joke. microsoft sucks tranny cock. i bought a 360 just to play dead rising, and then realized i had to pay for online feature fuck that, my ps3 can kick its ass. i use my shitbox as a fucking shelf. PS3 FTW

  264. SpizyChicken says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE – I think you’re looking for Fuck Windows 7! It has fucked up all my software serial numbers. THATS RIGHT FOLKS! If you install your software into Windows 7, many of your Serial numbers which are verified on-line by the software server will REJECT IT and say it’s already been used. Sorry, you are FUCKED. I’m out over $500 IN SOFTWARE right now because the serial numbers (YES IT WAS PURCHASED LEGALLY) are FUCKED and being rejected. Good Old Microfuck. I wasted $140 on the shit OS, and now lost my programs to boot.

  265. Spencer B. says:

    So i get an xbox used, i did a stupid thing. Traded my wii for it. Then ive been getting errors monthly. all of a sudden it fucking stops. Then I try to turn it on but i can’t cause it broke AGAIN. I take it appart and smash that mother fucking piece of dirt bag shit with a hammer. xbox 360 exspences:140$ first fix+140$ second fix+140$ third fix=fucking debt. Microsoft is a greedy ass corporation i mean dude, my ps2 still works and i fucking threw it against a wall once. Hell my n 64 is way better then shitbox.

  266. THOUGHT says:

    xbox is alright i own both ps3 an xbox unfortunately xbox red ringed in a year. i think xbox users make odd claims and dub anyone who disagrees a ‘fanboy’. i heard one comment claiming the author lives in his grandmas basement. ps3 has plenty of good games like KILLZONE and METAL GEAR SOLID PEACEWALKER which is only the fifth game ever in ign history for a 10. i googled both xbox is a piece of shit and ps3 is a piece of shit.ps3 had 107000 hits while xbox had 350000 hits. also xboxers, why look up

  267. Ryan says:

    I agree, fuck xbox and fuck Micro$haft. You pay $50 a fucking year for their garbage live service that’s run by a bunch of neo fucking nazi’s. God forbid you speak your mind on YOUR account information and M$ brings down the banhammer. The system breaks every other day and repairs come out of your pocket for a problem they still don’t care to fix. Fuck them.

  268. xbox= bullshit says:

    dude u are so fucking right!!! xbox is the stupidest, most retarded system out there!!! ur better off playing a NITENDO 64!!!

  269. JoshPickl says:

    I love reading your hate mail.Their ignorance is so astounding you can’t help but laugh.If only they knew the origin of the PS3.A long time ago, Jesus Christ had the idea of a superior game system. A game system so great, that mountains would crack, and people would unite as one. Judas, one of Jesus’s disciples, could not handle this wonderous idea, and betrayed Jesus. At the last supper, Jesus inscribed his ideas into a ring, forged from the fires of Mount Doom, and he cast it into the deep realms of the earth, where man should find it many years later. Bilbo Baggins, a mere hobbit, stumbled upon the ring, and passed it down to Frodo Baggins, who was way too much of a pussy, and died from the awesomeness of its powers. Gandalf the white, took posssesion of the ring, and held it for many years. Meanwhile in 1985, Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown invent time traveling, and Marty is sent into the past in a DeLorean. Through the might and the will of the one ring, Marty is sent back to the middle ages where he meets with Gandalf. In his last dying words, Gandalf gives Marty Mcfly the one ring, “Keep it hidden, keep it safe…” On his way back to the future, Marty runs into Chuck Norris, who in his wisdom convinces Marty to give him the ring. Chuck Norris concealed the ring in his beard of wonders, and protected it until he knew the time was right when the world could handle such a superior game system. On November 10, 2006, Norris unleashed the inscription layed into the ring by Jesus Christ with his heat vision, and the secret was given to the world. The next day, November 11, 2006, Norris and Sony Entertainment mass produced the awesomeness to Japan, who gave us the PS3 in america, November 17, 2006. Thus lives the legend of the PS3.The Xbox 360 on the other hand, has a grim story.Microsoft had too much to eat one day, and passed out in a gay bar. A crusty gay man took advantage, and butt raped Microsoft. Satan knew this was his chance to counteract Jesus, and blessed Microsoft with the gift of life….pregnancy. Microsoft and the crusty gay man had a child. In labor, Microsoft became corrupted from the pain of childbirth, and out from its unwiped and dirty ass, the xbox was born.The end.

  270. Super Frustrated Gamer Chick says:

    Note: not a lesbian.This piece of fucked up shit Xbox 360 has totally died on me and has been dying on me throughout the three years that I’ve had it! Actually, strike that, I’ve actually had it REPLACED with a new one in the past year. So in actuality I’VE HAD TWO XBOX PIECES OF SHIT THAT HAVE DIED ON ME. Countless fucking problems, I rarely swear but am so angry and frustrated right now that I must vent and yell expletives because … well, just because!Really tempted to get a PS3 but problem is all my games are fucking 360 games and some aren’t available to PS3 which really pisses me off. I don’t want to go out, get that new Xbox 360 piece of shit and then have it break again! Fucking Microsoft bastards, can’t make hardware!!!Sorry. I’m done now.

  271. Nick says:


  272. Warmaster4z2 says:

    First, payment for playing multiplayer=tf microsoft, ok so check this out: i pay for this game, i paid for this console, i pay for internet, and now i have to pay to play online multiplayer on your shitty servers? Does ps3 do that? NO how about wii? NO second: halo=es very very good game, with lots of bullshit, but you gotta pay for every fucking map pack, and if you don’t pay you can’t play online? WTF PC ppl don’t have to pay for shit you know xbox is the worst console, i guess ps3 is decent wii isn’t that cool so fuck it im going to pc like all the smart gamers PC>XBOX+PS3+WII+YOURDUMBCONSOLEASSES

  273. SSK X says:

    Why do these fucking shitbox fanboys go around acting like PS3 is so fucking terrible. I mean really, you have to fucking PAY just to get online. Who the fuck wants to buy a system that will always break down? PS3 does none of that fucking shit. It’s also got quality, super-fun games, while the gaybox has shit like Gaylo and Gays of War. Fuck that piece of shit. PS3 & Wii FTW.

  274. Nigga says:

    To be honest i feel so stupid for buying an xbox in the first place i have wasted 2 years of my money that i have spent on xbox live that i could have spent on other things i just bought a ps3 and its way better in every way. the graphics games and free live aswell. and wats even worse for me i sent my xbox to microsft to get it repaired because of the red rings of death, 10 days later they send it back but of course they fucked it up even more because today i put my modern warfare 2 disc in it then my xbox completely scrathed my disc so that it is unreadable now. So all i want to say is FUCK XBOX and FUCK MICROSFT. Xbox < PS3

  275. Soldier says:

    Well its not really hate mail for but rather hate mail for xbox/microsoft. Here is my story: I was deployed to a combat zone 2009-2010. My son told me his xbox kept freezing while he played games. Knowing a few things about computers, this is usually overheating issues. I told him when I get back I would take care of it. I did some research and microsoft xbox 360 is notorious for this issue and it is well documented on their site this being one of the many issues the console has. My son has his Xbox on his desk free from any possible airflow constrictions.So I get home 8 months later, call up Xbox/Microsoft and… “Sorry your warranty expired in June, pay $100.00 and we can fix it”… No, I think I will take it apart and blow out the console of dust and then see if that works… It didn’t.So I call microsoft back “let me talk to your manager because this issue cant get resolved at the lower level”… So I talk to a manager, explaining the whole scenario. “Well since you took your xbox apart, that is considered TAMPERING and we wont fix it.” EXCUSE ME? taking MY Xbox apart is “TAMPERING”? Yeah yeah the owner manual says it is… blah blah blah. OK if I purchase a xbox for $500.00 who owns the Xbox? Cleaning MY xbox taking it apart I am Tampering with MY own device? FUCK YOU MICROSOFT. Isnt it great Microsoft places a one year warranty conveniently ending before the issues start to happen. I WILL NEVER BUY ANY MICROSOFT GAMING CONSOLE, EVER. I URGE EVERYONE NOT TO INVEST IN COMPLETE GARBAGE PRODUCED BY THE LOWEST BIDDER. Your Xbox will fail and when it does get ready to pay up. Great business model Microsoft has here. Sell crap hardware knowing full well it will fail shortly after the expiration ends. Make money on all repair services in a never ending cycle. One year later you get the same of more issues. On top of that, no support for my situation, military service, or military members or their families. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT, I WILL BE EXPOSING THIS STORY EVERYWHERE. I RECORDED YOUR INSULANT, BLATANT DISREGARD FOR SERVICE MEMBERS. NEVER AGAIN MICROSOFT. I just ordered a FREE copy of UBUNTU LINUX for my computers. Wow, one copy for all the computer I want.—> <--- No more microsoft, no more xbox, no more, ever. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT, FUCK YOU.

  276. pi 81 says:

    i usually don’t do this but times is getting hard all u wanna do is kick back have a beer and press some buttons.Low and behold u can’t to that because of 3-4 red rings appear on your gaming system which u paid $300 for, cool no problem shit happens trial and error all that i understand.O.K well maybe the people that make the game would be gracious enough to fix it for free!just pay shipping and handling throw in a free game or two depending on the title.Im trying to be diplomatic about it but the truth is Microsoft like many other big corps. are nothing but cocksucking, money hungry,pieces of fucking shit scum that leaves you with a bunch of games that u bought for their system so therefore you are stuck to either buy another 360 console or start completely over and cop a PS3 along with the games.Then they even play it smart by making some games exclusives so u have to get an XBOX.Pay attention people!Worldwide ass fuckin at its best!Microsoft gotta to somethin about this cause their gonna lose some customers some will remain loyal but i thing next round nex-gen consoles ima have to fuck wit Sony!

  277. IHPCBS says:

    when i get unbanned im going to put in my bio fuck microsoft the xbox team you are a (bunch of dumb over rated fuckings cunt) and sell it. i have a ps3 it has PLAYTV, BLUERAY, CAN STORE MOVIES and so much more than the FUCKED UP BOX .only reason i have xbox is because my friends do its shit i dont give a fuck in my eyes im best off blasting the fucking thing with a 12 gauge rather than sell it who wants a shit box.

  278. SatchBoOoGiE says:

    i have to agree with you on everyy single point uve made,. πŸ˜€ i got both consoles and XBOX sucks cockkkkk,.. love my ps3 ,. its being played all the time while POS xbox is collecting fking dust ,. to all the mother fucking STUPID 5 y/o CUNTS that say xbox has better collection of games ?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA ,. funnniest fucking shit ive heard in YEARS.PS3:Uncharted 1, 2Metal Gear Solid 4Heavnly SwordResistance 1, 2Killzone 2, 3 Soccom Confrontation,.socom 4Little Big Planet,. 1 and 2 Demon’s SoulsMAGHeavy Rain GOD OF WARRRR! 1 AND 2 AND 3 !!!!!hahahahaaha FUCK xbox faggboys ,.and FUCK xbox what do xbox faggots have ??Masseffect – i admit a great game,. but am not into RPGGAYLO ??? ROFLLLL A FUCKING 5 Y/O ALIEN SHIT GAME AHAHAHAHand thats about it πŸ˜€ suck and lick my nuts u xbox faggboys πŸ™‚

  279. Skuddawg says:

    Fuckin’ A Man. Totally Agree.

  280. wickedclownPLR says:


  281. I COCK SLAP HOES says:

    i like both consoles but xbox is cheaper if u dont want to play online and ps3 is cheaper if u do wanna play online. the only thing xbox got microsoft and their technical support sucks ass but ps3 u can talk 2 someone quick without waiting as long as microsoft, sony actually gives a fuck about their costumers

  282. Microshits needs to die says:

    If it wasnt for the amount of money put into the Xbox it would have died. But for a while Microshits kept tossing money at game developers to make game exclusive.And if you want proof the 360 is pure crap just take a look at Star Wars Force Unleashed.The PS3 version uses a combo of Havok, Digital Molecular Matter, and Euphoria.And the 360 only uses Havok, Why?, Because it cant handle the Ronin engine due to lack of power.And prices,The system cost about the same name per a system but heres the thing with 360 you most likely will buy a second console so 360 costs more. And dont forget you need to pay to play online.As for the 360 sales Vs. PS3.PS3 35.7 million sold Xbox360 40.6 million sold Now lets get rid of the number of consoles that died.PS3 32 million Xbox 360 22 million Oh and to all those who have modded their 360, you will be banned because Microshits can detect them and our banning people slowly instead of all at once.

  283. Chad W. says:

    We got these fans of the xbox. The xbox 360. 360? What the fuck is that? What, do they think they’re smart? We ain’t tryna do no geometry, nigga, we tryna play some games. That’s one thing xbox ain’t got: xbox ain’t got games. It ain’t got games! What does xbox have? Xbox has Gears of War. Best rename that shit to TEARS of war. Have you seen that commercial? With that song? With that PUSSY ass song? Got that nigga cryin’ in the background, c’mon mah nigga. Then Xbox has Halo. Halo 3. Best rename that shit to GAYLO 3.Them niggas know that they can’t compete. Sony always wins, baby.

  284. James says:

    this blows, this is the third system that i have owned and once again ring of death. i got the e74 message. which is unreparable you have to send it in and wait 21 days and pay money. i have so many stupid 360 games and guitars and drums and everything. It is retarded you have to pay money for map packs and just to play online in general. then while your having a good game it freezes or you get throwned out of the game because of shitty microsoft. they created something they could not control and is overpriced and now everyone will pay for it. Im pretty much screwed now thanks xbox.

  285. trollan says:

    I see what you did there…

  286. Aaron says:

    I fucking love your blog. Although i think arguments about console are pointless and stupid, i always get into one with some 360 fanboy idiot. When i do all i do is just link this site, so thanks for taking that heavy burden off my shoulders =)

  287. Max R. says:

    Well i’m on my way to a 3rd return. I think they need to start exchanging the faulty xbox 360’s for ps3s because they clearly have no idea how to get it right.I just want to play games.. when I have the time, if i have the time… not turn it on and worry about my console dying while I am playing a game.1 ring, 2 rings, 3 rings… 4 rings… cross yer eyes and you can see eight rings!Bill Gates is a regular charelston, a swinder and a devient. I really hope he gets what is coming to him. Either he gets JFK’d or hung. His balls shoved down his throat would be a good look for the 4 eye’d fuck

  288. Tyler says:

    I would first of all like to start by saying that I am very impressed that you went to all this trouble to finally help vocalize the voice of the people. Yes, I am a supporter, and I feel sorry for all this hate mail shit you have to put up with. Clearly these people are out of their minds, have you checked their grammer? It’s a joke! Anyway, yes, I have fallen into the trap of the abortion know as the Xbox 360. I bought the Arcade version a couple years ago just because they put a cheap price on it (now I know why) and my life can’t possibly get any worse. I have just recently come to my senses about how horrible this ShitBox really is (due to contect with Microsoft’s horrible customer service and getting banned for no reason) and am trying to sell this piece of smelly cock any way I can in hopes of finally achieving peace via PS3. This console, if you can truly call it that, is so horrible I recently went out to BuyBacks just to look at the PS3 prices and while I was there I bought a SEGA Dreamcast just for the hell of it and I have never touched my 360 since. If a system such as a Dreamcast can still be more fun than a newer one such as Xbox…wow, Microsoft, that’s really sad! Did you know the Dreamcast also has an internet browser? Yeah, the DREAMCAST, which was released in late 1998, before its contemporaries β€” Sony’s PlayStation 2, Microsoft’s Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube. My god, Microsoft is just so horrible! I would also like to use this time to say Infinity Ward and the new Call of Duty is also absolutely horrible, but I know this is not the right place for that, so I won’t waste your time. To wrap it all up, I would just like to say that Xbox is not that bad a system at all…so long as you like it: crashing whenever it wants (which it will always do), paying for online, no internet browser, no motion controlled gameplay, disc read errors very often, shitty connection speed, paying for a wireless adapter, not being able to play older generation games, overheating very frequently, paying for rechargeable controllers, a horrible gaming community, horrible customer support, no freedom at all, paying for an HD DVD player, paying for a wireless headset, no disc based Netflix, horrbile graphics, lots of noise just to run it, and a huge ass power brick thats completely useless for it’s size. However, if you don’t mind any of that, check out my craigslist post, because I sure as hell don’t want this piece of shit anymore!
    I just want to add a side-note to my last post about how hilarious the hatemail section is. I can only go through one or two posts without crying because of laughter. To those that posted hatemail: I applaud you. You make those of use who make the right choices seem even smarter than we really are. It is truly hilarious to here from those who can’t make life choices correctly. I mean, really, have you re-read your posts? You have no grammer! No form! Do you know what a keyboard is? Or modern day wi-fi? Or is that not offered in the run down place of residence that you also made the mistake of living in? And caps lock, really? That doesn’t make the post any more aggresive or anything. IT’S JUST CAPITAL LETTERS. Anyway, I just want to say thank you, again, for the daily laughs and frankly, if you want my opinion, if you don’t even know the difference in the decisions you make or what those decisions bring upon, you are no use in this world. I don’t need you, we don’t need you, and I personally think you should just die. After posting more hatemail, of course. I am sure I will get a lot pertaining to this post.

  289. mathias says:

    FUCK XBOX it is a peace of shit, that doesnt work fucking schit:(

  290. Blake says:

    I’ve burned through four Xbox 360s since the release of them, all from errors with RRoD or disc trays not working, or simply just failing all together! I’ve gotten one repaired under warranty, and the other three require 150 dollars to fix. When Microsoft released their ‘new’ xbox ‘slim’ it tipped me over the edge. this ‘new’ xbox that costs the same amount as my 300 dollar Elite xbox, which comes with a 120 dollar ADAPTER that I’ve bought, is just fucking stupid! The controllers for xbox are really weak, and break as easily as their consoles. I’ve probably spent over 2000 dollars on xboxes and controllers, and that’s not even counting games that they have destroyed from me ‘bumping’ into my console! my MW2 disc got permanently destroyed by my dog stepping on the console while playing a match.

  291. Me says:

    this is crazy… compare supporter comments to hate mail ones … everyone can see how dumb people must be … to buy an xbox.. because they cant even write a damn hating comment whitout caps-lock and words that are not understandable because they could not find out right key positions on keyboard .. know why? they play too much XBOX ! that thing sucks … really.. much.. it haves too weird controller button positions for first.. second – why the fuck i have to pay to play a game online ???? i bought the game, spent money, i use internet – spend money … and i have to pay to fucking combine them?use ps3 … idiots…ps: hello to site owner πŸ™‚

  292. david says:

    I unfortunately made the mistake of buyiing an xbox 360, I will never ever make the same mistake again. My system is louder then the games im trying to play, all my games started freezing randomly after two years of owning it, and now, after three years and one month, i find out they had extended my warranty (without telling me which is fucking pointless), but now since im one month past the warrenty and my system decided to get the red lights, im fucked. They want me to spend $150 to replace it, after all the fucking money i have spent on the system, wireless adaptors, online, and games. Fuck XBox its a stupid unreliable unworthy piece of shit, i hope Microsoft burns to the ground, PS3 for the win!!! I now have a ps3 and i realize what a mistake I made, dont make the same mistake as me

  293. Brian D says:

    I am one of those consumers who has had the misfortune of owning THREE of these inferior piece of shit systems. They all broke of course and i wonder how Microsuck gets away with stealing their consumers money. They make billions and billions of dollars and they can’t have the fucking decency to make a system with quality parts! These cheap greedy fucking assholes make me want to bomb their company and send angry letters to them. so in closing I agree with you 100 percent….FUCK XBOX AND FUCK MICROSOFT!!! ARRRRRGH!phew that felt good πŸ™‚

  294. Ginses says:

    The first xbox i bought cost me a shit load of money, then i got the fucking red ring of fucking death. I send it to microsoft (and they replaced it fast ive gotta say) so i started playing this new xbox. One hour after playing halo it makes this perfect circular scratch on my fucking disc,i couldn’t believe my eyes! FUCK XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. Mike says:

    Hey!I gave microsofts 360 a chance even tough I know how terrible Windows works. Anyhow, tought there were some good games to it so why not? Well, WHY?! I’ve played games since 89 and I have had almost all consoles, but no one has ever crashed maybe 2-3 times. My 360 could easily freeze 4 times/day!!!! Not only that, it scratched my games, sounded more then a vaccum cleaner and then there were all these problems online! Like I couldn’t remove my credit card from my accout without fucking calling microsoft support wich costed like 1dollar per minute!!! I sold my 360 and bought a PS3 instead, and I haven’t had any problems with it except that Gran Turismo 5 never comes. I will never ever again buy a console from Microsoft. All they are making is pure shit!!!

  296. Pedro says:

    I Love using my ps3! u get more out of it, even with the wii & 360 combined! HELL I EVEN WROTE THIS POST ON MY PS FREAKING 3! This device is just PERFECT, and I had a great run with the ps 1 and 2! Lots of great downloads, great games, and the control…feels great, when it comes to the PS3, there is nothing to complian about. its sleek, hip, and great fun! PS I typed in and it doesn’t exist, thats just how great the PS3 is.

  297. omar m says:

    dude you are my hero…lol i completly agree with you 110%. Xbox is wack. The company had to sue sega just to get started up… they suck…ps3 is superior…and will always be.

  298. jules says:

    I’ve owned three Xbox 360’s in four years — I’ve had one PS2 for TEN years. That alone should tell you about the quality of the console. And if that weren’t enough, Microsoft adds insult to injury with the worst customer support in history. I bought my last 360 refurbished at the local Game Stop. In less than 9 months, I got the three rings of death. Game Stop said I should send it directly to Xbox to be fixed. So, I went to their site, and TRIED to file a claim online. The site booted me out so many times I finally called support. I told them it was a refurbed machine, they took my credit card information, charged me 120 bucks, and off the 360 went to be fixed. Couple of days later, I get a phone call from someone who could barely speak English telling me that they’d received the 360, but they needed to update my address. The phone call took an HOUR. The next day, I started getting emails telling me that I needed to send in the 360 to be repaired. So I called again, and told them that they HAD the 360 already, it was confirmed yesterday. They said that they have no record of receiving the machine with the serial number I had, and that I have a machine with a different serial number and that I should send that one in. Meanwhile, I’m looking at a picture I took of the back of the Xbox with the information I originally sent, and telling them that they must have confused console, because I had proof that the information I gave them was the same as what was on the Xbox. This unbelievably RETARDED conversation took an HOUR AND A HALF. I kept getting the emails requesting the Xbox with the mystery serial number, and I called AGAIN. Another hour on the phone, with another person who couldn’t speak English, and they tell me they’re sending the Xbox back. I asked if it’s been fixed, and they say they don’t know. So I called again the same day, to talk to an “escalation specialist”, another thirty minutes, another braniac with no command of the English language, they said it was fixed and all is right with the world. Few days later, I get my 360 in the mail. It WASN’T FIXED. In fact, I got a letter saying that they weren’t ALLOWED to fix it because there were signs that it had already been opened. Ummmm….yeah, it was a refurbished machine. Like I said before I sent the fucking thing out. Oh, and the mystery serial number? They peeled off the sticker from Game Stop (thus voiding my warranty), and there was a different serial number underneath. But here’s the kicker: it’s going to take “two billing cycles” (aka two months!!!!) for my refund. So I took every piece of Xbox CRAP I owned and traded it in for a PS3, which I love. A TRILLION times better than the Xbox 360.So what am I going to do with all these broken Xbox 360 consoles, you might ask? Answer: I’ll be placing them beneath the wheels of my shiny Scion XB, and crushing every iota of Microsoft SHIT packed in that worthless beige shell. Look for the video on YouTube soon, titled: BEST FIX FOR XBOX 360! (spoiler, the end of the video will pan to my new PS3).Kudos, man. I found your site because I was going to create a website with the same name!

