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Bring it on.

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  1. Brandon 1337 Lad fuck 420 Wii is god swag od says:

    Yo wagwan hold my cheesecake

  2. Fukxboxone says:

    Fuk Xbox or should we call it the macbox or ibox fukn theif stole apples shit now trying to be a game console the very first Xbox I liked but now they’re shit dumb fukd want to update every goddamn day and then ur apps and games have to update just as much fuk Microsoft bunch of pussy idiots took down there comment sites and you tube channel fuk them!! Die Microsoft hurry up and fade out goddamn!!! I feel better now thank you to the person that made this site👏

  3. Mike Hunt says:

    Haha. How did I get here?

  4. Tubax says:

    Just I don’t know why you made this website, I was like, I HATE MY XBOX ITS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT, so I typed, “fuckxbox.com” and this website showed up, yeah still even though I hate XBOX there’s no reason to make this website except if you’re bringing the rage on.

  5. Cant remember says:

    I wonder what prompted this guy to make this website? I have never had issues with my Xbox 360 or neither of my two XboxOnes where as I hear any body I know who has a PS complaining non stop. And correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure Xbox Live has never been down for 2 months straight due to security issues lol. Customer support did use to be super shit but now.. It’s average and Sony is no beter and if you got a PC then goodluck getting any support at all. And the one time I thought I had issues with my Xbox (turned out to be router firmware) I got 6 months free subscription even though it was not their issue in any way what so ever. It will be interesting to see how Playstation even survives once Xbox gamers can play with PC gamers. Scorpio = end of Playstation… Period.

  6. UR MOM says:

    WOW not much of a SONY fan boy are you, lol, i have BOTH PS4 and XBOX ONE but you sire take the piss… i bet ur just a 16 yr old in a bedroom hating on shit cos u cant find the best porn to wank over. No wounder why you made this website,….

  7. Adam says:

    Yes the xbox1 is shit and my regret for choosing it instead of a PS4 has no bounds. I want simply want to play games when I turn it on but some how it finds new and interesting ways of delaying my game play. First it was all the updates sucking down data and taking way too long at least a couple times a month. Then with the purchase of a new game…as in brand new it needed an update before it would even turn on…oh and forget about using other features if you postpone the update its basically a brick until to relent to a barrage of new advertising content being forced upon you. Tonight I lost it and smashed a controller to pieces as my game play was yet again interrupted by weird random glitches that turning it completely off and back on usually fixes. It is now my mission to get rid of this advertising horror box that clearly is not designed for the user but serves only one purpose… to shove Microsofts content advertisers dollars at me in my private gaming experience…yes i have had advertising content show up in the middle of a game. Fuck it I am Done!!! I wish nothing but ill upon the sad sack of shit that is the xbox1 and those who support it!

  8. Roxanne L says:

    This is beautiful. Lmfao

  9. Shanjeed says:

    Fuck you bitch xbox is the best you are a DickSuckaMotherFucka

  10. Fuck Xbox says:

    i hope Microsoft supplies every person that owns an Xbox with a PS4 because Xbox is a useless piece of shit with controllers that are the size of my ballsack.

  11. Erik says:

    Xbox is a piece of shit. Xbox can go die in a fucking hole I’m going to light it on fire. Actually wait I don’t need to it will probably light on fire itself. A hobo on the street can make a better console than this piece of shit…@microsoft

  12. _FaZe-DRTO_ says:

    xbox uses dvd playstation blue ray blue ray is the best

  13. toz says:

    i agree xbox is a piece of crap

  14. XBox One says:

    1v1 me at Halo.

    Oh wait.

  15. Reshi says:

    *sigh*… Sorry to tell you but… You’re just being used as cheap marketing… We’re all just being used as cheap marketing…

  16. Microsoft xbox is TERRIBLE says:

    FUCK XBOX. My two years old Xbox was broken and I mailed it to Xbox company to repair it as i paid for it. The console replaced and shipped to LEAVE ON MY FUCKING DOORSTEP through fedex. Huh? Why didn’t xbox company request to leave it in the office or have me to sign on it to receive the package?

    I reported the claim to FedEx and Xbox. FedEx has agreed with Xbox as the shippers is the one who should claim the report. Xbox REFUSED to report the package loss. They followed the tracking number as I did and it was NOT on my FUCKING doorstep. It took me over 40 days to fight with xbox and fedex. I lost a lot of money for that shit. FedEx helped me with this situation and xbox DID NOT help me. Really? ummm fucking really? Is Microsoft/xbox really THAT poor that cannot simply to mail me ANOTHER console or send me the refund? Or is Microsoft/xbox being that retarded for not claiming the report? They are fucking shippers!

    Im going to sell xbox console, accessories and games to buy PS4!

    I had PS2 for many years and it did not have problem.

  17. Js Js says:


  18. xxx_420blazeitfaggot_xxx says:

    I have been an xbox user for a long time and I am proud to now say FUCK XBOX AND FUCK MICROSOFT. All these years I have been lying to myself saying that xbox is a good console. Sure the xbox one has super comfy controllers but microsoft makes you pay money for every single fucking thing possible. their support is shit, and the consoles always fucking break. My firend bought and xbox one a few months ago and the inside of it has already melted WHAT THE FUCK I THOUGHT THEY FIXED THAT PROBLEM AFTER 1st GEN XBOX 360’s?!?!?!?! Sure I will still play it for certain games but im definitely going to just buy a good PC. All game systems are a fucking waste of time. To anyone who reads this, PC is king and always will be.

  19. PC Master race says:

    PC is better. ps3 and ps4 suck cock as much as xbox. they are both consoles, they both play games. pc is better cause 1, no pay for online and 2, you get normal people not 12 year olds and pedophiles. and 3, if a console Is programmed by a pc, dosnt that make pc the master?

  20. XBOX SUCKS says:


  21. Sam says:


  22. sirdicksalot says:

    Did u know xbox mind rapes u and brainwash u to buy there console FACT

  23. Max Britt says:

    I loved the Xbox 360, but the Xbox One is fucking absolutely atrocious. The console reads over and over that you need to buy it from the Xbox live store. That game is mine, I fucking own it. Play my damn game I spent my hard earned money for. Then, every app takes a whole minute to load and apps like the simplistic friends

  24. Sauron says:

    “No I haven’t owned an Xbox and never will” That’s when your argument becomes invalid. Playstation and Xbox hold no standards above each other when it comes to performance, only game exclusives. I would of respected your illogical excuse of an argument if you played on PC, but nope…you’re just a Sony dickrider, drink bleach you autistic manchild.

  25. Bob says:

    Fanboys are hilarious lol

    I wonder if you go to Sony Hater sites and freak out as much as those in your comment section 😉

    • Fuck your Life says:


      They apologise every 2 days on tweeter and FB!!

      BUT what they realy mean is ->



      • Fuck your Life says:



        Please destroy it as if i was standing there with a hammer

        • Fuck your Life says:





    • xbox is best says:

      all you playstation peasants should go die in a hold and wii u more like piiiii u put those thing back in the dump xbox in awesome its stylish and legendary also all of the people who hate it should get prostate cancer and die alone in a new York apartment

    • John says:

      Have had an xbox since the original came out have had every console since then and with in the last 3 year xbox fucking sucks fucking small cock, pay 600$ for a pos xbox one and It never fucking works right, the pos of fucking shit servers are always down, all I want to do is watch some South Park on netflix right now but nooooooo I can’t because xbox live is fucking down on my one and 360, and then everytime I want to play (once every 2-3 weeks) they make me verify my account and then it fucking lags and freezes and doesn’t let me do it, i fucking hate Microsoft with there pos computers and game systems, I will be going to game stop tomorrow and buying a playstation 4 so then maybe I can watch fucking netflix if I want to,, FUCK YOU MICROSOFT

  26. i hate xtwats says:

    hahahahahaha dustbox one sucks…


  27. FUCK XBOX and all the 12 year olds who play it .. says:

    fuck xbox is shit … love all the butt hurt 12 year olds , go ask your mother for her prep h to heal the current butt hurt.