  299. Hogan says:

    Xbox is shit !!!!! PS3 and other stuff FTW !

  300. filip says:

    lol i will donate 30$ but not right now,and i will create paypal account just to see that smash!!

  301. Josh says:

    I think the worst thing about the xbox is the fact that it is by Microsoft. FUCK! These assholes make you pay for every fucking little thing. I have never paid for online. I never will give Microsoft $60 a year that other consoles (and what I can get on my pc) get for free. It is fucking bullshit, especially for someone like me who only wants to play a tiny bit every month. way overpriced for someone like me.They have a fucking marketplace for everything! Video, game, arcade, avatar. Omfg, avatars are so fucking stupid. They idea themselves are fine, but making people pay for new clothing items and props that do….absolutely NOTHING!!!My biggest gripe of all is that only xbox live gold subscribers can use netflix. Now what kind of bullshit is that? I just logged into netflix today and they were announcing their free discs to stream netflix over the wii…for free. They already have this for the PS3…also for free. Xbox is the only one that you have to pay for. Netflix is also just about the only thing worth anything to me from my xbox and I can’t use it.I would get a PS3, but I am saving money for some other things I want more. I don’t play video games very much anyway, but when I do it is bullshit when I have to pay for EVERYTHING when I already flushed a shit load of money down the toilet on purchase day….oh yeah, I also had the red ring and had to send it to microsoft to replace.

  302. Daniel says:

    I think the problem with xbox is not the hardware, but the gamers themselves. Xbox created whats now known as the american gamer (you know those pricks who dont know shit about video games at all and think xbox is the best based on their ignorance). These are the dumbasses that give anything xbox a bad name. Now, I dont like xbox personally, but I must admit it has in many was(actually only one way) revolutionized the gaming community: with their online services. But other than that, the only thing xbox has done is make FPS games popular (and only playing FPS games doesnt make you a gamer, as true gamers respects all gaming types and genres, provided that they are good). In comparison to sony and nintendo, xbox is completely inferior as both sony and especially nintendo have almost solely revolutionized games as we know them. This is something that american gamers refuse to acknowledge and that is why they are ignorance and should not be allowed to exist in the world. Fuck them, they are a waste of life.

  303. Jim Bob says:

    I will agree that xbox live support is fucking retarded. I can’t even get them to send my xboxlive password to me via the email account that i signed my xbox up with. i accidentally downloaded a french map pack because it was described in English. I called customer support and what it came down to after 20mins on the phone with them. is that if i changed my console settings to french. that the description would be in french. guess what. i changed it and the FRENCH map pack was described in ENGLISH. All i wanted was microsoft points to download the proper map pack. NOPE. not happening. They said I should have read the description properly. By the way. the bracketed ( French ) went off the screen. you had to select it first to see that. but i was just eager to download it. so i figured it was english seeing how it was described in english and i could not see french anywhere on the main map pack tab. The only thing good about xbox is their controller. their customer service blows big time. they really dont care about you. they already have your money for sure. They consume pc’s. what do they care. they don’t. remember that. I got suspended for a motto that was “get good pssy’s” wtf is that. Please post this. XBOX IS BS. They dont give a F*#k about their customers. Everybody mods too and they don’t do anything about it!!! COD MW2 is a joke. Modders in every game. Cheating all around. I get suspended for pssy’s but theirs gamertags that are ” F$$k Nigge*s. Such bs. You get complaints from one clan and all of a sudden a month later. your suspended. What a joke

  304. MalloryJ says:

    I detest Microsoft Xbox 360! The piece of shit broke down in less than three years!!! Did you test your piece of shit console before you even started selling it???!!! It’s been five years and people are still wrapping it in a towel trying to get it to function!! Shit, don’t even compare it to PlayStation because my Super Nintendo functions better than the 360!!I’m going to sell my hard drive and all of my games to some other sucker and save up for a PlayStation or gaming computer.Fuck you Microsoft Xbox with the might of both of my middle fingers!!

  305. jesse h says:

    Yeah I just happened to Google search “fuck xbox” and I came across your cool site.yeah I just want to rant about the Xbox like everyone else. I mean come on how many yellow light of deaths do you hear about with the PS3? huh? And as if Blu-Ray wasn’t enough incentive now there will be 3D Blu-Ray. Yeah and what does that shitbox have..Natal? All I know is that the PS3 is a much better machine than the Xbox. and I know that a lot of people are upset about the other O.S. removal but I don’t give a shit. fuck Linux..Google Chrome for the win bitches!

  306. Saw says:

    Seriously, The Xbox 360 has nothing of value. The games are over rated, the console itself kills your discs (Like mine did) and it’s a huge waste of money. I seriously hope Micro$hit is happy with themselves. (Btw Xbox killed my fav game gta 4!!) >:(

  307. Moe says:

    Nice site, I support you xbox shitty rrodhave to pay for everything (hdd, wifi, headset, etc..)ps3 you can use your phone headset or use your computers hdd and free hddps3 has blue ray top quality gaming, xbox has shitty hd dvd that lost the format warnice exclusives like god of war 3, littlebigplanet, uncharted 1 2 , heavy rain, metal gear solid, etc.. this list chould go on forever.. all I have to say is that PS3 IS KING!

  308. Nick says:

    FUCK XBOX LIVE! I just wanna smash that motherfucker in the face from support! They suspended my account that I fucking paid for for 15 days because My profile said Nick The Hick! I am a grown ass man who paid for a stupid service for over two years now and should have the right to call myself a hick on my profile! Then when I call to ask the jerk offs why I have been suspended they say ” I’m sorry sir we can not access that information there is literally no one here who can tell you why you were suspended or lift the suspension!” So I told that motherfucker to shove that xbox up his ass and delete my account I am selling this piece of fuck xbox and getting a PS3 where i can game online for no additional cost! Put my xbox and peripherals on craigslist right away ITS GONE! Out of my hands forever! Good bye forever you stupid fuck incompetent Xbox live zombie sheep of man pussy idiots that dont know their ass from a hole in the ground bitch ass dickface cockswinging piss ant mutherfuckers! Also since this is a microsoft piece of shit computer I am on it is next to go and I will be switching to Apple! Fuck you microsoft fuck your stupid support people who don’t have access to anything because you are a bitch! FUCK YOU I HOPE YOU EAT SHIT AND DIE COCKSUCKER! GO PS3 GO APPLE FUCK MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. that boy greg says:

    i got both but only because i just got a fee 360 from my friend. controller and console only. i thought i was good once i got a 1 month membership and COD to play multi. fuckkkkk no, i have no way of getting ethernet to my room so you need to buy a fucking wireless adapter for the xbox. 100 dollars. and once i got that i needed to get a harddrive for memory so i could save my gamer tag. 60 dollars. and a specific headset. 20 dollars. fuck xbox. PS3 4 LYFE son

  310. Chey says:

    FUCK XBOX. today i was looking at the very overpriced games on demand to check prices for friend when I accidentally bought UFC 2009 undisputed for 30 dollars … WELL I ALREADY OWN THE FUCKING GAME ON DISK and its fucking impossible to get a refund and this is the second time I already own some shitty atv game. they need a fucking pass code or something maybe like… playstation?!?!?!?!?

  311. Darren says:

    Hi, I totally agree that Xbox is bollocks, I have unfortunately bought 2 of the pieces of shit and now im selling my 3rd and wont ever look back, you see M$ fucked my profile so I had to make another and got back 8400 points and got a years subscription with them it only took 8 months to sort out, plus the fact that online play is a laggy as hell is just cuntish especially when you pay through the nose for shit online play, then you have that gay ass avatar you have to set up and then you extra downloadable content, its because the games are so short they have to extend the shelf life somehow, and then you have the moronic kids online who just wont shut the fuck up and then the cheats and glitchers who just fuck it all up, I even emailed Rob Warwick at Brook Street in London and asked him to take my findings seriously and sort out the cheats and glitchers, guess what I got an email back saying he couldnt discuss and matter with me (in other words they dont give a fuck) and now they have just released and update for USB support, now every dickhead cheat is downloading their profile to USB to mod it out, thats easier than taking the HDD out, so M$ truly dont give a wank, FUCK XBOX

  312. colton l. says:

    i totally agree the only reason people buy it is because it is the cheapest console fuck you XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. Basit says:

    The only good thing Xbox 360 is good for is flashing it and fucking microsoft over. buy a PS3 mateys!

  314. Henning says:

    Today, I found out that Splinter Cell: Conviction only is avaiable to xbox and PC. Same with Ballad of Gay Tony, and Lost and the Damned to GTA IV, both xbox exclusives. The only way for me to play Splinter Cell, is to buy a new xbox. I asked one of my buds if I could borrow his xbox, and guess what; It had gone red ring of death two days ago. Fuck Xbox and fuck those God damn cunts responsible for this. I hate everyone supporting those greedy SOBs.

  315. jorge m. says:

    my sexbox i mean xbox is a piece of shit i got the three red rings of death and i have to pay 100 dollars for that stupid shit y cuz its microsoft n it sucks ass thats y ima get a ps3 but there all sold out cuz there the shit n u dont have to pay to play online and for 360 u do and you have to have internet ps3 is free and it already has the wifi in it SO FUCK SHITBOX. PS3 RULEZ

  316. Berk says:

    I have a working PS1…still. Two fully functional PS2s…still. I bought the XBOX 360 Elite months after it was released, and it died this past August. I was amazed it made it that long after my friends had to get six repairs or replacements with their own system. And there are many others. EVERYONE I know that has owned an XBOX has had problems of one sort or another.Instead of calling Customer Service or wasting time, I went right out and bought the PS3.I should have known, and I would like to apologize to Play Station for being unfaithful.It always works for me. They all work. I can play Blue Ray discs without an extra piece of crap to buy and plug in. I can play games online for free. My controller is still the same size it was years ago and I don’t have to buy batteries for it…or rechargable batteries…or the charger. Oh, and I can even play old Play Station 1 games on my brand new PS3.But the best thing about PS3…the graphics are better.I will never touch an XBOX controller again, let alone waste my money on their overpriced, bulky, underventilated brick of shit.I plan on literally shooting or blowing up my XBOX…and posting it on YouTube…through my PS3.Fuck XBOX!!

  317. venom says:

    yo dude ur absolutely right…thnxs for makin dis website..i fucking hate xbox 360 and xbox 360 fanboys they can all suck on their dads small dicks lmfao PlayStation 3 is totally number 1 thing out there but i have to say this too fuck the wii itz crap lmao and well i got a computer and itz ight…but PlayStation 3 u r da best

  318. mystrdat says:

    With regards to how GFWL/XBOX Live membership fucked up my Street Fighter IV PC version and how fucking retarded, bloated, dick choking piece of shit the XBOX Live network service is, I wholeheartedly agree with this awesome site. Maybe you should write more about the Live service itself – how it blocks games with accounts from “unsupported” countries and shit.

  319. Matthew says:

    It is with great displeasure I say that I USED TO own an Xbox 360. In my opinion the 54% makes Xbox sound good. Its a 100% failure! Ive had tons of problems with my Xbox and then I got a Playstation 3 which I only had 1 problem with (due to leap year). Xbox fails hard…and for those of you who just disagree and cant back it up..fuck you. Ive had both I know that it sucks. That is fact

  320. wenstyne says:

    have fun trying to reach the d-pad xboxx!!! and the controller in general, have fun fitting that thru the door, huge heavy brick thing

  321. mistagee says:

    i quite enjoy reading from this site, and i like how you have took the consumers point into consideration, >unlike xbox< , the site has an attitude like to help people with console choice and telling them the TRUE facts, instead of wowing people with false claims, >like xbox<. good man, and for all xbox users, THE FREE CONNECTION IS FINE, hell i went round ma friends house with like 2 xboxs and 2 ps3s, we played both in the same house and i thought the connection was laggy on xbox. IF UR CONNECTIONS SO GREAT PROVE IT...

  322. Cory says:

    Dude the PS3 Is The True Next Gen Console, xbot3shitty Is a Faulty Hamburger Thick Piece Of Shit That Still Only Runs DVD9, Blu ray Rapes, xbots have fuckin 3 discs for a complex game, and we only need 1 !!! Because We Are The Superior none Ignorant MOTHERFUCKERS OF THIS LAND !!! TREY BROTHER HOOD !!!

  323. Lauren says:

    I have an xbox, that is very close to being smashed very hard against the wall. I have had a million problems with MW2 thanks to the new shit maps, and i am RAGING because it takes about.. HALF AN HOUR TO FIND A MATCH, and then when i find it its full of camping arseholes that need to get raped.Rage. Rage. Rage.Oh, and I’m a chick by the way… never good to get a chick angry.

  324. george says:


  325. Imad MWK says:

    Most things i hate about my xbox360 is that there is no wireless, no shit, a console made in 2009 with no wireless card, one word to Microsoft, fuck your stupidity and money loving, goin to ps3 tomorrow.and its killing me that dragon age DLC are free on pc and paid on xbox, fuuuck

  326. DAVE says:


  327. Sam R says:

    Sony Vs Microsoft
    Better Game Exclusives: X
    Free Online: X
    Blue Ray Drive: X
    Superior Physical Look: X
    Built in Chargers: X
    Breaks down constantly: X
    Useless HD DVD Drive: X
    Pay for Online: X
    Pay for battery packs: X
    More online players: X
    Less expensive: X
    I take Sony over Microsoft anyday. The reason there’s more microsoft online players is because the system is cheaper. It’s why there’e so many honda civics on the road compared to Mercedes. Further, IGN did an all system comparison for which is the best platform and I’m sure you can guess who won. It starts with an “S”…

  328. JIM S says:


  329. Jake says:

    Lets start with the controller! Shitty bumpers? Check, shitty d-pad? check, fat-fucking battery pack on the bottom to make it impossible to hold comfortably for larger handed people? Check!Lets move onto the system! $130 for a 250gb drive.. or $79 for a 500gb laptop drive that is fully compatible with the ps3, you choose!Shitty $100 add on wireless adapter on the 360 or built it on the ps3, you choose!DVD drive that scratch your games! Awesome! Thanks microsoft!Interface that vomits ads all over your face with a shitty avatar nobody asked for, or a simple, elegant cross bar, you choose!The Xbox 360 is an unreliable fucking joke. My friends all bought into the 360 and had nothing but trouble, so I said fuck that shit and bought a PS3, and I don’t regret it even for a second!Fuck Xbox.

  330. David says:

    Its about time this site was made this is exactly what ive been telling everyone . i fucking hate xbox as well as the people who own them all xbox owners are just hatin on the PS3 cause they cant afford it. So with that said FUCK XBOX AND PS3 =GREATNESS

  331. curtis2528 says:

    to all them xbox faggots out there can go suck a black cock because xbox is so fucking shit damn right dawg

  332. Andrew says:

    FUCK THE XBOX 360 I’ve been through 5 consoles already. I’m switching tommarow to the PS3 side. The latest 360 i had was one that was brand new with the HDMI port so supposedly it was fixed and no longer had the problem like the other ones. Just 2 days ago i go to play some MW2 and bam here it starts up again. I hate going through this shit and the sad part is Microsoft doesn’t care they are just in it for the money. I called them up again. They didn’t apologize for the issue nor did they offer me anything but a repair and said it would be 3 to for weeks after i sent my console out. I said Fuck you i’m switching the SONY!! So who’s with me.

  333. tyler says:

    fuck you 360 fanboys. the 360 is a grade a perfect peice of wait 4 it… 360 lagging… peice of shit! dont waste ur money. there is only one good thing good i can say about the gaybox 360. they have exclusive gta and bioshock. oh wait they dont sony got it from them??? yeah 360 bitches what good exclusives do you have now? gaylo and gays of war? there is this thing called modern warfare that ends that arguement. also i hear the hddvd is good oh wait we have bluray! oh and wasnt hddvd discontinued? i feel bad about those of you who paid a shitload 4 hddvd. actually i dont thats what u get! and i wont even get into the rrod. i will admit the ps3 was expensive but its cheaper than 2 or 3 360s a month. its kind of like a womans period if you think about it. oh congrats on progect fetal, i mean natal, still sounds gay. also the controllers suck. i dont even have to say why we all know why. and who can argue about online gaming its not like it costs to play, unless you need fagbox points. oh and i hope you 360 fan bitches arent looking foward to 3d anytime soon. i could go on and on but i think you get the picture. unless ur 360 is burned out… ha ha ha. just be smart and buy ps3 and ship ur 360s to hati. that would make everybody happy.

  334. omar g says:


  335. Matt says:

    I have been a loyal x-box customer since the first x-box was released and even when PS3 came out and I saw how much better it was i did not buy it. In fact I criticized all my friends that bought it. Today my 4th x-box360 (all my friends still have their first PS3’s) shit the bed, and i am 1 month out of my warranty. I took my xbox all of my games and accessories (because im one of those dudes who made their box look cool with skins and face plates) and traded them all in at Game stop for $200 towards my new PS3

  336. jesse says:

    i own a xbox and it’s a realy cool console. but then again I FUCKING SIGN OUT EVERY 15 MINUTEN I PLAY MW2! XBOX LIVE SUCKS DICKS. other than that, the xbox is the same as playstation, i wish i bought a playstation though. ….. damn

  337. Ian says:

    I finaly sold my piece of shit Xbox 360 after it breaking 5 times. Fuck Xbox, Fuck Microcock, Fuck Bill Gates, Balmer and all those other asses, I’m installing Linux

  338. b says:

    just got banned from xbox live for the second time for the same offense even tho i fixed the bio which got me suspended the 1st time. taking all my 360 shit back 2moro and buying a ps3 and im glad 2 see u hate those pocket raping fucks as much as i do

  339. Rob says:

    My xbox worked just fine for a year or two and then all these problem emerge. Yeah, I get it; the disks scratch unlike blue ray and what the hell with these stupid red rings of death. The only thing I’m going to buy on xbox from now on are games you can’t play on PS3 or a PC. Unless they come out with some kind of clampless motherboard with a thousand fans running on the damn thing. Then I might think about it. That’s why I alway have been a PC man. That makes me think; why then in hell did I buy a big expensive HDTV? Ohhhh… DVD’s.

  340. Bill Gates says:

    Failure rate 54.2%? It’s gotta be 100%. The missing 45.8% is definitely people who don’t report it or don’t play it very much. Fuck Xbox!

  341. terrell says:

    What a fucking joke!!!! my piece of shit xbox lasted two fucking years and now it is fucked!!!! I wish I took the time to read up on how useless that piece of shit,giant fucking paperweight is. Fuck Microsoft and I will only buy sony products for now on. Those useless greedy fucks can take turns shoving every fucked xbox up there shit holes. What a a waste of money……..I don’t care if people like xbox over PS3 I just hope they don’t get fucked over like I did….FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!

  342. Derek says:

    From my experience of owning both systems (Xbox 360 and PS3) I can honestly say Xbox 360 is a waste of money. My NES is still running better than the xbox, and its old as fuck (1990). For me, it only comes down to one thing, and that is reliabilty. For all you die hard xbox fanboys who say “xbox games are waaay better than PS3”, i have one question. What good is a console that has “the best games in the owrld” if it struggles to turn on and play them? I have had every problem on my xbox that your website mentioned and more.Here is some of the problems i had to deal with with my shitbox360-RRoD-Battery pack on controller fails to create a complete circuit even with batteries in them.-Microphone produces no sound-Paying for online and still there is lag.-Disc tray won’t open if there is no disc in it.-Overheats literally within 5 minutes of on time (console is not even warm)-Disc tray closes on it’s own (so when there is no disc in it because im switching games, it randomly closes and it wont open.)-The occaisonal 1 red light-Harddrive corrupted. (lost years of progress in all my videogames)Here are the problems with my PS3 ———So that is why i LOL everytime i see “PS3 SUCKS!!!!”, “XBOX360 IS WAY BETTER THAN PS311!!!!!1111″People who seriously believe XBOX 360 is better are really nothing more than idiots.”Despite the fact that my xbox is very likely to completely fuck itself over, i would much rather own an Xbox because they are better than ps3 in every way” – Xbox fanboys

  343. D says:

    never owned a xbox never will. played it it sucks major ass. PS3 is my shit. i mean whos been around longer when the 1st xbox came out playstation had its 2nd console. already ahead of the game soooo im just sayin FUCK XBOX!!!

  344. TJ says:

    Thank you soooo much for makeing this site the world needs to know how much that pice of shit sucks I support u

  345. Joe Joe says:

    I dont know who Alex is, but its not me.— Hey Alex its joe and i have to say you suck hairy penus for a living like xbox.Xbox sucks.Almost all my friends i know that have an xbox 360 that got that bullshit ring of death thingy thats is a piece of shit console.The only thing it has is music basically.PS3 has even a little bit of Wii in it.Does xbox?HELL THE FUCK NO!You really think if they didnt put money in for the quality what the hell makes you think they’ll put special features.Ive had my PS3 for about 4 years now and i have never had problems.When i go to my friends house, a lot of the time they have problems with their xbox and plus my homies xbox looked worse on the HD TV. So fuck xbox and FUCK YOU ALEX YEAH!

  346. Cathan says:

    I fuckin hate microsoft and bill fucking gates i mean like WTF i tried to stay as authentic as possible not modding my 360 to prevent from getting ban and GREAT THEIR FUCKING GENIUS ring of”DEATH” comes and ok so i take the warranty get a new 360 and shortly 1 month lata FUCK! ring of death again and this time worse , juz merely 2weeks lata and FUCK! ring of DEATH again seriously fuck it how many fuckin times i have to fuckin use the warranty and get the new 360?sometimes i wonder if GATES is even too rich and free to the fact that he would keep creating troubles even for loyal customers.And HIS FUCKIN VISTA FReAKIN SUX TOO

  347. Josh says:

    my second xbox in a year just fucking broke right now. Xbox’s suck and are a waste of your money. i have a warranty. Fuck that. waste of my time. im getting a ps3. not a waste of money.

  348. DRob says:

    I hate that damn system. Time after time again it failed me. Got a ps3 and a 360 for christmas I’d say close to 3 years ago. My ps3 still works as good as the day i first played it. As for the 360 I went through 4 of them shitty things 4 OF THEM!!! Everytime i played it it would freeze, not read the disk and then RROD. I swear that thing was as loud as a vaccum cleaner. I was afraid if i looked at it wrong it would blow up. The 360 has that party chat shit or whatever. Yeah that might be cool but not worth $50 a year and unless I’m mistaken the party chat and a few other trivial things is the only thing XBL has that PSN doesn’t. Plus you have to buy an adapter to get wireless connection. Please the only thing they have is Gaylo. Gears is ok but i wasn’t to impressed with it.The 360 is a kids console. Little brats who have mommy and daddy buy their xbox live every month. The ps3 thats an adults system. On XBL most of the time it’s little kids who’s balls havent even dropped yet playing. Immature brats who are so damn stupid thinking “Hey this is cheap I’ll buy this” Then spend $50 every year. Idk about you but that to me is a new game. And they keep running back when the subscription runs out. Can anyone say “Microsoft cock in the mouth” Damn you have to be stupid to buy these pieces of shit. Have the fucking thing RROD on your ass and get another one Keep spending money to play online and bankrupt your stupid self.I had a guy tell me one time the reason my 360 gave me the RROD was because i wasn’t taking care of it. Playing it all night and it over heated. Well yeah i did. I’ve done the samething several times with the ps3 ran it for 38 hours straight never had a problem with it. Ran the 360 close to 10 hours the fucking thing DIED. RROD DIED right in front of me. FUCK 360, FUCK MICROCOCK

  349. larry l. says:

    i really wish i would have saw this site before i wasted so much money on that piece of fuckin shit gaybox everything cost money on that thing you guys are great thanks for givin me the balls to relize how much money an time i fuckin wasted im buyin a playstation tomorrow -Larry



  351. C-Dub says:

    Allright first off i have pissed away all of yesterday trying to play one fucking game on modern warfare. It fucking kept lagging and freezing up. Fuck xbox and microsoft. I hope Bill Gates is having fun taking it up the ass cause obviously his company doesnt give a shit about thier customers.

  352. Redsky says:

    Hello,I was googling today and found your website after searching for “Fuck Xbox”. You are doing a great job.I like the idea of the website but I think It could look better. Let’s show Xbox fanboys who is the man!

  353. nick says:

    Xbox can suck my dick!!!! piece of shit console!!!! it does have one thing that all other consoles don’t have though…50% failure rate!!!!! fuck u microsoft u bitches

  354. Sigurdur says:


  355. Luken says:

    My Ps3 is reaching the 2 year mark and it has not missed a beat. it is the 40gb version. i will always have loyalty to sony,thankyou for creating this site. i am happy to see many other people pissed off at microsoft.

  356. Derrick says:

    Alright ive owned a ps3 forever now and nothing has gone wrong with it and in that time period my friend has owned 4 Breakboxes with that piece of shit Red Ring of Death i mean honestly who makes a system where it crashes within the first week you get it. Surfing the web on PS3 is pretty sweet too oh and the wonderful free internet damn it feels awesome. I mean i cant think of anything better than waking up early in the morning turning on my ps3 waiting for my free internet to turn on and play some MW2 which the graphics for kick the shit outta Xbox’s graphics which almost look like the Atari graphics compared to the PS3. And im so happy for your xbox faggots that your RCA’s come with HD cables wow you can buy an HDMI cable which has better quality on ebay for 2 dollars and they are brand new. So honestly all you fucking xbox faggots can choke on one and hope your xbox chokes on dick soon. Sony for Life

  357. Tim says:

    Yet another unsatisfied user here. (Imagine that!) I’ve had my 360 for a little over 2 years and up until today, it’s worked just fine. That being as shocking as it is, it still doesn’t change the fact that today I received the big (Micro)shaft.Before I go any further let me make it clear that my system is sitting, yes, in an entertainment center, but it doesn’t have a back, AND it’s on a shelf BY ITSELF. AND I HAVE AN INTERCOOLER which was recommended to me by a XBOX 360 REPRENSENTATIVE back in my days working at a Gamestop. ALL THE REPS TOLD US TO SELL THEM TO XBOX BUYERS TO HELP THEM WITH THE LIKELY OVERHEATING PROBLEM. Mind you this was years ago, but i digress.I turn on my system to get my ROCK on with the Guitar Hero i had just rented. The system was running fine for about 10 minutes and then it shut itself off and started blinking 2 red lights at me. Awesome. I looked up a solution online and it said the 2 lights meant that the system was overheated. Cool. I tried dusting off every inch of the system. No dice. I tried moving to a “better ventilated area.” No dice. So i called support and after some recorded voice trying to get me to do anything BUT talk to a person, i got an agent. Their solution was for me to send them my system so that they could repair it and get it back to me in 6 WEEKS. (Speedy, eh?) Oh and also to pay them $100 to do so. WHAT???? When the representative said this I replied, “Wait a minute. You want me to pay you $100 for you to fix YOUR faulty system that I didn’t even break?” Her response was, “Yes.”Now I’m without a gaming system since my ever so lovely PS3 is not in the same zip code at the moment. Oh and did I mention that the disc for the game that I RENTED is still in the busted XBOX that won’t let me open the tray? AWESOME.Fuck Microsoft. Fuck XBOX. And fuck the 360 degrees of bullshit that comes with either.

  358. Chris says:

    I bought my xbox last year from a friend. Of course, fixed the red ring of leather cheerio sucking death and loved it. Then it broke again, I fixed it myself properly. Then it broke again, and again. I last fixed my shitbox 24 hours ago. It is now broken again after only being able to see the intro to forza 3. I’m so tired of this worthless piece of shit money pit. I’ve barely even gotten to play the damn thing since i bought it. Before my xbox I had a Playstation 2 for years and years. Its now back where my xbox was, still working flawlessly. Dont waste your money, and dont kid yourself into thinking it wont break.

  359. Fuckin GOOFS says:

    I have now been through five Xbox 360’s now, and the first two were within the 30 day exchange policy where I bought the first one. Now I get the RROD error shit again. Bill Gates go suck off a tranny, cradle the balls, then build a system that doesn’t fucking melt itself you god damn pencil neck retard. What the fuck else products on the market fucking MELT ON THE INSIDE, WTF? Fuck paying monthly for online too I’m buying a PS3 my biggest regret is waiting so long.

  360. Bonne C. says:

    This website is the GOSPEL! If I have to go through one more RROD I’m going to find Bill Gates and personally shove this piece of shit metal box down his larynx until his face flashes E-74. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  361. Christian G. says:

    I am a neutral party but only because of people saying that PC has no good games BULLSHIT most xboc and ps3 games are ported to the pc and look much better then the console counterparts and Fuck Microsoft greedy sons of bitches

  362. Nick says:

    these people are crooks, charge your account for no reason…..DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CARD INFORMATION OR YOU WILL BE FUCKED IN THE ASS HARD BY MICROSOFT.

  363. Christian E. says:

    I love your site because it tell’s people the truth of how microsoft ripped off comsumers for years and is still ripping them off. Why whoud the xbox 360 cost $300 bucks for nothing but garbage its just a scam by microsoft and those fanboy’s just can’t believe the truth that the playstation 3 is the best game console for your money.thanks for this site.

  364. ALIUS says:

    PLAYSTATION 3 It only does everything!!! Xbox360 It only does RedRingofDeath

  365. Dan says:

    I received an xbox 360 for christmas. Great. I didnt ask for one. Not even a full year later it breaks. Oh guess what, I send it in and waited 2 months before I got a new one. It gets better. The “new” xbox 360 I received was already broken when I tried to play it. I have a Ps3. Way better console. Whoever made this webpage, I thank you. I could not have said the things you have better myself.

  366. Bob says:

    I had an XBOX 360. Games were marginally faster and looked almost the same in HD, not much difference. But I agree it is a piece of shit and I hate it. It broke. I replaced. 2nd one broke. Replace. Repeat 6X. I now own both an XBOX 360 & a PS3. The XBOX 360 just broke again. The slower load time and millisecond delay in response on the PS3 beats the shit out of the fact that not one out of 6 XBOX’s has worked more than 1 year. Fucking piece of trash.

  367. John A. says:

    FUCK YOU MICROSOFT. My Xbox 360 (which was my favorite console)HDAV cable stopped working. I called microsoft and they send a new cable but a VGA a Fucking VGA what the f/ck am i supposed to use it on!? and when i call again(My gold membership is now long expired) they say i have to ship in both cables and 40 $. WTF. Im still in warranty. Bitch Microsoft

  368. You may call me Myth says:

    I believe Bill Gates was “put” on Earth to systematically lower social-planetary standards. He is a detrimental figure, sent by “Satan” as a plague upon mankind. You know, like Ray Croc (McDonald’s), or the Rockafeller family (Federal Reserve Bank).I know all about Microsoft’s shoddy business endeavors, and have for some time now, but I thought, as the proprietor of this wonderful site, you may want to know something:Microsoft XBox 360 game cases are being designed specifically to damage game discs. I’ve made extensive comparisons between XBox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii, game cases, and I have found that Microsoft’s cause high amounts of stress on the center of the game disc, even when used with the utmost of care.Of course, Microsoft would deny such a claim as this, but I know better, and I am guessing that you do to. So, spread the word, brother.P.S. I bought ONE XBox a long time ago, and when it broke, they refused to reimburse me (I did not want a replacement, because, by that time, I had figured out that Microsoft was an evil corporation–even more evil than corporations in America generally are). So, since they wouldn’t reimburse me, I’ve been procuring remuneration manually ever since, and then some, and all by my own will and wits.Become the predator, consume the prey, or become they prey, and be consumed by Microsoft. TAKE WHAT IS YOURS, BECAUSE IT IS YOURS, AND NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T PERMIT THEM TO DO.In an unrelated issue, and just out of curiosity, anyone ever heard of retail theft? I HAVE.

  369. scott p. jr says:

    got fucked over aat gamestop got a 360(first console i ever bought) died in 12 uses so i got a 360 pro TONIGHT died right outa the box…FUCK THIS SHIT! im going to gamestop for a full refund however there polocy is exchange only. well mall security better be there cuz they sold me 2 pieces of shit i want full refund cash or a ps3 other than that there gonna lock me up… the site …typed fuck xbox in google and this was the top search lol

  370. Aaron says:

    ive liked the xbox a little i was always convinced it was a good console im a hardcore pc gamer but when i found the ps3 i realized that it was just the best thing for 4 months i have not touched my xbox 360 because i am so amazed at how better the ps3 is then the xbox 360 im thinking of selling my xbox thank you for a site where other people agree that the xbox is an overrated piece of shit

  371. brendan says:

    I bought an xbox for 75 dollars from my buddy. The reason he was selling it was because microsoft led him to believe his console was unfix-able when he sent it in to be refurbished, so he bought a new one, and was surprised when his old xbox showed up in the mail after he already purchased a new, so he sold me the refurbished one for cheap. I would never pay more than 100 dollars for an xbox. The only reason i bought it was to play gta: episodes from liberty city as i am an avid fan of the franchise and was unable to play it on my playstation 3, as greedy fucking microsoft payed 50 million dollars for exclusive rights to the new content. So i put in my new disc and played it for about 90 minutes, then i got up to get a snack and stubbed my toe on the piece of shit xbox, the console moved slightly and my disc was unreadable, i pulled it out to discover a massive circular scratch on my game. I tried every method to repair the scratch to no avail. I did some research and discovered that microsft knows about this problem. it is a result of the fact that the xbox lacks a mechanism to hold the disc securely in place while the console is in use. Their answer to this is that they will replace microsoft published games only for 20 dollars, rather than just recall the xboxes and install something that holds the fucking disc in place. Sadly gta is published by rockstar not microsoft. So my only option is to buy another copy of liberty city stories. So fuck this American made piece of shit xbox, im sticking with my masterfully crafted reliable, high quality, playstation.

  372. Ubuntu4life says:

    Good work!I had a XBOX and guess what. It ruined 3 games of 60$ each and when I wanted to play GTA4 for the first 2 hours the motherboard overheated. So I needed to call Microsoft (1,20$) and explain everything. They asked my 12 questions in the hope to say it was my fault. But after a 20 mins call I needed to send them the XBOX (12$) so they could fix him. I made some photos of my Xbox a placed a Linux sticker on the back.2 weeks later (very long for a gamer) I had a Xbox in my post. WHAT ?! It wasnt even mine ! I saw a nail scratch in the corner of my sticker XD.They put a form in the box with questions like how was the costumer support etc?.Guess what? I sold the XBOX right away and bought a game computer!FUCK MICROSOFT !again, respect!

  373. Mike says:

    I want to send this message to Microsoft, but ironically I cannot contact them.
    Dear Microsoft Corporation Approximately three months ago, around the beginning of October, the power button on my XBOX 360 console changed from green to red during game play. I Thought this was a little obscure, so I turned off the console and restarted it, only to find that I now had four lit up red rings and the system no longer worked. For the record, my system was purchased in December of 2007.I immediately went on to Google to check into what may have happened and I was introduced to the large network of users who have experienced the now famous “Red Rings of Death.” After much confusion and misdirection I was given by XBOX support I was told that I needed to change out my power supply. I did this ($30) and the unit was still inactive. I called back and I was told that perhaps the game I was playing was causing the lights to turn red. I don’t have a degree in computer programming, but I was at least smart enough to try different games before calling back. Sadly, the problem still existed.So then things got really exciting! I was told I needed to acquire a box for my XBOX 360 and send it in to be ‘repaired’. After a couple of weeks the unit was sent back to my house (I had to call out of work since your company has a policy to have the package signed for upon delivery. I am a contractor so that cost me $340 to miss work that day.)When I opened the new box it rattled. This was of some concern to me, but I figured that Microsoft would not send me back a damaged console. Low and behold, I was wrong. As soon as I plugged it in the power light turned green for about two seconds before then turning red and freezing. I called your customer support center. They said I should buy a new power supply….So this new unit was returned and I enclosed a hand written later explaining that this ‘new’ unit that did not work at all. A couple of weeks passed and I had a ‘new’ one sent (This time to my neighbors house, I couldn’t afford to miss more work for a delivery), and in the box was an apology letter from your company and a month of free internet access for XBOX 360 which I won’t ever use. But thanks.Let’s fast forward to the present; today is January 10, 2010, and last night in the middle of game play the console crashed and I got the infamous “Red Rings of Death” on the power supply. This ‘new’ unit that I was sent has been played about four times this month. I don’t get much time to use it, since as I mentioned earlier, I am usually working.Now I am faced with a dilemma. There is an expression that goes “Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, and this holds true in regard to me sending back the system a third time. I have decided to buy a Sony Playstation 3 instead. A lot of my friends have these and none of them have had issues with the system ‘crashing’. In fact, I felt a little silly since I told them about my problems with the system and amazingly they all knew something I didn’t. “What you never heard of the Red Rings of Death?” Right.I am not asking for a new system because I don’t want one. I actually plan to make a Youtube video of me smashing up the dead shell of my XBOX 360 so other people can get a laugh at my expense ($300 for the unit, $30 for a new power supply that I didn’t need, and $340 for the work I missed waiting for a new one). The only reason I am writing is to hopefully encourage your company to make a new product that works. In fact maybe you should call it the XBOX 180, this way you will be telling people you plan to do an ‘about face’ on the badly designed flawed system you are selling us.Thanks, Mike

  374. justin says:

    I agree this xbox is a bullshit money maker, ive owned an xbox for a year now and its a piece of shit. i just bought my second copy of modern warfare 2, and accidentally knock over my xbox and the piece of shit scratch’s the hell out of it for the seconds fucking time making it not read the dick.I literally have been ass fucked 3 times by microsoft. 2 for modern warfare 2 and 1 for the bull shit xbox itself. switching to PS3 cause sony wont fuck you over and give you the option of setting your console up if it has the “possibility” of falling over and takeing a shit on your disk. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT and your gay ass over priced items

  375. Dan says:

    yes i just did type “fuckxbox” in google because i was wondering if any body would actually have any thing good.I agree on so many lvls on what your saying but i want to had gameplay.For one we all know microsoft’s founder is a big pirate.. he stole his idea on “windows” from the apple founder.. so you would understand he also steals alot of game titles.. take halo.. xbox’s biggest hit(only one i think) was not developed by microsoft.I tried it when it first came out for shits and giggles.. omg its was like i was wearing 900pounds of armor and was at age 100.. sooo sluggish .. it has to be the slowest game to ever call it self a fps.. So in conclusion.. it was an introduction for ppl that sucked at fps’s and needed waaay slower gameplay to actually process their actions with out getting frag’d.Ok lets look at cost.. you run out and buy the newest fps(just going to say fps cause thats all the fan boys talk about.. we got shooters) for xbox.. cost you around what 50bucks if your smart and dont get the woopidy-do edition for up to 300bucks(retards).. the actual gameplay with out hooking up to xbox live sucks.. you get very little impressive maps,items and gameplay.. and it almost forces you to update($$$$) so now you have to get xbox live to update your maps.. you just spent mooore money.. then patch to the newest omg you have to have this patch.. yet again your spending mooore money.. then later on you want your charactor to have some godly weps or red hair what ever custom crap you want that cost you moore money that should be free in the first place if you ask me.. all and all your spending way to much cash on a game that should had all the features from the start period.. Now the classic xbox vs Ps2 debate.. that goes into the xbox360 vs Ps3 debate Playstation was already out for years before the xbox but was still its biggest competitor, that means ps2 being it was out for years.. with older technology still was going strong against the brand new at the time xbox.. think about that for a second.. now that xbox360 and ps3 came out around the same time all the xbox360 fans are crying that ps3 came out later and thats why its has better graphics.. correct me if i was wrong.. But ps2 being as old as it was still held it’s ground against the xbox when it came out YEARS after the ps2 was out.. so what is it a double standard now?All and all i agree, dont support some asshats that rather build a crapy systems and dont even give a fuck to make its best sellers, but rather just take over corporations for its hits..and btw fuckxbox

  376. ps3 fan n1 says:

    FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xbox- xbox sucks !!!!!!!! fuck those who likes microsoft and their shit( for example x box , xbox 360. fuck halo , fuck gears of war……. fuck xbox 360.go play normal ps3 games – uncharted,god of war , ratchet and clank……….xboxes are buy by beggars…because they dont have fucking money. but i have and i buy ps3

  377. Michael says:

    I just got an xbox 360 maybe two and a half weeks ago, and it went down the shitter already. It doesn’t play my game anymore… So now I have to take it back. I’m going to see if I can get a PS3 instead. I found this website after my xbox fucked up.Much to my surprise I found page after page on google of xbox 360s that have stopped working or had some issue. Which I wish to god I had seen before I got one.So now I’ve spent 400 dollars to sit here and not be able to play my new games. Thank you Microsoft.

  378. Patrick says:

    very, very well said!FUCK XBOX. IT IS FUCKING WORTHLESS. They had to fucking shrink GTA4 just to fit it on the 360. And so fucking what if they have Gears of War and Halo!? Gears of War is decent, but Halo just died, it’s fucking old. We have Killzone, Final Fantasy, Resistance, Little Big Planet, MGS4 and countless other exclusives. The PS3 is as twice as powerful as the xbox, and you have to fucking BUY batteries for your controller, but PS3 you can easily recharge them for 15 or so minutes and it lasts for 6-7 hours. And lastly, you have to pay for live!? On top of paying for everything else!? Oh wow. XBOX IS THE POOR MAN’S PC.

  379. AgentX44 says:

    PS3 is the no.1 so shut up all of u ps3 is the no.1 xbox360 sucks

  380. Alessandro says:

    I think it’s interesting how there’s 300 support mail and only 70 hate mail, and dude you just fuckin summed it up right there xcube or whatever the fuck it’s called sucks balls, but you forgot to mention all the fucking bullshit accessories you have to buy like for instance that wireless thing you have to get just to connect to wireless what a load of shit, xcube users can only come up with one reason why it’s better…which is the 7 player chat thing fuck that ae, their just too fcking afraid to admit that ps3 is the dominant console and microsoft has just fucked them over and taken their money. oh and this xcube elite And arcade Thing, what the fuck!? Ps3 has only 1 type of console that has everything and it’s name is the ps3 awesome. I SAY FUCK MICROSOFT, FUCK XCUBE AND ITS USERS,THEY CAN GO AND SHOVE THAT WHITE PIECE OF SHIT

  381. Ben says:

    My 3rd Xbox broke today after I owned it for 10 months. It didnt get the RRoD, so the warranty doesn’t cover it. I feel like Microsoft is basically saying “fuck you” to me for supporting them. I tried to fix the DVD drive today, and it just broke a brand new game that I got for christmas. I have so much anger towards their shitty system. I dont know what I’m going to do! Your website helped me get some frustration out, and for that, I thank you.

  382. Kagome Higurashi says:

    I believe that Xbox is the bullshit version of a desktop system. Xboxs’ aren’t too expandable, and frequently die off unless you are loaded enough to send it in every time it fucks up. Has your Gaming PC ever presented you with a red ring of doom? I think not. I even hate Wii, but would rather get one instead of an Xbox. I have always been a Sony girl, but I am Gaming PC always.PC FTW!With love,Kagome

  383. leia says:

    i agree… and well.. i just love your computer and i OWN a Wii

  384. Nate W. says:

    I have personally owned 6 fukin xbox 360’s and fried every single system WTF!? I purchased 1 new 3 years ago played it for 6 monthes and what do u know, it overheated and never worked again. Obviously I was upset so I started to research why they overheat.??wtf what other system fukin cooks itself!?! So not wanting to spend too much more money on a ps3 I figured if I could get another new 360 and keep it cool I would be fine, so I saved my money for a while and purchased a second system brand new. This system was babied beyond all belief! And as expected it did last longer than the first system so i thought I was cool.Until one day when apparently it decided to give up like all other 360’s. I even bought that stupid fukin fan for 30 some dollars. Its just ridiculous i guess they dont like dust either, the smallest amount of dust will fuck up an xbox permanently!? wack. after the second system crashed i called microsoft and was told to send in the system along with 100$ and give them six weeks for a refurbish, I thought how the fuck can they charge me again when I didnt do anything? So out of ideas I sent the fucker in and waited like 3 month’s. when it finnaly got back it worked again for about a week, until for some reason my new 120gb 200$ harddrive killed it again, I was playing it just fine until i tried to switch my hard drive, I turned off the system plugged in the new harddrive turned it back on and started to play, about 45 seconds later it froze and gave me the RROD!!!!! WTF!! out of nowhere on a factory refurbished xbox within 1 week of me getting it back! OMG that was the last straw i literally took the son of a bitch outside and fukin smashed the living fuck out of the fukin thing!! I collected the pieces of the bitch boxed it up and sent it back to them with a letter that said “Keep it,thanks for the refurb.” after that I felt better about my situation lol so i decided fuck it maybe if i buy a used system that still works maybe it will keep working for me.? Nope spent 125$ on another used system. this would be my third in 2 years. when it came it worked for a while then predictably it started to lock up a few weeks later, really so before it broke i sold that bitch back to some poor bastard on ebay lol. thats the end of my horrible adventure with microsoft’s fuckin pile of shit gaming system personally that piece of shit sucked so bat i no longer have faith in any gaming system period i straight up hate electronics now lol thanks to the assholes at microsoft!! thanks bitches I hope u got my package motherfuckers P.S. not to even mention the 2 or 3 systems my little brothers played to death recently. in conclusion if u buy an xbox 360 ur a fukin retard because there no way that bish will work in a year, absolutly no chance lol unless ur an electrician and u could rebuild the bitch!! peace out keep up the hard work Nate W. microsoft hater for life!