    • Yes u are correct Xbox player = HOMOSEXUAL says:


    • Sauron says:

      LOL, says the cancerous manchildren that play on Playstation. If you want a formal argument AT LEAST play on PC and it would be resolvable. But nope…you play on a console that is exactly the same as Xbox. If you hate Xbox so much, return your PC, since it’s made by Windows, which is made by Microsoft, which made Xbox, skids.

  28. LordMalik13 says:

    First and foremost I wold like to say, I enjoyed XBL while it lasted. Seems like you are beating a dead horse trying to bank in and make your console similar to an Iphone where all your money stays within their bubble of shit. I left the PS1 to the Xbox in November of 2001. I skipped PS2 as I had played Halo and was in love with the fact that you had no gimmicks other than having to buy a remote sensor. It came with everything that you had to buy for PS2 in one package. The XBL was just a platform for straight pop in a game and play. That is where you fucked up Microsoft. Should have kept it as the pretty pearl that it was. Due to your shitty support, your shitty consoles and you trying to bank in on every fucking thing, all the while running the actual service into the ground, you have convinced me to go to the PC and stay away from consoles all together( and I will not send money your direction on PC either. Linux with a custom build PC I just built. (I’ll program and mod my own shit ). I will now go to Steam, and bring all my friends with me as well as slander your shitty community and system, and I have a ton of friends. 14 years of dedicated money flow from this guy just stopped because of your greed. FOAD….

    Sincerely and RIP to this character ,

    PS: I could give a fuck what anyone on this board thinks. A PC programmed a console = PC is king

  29. Fuck you says:

    I broke my Xbox oops fuck this piece of shit I hate it I don’t give a fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck all consoles PS3 sucks dick , ps4 reeks of shit Xbox 360 can just go die with its red rings shitty system Xbox one or uno what ever the fucking name is fuck that shitty dickwad system too , I could probably go to a Mexican restaurant and eat a bunch of burritos and tacos go home spend a few hours in the bathroom and shit out a fucking better system then any ever fucking created cause this world is retarded that’s why I vote hitler, fuck you all I hate you all shitty people shitty system and shitty world fuck tuck fuck

    • Elfinpanic7 says:

      lol I vote Hitler i am also a victim of xbox one’s shitty connection switching to ps4 if both fucks up im going to sue both company’s for stealing my money!!!

  30. Chainsmoker says:

    This website… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahav

    Fuck off and die

  31. Jack says:

    Has your autism been treated yet?

  32. Alex says:

    Hate mail or something. I like turtles.

  33. Sky keeper says:

    Hey dude. Don’t think i am those dudebros but Xbox is not that piece of shit.Xbox has got better fps rates.Xbox controller has better than shitty ps3 controller Xbox has got way better style instead of ps3, Xbox is homeconsole.btw i randomly type “fuckxbox.com” lol.