  385. Genesis ASZ says:

    PS3 Sings : (from shall never surrender – devil may cry)The time has come and so have I I’ll laugh last cause microsoft came to die The damage done the pain subsides And I can see the fear clear when I look in your hard drive. I never kneel and I’ll never rest You can tear the cpu from my chest I’ll make you see what I do best, I’ll succeed as you get the red ring of death. I know how the first xbox fell I know the tale and I know it too well I’ll make you wish you had a wireless adapter to sell When I strike you down and send you straight to hell My power comes from deep within Beneath my blu ray drive–beneath my skin As you’re ending, I’m about to begin My strength your bane and I will never give in. I’ll tell you now I’m the one to survive I don’t need no halo and no xbox live I’ll have you choke on your own demise I make the xbox scream, and microsoft cry. greetings from europe

  386. NubZ says:

    You know, I typed in to see what would come up and what i found was someone who took the words out of my mind and made a website to rub the shit into the faces of all the idiots who paid for an x360 and continue to defend it regardless of the evidence. Ps3 has an HDMI port, blueray player, rechargeable wireless controllers (now with dualshock3) built in 80 or 160 gig HDD, exclusive games that PWN, (resistance, infamous, LBP, God of war, metal gear, halo 3, oh wait i forgot that game sucks dick and deserves to be xbox only rofl) built in wireless adapter, and free online gaming. xbox has NONE OF THIS. PSN is the fuckin bomb. I have no idea where everyone gets the justification to claim that PSN sucks. I’ve heard that its slow, that the arcade games suck etc etc but i have never ever had a complaint against the totally free awesome PSN. It’s always worked perfectly for me. (SF4 online FTW) My point is, if you bought an xbox 360 im sorry. I feel bad for you. I really do. But the fact is, PS3 sales are climbing and climbing while x360 is declining. And i like that email that said wii lost the console wars LMAO. Theyve sold 8 million consoles more than the shitty x360. And yeah it’s for kids. Who said it wasn’t? It’s called a “Wii” lmao In conclusion: More power to you webmaster guy. Support the superior ps3 and FUCK XBOX.

  387. Josh says:

    It’s funny to see all these stories about people and how they back up xbox. However, ALL of them also say they’re on their 3rd, or even 4th system? I rest my case…

  388. john says:

    fuck xbox there always having ps3 all the way xbox better not make another gaming system again there just going to keep getting more shit every time they make one i still have my ps1 and it still works and my new xbox has so many damn problems

  389. The Oni says:

    First of all I must congratulate you on the wonderful website. Personally, I own a PC, Wii, PS2, Dreamcast, N64, Genesis, and a Famicom (from the original sale date in Japan). The closest relation between these consoles and the xbox/360 would be the Dreamcast (in my opinion). Sure you don’t have to pay to play online, you don’t get a harddrive, there’s no downloadable content, and you can’t play movies on it… but you can play video games and that’s all that matters. With all that the Dreamcast lacks, even it is superior to the 360 as I will NEVER have to wait to get a replacement in the mail because it has no hardware issues. Not to mention I can still fiddle around on the internet with my modded Dreamcast. Would I like a PS3? Sure would. I hear that it is, in fact, superior to my PS2 and Dreamcast (even the Wii). But for now I’ll have to settle with a new TV and some veteran consoles. Again, excellent website.

  390. Sod White says:

    I was real, real excited about getting my 360 Elite, all except for paying that outrageous god-damn price tag. Once I finally got it home and booted it up I figured it’d be just like hooking into the PSNetwork you know, boot up, log in, play online….Why, hell-fucking-no.Nevermind you just shelled out five-and-a-half hundred bones, we want MORE of your money, every month. Doesn’t matter to us that new titles are $65+, we know that at least 90% of our client base are prepubescents whose wealthy middle-class mothers buy everything for them, so the numbers should thin out accordingly.Two months, TWO MONTHS into ownership, came the dreaded Red Circle of Death to piss on my campfire. This sort of bullshit happens to more than a quarter of all 360s produced, similar to Windows’ track record of being the overall shittiest OS ever written.Did I take advantage of the warranty? You bet your fucking ass I did, that’s $550 and tax back in my pocket, son. Did I request a replacement system? Absolutely fucking not.If those assholes at Microshit think I’m going to pay some ridiculous “categorized subscription” fee just to play online, they’re out of their fucking minds.

  391. M. Pearson says:

    Going onto my third 360 console now. Fuck their support. Fuck BIll Gates and his rich ripping us all off ass. Fuck anybody who says it doesn’t suck.Fuck MICROSOFT, not just the console. I will NEVER, EEEEEVVER buy another Microsoft product as long as I live. over 50 % failure rate……The funny thing is I sent them an email saying do something to keep me as a customer, anything, or I am gone, and I will publicly boycott and thru word of mouth ensure that everyone I know thinks twice before purchasing….and they said ” we value your opinions as a customer and that customer satisfaction is our number one goal”BUT THAT’S ALL THEY SAID. No offers. No coupons. Not even a fucking argument standing up for their own product.BASICALLY, “we hear ya, but go fuck yourself”FUCK XBOX, FUCK MICROSOFT.Thank you…

  392. Glenn F. says:

    XBOX FUCKIN SUCKS!!! Every single one of my friends that has had one, has had it fail with the RED RING OF SHIT. XBOX fanboys can FUCK YOURSELVES. GO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING THAT FUCKING WORKS.

  393. Anonymous says:

    My console recently began experiencing the dreaded RRoD, AGAIN, and I decided at that point to buy a PS3. Best decision I have ever made. I stashed the broken 360 away and proceeded to enjoy the finest gaming console out there. However, recently I’ve decided to attempt to have my 360 repaired so I could still access the multitude of games I purchased for it. The only problem with this is that I must navigate Microsoft’s dreaded customer service program. When I tried to register my console for repair I encountered an issue. I tried explaining my this 3 times to them, this is my third attempt at it:”Let me try this again.My issue is NOT that I cannot register my Xbox 360. It also is NOT that I’m using the incorrect Windows Live account for the device.When I go to register the device, your system tells me the serial number has already been registered.I’ve used all the Windows Live accounts I’m in possession of, and none of them have the device registered to it.I suspect that because this system was refurbished by Microsoft that it is still registered to its previous owner. Who is not me.I think Microsoft forgot to unregister this device when they sent me the console.To reiterate: I cannot register the device because your system claims its already been registered. I’ve accessed every Windows Live account at my disposal and none of them are registered to the device.I need the serial number XXXXXXXXX to be unregistered from your system so I can re-register it under my Windows Live Account and request repair service.”Their response:While I’d like to copy/paste their e-mail I’d imagine they’d find some way to charge me with some privacy offense, so I’ll summarize: They told me to try another Window’s Live account.I took the time to explicity state that my issue was that I did not have access to the correct Windows Live Account. They basically said: “Tough shit, that’s not my problem.”It baffles me how such an inferior machine and an inferior company can actually compete in this market. The PS3 outperforms the 360 graphically, it has free net play, its exclusive games are superior, the Blu-Ray install reduces the disc read errors that plague the 360, the PS3 fails only a fraction as much as the 360…the list goes on. Microsoft and its shitty console are a complete disaster. There need to be more sites like this one informing people about just what a pile of shit the 360 really is.

  394. o1oTECHNIQUEo1o says:

    i personally like ps3 better than 360 because i can upgrade my HDD, install linux, fight cancer, play blu-ray, video conference? plus it looks cooler.the price for a ps3 system is dropping & the features are getting better. a ps3 is better for a for a bunch of reasons,1) poor ppl can use the wireless signal feature to get online for free if the signal is available.2) dvd,HD,blu-ray compatible.3) games are better in blu-ray (optional) 4) playing online is free unlike x-box, it has a price tag to play online. some ppl say x-box is cheaper then ps3….. not really, cause of 3 factors, A) buy x-box, B) buy internet, C) pay-to-play online. with a ps3 its just buy the system play online for FREE on a FREE wireless signal that someone else is is paying for, hmmmm a free signal, wouldn’t that be funny if the signal your using is coming from an x-box owner, lmao. way to go sony.4) ps3 doesn’t crap out as easy as a 360 (red ring of death)yes x-box has a few more games then the ps3, cause x-box was released earlier then the ps3. but ps3 is catching up and will pass x-box sooner er later as usual. & x-box’s avatars are better. in my opinion, ps3 is the way to go if you like/love games/blu-ray. there is more reasons to own a ps3 over an x-box but its time for me to go & play my ps3. so just keep on doing what ever it is your doing as long as everybody is having fun, thats the main thing. we buy systems to have fun & thats what i’m about to do. peace

  395. Nothingsafe says:

    Fucking hate the piece of shit. xBox, ass raping the video game industry, and driving down quality since November 15, 2001. xBox is to gaming, what the new york yankees are to major league baseball, and the WWE is to professional wrestling. Bill Gates, I curse you to have an unstopable bowl movement of doom, and drop dead of an aneurysm on your gold plated crapper.

  396. Ray says:

    I typed fuckxbox into google after reading yet another biased game review and this was the first thing I saw. It always seems that whenever a game runs slightly better on 360 everyones knows about it but if the same can be said about a PS3 title it’s all hush hush.Reviews aside I like the site. It adds some humour to the subject. I own a 360 and a PS3 and I’m pretty much disgusted with the hardware in the 360. The thing is a piece of crap and sounds like an airplane just took off when I turn it on. I’m on my second console now thanks to microsoft replacing my old broken shit brick 360. They were nice enough to charge me shipping for the refurbished one I have now. Thanks Bill!! What should I expect from a software company making hardware anyway? Especially a sick fuck company like Microsoft doing it. At the end of the day I’m just a sucker like everyone else who bought the thing. I’m man enough to admit it.If it wasn’t for a few 360 only games I’d have sold the damn thing a long time ago. I feel like I’ve already invested so much money into it I might as well hang onto the pile of crap.And wtf is up with the harddrive cost for the 360? I can get a terabyte harddrive for $80 bucks Canadian and they sell their shitty 120gb HDD’s for $169+ here. If my PS3 harddrive ever fills up I’m buying a 500gb laptop HDD for $60. Fuck those clowns ripping people off. Memory is dirt cheap right now there is no excuse for that. At least Sony gave me a few options for upgrading.Anyways good luck with the xbox hate I’m done.

  397. Bill Gates says:

    Every one seems to say its so much better mostly over stupid reasons to, they say the graphics are better (they look the same, ps3 looks even betterrrrr imo), the online of ps3 sucks…its not bad (and its actually free), xbox is just cooler (fail) im on my 2nd xbox now their made out of trash fuck xbox… really

  398. Jay says:

    I just followed the link you have for that survey of fail rates for consoles, and i have to say im not surprised that xbox has over half its consoles shipped fail. Microsoft have been doing this for years, releasing incomplete products to get the sales in quicker, and Microsoft clearly just does not know how to design electronics efficiently, as putting the components inside the xbox so close together was a deathwish from the start. The funny thing is, if they just applied some professional design to it in the first place, it would be even more successful than it is now, but due to their lack of attention to design, the xbox is now notorious for its RROD and while the current owners stick to it for now, I don’t think many people want to risk buying the next Microsoft console, with all the risks attached.

  399. Ben says:

    I had a look in the hate mail, and i gotta say, there sure is a massive load of butthurt xboxfagsout there. Some of them have a pop at you by saying ‘you wasted your time making this site’ but it’s a bit ironic considering they then spent their time trying to justify why they think xbox is good.Admittedly, xbox isn’t that bad, it has a few games i like, GOW, Halo etc but there are more PS3 exclusives than people think, like the epic MGS4, Resistance 1&2, Uncharted 1&2, Ratchet & Clank games, etc etc the list goes on if you actually look into it. So yes, xbox has those few games i like to play.My brother has an xbox while i have a ps3, and in my experience the xbox is noisy, overheats quickly, crashes more often, and a problem not uncommon is the disc drive malfunctioning, which is very annoying. The xbox experiences all of those problems while my ps3 runs quietly, overheating is non-existant (its been on for nearly a day straight with no slowdown or problems), rarely crashes and the disk drive is fail proof.Another thing i dont understand is why people slate the ps3 controller when the chances are they had a ps2 and didn’t complain about that, and lets not even go into the epic fail which is the original xbox controller.Now onto the online service. the xbox live service isn’t bad, but it’s a service people shouldn’t have to pay extra for, especially if you want your xbox to connect wirelessly (the wireless adapter costs around Β£40-50), and i find that PSN, while having a few minor problems (rarely), is mainly just as good as xbox live, and totally free.Another issue is price comparison. People always like to say ‘xbox is cheaper blah blah’ but when you buy an xbox, all your getting is a game console/DVD player. Its not wireless, you need a constant battery supply, or rechargbles for the controllers (wired ones have to be bought), you have to pay to play online, and for some decent cooling of the system, you’ll have to buy that too. With the PS3 you get; A wireless gaming system, a wireless controller fitted with a rechargable battery you can recharge while playing, full support of USB devices such as keyboards (i dont know whether standard USB keyboards work on the xbox but my bet is they dont) and a Blue Ray DVD player (which themselves cost almost as much as a PS3 costs so its a huge bargain in reality), and any additional features that aren’t already supplied with the PS3 can be bought at a fraction of the price Microsoft charge for their console.So all in all, the PS3 is better value for money, has enough exclusive games to be worth buying for that reason alone, comes with more/less expensive features, has a much lower malfunction rate and doesn’t charge for online play.I could of course also point out that Sony as a company have been in the entertainment business far longer than Microsoft has, and generally gives better customer service, but i based my judgment upon my experience of the two consoles.I also have a wii, but as it doesn’t really fall into the hardcore gamer catagory, i don’t really feel it can be compared to the xbox, Although i am sick of people saying it has no proper games, or adult games. There are games like Super mario galaxy, Zelda, Metroid Prime etc that will quench the thirst of usual gamers, and games such as house of the dead, and madworld are definately not for the kids. I also noticed that a fair amount of your hate mail is what seems to be the immature screaming of children, making little to no sense, and i think to myself, if these are the sort of people that form the XBox fanbase, im glad i didn’t jump on that bandwagon.Nintendo are clearly passionate about making great unique systems that can appeal to everyone, and Sony has shown that they have the expertise of making a system that has very few faults, but Microsoft always have and always will be a company of money grabbing corporate sell-outs that are just trying to milk the public for as much as they can, and i wouldn’t put it the idea that they purposely ignore the the stability of their systems as some sort of marketing scheme past them. I think Windows Vista speaks for itself.

  400. connor b. says:

    I literally just purchased a 360 less than 2 weeks ago thinking it would outdo my ps3, but after the piece of shit destroyed my less than a week old copy of Fallout 3, I fucking hate the system. Not to forget the overall shitty-ness. Kudos to you for spreading the truth. fucking fucksoft fuckers.

  401. Yujin says:

    You know I’m more of a Ps3 guy than I am a X360. At one time I had both, but since my Xbox gathered dust after ps3 started climbing up on the games, I realized the best thing about the X360 is to trade it in and get ps3 games and accessories. I enjoyed it while I played it, but I don’t miss it now that I traded it in. In fact, it makes me wonder why I even bought it after getting Red Ring of Death like twice.

  402. Craig T. says:

    It is amazing to read all the horror stories from XBox owners but I am not surprised. If you look back to the XBox’s origins, at the peek of the internet when Microsoft was trying to establish a monopoly there, Sony dared to add support to the PS2 to browse the web. The Xbox was Microsoft’s answer to punish Sony for intruding where it was trying to form its monopoly…by entering the game console market in retaliation. The XBox was never intended to be a spectacular or innovative machine…just a cheap, generic game box built out of existing PC hardware components to under cut real game consoles with a lower price. Kind of reminds me of Microsoft’s attempt with the MSX computer back in the 80’s.

  403. sean s. says:

    i thought the exact same thing when my xbox RROD’d and microsoft is trying to charge me to fix it. wow. make a piece of shit that breaks after 1 year and charge people to fix it. what a great fucking business model. I was going to make a similar site but obviously you already own the domain i want. i told them if they charge me i will buy a ps3 and spend my life trying to persuade people not to buy xbox or any microsoft gear. fuck those dudes. fuck bill gates. love the site. keep up the great work. let me know if you need any design assistance, I’m a professional designer/developer. but i see you know what you’re doing too. peace. and fuck xbox

  404. Chad L. says:

    I found your site trying to purchase the domain “” after I read the news that Microsoft has banned almost 1 million users for modding their xboxes. It would be nice if your site included a forum for discussion on how much the fuckbox really does suck. Great site =)

  405. MrRackmount says:

    I am so glad theres a website saying how truely crap the XBOX 360 is.Hearing the BBC on about the mass XBOX Live ban of mod users made me smile thinking how lame people are deciding to pay Β£280 for their console then another Β£40 a game and for online points.My Gaming PC rig cost me Β£300 and can run everything 100000 times better and I have the freedom of changing whatever the hell hardware I like and even using Mods for COD4 and the next COD MW2.I also own a PS3 which I have opened along side the xbox 360 to see how truely dreadful the motherboard cock up is which microsoft can’t even ensure has decent cooling.Love the hate mail these Microshite Brainwashed XBOX shaggers send you… I think I’ll pass on their XBOX Live Points and let them stick their Gold Point cards somewhere! while I enjoy my world of free online gaming and following the right console.Keep up the great work! I think it would be great to be able to report all the various issues people have with an XBOX and compare with PS3 and PC : )

  406. jim says:

    bill gates wants fucking with a rusty spoon !!! twat!!! fuck you, fuck xbox, and give me my fucking money back!!!

  407. PS3 Owner says:

    Fuck xbox 360 its really a piece of shit that fuckin this scratches dvds and it is so ugly PS3 4 Life

  408. trent says:

    i just spent $80(australian dollars) on xbox live and another 10 on battlefield 1943 that i barely even played less than a week later i get banned forever fuck ecksBOX im soon buying THE heavnly \\PS3//

  409. ApileOFreeCrakk says:

    First of all I am on my third Xbox360 so Fuck them up there red ring of death ass for that right there. Then today I log in and it says my 60$ a year account has been suspended for a week because my profile says “fag” and “ass” in it? Who do these Nazi motherfuckers think they are? Fuck Xbox, fuck xbox and the horse they rode in on. Who the fuck are they to set the standard for decency, and Who gives a fuck if some little mr junior son of a bitch sees a bad word in my profile will his ears bleed? will baby jesus cry? I miss my ps2 and next time I will definitely buy ps3. Fuck Xbox right in the asshole with a big black dick….now thats offensive

  410. Mike says:

    My email to Microsoft Support – You guys should really add more selections to the “Problem Type” bar, cause I could choose at least 4 of those options, anyways I’m just e-mailing to explain how pissed I am that I have to spend 100$ to fix this pile of garbage system because you guys can’t make any hardware that doesn’t self destruct. It’s bad enough that my first Xbox died after spending more than 700$ in november of 2005 on an Xbox Pro console and other accessories and games and having it die within a week, luckily EB Games replaced it free of charge, with this console, the console that will not let me finish half of the games I own because of disc read errors or simply freezing whenever it has to load anything, and now I can’t even play the other half because my Xbox decided to freeze all the time now, around the time of the launch of Modern warfare 2. Thanks guys.PS- I bought a PS3 last month, haven’t had any problems at all.Almost forgot to “Be specific when describing my problem” I CAN’T PLAY ANYTHING.

  411. FARTCULEZE says:

    Nice.I enjoyed this site as well as computer gaming is “all about the PC” anyway. Why? I can put my custom paint schemes on virtually any vehicle in any game, place big titties on athletes, affix my own ugly mug onto a character(G.T.A), personally tweak difficulty levels, add or remove certain game features, save screen shots etc.I.M.O. Game Consoles are for hapless stoners and spoiled brat eight year olds…..

  412. Deeznuts bk2 says:

    No more GTA for PS3. Why cant We get an expansion pack for PS3 to make loyal gamers enjoy Rockstars like GTA.. its bullshit and I hope Bill Gates goes broke that fag

  413. Erik says:

    Hey, I really like to thank you for making this site. The Xbox sucks, is expensive and all my friends with an Xbox had a red ring of death. I have a PS3 myself, the old 60 GB version, and it’s still working perfectly. Xbox, please get some more red rings of death. PS3 FTW!

  414. Trenard says:


  415. DONT H8 5150 says:

    Xbox can suck my Ps3 dick! It’s all about Playstation and Nintendo. Fuck all haters. I hate xbox because 1) You need a fucking network adapter 2.) AA Batteries for cheap remotes 3.) Gay rings of death 4.) Monthly bill??? thats gay!!! Ps3 has everything xbox doesn’t have. xbox is cheap and gay, ps3 is cheap (Money wise), and built to perfection! and Xbox is for fags who cant afford a professional gaming system which is the Ps3! xbox is a failure. Halo is gay as well. Fuck whoever hates on this website and ps3!!!

  416. Matt101 says:

    Im glad that this web site exists. Xbox is far inferior to PS3. I dont know how any one could say that the 360 cost less that PS3. if you bought a 360 elite because all of the other one are garbage that alone costs as much ass the original 60 gig PS3, plus you would have to pay for Xbox live plus pay for batteries for their stupid non-rechargeable control, or you would have to buy the cord that lets you play without batteries(more money) Then theres HD dvd which is dead but to the people stupid enough to think that Blu ray would lose bought this extra add on to the 360. with all this extra accessories the 360 is way more expensive than the PS3. Dont even get me started on how ridiculous the wii is. Wii suck 360 is dead and PS3 is the king of all systems

  417. Rashaed says:

    I do not own any of these consoles, but I have to ask one question sir: why are there so many Xbox users sending you hate mail? Why have they so much time on their hands? Could it be that their console is currently overheating or broken. Perhaps it could be that every adult website is offline and they had spare time to contact you.

  418. King Mo says:

    You know it dude, don’t take no for an answer, don’t accept second best, don’t tolerate also rans like the Xbox 360. Great console (when it works), but it’s in the shadows man, in the shadows. I have both an Xbox 360 and PS3, one is a console that costs me to go online, one plays my games (PS3 online can suck at times), plays my downloaded movies, blu rays, music and games.”blah blah Xbox can play Divx, Xbox can…” shut the fuck up, it’s mediocre at anything other than games. You gottsta spread the message brother, get these fuckers involved in PS3. Nintendo Wii, well if you have a spare 5 minutes for the the novelty of that to wear off, buy one. Red ring of death, disc drive damaging discs, E-74, what is next man? What is next!?!Xbox 360 sells more games than PS3…but those shit Seth Rogen movies drew more money than the Oscar winners. Quality, not quantity retards!!

  419. Mad says:

    My 360 RROD on me 9 hours ago. It did not over heat. It just froze 30 minutes into gameplay. I turned it back on and i saw a red light. Your 360 doesnt have to over heat to fuck up!!! Im so upset.And my xbox skips during gameplay and my disc are not scratched!!!Why wont microsoft remake the 360 like sony with ps3 and psp!!!Also with both consoles i never got to play online or see them in high definition!!! I hate microsoft!!! Im getting a ps3!!! Hell i might not even get a ps3 because sony updates brick consumer consoles!!!They need to just focus on games and not features like updates of shitty movies and DLC!!!

  420. Daniel says:

    i used to love xbox 360, had all the latest games, xbox live, the lot. and what happened. random crashing, red lights bullshit, fucked up games, had it for under two years and this shit. People need to express their issues with Microsoft maybe they can all get off their ass and sort out our fucking problem or give all our money back. Im switchin to ps3 so i can turn on the console without wincing wandering if it will work or not

  421. Alisan Z. says:

    I just hate microsoft and any of their products… I never owned an xbox an I never will… I was true to my playstation from the beginning and I’m never going to buy another console. Man thanks for this website… best regards from europe (one of the strongholds of sony playstation)… and I’m so happy about that…AND THIS GOES TO EVERY MICROSOFT AND XBOX FANBOYS:FUCK BILL GATES FUCK BALLMER FUCK MICROSOFT AS MULTINATIONAL SOFTWARE DEVELEPOR AND ITS MOTEHRFUCKING CREW AND IF YOU WANNA BE DOWN WITH MICROSOFT THAN FUCK YOU TOO XBOX AND WINDOWS FUCK YOU TOO ALL YAA MOTHERFUCKERS FUCK YOU TOO:::: TAKE MONEY

  422. Alberticus says:

    First off thanks microsoft for making me feel like the most fucking stupidist human being alive. You duped me twice into buying an xbox 360. Motherfuckers. I’ll tell you this, I was so pissed I curb stomped my first 360. Piece of shit. Now that my secnd one just shit out on me, im going out to the open range and taking my Mossberg 500A and my Beretta 45mm and sending this motherfucker to hell in a handbasket! I will videotape this so all can bear witness to my rage and the to see how fucking lame the xbox is. I will post this on youtube under fuck xbox 360 or alberticus’s hate for microsoft. Oh and to whomever owns this site you are a godsend! Feel free to post my video on here once its up! Just notify me first. Lol. STRAIGHT THE FUCK UP! FUCK XBOX AND FUCK MICROSOFT!!! I’d rather slit my throat than own another piece of shit! Never again Microsoft!

  423. Jaysin HatesXbox says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE – I’m going to look into getting some shirts made now. – So I have been a loyal xbox customer for more than 6 years and despite all the things i hated about the product and the customer service. But still a loyal customer until recently when my fourth xbow to purchase broke on me(2 original and 2 360’s). And microsoft a multi billion dollar company can not help me out after being a faithful customer, by fixing my xbox for free or at least a discounted price so after close to $2,0000 dollars worth of product purchasing the last 6 years i am through being xbox’s cash cow and i am going to destroy my xbox 360 and send it to microsoft so they can see what it is really worth scraps to be recycled. Anybody thinking otherwise is as blind as i once was you’ll come around when xbox fucks you. Also I want to buy shirts do you have shirts?

  424. Dale says:

    The only people who stand by the 360 are the people who bought one and are AFRAID to admit they made the wrong choice. FACT.NO WIFI (unless you buy a $100 adapter)NO ONLINE PLAY (unless you pay for it)NO BLU RAY NO RECHARGEABLE CONTROLLERS (unless you buy) It does have ONE THING the ps3 doesn’t.. a 50% failure rate.You DO have to admit, however, it IS the cheapest system out. Plain and simple: you get what you pay for.

  425. phil says:


  426. Dustin G. says:

    I went through two xbox’s that both failed miserably. The third one completely failed now too, CAN I HAVE MY $900 BACK PLZ XBOX? Cant you just make a quality game system, without having to rig it to fail so people will blow tons of money to put in Gates’ fucking pocket.Thats why I’m just gonna have to stick to pc gaming, shitty ass Microsoft.

  427. dave says:

    oh my god do i want to slaughter the fucking rejects that just wasted the last 5 hours of my life! my old xbox live account just ran out so i tried to set up a new one and the fucking thing wont take three, count’em three! of my credit cards! says the info isn’t valid yet i can go buy a six pack down at the corner store with any of the cards. fuck xbox. fuck the non english speaking “support” mofos that wouldn’t help me even though i supplied them with a correct email address, phone number, credit card number, name, and they still won’t help me because i couldn’t remember a fucking security question from four years ago. to which has a possible four answers. but they only give me two trys before my account locks…. FUCK YOU XBOX! LOCK MY ACCOUNT FOREVER! Fucking Bitches! Where is my beer?

  428. Anonymous says:

    As soon as I plug my brand new Xbox 360 Pro in, I get the red ring of death and the console would not even start. Thank god I got my money back.

  429. Brandon N. says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU….i just spent 3 hours on the phone with cutomer service for X-box after it ruined 120$ worth of my discs…some little forighn lady told me that it would cost 120$ in repair and that I couldnt replace my games….thats a fucking joke….I will never buy anything Xbox again…waste of fucking time

  430. Johnny Z. says:

    Ay homie, This is probably the most realistic site about what it is all about. Xbox i would not say is “shitty”, but it falls in the wake of the PS3. From all angles, Graphics, price, online play, it all ends with the PS3. Fuck Xbox Live, Fuck Xbox, Fuck Microsoft.

  431. Valkrine says:

    Honestly, the 360 has its problems and its strength’s. I own a 360, a gaming computer, and a ps2. the only reason i dont have a ps3 is due to its online gaming network and price(Although that has dropped recently <3). While it dose have amazing graphics, and outstanding reliability, i just dont see what the problem with the 360 is.(other than its another Microsoft product -_-) In my opinion, i think the Wii is the biggest heap out there. ps3, 360, and gaming comp any day.

  432. Erik says:

    red ring of death was a MARKETING decision by microsoft. they meant to do it. Uh, talk about ignorant, piece of shit developers, eh? Go PS3! Better system, better company. Always will be. By the way, half the people on the hate mail portion of the site really need to go back to uh.. kindergarten and learn how to spell. rofl.

  433. Don says:

    I agree xbox 360 sucks ass. I own both a 360 and a PS3 and when i found out i had to pay to play online i thought bullshit i’ll play the PS3. But since i bought them both i gave the 360 a chance. Now i’ve had them both about 2 years and i haven’t had a single problem out of the PS3 but my 360 red ringed 3 times. Each time it was still under warranty so it was free thats the only reason i sent it off. My cousin was a big big 360 fan…. that was until he played my PS3 now he is going to buy one. Idk much about the 360’s online game play simply because i’m not going to pay for that when i can do it on the PS3 for FREE. I honestly think you have to be stupid to pay every month or whatever it is. If you would spend a little extra money look at what all you get the 360 doesn’t have. Free online game play, internet access, you can watch blue ray, better graphics the list just goes on and on. So yes the 360 sucks ass

  434. Peter (NZ) says:

    Fuck this cunt of a fucken system!!!! It fucked out not long after I fucken got it, took a fuck long to get fixed then fucked out not long after I got the cunt back!!!!! FUCK!!!!! Now Bill Gates herd of useless fucks won’t fix it because they claim someone tampered with the fucken sticker!!!! The cocksucker on the end of the phone told me it would cost $360 to get fixed out of warranty. I told the pinhead git that I could buy a brand new one for that fucken unbelievable price!!!!!!!! Bill Gates can suck my cock and steam up his 2 inch thick bifocals!…… Well…..all I can say is…….. fuckem.

  435. JakeK says:

    Maybe two years and four xboxes ago i would have disagreed with you but in two years i have gotten red rings once, e-74 twice, and the disc tray error and im so fucking sick of it i will be purchasing a ps3 asap. The only thing i like about xbox is live no matter if you have to pay or not that is excellent but if your debating between a 360 and a ps3 for the love of god get the ps3

  436. Solidus Snake says:

    PS3>XBOX 360 BECAUSE…….Xbox live is too expensive at $50/year and should be free PS3 supports 7 controllers at once and not 4 PS3 has a more powerful CPU and GPU PS3 Controllers dont use your batteries in ONE FUCKING HOUR PS3 Games on average have higher review scores PS3 Games have less pop up PS3 is much better value than 360 PS3 Doesnt have a GODDAMN 50 PERCENT FAILURE RATE PS3 has inbuilt wireless and NOT A STUPID ADAPTER PS3 has a Blu ray player PS3 has sold better everywhere except America PS3 only has less sales because everyone buys 2 xboxs on average because they all break PS3 Harddrives dont have to be sony made unlike 360’s RIP OFF MICROSOFT HARD DRIVES NICE SITE. I LOVE DISSING XBOX I FUCKING HATE MICROSOFT SUPPORT SERVICE.MICROSOFT MAKES OVER 500 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR FROM XBOX LIVE SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!!(10 MILLION MEMBERS AT 50 BUCKS A YEAR)

  437. thanks says:

    xbox 360 is an over rated and over priced piece of shit. microsoft wants you to pay for trailers, demos, live and bad service. red rings, wtf? there is not enough space on the internet to describe my 360 hate.PLEASE GET A PS3 free online, demos, trailers. sony knows what they’re doing to treat people fairly. i had problems connecting to wifi on ps3 and gladly answered with details and works. you get what you pay for+more fuck xbox!

  438. nick says:

    i love you and your website!!!!! fuck xbox!!

  439. The Tortoise says:

    The day I got my ps3, I got laid 4 times by random women. The xbag360 never did that for me.

  440. George says:

    My 360 just got the RROD. What a piece of shit. What really pisses me off is that I hardly even use it and when I decide to buy my first new game in over 6 months it dies and destroys the game! Last year my Ethernet port stopped working and I had to buy the $100 wireless network adapter. Last week I bought the new Madden 2010 and when my system locked up from the RROD the game no longer worked due to a ring around the edge of the disc. They claim I had to have moved the 360, I guess we had a major earthquake in NJ because I did not touch the fucker. I have had enough of the piece of shit system. Tuesday I am buying the PS3 slim. I tired of being milked by Microsoft for this fucking time bomb of a system. I still have time on my warranty but i paid some 16 year old $20 to fix the RROD. This way I can trade the fucker towards my PS3.Your site rocks, I just feel bad for all the sheep out there who still support the 360. It is pure shit.

  441. Redin says:

    The only thing that the 360 really has going for it is the fact that a lot of people play it. AKA I can sit in the dashboard and use it to talk to people, and with all of the disconnected parties I’m starting to lose my faith in that.

  442. brandon says:

    ive been on fucking customer support listening to there fucking shitty fucking music for 20 minutes just to remove a fucking credit card off my account for their bullshit fucking online fee’s fuck you xbox

  443. Sherman says:

    My 360 experiences a 2 ring of red light which means OVER HEAT!!!!! I dont know if it was my fault or MICROSOFT!!!! So i did some research and found out that many people are experiencing the same shit. I called up Xbox and turns out they wanted me to extend my Xbox warranty which expire a year ago.. FUCK THAT!!!! I’ll understand if it was my fault and i drop the system or damage it. But, WTF???? System Failure is what it is….FUCK XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t give a shit about customers and charging everything they can possible can. NEW AVATAR CLOTHES are being charge too..WTF..LAME ASS FUCK..ALL you fagots that buy that shit are fucking LAME!!!!!!!

  444. anthony says:

    Yes death to microsoft,they have not made anything right since the old dos days,they suck and everybody that supports them sucks,I hope I live to see the day when microsoft goes belly up(hopefully soon)there are so many things they could do to redeem themselves but all they care about is making one piece of shit after piece of shit whether it be hardware or software,they blow and anybody who supports them blows bottom line over and out,fuck you to all microsoft asskissers and back patters alike,go to hell

  445. BAT says:

    yeah, i gotta ps3 right when it came out a few years back. last year, i won an xbox. so i started playin it, ended up having to spend an extra $160 just to play online. 3 months ago, my xbox broke. The disc tray stopped reading. I tried EVERY possible fix for it. I sent it in for repairs to microsoft. It worked again, for a day. So, i went out and bought an xbox arcade so i could keep playing. This time, i took it off the shelf (that my ps3 was also on) and placed it on a table so it was very well ventilated. I never played it more than 2 hours a day. 3 weeks later, BAM! red ring of death. So now I have 3 systems, a 3ish year old ps3, kept on a shelf that may have busted my 360 because of ventilation, and i have xbox paperweights. Its ridiculous. Oh, and for anyone complaining about controllers. Have you ever tried using a 360s d-pad? i press up and it still goes left or something. Its annoying when you dont wanna spend $60 on the messenger pack, but you can barely type without it. At least on the ps3 I can get to the letters i wanna select.FUCK XBOX!

  446. John says:

    First off does anybody even know what “the online experience is better” even means? Ask any xbox user and they will reply “the online experience is better,” but they have no idea what the heck that even means. Are they trying to persuade that masturbating to Xbox live is better than to PlayStation Live oh and by the way, PS3 is cheaper than Xbox if you calculate in the price of live and the wireless connector thing πŸ™‚

  447. NerdRelay says:

    God Bless You. the subject says it all for me, my good sir.. I hope you continue your journey to spread ‘Common-Sense’ around the world to all (gamers or not). Thank You Man!!!

  448. Brandon says:

    Sending mine in for the 2nd time now. This update will not work. they made me reformat my hard drive, and lose every fucking thing i had downloaded.

  449. Josh says:

    So, I’ve come to realize something. Every month, Xbox360 seems to beat Playstation 3 in sales. I’ve come to figure out why, which im sure people already know. Cause every month, these peice of shit xbox’s die, and they go and buy another one!Now I get it! Go to hell, xbox!

  450. mrbungle says:

    fuck microsoft those fucking pieces of shit that all speak broken bill gates from fucking cuba or something..oh no wait he isnt just some fag who has border dodgers working for his cheap ass …anyways there trying to charge me 78 pounds because i have the ring of death and my 3 years is up…they can go fuck themselves if they think thats the rather get the ole super nintendo out and play donkey kong than give those fags anymore money…i know what there getting for christmas my xbox sent to them with a piece of shit inside it good luck fixing that! also i just have to say all those fucking dickheads on xbox live can burn in hell

  451. Frank says:

    How can anyone in their right mind think X-Box is good…they haven’t been making game consoles very long and their only famous for the RED EYE and shitty software! Stick with Sony, they know what they’re doing and are definitely superior without question to Microsoft, the games don’t even compare! PS3 is the best hands down, and it’s a fact!

  452. Cristian says:

    fuck xbox piece of shit… follow me on twitter @iamweed209 and visit my youtube channel “thegangstalife4life” oh yeah ps3 is way better all 360sshould burn in hell!!!

  453. Massively Annoyed says:

    Just got off the phone to XBOX support. My 13 month old XBOX elite that I paid 280 quid for refuses to stay on for more than a minute. Jet engine noise, 2 red lights, good fucking night. And no it isn’t on a radiator, wrapped in blankets, or has vents stuffed with fucking cotton wool. Apparently I have to pay 80 quid to get it fixed! Somehow, two red lights isn’t covered by the extended 3 year warranty, no, you need three red lights for that, even though they’re both obviously a fucking hardware failure!!!! Utter. Fucking Cunts.

  454. Anon says:

    Funny site. The hate mail is simply amazing! I will never purchase an xbox unless it was handed to me. All of my friends have had their xbox broken multiple times, and they say the service SUCKS. PS. Tein’s hate mail from 7/3/2009 is just hilarious.Keep up the good fight

  455. michael....again says:

    I visited back to see if my letter got posted in the supporters spot-it did. I checked through the hate mail and Jesus Christ that dude Larry S. needs to get a fucking life. What a fuckin nerd. Sick of Xbox people saying “we rock because of Live”. Is that all you got? PLEASE

  456. jammer says:

    best website ever.

  457. Bill Gates says:

    When I was playing gaybox all of a sudden 2 rings come up and that means internal heating in microsofts ass. So sitting on the phone with Xbox customer support for 2 hours they tell me I have to pay $110 I told them I should have just put the extra 100 in and buy a PS3 and then she shut the phone in my face. GUESS WHAT XBOX you guys fucking suck monkey balls u pricks!

  458. Dan N. says:

    I’m a multiple 360 owner. And when I say multiple, I mean seven (and that one is currently being sent off for repairs), and soon to be eight. Oh, if only I could go back and get a PS3 instead. Sure, the library may not be quite as good, but at least I won’t have to send the damned thing off every few months (and that’s being generous, considering that one 360 lasted twelve minutes). I must also note, that in the time I’ve had seven 360s, my gf has had the same Wii. Oh, the shame of it.I even was duped into buying an elite (which was my most recent system), thinking that the hype surrounding its “bug-free hardware” (meaning it would be less susceptible to the coveted Red Rings of Death) would have some validity. Alas, 11 months later, I get one ring of light, apparently signaling this new “E 74 error” phenomenon. Brilliant. They’ve managed to replace one recall-worthy phenomenon with another.What pains me the most is that others, knowing full well the troubles that plague this idiot-gamer-hype-heavy system (alas, I was grossly misinformed preceding my ill-fated purchase), continue to buy this obvious piece of trash. Why agencies such as the FTC and BBB have not done something about this confounds me, and I humble beg anyone considering buying a next gen system to take a VERY close look at the banner atop this site, and take heed. It pretty much says all you need to know. If you can’t afford a gaming PC (which really is the best option, considering the library), then for God’s sake, get a PS3 or Wii and don’t throw your money away on a system that is GUARANTEED to fail.-Infuriated 360 owner #6,547,890, Dan

  459. PS3 Supporter says:

    Xbox LIVE is too expensive and bullshit. PlayStation Network is so much better. Fuck all you dirty Xbox whores.

  460. J says:

    I thought buying an Elite would solve my problems. Nope, it still fucked up, now I have to call some Filipino support people at Xbox who are clueless script readers. BILL GATES THIS IS YOUR BIGGEST FUCK UP YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKER!!!

  461. xbox 360 basher says:

    I own a wii and a shitbox please fix me. I have to say my wii has NEVER had any problems on it but the shitbox breaksdown AT LEAST 4 TIMES A DAY. im getting real fucking pissed off now, its not even a reliable console, its just another fucking scheme to help fucktard Bill Gates get a fatter wallet. its scratched litterally all my cds and and crashes too much never reading them. Plus they suck the money out of me and rip me off like all the time, asking for my credit card details and shit on Shitbox Live so they can vacuum all the money up in my bank account. Also Microdick have the worst customer service on the planet. I talked to their customer service robot and i mentioned it had fucked up my disks. it replied “flashing red lights, how many are there?” that just made me lose my temper and i hung up. Now im selling that fucking white useless white brick they call an Xbox 360 for a powerful and reliable PS3. Hopefully that will keep me happy.

  462. Bob says:

    I thought that it is funny that this is a real site. I was all pissed off that my 3rd xbox crapped out and i have to send it in to get fixed so i’m ranting and raving FUCK XBOX and i’m like lets type this in and to my surprise it was a real site

  463. FUCKXBOX says:

    The Xbox 360 is just a piece of shit! Ive had 3 of them they all 3 fucked up, one was within two weeks of buying it. I got them all fixed but didnt even bother to sell the last one (threw it away), because I didnt want to feel like an asshole for selling someone something so shitty. FUCK XBOX!

  464. Dalton C says:

    I used to own one of those unreliable pieces of shit that barely qualifies as a gaming console known as an Xbox 360. Without a doubt the biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent. I had it for 2 years, and it broke 5 fucking times. That’s a little more than once every half year, and it took those lazy fuckers at Microsoft 2 weeks to fix it. That means I went 10 fucking weeks out of 2 years console-less, while my PS2 still works from 2001. How fucking humiliating for those fucks at Microsoft.Fuck them, I’m glad I bought a PS3. Been having the time of my life with it, and not once has it fucked up on me. Microsoft needs to get their fucking heads straight, and learn how to not make a faulty fucking product. The fact that Xbox 360 sells more shows the world its full of ignorant, cheap-ass fanboys who love their ‘great xbox 360’. Fucking morons, Xbox 360 fails as a console, and as a creation.

  465. kande says:

    o man!!!! ur fucken awsome bro!!!! i do love my ps3 shes my baby!!!! and dont u fuck with my baby!!!! so fuck u xbox peope please get a fucken job and come up with the money for a ps3 do yourselfs a favor!!!!! ps. i wish xbox was never created!!!!!*kande* fuck xbox and its creators

  466. deathmachine says:

    Just wanted to let you know I’ve got your back. I’m sending my 360 in for the third time. When I get my new one, its going straight up to Gamestop to be exchanged for a PS3. FUCK XBOX, Microsoft, and anyone who thinks 360 is superior.

  467. SLEEPY_HEAD_23 says:

    Well i have bought 2 360’s and i got to say it was a fucken waste of money..For my first 360 i had to pay for xbox live which was $50 for a year.. then i bought a fan and cooler which in total was like another $50 bucks… so i spend $100 n plus the cost of my 360 it was like $300 and something dont remember plus with games i bought like COD4, Turok and others which the PS3 has already it was like at least $400 which i could of bought a PS3. Then the 360 got the RROD.. i send it microsoft they send it back and it did not work so i bought another which was and elite and i got the RROD the 3rd day i got it, took it back to best buy n got a refund and i bough my self a PS3 which is way better than the 360.. xbox is a waste of money, garbage, stupid console, badly built… BUY A PLAYSTATION 3 its worth it… n im happy with my PS3…

  468. Josh says:

    Im not gonna lie, I own an Xbox 360. I also own a Playstation 3 and a Wii. Anyway, I have had my xbox for 13 months. The motherboard fried apparently from what microsoft told me over the phone, yet they only warranty that problem for 12 months. So they want me to pay $100 online, or $120 over the phone. Fuck that man, I spent $400 on this peice of shit just over a year ago. Just another reason why I love my playstation more, is doesnt fail me! Fuck you, xbox!