  34. Kevin A. says:

    Greetings and how are you doing today? 🙂 I’m well thanks for asking! Just took a look at your site here and saw a LOT of glaring flaws in your arguments. I’m not defending, nor bashing the Xbox. I own the console and I love it, and the same goes for the PS3, the Wii and my PC. I just want to correct some of the issues I had with your wording. 🙂 Alright here we go.We’ll start off with the first paragraph, quoting you on “It is wholly inferior to all other consoles, its extremely unreliable, by comparison its overpriced and underfeatured, and of course, its developed by Microsoft which makes it worse” I would like to begin by asking you HOW exactly it is wholly inferior to all other consoles? That is plain and simply untrue, in fact the Xbox has qualities to the system that other consoles do not. For example the Xbox has a (Correct me if I’m wrong) 3 core 3.2 GHz Xenon processor with a Xenos GPU. The PS3 has only one core, but that core has 7 synergistic processing elements, or SPE’s for short. Many people get confused thinking that the PS3 has 7 cores, however the role of the SPE’s are to accept different line of code for different elements of the game, for example a one SPE could do polygons, while the other one does shaders ect. and this reduces the workload on the GPU. However the problem with this is that it is EXTREMELY difficult to program for, which is why you will commonly see far superior ports of games on the 360, the most classic case of this is the first Assassin’s Creed game. Game developers do not have skilled enough programmers to make ports to the PS3 that could match the Xbox ports. However, the PS3 consistantly have better exclusive titles because of the developers taking time and effort to utilize those 7 SPE’s making beautiful games such as Uncharted and Infamous. As for it being “Underfeatured” as you claim, I would once again have to diagree with you there. The Xbox 360 can use every feature that the PS3 can with the exception of a few exclusives l!
    ike PlayStation world, however the Xbox has features exclusive to its system as well to compensate for that fact. One of them, as I’m sure you have heard a thousand times before, is to make a customized chat room with up to 8 different people in one lobby, enabling you to talk across games.The third paragraph has many flaws as well, and only serve to hurt your credibility. “No, I don’t own an Xbox, never have and never will. No, I don’t like Xbox. No, Xbox’s graphics/gameplay do not impress me, PS3 blows it away. Xbox live is overrated and a gigantic waste of money. Why does Microsoft insist on charging you for things like an internet browser and Netflix when those things are free on ALL the competitors?” The First thing should be blatantly obvious here. If you have never owned an Xbox before, how can it even have the chance to impress you? You talk about the graphics, but as I have already mentioned, ports are much superior on the 360 than they are on the PS3, but exclusives are superior on the PS3. However, your comment about gameplay is sheer idiocy. I do not mean to bash you, if you take Battlefield 3 for the PS3, and the Xbox, then put them side by side, you’d see that it is the exact same thing. The only exception is instead of ABXY you have Triangle Circle Cross and Square. The last thing on this paragraph is Microsoft charging to use Netflix and internet browser. I agree with you completely about the pricing issue here, and the restrictions. While I do think charging for Xbox live gold is okay, I think it should be strictly limited to matchmaking, not the apps that we already pay for. And 60$ a year for Xbox Live isn’t exactly cheap. However, one thing that Xbox consistently has going on is a stable online network. In all my years of owning an Xbox and a PS3, Xbox Servers have only been downed unscheduled about 3 or 4 times. PlayStation servers don’t have such a glorious reputation, as they have a reputation for crashing every few days or so. It has even been hacked once or twice, unlike the Xbox who uses its profit from Xbox Live to bolster the security of their servers and keep the flow of data steady.On your 4th Paragraph I’ll be answering a few of your questions, as well as point out some GLARING no no’s in your argument. You ask why Xbox doesn’t support all older generation games, however I could turn the question on you and ask why aren’t all PS3’s cross compatible. At least all Xbox 360’s are compatible with a VERY wide list of popular Xbox games such as Grand Theft Au San Andres, Halo 1-2, Maden Games, and one of my favorite’s Van Helsing! While it is true that earlier models of the PS3 are compatible with ALL PS2 games, the feature died out very quickly much to my dismay, as I wouldn’t be able to play any of my .hack games or my Dragon Ball Z games for a while. You also make a remark about the Xbox’s reliability issues, mentioning the RROD. The RROD was inexcusable on Microsoft’s end. The X-clamp and crappy heat syncs consistently failed to do their job. How Microsoft handled the situation was inexcusable as well. HOWEVER, they did rectify it with the release of the Xbox 360 S, with upgraded hardware which effectively eradicated the RROD. While this does not let Microsoft off the hook, it shows that Xbox’s have now become the reliable machines that we have wanted. I have the Xbox 360 original and an Xbox 360 S. To my pleasure, both are running at 100%. However, I will agree that the Xbox’s habit of eating discs is another design flaw. While the console shouldn’t be moving ANYWAY, the slightest tilt while the CD is running will ensure that it will become unusable, and this is often caused by a dog running across the room, knocking into your charger cable in the process ect. My BIGGEST beef with you out of the whole entire article you wrote was this little jewel right here.\”They know damn well that youre going to buy their shitty console and their shitty games. I know youre going to. You know youre going to. And why? Because youre ignorant, and you dont know how much be!
    tter your!
    other options are.” Putting Microsoft’s less than par’s customer service aside for the time being, you DIRECTLY attack your readers, turning them into the enemy, even calling them ignorant. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU NEVER DO! EVER! If someone is going to sit down and take the time to read what you have to say, the last thing you want to do is insult them. Not only does it OFFEND the reader greatly, but it also drastically changes their opinions on everything you have said up to that point, even if they were agreeing with you up to that point. Basically what you have told me at that point is I’m an ignorant dumbass who has no idea what he is talking about and that you are right about everything.Your 5th paragraph, honestly… is a complete and utter pain to read. You constantly say “Microsoft isn’t a reputable hardware company.” But, ask yourself this, if they weren’t a reputable hardware company, how the HELL did they manage to make a successor to their best selling piece of hardware the Xbox? They would have needed enough people who liked and enjoyed it to warrant a second one correct? And you seem to keep making comments such as “Microsoft doesn’t care about their consumers” Which is again hogwash. They CONSTANTLY look over the constructive feedback to make changes on the public’s desires, even going as far as offering permanently free AAA games every month just for being an Xbox Live Gold member. The added internet explorer was spawned from massive user request. Microsoft does care for its consumers, because they aren’t stupid enough to just turn their backs on the customers that make the compamy thrive. I agree with you HD-DVD is bullshit and blu-ray is superior by 2324 times. Which now comes to your closing statement. “Xbox is an inferior console, thats just a fact” It is not a FACT that is a matter of opinion. For example, I could say the SNES was superior to the N64 because of all the exciting RPG’s like Chrono Trigger that are avalible on the SNES. It doesn’t make what I say a fact!
    .Anyway t!
    hat’s most of the glaring flaws I found with your argument. I respect that you don’t like Xbox, and I respect your high opinion on the PS3, but I beg of you, do a little bit more research on what you are saying next time. Also NEVER AGAIN attack your readers. Have a great day ^^XGO SKEITH