  469. Anonymous 360 user says:

    The reliability issues of the 360 are simply, and unequivocally, awful. I’ve had my 360, and have actually enjoyed the games that it brings to the field, but it was an overhyped, overpriced, poorly designed and rushed piece of floppy hardware. Now, its not to say its not a good console in itself, but the reliability is atrocious, I’ve already had a game destroyed because of the disk scratching capability of the 360, and its failed 4 times now due to the RROD, and to put the icing on the cake, they fucked me over in the money department. I recently tried downloading something from XBLMarketplace, and got a connection error… but it still somehow managed to take my points! i have happy memories, but the recent updates have doomed it to mediocrity. -No more awesomely easy to use Blade System -No more easy to get connection -No more happy customers…Sincerely, Anon

  470. DIE XBOX DIE says:

    MY xbox 360 broke 6 monthes ago said they would send me a FREE shipping label. NEVER got it so I had to fix it then 3 days later it broke SO F AND xbox 360

  471. F says:

    on the same same day i bought a 360, i got those faggotty red rings of death; i returned that piece of shit system, and got myself a ps3best fucking choice i’ve ever made pass on the torch of knowledge, my fellow gamers!

  472. Nathan says:

    It’s fucked up 4 times now on me. It’s a piece of shit. I’m buying a PS3. Fuck Xbox and it’s shitty quality.

  473. phillip s says:

    i know exactly what you mean, and to prove your point, id like to let you know that i was a 360 fan for a couple years until i realized how much of a piece of shit it is. i have bought 3 xbox 360 consoles, and all of them broke down. can you fuckin believe it? over 1000 dollars invested, just to be destroyed. fuck xbox 360 and fuck you microsoft. your a bunch of money hungry cunts. everyone who defends the xbox 360 is just ignorant. you will realize one day when your piece of shit breaks down and your left with nothing. you should put this on the front page so all these fuckin idiots will realize how corrupt microsoft really is. i wish someone would fuckin kill everyone responsible for spawing this piece of shit gaming system. playstation 3 all the way.

  474. michael says:

    So, I was playing my Xbox last week when it just froze. It was my SIXTH xbox, for a week it wouldn’t read the disc. When I was going to trade it in at Best Buy-my plan had expired. After talking to Xbox support, I came to the conclusion(s) that: 1-this is just ridiculous, I’m on my SIXTH xbox, 2-This piece of shit is causing me MORE many than my PS3 has FOUR times over. 3-Xbox support is just horrible. 4-That gamer’s thing/awards should give an award called “Gamer’s choice” to everyone BUT xbox-just to fuck em. They offered for me to send it in to fix it-I declined and rather politely said “no thanks, I’m done with you people” where they replied with ‘sorry to hear that’ and THEY hung up. Where I then took a sledge hammer to the xbox I had had for all of 45 days and REALLY enjoyed doing all the things I’d wanted to do to EACH of my five previous xbox’s. I traded in all my games for my PS3, the guy noticed and asked ‘whats up?’, I explained and he referred me to this site. OUTSTANDING that someone has set this site up-especially with the title of it. I’m not that big into gaming but-if that thing they have on G-3 ever gives awards-I hope they give a “Shittiest quality” award xbox and I dont feel bad at all giving my email address cause I’ll gladly help vote, call, whatever it takes. FUCK XBOX!!

  475. God says:

    I have to say i have both consoles but the only reason is because of crackdown, left for dead, fable (sucks balls!!!) and halo(shit!) i hate the sytem so much i blew it up with some fireworks. i love my sony and support EA for everything they do for it. Fuck valve and fuck every fucking fuck xbox fuck fan fucking microsoft shit fag gay heads!

  476. Jessie says:

    Its not actually the system it self i hate i have had the same system for almost a year and have had no problems with it except the problem of my husband will not stay off of it he wakes up plays xbox goes to work come home plays xbox go to bed wake up and do it all over again in all actuallality i hate all gaming systems.

  477. Big Mike says:

    This website really speaks to me!!! I didn’t even buy my Xbox. I swiped it from the company on loan. I didn’t even use the console that long before it fried like KFC…. I’ve owned my PS2 four years now and it acted weird for a month (when I started play Xbox 360). When Xsux 360 stopped, my PS2 started working! If you want a good deal, you’re better off spending $400 for a PS3 than shelling out $300 for Xsux 360… you’ll spend your time enjoying GREAT games not trying fix your fucking console…. ARGH!

  478. Bill says:

    I wonder if it is possible to file a lawsuit or sumthing against them since I bought two xbox 360’s in the past two years and each one fucked up.. Xbox is a foolproof lie regardless of what anyone says. And who wants to pay the fucking money to play online, I did and ended up getting fucked over since they have malfunctioning hardware..Everyone who works for XBOX are scumbag wastes out to get peoples money, hell I bet they have PS3’s at home their dam selfs..

  479. Shiznickels says:

    There should really be no doubt at this point that the PS3 is a far better machine. I have a launch 60g system and use every feature available, from watching high def video to web browsing and of course playing the kick ass games. I have never had a problem with my system and I am very happy with my decision to pay a little extra, the thing has been well worth the money and I would do it all over again without hesitation. I have never played a 360 and will never bother to do so, I’m convinced the only reason that anyone bought the 360 is the price tag and not the technology. If you call yourself a gamer and you play on a 360 you should be ashamed of yourself.

  480. brandon says:

    im a mechanic, its quite intersting when you take an air hammer to an xbox 360 πŸ™‚ fuck off microsoft, you have made the WORST CONSOLE EVER!

  481. Brandon H says:

    thank you for making this website, i just typed fuck xbox 360 on google when i was pissed one night and this popped up giving my eyes an orgasm reading it, i agree with everything you say congratulations for making the most appropriate and mindhelpful website ever!

  482. jason says:

    the x box 360 is the biggest piece of shit ever made. i hope microsoft is proud of the epic piece of crap that breaks down every other week. and its nice to know they have no problems stealing our money in the economy were in. i have spent the 400 on a system another 1000 to 1500 on games and maybe 2 or 300 on accessories. i wish i could get it all back and just have waited for the ps3 to come out i had a psone and a ps2 and never had a problem with them. well i have learned my lesson and will never buy microsoft equipment of any kind again. im buying a ps3 and never looking back and my computers are going to be apples from now on too. so fuck you you x box and microsoft and bill gates can suck a fat one. i hope all of you x box employees rot in hell… have a nice day

  483. marty says:

    man i 100% agree with you you could have also said bill gates is an ass-wipe who wears a stupid hat!! all the ass-wipe’s who support the shit-box 3-shity CANT be bothered to give sony’s playstation 3 a chance so TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DO THAT FUCK THEM!!! STUPID NO BRAIN FUCKERS!! AND TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO NEVER HAD, AND DONT HAVE A PS3 AND ARE GIVING THEIR COMMENT ON THIS PAGE FUCK OFF!!!! BUY 1,TRY 1,GET 1. YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCK’S. THIS GUY IS 100% RIGHT IF YOU FUCKER’S WANT TO FUCK WITH ME MY EMAIL IS MATT@YAHOO.COM STFU DICK HEAD’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  484. Eric says:

    Microsoft is the cancer that’s killing the gaming industry. Ever since they entered it, it’s all been downhill after that. Throwing money at every video game company they can get their dirty hands on. Trying to monopolize the industry in one whole company. Gamers would be better off without Microsoft or the 360. All I’ve been hearing from them is shit talking. Some how they’re considered superior to other consoles? How? Money, that’s how. It’s not consumer support, at all. Because of them, I’m reconsidering not gaming anymore, I’m just fucking tired of the bullshit and propaganda. I should just stick with PCs. Video games aren’t the same anymore. The industry died, when they entered the market. I smell 1983 again.

  485. ryan says:

    i personally love xbox, i like it better then any system and i like the games alot better. but as im saying that i recently played 3 mlb 2k9 games in a row. i won the world series 3 times in a row, but after the game it fuckin froze and i got crazy. xbox freezes all the time and it fuckin pisses me off. also i got the red light of death about a year ago. I dont know why i play a system that pisses me off constantly. xbox is the best system out there but it is a piece of shit. i always think about buying a playstation but i never really liked it. but fuck.

  486. Joseph says:

    You can sit up to six glasses on it. Fuck x box. It can’t fuck with ps3 and psn. Why in the fuck would microsoft make you pay for online gaming? Not only is psn free, but its wireless where as you have to pay an xtra $100.00 for the wireless capabilities for the xbox. And the piece of shit already broke down on me once. However I do have something good to say about xbox, it looks good sitting next to my fax machine. Eat a dick Microsoft.

  487. mitchell says:

    I’m currently staring at my overheating xbox(2RRs) as I type this; wondering why I’ve committed so much to this piece of garbage. This is my 2nd xbox. My first one crapped out on me a year to the day that I got it. I’ve had my second one for about 7 months and now it has down right bricked on me. I’ve spent the last week doing the “10 penny trick”, fixing the x-clamps, to no avail. Only today have I FINALLY rid myself of the emotional attachment to this horrid device. I guarantee you I will not be getting another nor will I get this ass mongling, carpet munching, wallet fucking, shit eating, chode slurping piece of trash fixed. Thanks for the site. Went to google and typed “Fuck XBOX”. Seems I’m not the only one out here. Looks like I’m back home to playstation. ^_^

  488. Obama says:

    In America, we need change. Fuck me in the ass! I hate Xbox! I prefer Anal Sex! Fuck me!!!

  489. Ben says:


  490. fuckxbox360 says:


  491. Greg T. says:

    As a loyal PlayStation supporter, I too hate Xbox. Except what the fuck do gay people have to do with the Xbox? Why the fuck are people calling each other “faggots”? It’s simple, Xbox is used for people with mediocre gaming experience, constant levels of Halo and Gears of War provides them with happiness, fucking retards. You can’t even visit the web with that shit, my moms 1990 Nokia has a fucking web browser, and a shit console of $300 won’t let you get on the web. Even if it did, only MSN would be available.

  492. Frustrated-Shitbox-3Fixme-owner says:

    i owned a truly horrific console which is called the xbox 360. it looks like a big dump of shit at first glance but i thought back then looks can be decieving. when i first turned one the piece of junk it was so loud i thought a jet engine just flew by. and then the controller is heavy for a controller. the microsoft customer support is RUBBISH. the retarded 360 fans dont even realise that the xbox 360 actually costs MORE than the PS3. you have to pay for the console, wireless adaptor, Xbox live account, earphones, usb charger for the controller and all this upgrades. this is the part i really dont understand, they want me to pay REAL MONEY for xbox microsoft points. what retard would want to do that? the graphics is not what i expected, there are crappy games available for the shitty console and the worst problem of all is the RROD (Red Ring Of Death.) my xbox 360 just lived for a pitiful 3 months. when i got the RROD i got a sledgehammer and smashed it and then put the remains back in the green box and seent it back to bill gates and his servants. now i am planning to buy a ps3 and never trust microsoft again.

  493. mike says:

    mine had the RRoD thing, so they sent me another one, and it broke, now they want me to pay 120$ more to get it fixed…after paying 500$ to buy it originally…….fuck that shit

  494. patrick s. says:

    I FUCKING HATE XBOX ITS STUIPED ASS SHIT not only a rip off but there networking is a piece of shit you wonder why so many people work at mirosoft because there such piece of shit

  495. max says:

    i just read the hate mail with the japanese guy or whatever who said our president is a nigger. i agree with him with that but i do thin XBOX IS A PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT. i swer i pissed in my fan when it overheated cause it got the gay red thing ring or whatever.

  496. BamaBrando says:

    Xbox is a piece of shit! I just took a sledgehammer to mine. Then I called them and told them I had the RROD of death. They are going to send me a box to fix it. I doubt they’ll be able to piece everything together though!!!

  497. Mike B. says:

    I tried signing up for a 3 month Xbox live subscription back in February and because my card is prepaid it didn’t have the funds to cover it at the time.After I added funds I tried to reauthorize the purchase but my card had been blocked. Of course I can’t remove my billing information so I called their support line.After about an hour and 1/2 with their billing support then finally speaking with their manager I find my card has been “banned”. What the fuck!? After one billing attempt.-I put $250 on my card this morning. More than enough to cover it. They will not allow me to use that card on that account but they won’t allow me to remove it either.I did however use that same card (Today!!) to buy the Pitt expansion for Fallout 3 on a different gamertag I set up. It authorized just fine. Obviously not “banned” for that account.I’m so fucking sick of defending Microsoft. I work for Apple and I’m forced to be civil with competitors but it will be very difficult going forward.You failed Microsoft. You failed and to whatever meatbags set up your billing system, I sincerely hope your families develop cancer and suffer miserably before dying a horrible death! I just hope you live long enough to witness the extent of their suffering!!Oh yeah… did I mention I’m pissed?

  498. killfacex3 says:

    fuck shitbox dick60 fuck ms in der fuckn assholes and fuck shitbox lovers der only jealouse cuz were all pretty much still on our 1st ps3s wile doze fuckn horse fuckin cock gobblers are on 8 or 20 shit boxs hahaha “da best gamin system” my ass id rather play my ps1 den dat shitty lame excuse for a gaming consle wat a fuckn waste of technology and gears of war better den killzone 2? das like comparin an ant 2 a human foot go jack off to ur gaylo and queers of war u fuckn little faggots i hope ur shitboxs die on every single person in dis world at da same time so we can all hear it on da news about dis “tragedy” and also we wanna see all da dickbox fags cryin on da tv ill just wach it wen dey put it on youtube so i can watch on my PS3 u fuckn master chief cock suckn faggets

  499. ELDYLO says:

    The xbox 360 just looks like shit and plays like shit. You gotta do all this crap just so break and most of the time it breaks anyway. Everyone is so addicted to gears of whores that game suck fat slong compaerd to mgs4 or killzone 2. And now they trying anime and rpg lovers on their side star ocean and bikini samuri(horrible game both) but disgaea blows both of them out of the water. All you people sending hate mail probably own xbox 360 so let me say this I’ve played your “great system” and let me tell you the gameboy was more enjoyable and talking about the bad games for the gameboy ps3 beats you in graphics and 20 millon people playing on the playstation network beats the xbox live.

  500. PUN1SH3R says:

    This is a fucking great site! I hope the shit box and all of its fan boy’s eat a cock. I can’t believe so many losers traded in there mom’s food stamps to buy such a crappy system.

  501. Tahir says:

    XBOX and XBOX 360 is simply a pile of shit, I won’t even piss on this console. Fuck Microsoft for doing such a terrible mistake, money hungry assholes.Lets hope RRoD will haunt Microsoft forever until they stop making ShitBox 360.PC, PS3 and Wii is the best combination for gamers.

  502. PS3Owner says:

    My first Xbox 360 died in just 10 days from the RROD. Yes TEN FUCKING DAYS!!! I got a replace and a few weeks later it started freezing up! What the FUCK?! So I took it to Game and sold it to them for Β£150. Few months later I decided to give Xbox 360 another try, lasted all of 2 months before it got the fucking E74 error on Christmas Day!!! What a fuck! I took it back to the shop the next day and got it replaced. I then sold it and all the games and had enough money to get a PS3. That was over a year ago and guess what? The PS3 aint put a foot wrong. I whacked in a 320gb hard drive for Β£50 (a 120gb 360 hard drive can cost around Β£100!! Bollocks to that). Sony are coming along nicely and like many others I never experience lag on PSN and whats more its free!!!Fuck you Microsoft and your shitbox please-fix-me fucking pricks as soon as you rush out the XBOX 720 You’ll ditch the 360 just like you ditched Xbox 1 and your sheep will be left with a piece of shit.Fuck Xbox 360 but even more Fuck Microsoft.PS3 will pwn it!!

  503. Kyle C. says:

    First off, FUCK YOU MICROSOFT. Now that the formalities are out of the way, I’d like to express my anger towards that cock-smoking money hungry piece of shit company that is microsoft. I bought a PS3 because my PSX, PS2 and PSP are all still fully functional TO THIS VERY DAY. Fuck, even if you chip a PSX it soldiers on, Sony know how to make, maintain and market games and games machines, FACT. I have a friend who worked in a factory dissembling 360’s that had died for whatever reason (suicide no doubt). He saw THOUSANDS of those shitty excuses for electronic entertainment consoles go through that factory every day. Expensive door-stops. Paper-weights. Fuck, I doubt I’d even use it for that, it might explode and burn my paper and/or door.Funny thing is, I’d love a decent competitive market here, that’s how great things happen in the entertainment industry, competition. But Sony hasn’t got a fucking chance if those arse-raping megalomaniac CEO fucks at microsoft are willing to chuck FIFTY FUCKING MILLION dollars just for exclusive DLC for their inferior console. Why can’t people see those idiots just want your money, all of it, all of your money for the rest of your life. I understand Sony also want a profit margin, it business, but they’re not willing to bankrupt themselves to keep up with a software giant that has just stepped into game market to get a foothold over Apple. Console gamers are being punished by microsoft because Apple are taking their rightful place in the computing market. The 360 is microsoft’s swan-song, a belated and shitty attempt to rectify years of piss-poor development. I can’t wait until people are dancing around burning effigies of He Who Shall Not Be Named. Go and die microsoft, and die slowly in a corner. Of hepatitis B. From eating your own diseased shit.

  504. german_boy says:

    Hey! How you doing? Thanks for your page, itΒ΄s completely 100 % RIGHT what you say about the rrod-box πŸ˜‰ Greetings from “We-hate-XBOX-Germany”

  505. jake says:

    mate i dont like xbox’s either but you dont have to go pissing over it, console wars kill consoles. some advice go onto killzone 2 go to warzone join a clan meet up with your friends and get higher ranks and cool down

  506. Beloff says:

    Finally, someone who understands that the PS3 has always been superior! Xbox has nothing on Killzone 2. In fact, my Xbox 360 just got the RROD today, what a fucking shocker. Now I can get even more time on PS3.I’m good at games, but my Xbox Live gamerscore is around 1000 because I’m always on my Playstation!

  507. X-out the Box says: guy, I love my versatile Xbox 360! it can do so many things! it makes a wonderful litterbox for my partially retarded cat. it makes very good firewood on those cold days. be careful though, it only burns people’s souls. You can use it as a footrest whilst playing your ps3. very effective doorstopper. perfect for target practice. makes a great gift to any douche bag. oh but the possibilities dont stop there! utilizing the most advance technology in computer engineering, it death farts on itself every 3 months. guy, you see, the Xbox 360 DOES NOT suck in these areas. It excels in them. And we all must remember that if we are ever to truly…. Fuck Xbox.

  508. mbito says:

    i love my xbox 360 with a burning passion but it just bricked (rrod) on me so right now i am in a fucking hate mood!!! fuck XBOX!!!!! until i get mine bck than i will love my xbox again!!!!!

  509. Vizier says:

    They’re releasing Halo Wars as a 360 exclusive. WTF is with that shit? I actually liked the old Xbox, but the 360 is nothing but a steaming turd floating in the toilet of bad video game ideas. I actually liked Halo, and Wars looks like a decent RTS, but not releasing such a game on the PC? That’s just dumb. They’re absolutely killing the potential for a good game here. It’s like they expect everyone to buy their garbage system just to play one decent game(the games that ARE good usually get released for PC as well). The people at Microsoft are a bunch of dicks, and I hope Bill Gates’ home burns down from a 360 catching fire.

  510. Kyubi_Kun :3 says:

    My friends keep telling me that the Xbox 360 is so frickin awesome… well.. I played the 360… It can go blow up in hitler’s ass. :3 (Where that insult came from i dunno.. XD) I hate xbox… Its no good.. i mean the graphics are ok…. but… i dunno… XD i’m no good at judging things! anyway, i support the xbox haters. :3 You know what? I’m tired of everyone calling you so many fuckin names…. so what if you hate Xbox? It’s your fuckin opinion.. and just cause these jackasses disagree they have to send all this fuckin hate mail with all this fuckin cursing? To all you haters… GET A FUCKIN LIFE. <_< WII PWNS. :3 PS3 FTW. :3 Xbox 360 can blow up in Bill Gates' ass. XD

  511. Really Pissed says:

    Alright, first and foremost, this is coming from an owner of 3 Xbox 360 consoles.I’ve fucking had it with this sub-par fucking machine.I have sunk so much money into this piece of shit especially when it comes to DLC.So i bring my 360 to a friends house who does not have an internet connection, and guess what? Big surprise,i couldnt use any of my DLC including full games i had purchased.So i figure theres a way to remedy this and i go to (a waste of bandwidth by the way).There i see the license transfer tool which i figured might help since i had bought a new hard-drive (for purchasing more DLC, catch 22 right?).And of course, the stupid fucking site doesnt seem to recognize my gamertag or something because ive made no progress.I’m tired of spending hard earned money on something i can use with strings attached. I’ve owned a PS3 and had to end up selling it.But i NEVER had a problem like this with that console.But your right,Xbox doesn’t seem to give a shit.And it seems like the things they try to “fix” are the same things they caused in the first place. FUCK XBOX FUCK MICROSOFT AND ESPECIALLY FUCK LIVE!!!!!!

  512. Fisher says:

    FUCK ASS!!! My god damn 360 just went AWOL on me! MOTHER FUCKER! This is the second time in two years. This blows ass! I just get a new game and BAM it decides its done! WELL FUCK YOU MICROSOFT! With your god damn shitty customer service were the people can’t speak english and dont know what they are talking about. I got RRoD-ed! And to get a new one its gonna cost me and guess what FUCK THAT! I FUCKING LOVE THE XBOX but THIS QUALITY IS SO SHITTY!!! ITS JUST A CYCLE OF CONSUMERISM! Damn i just needed to get that out. FUCKING BUTT PIRATES!! SHIT EATING ASS GOBLINS!!! DICK!! And good day! FUCK!

  513. XBOXLIVESUCKS says:

    GO DIE!!!!! DIE!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!XBOX LIVE FUKING SUCKS MAN!!!!!!!IT Stinks!!!!!

  514. Reikhan says:

    I seriously agree with everyone. The main reason why I have a Wii is that the 360 costs to damn much to make sure you’re gonna actually get a system that first of all, has everything, and two, ACTUALLY WORKS. I mean, myh brother was soooo excited to buy one, after buying a used one, he had to go BACK to the store to buy the hard drive, cuz it didn’t come with it. Next thing was that, on the Wii, I can play online for free. I’ve already spen over 200 bucks buying a console that will eventually crash and burn, why should I have to pay more to play online??? This is NOT some online game like WoW. It’s A FUKKEN CONSOLE!!!! I like my wii. 360’s and PS3’s are waaaaay too close to being computers, hence why they crash….

  515. kimhamm says:

    Your right Bro this Unit suck’s ass. Bought one last Xmas along with a Wii for the kid’s. Wii’s going strong. Sent the xbox away to get fixed this past january havent has it back for a month and the thing crapped out again. What a fucking joke.. I called tech support and when I got them on the line there like how can I assist you and shit.I went through the process and when they asked how they could help me I stated” You cant help me when it come’s to your product.. But I want you to know I burned that cheap ass console in a bonfire last night and whenever I go to gamespot I’m gonna testify how shitty your product is.. The wii and ps3 are so inferior to this piece of shit…

  516. Vince says:

    I have never owned an XBOX or the 360. I’ve been dealing with Sony since the Playstation 1 and have yet to be disappointed. My best friend, however, was foolish enough to purchase an XBOX 360 after running his course with PS1 and PS2. I’ve been through the argument with him countless times. My PS3 is better in every fucking way and he refuses to admit it, even after being on his 5th XBOX 360… flat out fucking refuses. Have fun all you faggot XBOX supporters out there getting that huge, phallic microshit shoved up your ass.

  517. BillGatesHaterMOFO says:

    Bill Gates owes me three xboxs. Im just glad i modded my shit so i dont have to pay for crap games.

  518. marcus says:

    thank you xbox, for putting my blood pressure through the roof, thank you xbox for eating my fucking 60 dollar brand new game and scratching it to shit, thank you xbox for requiring ridiculously expensive addons that other consoles include in base models, thank you for charging me to play on “xbox live”, thank you for letting me lose that connection to host every 5 fucking minutes. at this rate im going to be bald by the time im 25, oh and playing gears of war 2 makes me want to chainsaw my fucking xbox, way to ruin a badass game fuckers.

  519. Alexander says:

    My girlfriend bought me an Xbox 360 ELITE for christmas. You’d think if you bought the most expensive version of the damn console it would last at least a year. Red Ring of Death within 2 weeks. Didn’t even play it that much. Sent it back, waited 3 weeks for a new one. Work fine . . . . for 1 week. RED RING OF FUCKING DEATH! I EVEN BOUGHT A GOD DAMNED FUCKING COOLING UNIT AND LAID IT DOWN HORIZONTALLY AND TURNED THE HEAT OFF IN THE ROOM IT WAS IN. THE THING WAS LIKE AN ICE CUBE. RED RING OF FUCKING DEATH AGAIN WITHIN A WEEK OF A NEW ONE. I am done. This thing is the worst console I’ve ever dealt with. An original NES still works better than this fubar piece of shit. I’ve had the same computer for 5 years without upgrading it, and even tore out most of the fans. No crashing, no overheating. I get the “latest state of the art” console from Microsoft. Not even 1 month of play. The people that play online are a bunch of immature fanboys as well. Annoying 12 year old shit heads that have nothing better to do than figure out glitches in the game and exploit them, rather than playing for fun and fair. FUCK MICROSOFT! I AM NOT ONLY RETURNING THE XBOX 360 AND GETTING MY MONEY BACK, I WILL NOT BE BUYING WINDOWS EVER AGAIN. I WILL SWITCH TO LINUX OR MAC. FUCK MICROSOFT.

  520. Maxwell says:

    The Xbox 360 is a little fun but almost all the PlayStation 3’s features are better including graphics. I am definitely a supporter of your opinion.

  521. Amin says:

    I agree 100% with this shit. Xbox sucks dicks and i really dunno why anyone would even compare xbox to the original PS1 not the amazing PS3 or WII. I love you dude. Run for president

  522. Hedge Hog says:

    Nice site! Seems you have a fair share of friends and enemies. Let me tell you a story:While I was pondering on which console to go for, I asked some friends for their input. Only one of them recommended the XBox 360, and even then he warned me away from it if I was worried about the RROD. An XBox owner actually suggested I don’t buy the console! I considered the PS3 and the Wii, and eventually the PS3 won my heart. About 3 months after the purchase, the Blu-Ray drive failed. I simply took it back to the store and they gave me a new one. Simple as that! No ringing tech support or haggling with staff. Just a simple switch! That’s why I’ll always stick with my PS3. Long Live Playstation! Oh, any XBox owners reading this? PlayTV is fantastic!

  523. Tom says:

    First of all I agree with you. FUCK MICROSOFT and FUCK the XBOX 360. EVERY single one of my friends that has purchased an xbox 360 has had RROD and returned it for service. Some more than a few times. I just bought one of the latest model 360’s to (hopefully) avoid this problem. Now I’m considering exchanging my 360 for an entirely different reason, XBOX LIVE. A -FREE- one month subscription came with my system, so I used it. I put in some user information. I enjoy my privacy so I only entered my initials as my name. Once the month expired I tried to renew it with a “PURCHASED” $50 year subscription. No go. Called them, long story short, had to update all my information with their unscrupulous asses. The indian agent says he’s gotta get his supervisor to “unlock” my account. Supervisor goes over all the same bs and wastes more of my time only to tell me they will get back to me in 5-10 business days. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? I asked for HIS supervisor, got no where. His supervisor will call me back in 3-5 business days. IM DONE WITH THIS THING. I PAID $300 for the machine $100 for wireless that should have been included like PS3, not to mention 4 games at $60 a piece and the $50 year live subscription. Only reason I haven’t rushed to the store to exchange it for a PS3 is ALL of my friends have xbox 360 and play many games that are xbox only like Left 4 Dead… GOD DAMMIT. FUCK MICROSOFT.

  524. mattieu says:

    finally somebody who understand me but 1 think its a little bit to much from the wii because that is really stupid but what ever!!!!!! MAN i love this site, ooooo and did you know because of Xshit 000 i mean Xbox 360 gta 4 and a lot of other games were made smaller because the DVD-ROM(of the Xshit 000. you know what i mean its to hard to type the good name)because the DVD_ROM only haves 8 GB and the blue ray (of the future PS3!!!!!)haves 50 GB!!!!!!! a lot more space than the Xshit 000 so they could make A NEW GENERATION OF GAMES. but yeah people are still saying Xshit 000 is better and they going to make more Xshit 000.and because of that there are not going to try to have more space on there disc for the Xshit 000 so there is never going to be a new GENERATION for games because of the Xshit 000 thank you for your attention.

  525. k dub says:

    FUUUUUCCKKK x box and microsoft. i have over $1000’s of microsofts x box hardware in my house but all i can do is sit in here an stare at three red flashing lights. i really want to slap anybody who had a part in designing, manufacturing or even marketing this piece of shit. the x box 360 is a waste of money and never should have been put on the shelves with so many malfunctions. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY JUST BUY A PS3.

  526. PS3 Mexican Fan says:

    Thanks for making a website that make more sense than da 360 bullshit, i’m a huge PS3 fan, and every time i see a 360 console, it just makes me want to break that bitch. NICE WEBSITE Keep it Up. ((PS34 LIFE))

  527. Aaron says:

    I am so disappointed in this piece of shit. Why the fuck would you release a fucking turd box three-dicks-tee if you know it’s going to fuck up? three red rings? HELLO! this is microsoft, I just fucked your wallet. Thanks! bye. That’s fucking uncalled for. you would think that microsoft, one of the biggest software companies in the world, would stand behind the product a little bit more. I just picked one up from the store, and popped in a brand new copy of GTA IV and what do I get three hours later? BOOM! No graphics, and RROD. If they “didn’t know about it” why the fuck would you put an indicator light on it to tell you it’s fucked? RETARDED. I just got done hooking up my ORIGINAL ps2, mind you which is close to ten years old, has been moved AROUND the fucking country, beaten up and dropped hundreds of times, and the motherfucker started up just like it did the DAY I BOUGHT IT!Microsoft can start by licking my taint, and work their way up to my balls, (get the cheese outta there microsoft). I won’t even dignify them with my shaft. I was thinking about sending them a piece of my shit, encased in their shitbox 360 and telling them they owe me 200 bucks. Isn’t that the way it works?Fuck xbox, I’m going to the store right fucking now to pick up a ps3. Sony all the fucking way.

  528. Mike M. says:

    ok you shitbox 360 fanboys i got something for ya. your precious xbox 360 is like a guy that tries to compensate for his 2 inch penis by going to the gym and working out. sure, gears of war and halo are appealing games and they are fun. i know. i have owned 3 shitbox 360s. but the simple fact is it doesnt perform and its not reliable. my 8 year old playstation 2 has lasted longer than all 3 of my shitboxes combined. i brought it out and started playing resident evil 4 after shitbox #3 died. sony playstation 3 has blu ray, card readers, internet browsing, free online play, sixaxis, 80 gig drive, HDMI (360 elite =gay) and a quiet fan all right out of the goddamn box. u can also copy stuff from your computer to it and watch mpg4 movies and stuff. u can upgrade the hard drive to 600 gig for the same price as 120 gig shitbox drive. Now, i hear people say all the time that “the playstation 3 is soooo overpriced.” YOU GOTTA BE FUCKING SHITTING ME!!!! Right now at this very second, the 80 gig playstation 3 is selling for $399.99 Canadian at best buy. shitbox doesnt come with bluray, card readers, 80 gig drive, quiet fan, wifi, free online play or motion control. after u pay for all that shit to go with your obsolete console it ends up costing you more than to get a ps3 with all of it right out of the fucking box. playstation 3 rules. xbox 360 sucks. thats the bottom line. i am canadian, i love the playstation 3, and I HATE THE XBOX 360!!!!

  529. Joe says:

    Dude ur so right, read ur site. Xbox and fucking micrsoft are FUCKING shitty, no wonder everybody wants a MAC instead of a windows. And xbox support sucks more dick than a corner hoe on one day! If you call them the only thing they can say is that what u wants can’t be done. GREAT SITE! and fuck all those haters, just wait till u guys have a broken disk with a perfect circle scratch in it, or till you have a RROD. Ill be there to laugh!

  530. Clayton P. says:

    finally somebody who got it right

  531. howsitgoin says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you. Love the site, by the way. I lol when i got an exact match for my search. hey you know what would be fun? NOT PLAYING XBOX! HA HA….ha..

  532. Keenan says:

    I feel bad just cause the Xbox 360 users can’t afford a decent console cause they’re too fucking poor to buy a PS3 so they try and say shit about the PS3 but theres nothing better on the Xbox 360 so they’re fucking wasting they’re time. And I love it when they say the Xbox’s graphics are better, compare PS3 and Xbox 360 on a 1080p and tell whos got the better fucking graphics.FUCK THE XBOX 360

  533. Raja says:

    Xbox 360 creates a mass of fake gamers that act like they’re pro gamers and laugh at everything else. For example, EVERYONE who has an xbox360 in my dorm hall, all they do is play Halo. Nothing else, and they just play it all day long. They think they’re pro gamers and this is the shit. I’ll show them real games all the way from Secret of Mana to Valkyria chronicles, and they all laugh saying it looks shitty and what kind of dumb game is this and that I need to play halo. I was like wow…fake gamers. Thoughts?

  534. FuxBox says:

    I made the mistake of purchasing an Xbox 360. After four failed attempts at a working 360, Microsoft finally told me that my warranty is expired and want more money to “fix” it again. Bullshit. Fuck Xbox 360.

  535. Roy says:

    Fuck Microsoft and their fucking xbox360, they can all kiss my ass. Why the fuck i was given one of these pieces of shit in the first place is beyond me. Not only has this piece of shit broken down THREE times, now motherfucking microsoft wants $100 dollars to repair it are you shitting me. No fuck that im getting a Wii, i’m going to take this piece of shit xbox and finally get some enjoyment out of it. I’m going to take this bitch outside and hit it with a baseball bat, until i fucking feel satisfied. Fuck you microsoft, fuck you very much you sons of a bitch.

  536. Jake says:

    Why are all XBox fans condescending assholes? It just seems to come with the territory. I’m so sick of hearing it. “lol ps3rd place is teh suxors.” Well, enjoy your red ring of death. My console of choice still works after two years of hard use. Enjoy your HD-DVD add-on.Halo is garbage, an average FPS with a decent muliplayer component. The Resistance series has a much more interesting story and a unique atmosphere. Gears of War is stupid. The character design is ugly and the story is carbon copy.XBox 360 is successful because of marketing, and hardcore Xbox fans are marks.I’m so glad I found this site. Fuck the XBox 360.

  537. Dr. Awesome says:

    I never thought that I would discover such a bright corner on this dark, dark internet. Just when my faith as a PS3 owner was starting to die, I found this beloved website. I think that the XBOX 360 is an absolute piece of garbage. People argue about price points. Why? The PS3 costs less than the 360 when you factor in the things that it’s actually BUILT with, you know, HDMI, Blu-Ray, wireless internet, free-to-play online. And as for the exclusives — Gears of War is a fucking terrible series when compared to PS3 exclusives. I think that PS3 is just being left out in the cold and it’s great exclusives are just being overlooked (Little Big Planet, Uncharted, Motorstorm), and instead everyone is playing shitty grizzled space marine shooters on XBOX 360 (Gears of War, HALO.) Thank you for improving my day by hating Microsoft.

  538. Harvey says:

    Yeah fuck that piece of shit man they think its better than PS3? Wii? Hell naw man people think Live is good fuck live to im sick of peoples shit saying ps3 has no games.. 360? Gaylo 3 .. Tears of War.. what else?

  539. Cj says:

    One good fucking reason why the xbox is good – You can put a bowl of chips on top of it with your soda can so you can enjoy your playstation 3. πŸ˜€ Ps3 rocks.

  540. gamer says:

    I own a 360 and ps3 xbox live does play better than the playstation network. But beyond that microsoft can’t hold a candle to sony the ps3 is such a better machine.I bought my ps3 on the release date and have had no trouble, my xbox is six months old and is flahing red lights.FUCK XBOX

  541. RE: Your a dick says:

    There was a hate mail from “you are a dick” and this is wat he put”Hate Mail #34 – (11/29/2008)fuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you momfuck you mom- You are a dick” LoL WHY IS HE SAYING “FUCK YOU MOM” hahahahaha X box fan boys are Soooo funny……. With all there little kids of 10 years old playing Halo and gears wit them….. awwwwwwwwwyou don’t see Little kids on PS3

  542. Jeremy M says:

    while the crapbox is still busy trying to go around and give out blowjobs and cash in a attempt to steal away Sony staple games, a new study shows that the PS2 is still going strong. in the mean time the devs and even some xbots are busy trying to suck on kojima’s penis and swallow his load over trying to get MGS 4 on their inferior RROD generic piece of shit dell computer system.. err I mean the shitbox 360. Mother FUCK the crapbox. Shitbox 720 due out in 2012 anyways. Have fun at the bukkake party you M$ whores. Don’t forget to swallow japanese sperm.

  543. Damon H. says:

    I’ve been looking for a site like this for a long time I can tell you!! After living and suffering 3 successive 360 console failures, I’m sick to fucking death of the 360 – how Microsoft managed to put this utter piece of shit design on sale is beyond me. Obviously Microsoft were well aware of all the problems with their crap new system right from day 1 but as with all large corporations, didn’t dare mention anything about these problems to the unsuspecting buying public – bastards! There really should be a class action suit filed against Microshaft for selling goods not fit for purpose – everyone is well aware that the GPU heats its bollocks off causing the various RRoD errors. I stupidly bought 2 before both failed – bought my third and final one as I thought the recent redesign would have sorted the overheating issues – did it fuck!… 18 months later, same shit happened – RRoD due to overheating. The fact of the matter is that EVERY 360 ever bought is effectively a ticking timebomb – every single one of them will fail at some point, you just don’t know when – Microsoft are real cunts and should at least refund every poor bugger that parted cash to buy one of their shit consoles – suffice to say I’m very happy with my PS3 now and will NEVER buy anything from Microshaft again – FUCKERS!

  544. Paul says:

    I Love You…I Love your site…This is awesome!!!PS3 RULES FOREVER!!!

  545. PS3 > Xbox 360 says:

    I totally agree with you, and I have some points to, well… point out. PlayStation 3, what the fuck is this shit? Who does Sony think they are, trying to out-do Microsoft and the Fucking Coolest Machine ever made- Xbox 360. Sony, a well-established and world renowned maker of hardware and software that constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to deliver the very best to its customers… against the Company famous for glitches, the blue screen of death, ruthless marketing and buying out customers by forcing products on them, and the now famous red ring? PLEASE! Microsoft all the way. So what if I shit myself over the ps2 last generation because everybody else did, and came crawling to the 360 because everybody else did? I dont have the brain capacity to decide which console is better, regardless of how obvious it is! THATS WHY I LIKE XBOX!!! And as for the Blu-ray (pronounced shit-ray, AHAHAHAHAH IM SO FUCKING CLEVER), who needs it? Won the format war, PFFFT!Id rather spend my money on a 360 then have to buy a blue-ray player 2 years down the road (crawling back to Sony, once again). And it doesnt even have any good games! Xbox has Halo! YES! I’m prefectly fine with dishing out 60 bucks every time a new one comes out, so I can play as the same overrated space marine that was good the first time around, FIRST TIME MEANING METROID AND DOOM 1! NO, IM NOT SICK OF IT, STOP ASKING OR I’LL LOSE MY ABILITY TO DENY THE OBVIOUS!!! And konami are pussies, Xbox HD-DVD’s could easily fit MGS4! personally, I wouldnt mind having to get up every 10 minutes to change the disc. And dont even get mme started on online! Paying ridiculus money for services Sony offers for free is what I do! It’s my parents money anyways, and as long as I live in their basement I will have LIVE. Calling all fans of 360! POST THE SAME ARGUMENT ON ALL WEBSITES TO PISS OFF PS3 FANS EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT TRUE AND WE ARE REALLY JUST PISSED WE SPENT 399 ON THIS SHIT! WOO:360 FtW YA WOOO MOTHERUCKERZZZZZ.. PS3 SCUCKS IT GOTZ NO GUD GAMZ OZER TAHN ITZ AMAZING EXZLUSIVES. ONLNE SYUCKS BCZ ITS FREEE AND GOOODDD FOR SOME REASSASON. PS3 =AIL BECAUSE I SUCK MICROSOFTS DICK WHENEVER IT COMZ OUT WITH SHIT STUFF WOOOOOOO

  546. Antony says:

    Xbox is an overrated PoS, gears of war? halo? no thanks, they suck, RRoD and horrible customer support make it the WORST console on the market, jasper most definitely NOT fix the issue, Xbox sucks, PS3 > (INSERT CONSOLE NAME HERE)

  547. Eric says:

    Ok Microsoft releases the 360 with old technology with an overclocked Xbox video card. Put it on shelves and it takes a shit the day it’s bought. Really bad marketing right there. Microsoft was aware of the CD scratching and did nothing about it. Make you pay to play online, when you’re already paying 30-50 dollar for internet as it is. Standard DVD drive with little storage for these “next-gen” games. Oh you know what’s really funny? How Microsoft likes to talk shit and make them seem like they’re the best choice. Do you hear Sony ever say ANYTHING remotely negative about Xbox? Rarely to never. I dont see Nintendo saying anything nor vise versa. Why is that only Microsoft have to say something? They lost the last console war, that’s going to make them think they’re going to win this one? The only reason it’s so damn cheap is because it’s made just as cheaply. If I wanted a cheaply made video game console, I would of gotten myself a Philips CD-i. Crappy gaming, crappy marketing, crappy service and a crappy white box with blinky red lights. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE OF THE PROPAGANDA.

  548. K.S.M. says:

    I can’t begin to tell you the horrors of Microsoft’s console, their online community, and it’s racist, sexist, and overall disgusting way of gaming. Slowly but surely, the 360 is going to die out as the PS3 and Wii become more prominent, eventually forcing Microsoft to throw out their next console to early, killing them the way my old beloved SEGA once did.Fuck Microsoft, Fuck The 360, and Fuck LIVE.

  549. LOVE SONY says:

    *calls snake* *snake shoots the 360* got it PYEWWW *Sack Boy Sack Slap the HDD to death* *slaps HDD to explosion* *Stormers Ride em out* VROOOM smash *Little Big Mini GUN* xbox rrod’s before death HAHA

  550. seuss says:

    can’t find link but basically those scum of the earth at microsoft knew that the 360 scratched discs and could’ve prevented this problem from ever happening by adding a little piece of rubber to each 360 that cost an additional .50 measly cents but they were too cheap. Anyway someone has filed a class action law suit, let’s hope those cheap microsoft fucks get what they deserve.

  551. Mike says:

    I hate 360! And the original Xbox! I owned a 360 once and within a week, it was on the sidewalk in pieces because I threw it there the night before because it died on me. The next day, I got a PS3 and a Wii. Best decision I ever made. And another thing, why did 360 go with the HD DVD?! Hasn’t Bill Gates heard of the blu-ray?

  552. Aditya says:

    Fuck Xbox! Go PS3!

  553. Drake VanDasget says:

    I got a new XBOX 360 elite about a week, i was excited and i played for about 3 hours halo 3, but then, it just crashed with the rrod, so i changed it for another one, but the same problem appeared…So then i decided to destroy it with a hammer and today i just got a wii and a ps3 of 80 gb, they are much better than that piece of crap…BILL GATES, YOU SUCK AT EVERYTHING!!PS. Im using Linux, its better than windows…

  554. Kaleb says:

    Yeah, I hate it but I own an XBOX 360. Right before my birthday, it breaks down. I call the number. Some fucking faggot ass computer tries to act like a person, then tells me it can’t help. It redirects me to some Indian fuck who can barely speak English. It takes her 2 FUCKING HOURS to register my console. Then it took a week to get the repair box and a month and a half to get it repaired. Now it’s a few weeks before Christmas and a few months after the incident….AND IT’S BROKE AGAIN!

  555. Danny says:

    i wanna stick my fucking dick so far up Microsoft’s ass that they will be sneezing cum. they are the must unreliable, fragile, and all around gayest piece of shit to come onto this planet. im on my 6th fucking one and it just died. out the window it went. Bill gates can come fucking blow me. pony ass white boy needs his ass sued. and to top it all off the ps3 also blows. pc ftw!

  556. joe maggio says:

    i agree with you about the xbox, but i can understand why people would by one because of its cheapness. And one complaint is that i own a ps3 and it seems most ps3 owners are ok with xboxs but xbox owners are ignorant and get pissed off whenever i talk about a ps3.They go inward and always say ps3 is a piece of shit when i am able to say xbox is alright.