    • sirdicksalot says:

      Dam xbox fan boy u like to try to defend ur shit box

    • iownanxboxandhateit says:

      HAHAHAHA yeah right every xbox ive ever owned since the first has had major issues. and even now xbox live is down while all others are up. i have an xbox 1 now after owning a ps3 for 4 years….withouth a SINGLE problem. I have owned this xbox1 for a few months and nothing but getting kicked, not being able to join lobbies or friends. i would say the ps3 has been significantly more reliable especially when it comes to the live network.

    • Scotsman says:

      listen you clown sticking up for microsoft do you have a chromasom missing i have the kinect yes the kinect now you cant do video chat to another friend on the xbox in the xbox and it cost 150 notes yes no video chat on xbox one now you can chat over the net on it but haw its 10 quid for a cam and you can do it for free anyway you can chatter like a monkey on the ps3 on the webcam which cost next to nothing ok fucked in the arse with that. The dash board has been rearranged again like a dogs breakfast forza horizion 2 game its a glory hole game for meeting gents that make weird grunting noises to cut a long story short it takes a lot to even find this site as microsoft browsers will not put this up on the uk browser fact your being watched anyway who gives a fuck anyone want an xbox to piss on and u that supports microsoft your a deluded geek what goes around comes around and watch who your talking to the worlds a small place yes you sitting there with womans tights on and a stiffy for microsoft get a life or get a ps4 and shut yer fucking piehole