  557. Andrew says:

    they say ps3 is a a money hog. huh lets take a look the 80 gig ps3 is $399.99 ok the xbox is now (becuz there gay) is 199.99 ok u think the xbox is the cheapest. WRONG!!inter net thingy to add on the the gaybox 100 so theres 200!! dvd player 199 theirs 399.00 wow look at that the same price. plus fuken gaybox live wich adds so there u have it

  558. Tyler says:

    I personally think all videogame systems fail on an epic scale, there’s just too many flaws.I just gotta ask, how much fun is it to get so much hatemail from crybaby Xbox lovers? If I got that much I’d have enough lol’s to last me a lifetime.

  559. Abaddon says:

    Ok, many people keep saying XBOX FTW, XBOX IS KING, GO **** YOURSELF I BOUGHT ON1!!1 Y00 ME 1S L33T!! and that sort of crap, these are probably written by some. Also, this site rocks, not just because of the awesome banner, but about the large difference in supporters and gay haters, which obvioulsy makes a point that xbox should die. I mean comon… the xbox360 totally sucks, because there are WAAAAY more complaints about that garbage in stead of the (unfortunately pretty expensive) ps3, or the wii, which is for family fun –> leave wii out.bad things about xbox 360:- red ring of death- scratches CD’s- online –> pay $$$- crap controller- forced to buy games (no DL)the ps3 on the other hand has a lot more benefits:- Full HD- terrific graphics- better controller- free online play- hard disk- betterness also the computer has some very good things (I’m a computer fan btw):- Awesome FPS controls (mouse)- easy internet- free porn- easy to flame comments on noobs and annoying foreigners- great graphics- keeps getting faster, better, prettier- downloading *coughs*illegal*coughs* copies- better games than xbox As you can see, other consoles win by a long shot from the xbox 360 (don’t let me start talking about xbox) so this cleary states:XBOX SUX, COMPUTER FTW!!1! wooo!!my opinion says it all

  560. rob says:

    microsoft know their machine sucks, how many other computers have special red lights to show when it’s fucked up?

  561. Gracen Gragg says:

    I bought a 360 the day they hit store shelves, three hours later it sat on my floor flashing red ring of death. I bought another 360 a week later and quess what it died within two weeks. Xbox fucking sucks, if you want a great system then buy a ps3. For 399.00 your getting alot of features like blue ray movies free internet and one hell of a reliable system. Ive had my ps3 since it came out and its never even froze up once. LONG LIVE PS3

  562. Chris says:

    I would love to send my support to FUCK XBOX. I don’t own an XBOX, nor a 360 and never had and never will. Xbox has never proven its self as a system, and every other game is a First Person Shooter that offers nothing new but just different maps to run around online and yell racial slurs at people. If it wasn’t for Xbox’s over priced online features, the system would die. Not only that, but to keep people around Xboxs add’s a bunch of NON Game related junk to keep them zombified. I gladly support PS3 and Wii. You don’t see people who play these running around calling Xbox players fags and Gay because they have a better vocabulary than that and don’t need to brag because they know they got the better system.Heres to fuck Xbox, fuck it up its stupid ass

  563. Ricksterbrand says:

    u can put this on hate or support my friend has a xbox 360, and before i had my ps3, i use to go over there everyu day almost and play army of two…it was awesome…but ive always been in favor of Sony because they have always given the public what they wanted.Microsoft Is awesome, and to just say, for anyone who doesnt have an apple for a computer, u own a microsoft, so dont diss microsoft….and its funnny…read your supporter #119…it says bill gates is a fag…its funny since he loves x-box and the computer yet he hates bill gates…who created computers….i mean helllo???? Im glad your speaking your mind…but be a little more reasonable my ps3 is great…and yet my friends x-box 360 is great 2… so i honestly think that both are awesome…reply to this please…i want to know what you think

  564. ( . ) Y ( . ) says:

    This is what G4 news had to say about the sales of all systems……….”Despite overall hardware sales being down in Japan, Nintendo’s new DSi handheld has, once again, come out on top.While the DSi’s sales (85,327) were a noticeable drop from last week’s (105,000), that was still more than any other platform for the week that ended in November 16.The Wii was the only platform with a slight increase in sales at 26,787. And although they didn’t have many new releases in some weeks, Sony’s portable still sold 38,153 units.The PS3 outperformed the Xbox 360 by selling 17,448 units to the Xbox 360’s 7,983. At the bottom of the totem pole in sales was the PS2, selling 5,421 units. Followed by the DS Lite, dropping to 3,559 units, with the introduction of the new DSi. Good news for the DS though, as it continues to reign supreme in the software scene: Eight out of 10 selling games are Nintendo’s handheld.” -All Rights to G4TV.COM-

  565. jj says:


  566. iluvps3 says:

    hey luving the site, finally sumone that shares tha true hate that i have!!! =i had a 3shity and thought it was great! well thats comparing it to the ps2 ha, that piece of shit RRODed on me like 4 days before the ps3 launched and i was like fuck this i aint bout to buy another wen its going to just fucking break so ha i smashed it to pieces and saved to buy a ps3 the following week and been very please with sonys 1st gen 60 gig that was discontinued and still runs fine it has never froze or anythin, ha and i personally hate windows vista as i had that shit too and now i am a mac user and it is also super great!!! and tha gay xbox fans saying xbox is better have never played ps3 and are just scared to admit that they have a shit console to play with every day lol, and say xbox has better games and truth is no! halo=y gears=ally gay and fable=ally really gay haha, and ps3 has sooo manny games that xbox has lol cod4 cod5 yea and i can play them all day cuz psn is free and no little fucking toddlers yelling into my ears about how they pwn at the game, well who ever u are dood that made this site u rock!!

  567. JESUS says:

    I knew i should of killed Bill Gates…….. I know im God and all….. but Really fuck that Guy 4 fucking up gameing… =o all my children Play the holy PS3….. and not the Piece of shit 3-shiiiiiiity Might as well im ending the world in 2012, but shhhhhhh…….. ((hahaha))

  568. jake s. says:

    does the 360 have internet to browse no it doesnt and im writing from my fucking ps3 suck it fucking bill gates i hope you die then 360dogs with daihrea shit and puke on you fucking bill gates cock sucking p.o.s. im gonna play gta iv which ive been playing since it came out not one scratch or fingerprint on it xbox 360 cost more money then to fill up a hummer if it runs out every day. i looked at the hatemail thing again i read that a few people said you shouldnt give your opinion its called fucking freedom of speech one person bashed on sony because their ps2 stopped in the middle of the game literally how many times do you think that happens with sony thats why their customer service isnt perfect its because they never get complaints i have had a bunch of friends with 360’s ive even heard them talking on the phone with the customer service it was worse than a cable companies the only reason it has gotten most of the exculsives for ps3 is cuz bill gates buys them from the companies not cuz theyre hard to make and a person named sophie said that we are all ignorant fanboys im not a fanboy and im not ignorant i prefer this system over the one that has little 8 year olds that scream into their mics and pretends theyre gansters and shit one person said if you make a poll that 90% would vote microshit is better let me see here there is 30 hatemail and a hundred supporters 30(360)<100(ps3) look at the god damn facts the reason why microshit owns alot of entertainment business is he buys out companies you fucktards you say that were fanboys when your clearly bashing on every console buy your own thats the thing thats bias your saying this guy is a nerd i bet you 360 fans are so ugly that micheal jackson wouldnt rape you if he has no life i dont see you guys ever having one

  569. Dont want to say says:

    I must agree with the ps3 people. Sure the 360 has great games but to me, the interface for the 360 is just so confusing while the ps3’s interface is a couple of rows and collums and is extremely easy yo use. And of course there is the whole bluetooth point.The only downside to the ps3 that I know of is that the accesories such as texting pad and bluetooth headsets and controllers are 40+ dollars if you want quality. But really the ps3 is much better and family friendly.

  570. 360 sucks dick says:

    Fuck the xbox 3shitty, it’s dying and the PS3 will destroy both the Wii and the 3shitty. More and more awesome games are coming out for the PS3 and there is nothing microsoft can do to prevent the downfall of the 3shitty. Good luck playing on a dead console πŸ˜‰

  571. John says:

    xcock gayshitty, fuck you microsoft, PS3 rules, it is way better than the microsoft gayshit, WAKE UP PEOPLE, XBOX IS BULLSHIT PS3 RULES, KICKS XBOX360s SORRY ASS

  572. Bill says:

    many xbox users switch to ps3 bcuz of RROD and you can see that on youtube. it will really be funny if you put a video or pic in your site

  573. jake s. says:

    i completely agree besides have you noticed every one of microsofts electronics has some kind of rrod or bsod problem ps3 is worth the money in every way im 11 years old and i kno that ps3 outsold 360 the first month i dont hate wii its a respectable console but xbox come on the only good game it ever had was halo and it got really gay my friend has a 360 he only likes it cuz it was cheaper i already know that microsoft will go under one day even if that bill gates retard is a billionaire ill never in my life buy an xbox360 it breaks every 3 days ps3 wont break if you drop it on the floor ten time the only thing thatll happen is that itll make a sound i reccommend never buying anything from microsoft even their computers have bsod(blue screen of death) sony and nintendo are the only ones that know what theyre doing fuck microsoft its the most homosexual company in the world down with microsoft!!!!! oh ya one thing about the wii their new commercial whats up with that they show people playing charades with their ass and say charades one thing you cant play with your butt umm ya that wont attract much customers. i looked at the hatemail page i thought it was rather funny i play playstation network no lag never had any not once and they say you have no life i think people who type this on the computer thinking theyre smart and say bad stuff if they like it then why are they typing in and actually playstation network is always being worked on there is atleast 4 updates a week you think halo and gaw blew us away dude get real gaw isnt very good neither is halo and one said that “its a game console you shouldnt use movies on it blu ray is is useless” um ya its something extra and so you dont have to spend extra money i really think those haitmail people should get a life if they like xbox but type in fuck xbox on the computer they are real idiots

  574. fuck 360 says:

    360 blows. if it wasnt for playstation u wudnt have gta4 unreal tournament final fantasy. so stfu u big green and white fags xbox sux ps3 owns. i can play a game online using my BLUETOOTH HEADSET THAT I USE FOR MY PHONE and then go to my browser and go on youtube. can you? didnt think so. point made

  575. Seamus says:

    Well I have to agree with the PS3 people here PS3 does destroy Xbox although I like Xbox live better than PS3 online. I own a gaming PC though and I have to say PCs own PS3 because we do have superior graphics, better games, and better online play. One of Xbox’s major fails in my mind was the 80$ fee to play online for a year, that is bullshit and Microsoft knows it. Another reason Microsoft sucks is……… They always copy other people in the industry like MS came out with the Zune that was a copy from the iPod MS comes out with the Xbox and is a copy of the PS1 and N64 they’re a bunch of dick rubbing assholes and should be run over by a Manta(UT3 reference there) GO PS3 and PC!!!

  576. James W. says:

    The PS3 is obviously wayy better than the Xbox. Heh heh SONY rules, Microsoft sucks! Does the Xbox have a built in blue ray disc? Does the Xbox have free internet like SONY’s PSN? OH and does the PS3 have those stupid red rings? NO! Xbox 360 < Playstation 3

  577. james says:

    My friend plays on live all the time, I have had time to compare it to the psn. The xbox store is clutter and hard to use, the playstation store is much better and easier to use. It seems like everyone on the xbox live is a little kid screaming into there headset, and on the psn they seem more mature and they use tactics to game. Now with the new xbox experience (lol) they use ripp offs of mii’s how awesome for all those little kids playing there 3shitty. Sony is doing somthing different for more mature gamers called HOME. To me the ps3 and psn is alot better, and i’m speaking from alot of experience. I also hate microsoft on a fundamental level, and bill gates is a thief and a liar, also microsoft customer service in general is crap. Sony is a sexier company and they are basically my favorite media company besides apple.

  578. Proud PS3-Owner says:

    Whatever you do, whatever you say – I support it 360%

  579. Frozenwave says:

    Everyone: Notice that the 360 is only 200 bucks now. Why? CAUSE Microsoft knows that people wont buy the Xcrock3Shitty at it’s standard high price, cause they know they’re getting a bad deal on a system with outdated technology, that will fail the second the warranty, if not BEFORE the warranty expires. Seriously.. I want this site to thrive like a mofo, and we should all get together and file a big ass lawsuit on ’em. Keep em comin.’N by the way. I wouldnt buy this fucking thing if it was 20 bucks. I’d rather chew on tin foil and drink Draino. And if it was given to me, I’d sell it and buy a PS3 if I couldnt keep myself from smashing it while it’s still in the box and un opened.

  580. schythe says:

    I HATE IT AAAAAARGH!!!!!Ok sorry about that. I’ve been an IT tech for 4 years now and obviously a pc gamer. i only ever owned a console once and that was a ps one! (When I was 13) For years I never bothered with the shit until about a month ago. I couldn’t afford the pc I really wanted so I thought lets settle for a xbox 360. From turning the thing on to loading starwars force I wasn’t overly amazed but then I took a closer look and noticed the fucking crap graphics NO ANTI ALIASING!!! What the fuck!!!! After 3 weaks of realy trying hard to like it I found this site and absolutly agree with what you’re saying. I at least hoped there will be some way of copying Mp3’s from a DVD to the local disc but fuckall. It’s noisy slow dumb stupid crap and everything else that’s negative. Compared to the ps one of 8 years ago I realy don’t see much differance on this so called console from microsoft. I heard you can load Ubuntu on the XBox. I’m buying a fucken pc now and I’m gonna use that crap as a linux server.

  581. Ian says:

    Im definately not an xbox advocate, I agree overall ps3 is better, but some of your facts are innacurate. Playstation online is not as good as xbox live, which is probably the best feature of the xbox 360…and not all ps3’s are backwards compatible with old games. Xbox 360 however is a piece of shit that commonly fails after light usage. ive had for a year and rarely use it yet its fucked up.

  582. eddy says:

    Listen now Xbox 360 fanboys before arguing make sure you spell correctly or it means you are probably about 10-13 years old. I have all three systems and I’m going to give my opinion on which one will be better outcome in the future and what it better.1. The sales The sales, its’s all about the cheapest one. Which one is it? The Wii of course, but it gets boring. My Wii is probably gathering dust for me, it was fun for like 1-2 weeks, but damn it does get boring. Screw the graphics they are just bullshit compared to the other systems. Wow, the Xbox sells more than the PS3? So FUCKING what man, it came out with 1 years of no anticipation. The PS3 is the future and it will sell, and not to mention all of the PS3’s great features passing both other systems.2. The Reliablility The red ring of death, the loud fan (which now I know they are making a quieter one), disc errors, scratching discs, errors, hardware failures, etc. C’mon thats no reliable system and it is the worst video game system in history to ever fail so much. Now it is about 16% here in 2008 and before it was as high as 33%. The PS3? has a quiet fan and a failure rate is less than 1%. Microsoft’s costumer service sucks as well, watch some videos on youtube and check it out for yourself, Microsoft doesn’t care. 3. The Price Microsoft wants all your money just like overpricing they’re accessories and everything. If you add up all the freakin accessories it will cost even more than the ps3. The 160GB model costs 500 bucks. The Xbox elite costs 500 bucks and has 120GB. Plus the wi-fi, xbox live, and what not.Finally, the PS3 now costs 400 bucks and the xbox costs about 350 if your buying the normal one. NO wi-fi, no dvd player, no blu-ray, no online if you pay MORE, no rechargeable controllers, no HDMI port, no camera slots. WTF?!?! and you say the ps3 is overpriced? With all the accessories its probably like 500 Bucks. Screw it man, ps3 is not overpriced, go do your homework bastards. 4. THE GAMES Now I will hear tons of fanboys flood me with messages as, oh ps3 has no games. WOW WE GOT HALO WE GOT GEARS, WAH WAH WAH…YOU know what guys? The ps3 does have good games and ill give some exclusives so you can shut your mouth.Warhawk Metal Gear Solid 4 Resistance Fall of Man Resistance 2 Haze Killzone 2 (coming February 1st) BEST GRAPHICAL GAME Motorstorm Motorstorm 2 GOD OF WAR 3 (not sure when its coming)LOOKS AWESOME Gran Turismo 5:prolouge (SOLD 9 MILLION COPIES)Gran Turismo 5 (coming in March probably)Heavenly Sword Good Multiplatform Games:Grand Theft Auto IV Soul Calibur IV Fallout 3 etc. theres many more, I guess you get the idea CONCLUSION This was just a message to all the fucking assholes who like to hate on the PS3 and I believe the Xbox is a piece of shit. The xbox live is full of little kids insulting you and I hated it. My xbox crapped out on me. YES i will admit it, gears of war was fun, but Halo to me seemed the same as Halo 2. Halo is very repetitive. In conclusion PS3 has a better variety of games. And I hated how the media hated on the PS3 just because it launched a year after Xbox. So shut up fanboys and get the picture cause BLU-RAY is the future, and the Xbox will be sucking dick in no time.

  583. "Chuck Norris" says:

    DuDe your the best! 360 suck’s soooo hard and everything you said riight when i opend up the site was crazy! LoL! i know 360 sux, and theres nothing more for me to say but 360 sux major dick!the only game(s) that there claming to make the 360 SOoOooOooOoooo great and better is HALO and Gears of war……. im nopt going to lie i played 360 be4… and im not saying that its Great….or better BUT the thing that blew my mind was how can 360 have a lag on 16 player gameS????? and PS3 =has hardly a glitch/lag on 32 player gaming (War hawk) and even now Resistance 2 wit 60 players online! no skip…… even when 360 MIGHT even think of fixing up there online abilitys to maybe match the 32 PS3 is going to have 250 player online with “MAG”!Ps3 is the best! 360 can suck my MEXICAN/WHITE/EUROPEAN/MASSIVE DICK!peace out!PSN-aDRUNKman

  584. Ralph says:

    Playstation 3 Owns The Xbox 360 By A Longshot! I Can’t Wait Until I Get My PS3 On Christmas.

  585. Robert says:

    LOL, Considering PC has the largest library over all the consoles. Great customization. Extremely powerful and it has most of 360’s library so if a pc sucks then 360 must suck. Hmm, Yeah and great sight I love PS3

  586. Supporter says:

    i wonder why the xbots even come here i cant wait to see most of their poor grammar with hate mail.nice website keep it up PS3 4 LIFE

  587. TMHonfire says:

    hey i wanted to let you know that the 360 sucks dog Balls, this year the pile of shit RROD on me for the 9th time. I then shot it with my Yugo M70AB2 AK-47 and DPMS AR-15 here is the video link

  588. Dillon says:

    I agree man just 2 words XBOX SUcks Ps3 Rulez!!!!!1

  589. darren says:

    i think you are a 99% right the x box is an overated peice of shit itz all out consoles wars for me anyone says xbox is bettar they get a smack in tha face lol……. but heres 1 thing you got wrong overpriced goes against the ps3 not xbox lol i have friends who plays x box and they argue all the tym sayin xbox gt a dashboard update x box has better graphics it does fuckin not we were made with a dash board the graphics are better for us lol plz replyps add me on ps3 irish_hammer k tanks

  590. Adrian says:

    Yo man! You saved me from buying this crap console. I love ya! like to hear more from you!corporal Davis! Go and fuck that XBOX!Sorry Colonel Price! It’s not even ready for fuck!

  591. some dude says:

    The xbox is a fad that should be over now, long live the king -Playstation-

    • Playstation may be the king. but Nintendo is the Ace of Spades, and the Xbox is the queen bitch ass whore, who get’s slapped like the whore she is. Nintendo has more games than playstation & xbox put together. from the Nintendo Arcade games from the 1970’s to now. And the Nintendo Famicom/NES Super Famicom/Nintendo to the N64,GameCube,Wii & Wii U. From Game & Watch to game boy, game boy color, game boy advance, DS, 3DS & the Virtual Boy. Nintendo has the biggest Game collection out there. Playstation is a great console. My consoles own the PS3 & the PS4 and the GameCube and the Wii And the Wii U. But they wouldn’t touch the xbox with their ten foot pole.

  592. Amber says:

    I hate it how the fanboys of the Xbox 360 that have poor skills in grammar try to defend this piece of shit. Micro$oft just wants your money. I own an Xbox and not very proud of it. I actually regret buying the Xbox 360 since the PS3 is getting better games, plus PSN is free compared to paying for Xbox Live. I can pwn anyone at my the recreation center at where I live with and I’m a girl, the guys would all be jealous of my skills since they’re all n00bs and go there to play on the Xbox 360 since they couldn’t afford one. I’m also pissed off that my friend got an Xbox 360 last week on his birthday because he said he was going to get an Xbox during the summer but NOW? It’s about to be the fucking winter! What the fuck are you saying?! Well back to the track, o n Xbox Live, after you pay for it, you go play Gaylo 3 and chat with people who you don’t fucking know. Your friend is a n00b who is on Xbox Live and you think he’ll be a loser since he got pwned by a Bridgader. Fuck you lowlives on Xbox Live. Now I want to talk about the marketplace. I can’t believe that if you’re silver, you have to wait until the next week just to download a fucking demo. Then the game comes out that week. I makes me feel like I’m either going to buy the game without playing the demo or just not buy it at all. After I buy the game without playing the demo, the game TURNED OUT TO BE A PIECE OF SHIT. Fuck yu Microsoft money baggers. I’m tired of paying for yur shitty Xbox Live community, and I won’t give 2 shits about add-on maps for your games like Timeshift online multiplayer which is horribly shitty and poorly created. Go burn in hell microsoft with your piece of shit garbage. No one wants it. Bill Gates, go fuck yourself.

  593. CrappyKidForever says:

    Thank you!this website has definitely made me realize that i should NEVER like the xbox crap60!

  594. eagles says:

    yo dude i love this page we should boycott xbox we should break into peoples houses in the middle of the night to steal there xbox and smash them into tiny bits i swear man a war could start over xbox and playstation ohhhhhh look at that this page has gotten me soooooooo pumped up i just want kick peoples asses for buying xbox 360!

  595. drake says:


  596. Kelsey says:

    I got a 360 Elite about a year ago and had problems with it from the fucken get-go! After hours on the phone with some half-brained, coy, unintelligent life form trying to figure out why the hell I would get booted from live every two minutes, told to call my ISP, they said it wasn’t anything wrong on their end and they had no idea what I was even talking about because it was an XBox specific problem! Bounced back and forth while they sat like little bitches pointing fingers and NEVER owning up to their POS and all the problems that I was currently and would forever have!!!!! Since then, we’ve had many many problems with it not reading our discs, we sent it in and it supposedly got fixed, two months later red ring of death!!! They sent us a new one which I am currently fuddling over and we havent had it but a month!!! RAAAAARRR!! I want to fucking bash in