    • jonathon says:

      thanks completely wasting your time writing something no one will ever read ur welcome xD

  35. Rasmus says:

    lol i dont love xbox, i’m just sending a hate mail xD

  36. Chris says:

    Hey man,As much as you may think you have made good points, you spend a lot of time with opinion rather then fact, and are then happy to point out when others use opinion.I own both consoles and have been a playstation supporter up until the end of the original xbox and bought a 360 before anything else. I prefer console gaming over PC for the simplicity and the comfort of the lounge room. I also believe play what you want as there are great games on both, but I though I would write something against your obvious troll and hateful nature.The 360 evolved throughout its years, and to the betterment of online console gaming. This introduction of the party system was a huge step and the creation of a community of gamers has been extremely impressive. Neither of these things can be said about the PS3 nor did they even try to integrate into their services. What Sony did was, realise that what the X360 had and decided to use that in the PS4, which is now a great online console and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a more supportive community come out around the PS4. You may also note that the PS4 is also a paid service. This helps for server maintenance and better support (being a lover of IT you should understand this). Premium services are always better taken care of.Any argument made for blu-ray and HD DVD are somewhat invalid, however i will explain how these things work. The HD DVD was invented by Toshiba and has the ability to playback HD gaming just as well as blu-ray. Yes there is a slight data size difference, but there is also a significant speed difference to. Blu-rays read slower, meaning buffering and load times have to be included, even when just watching movies. HD DvD also used red-ray tech, meaning it would keep using manufacturing we have now, rather then forcing factories and manufacturers to close and force people out of jobs (but thats a different argument for the corporation that is Sony).Getting back on track, Sony have, and don’t seemingly intend to, offer constant updates and betterments for their systems. They keep forcing services through, but have never been huge on listening to the community. Xbox does do this, and quite a lot. They did stuff up theri marketing for the XBone by mentioning TV a whole lot, but they launched with more games then the PS4 and that can only show a level of support for games. PS4 did rush to beat the XBone to release and they integrated certain TV services quickly to show they are equally as multimedia as the XBone (which speaks a lot to what consumers what in regards to media and gaming devices).Services that Sony boasted as being “made for gamers” such as twitch and youtube streaming are now going to beaten by the better integration that Microsoft gets by waiting. Looking at twitch alone, the amount of features you can do, such as live chat and archival is something that PS4 won’t integrate for a long time (if at all).People also showed issue with the kinect and what its functions can do. Fair enough if you believe in a world where you will be spied on every second, take a look at your phone. It has two cameras on it, and I am looking down a camera on my laptop right now as I send this. The ability to say xbox record that, or xbox go to ….. is a feature I never though I would use and got a lot of flack. Once it came out, the hate almost immediately stopped. The use of Upload is a great idea. Its a place where my friends and followers can see small snippets of cool shit others have done. You don’t have to sift through the 15 mins of recording your PS4 did just to be able to get to the WOW moment that you were looking for. Its fast and reliable and very community focused.Microsoft has got terrible customer service. I agree with that fact. But as far as xbox service is concerned, its pretty good. When both the PS4 and XBone was released, they both had hardware issues. This is to be expected in a multi million unit launch. However, xbox replaced consoles immediately rather then waiting the 2 weeks to get your PS4 repaired. Sometimes its the little things.I’m not saying that the xbox has done everything right. The lack of instant integraton of the old party system onto the new console was a bit dumb, but they are a great service and will always be the community leaders for console games. Their ability to listen to consumers has been noted and we are all waiting to see the Playstation become more community based. Competition is what keeps this industry going. In either case, gaming is awesome and no matter what console you get you are going to get great games and have an awesome experience. But i think hating on any particular unit is foolish and you need to give credit where credit is due. If you feel like you can be the bigger man, write a post explaining some of the downfalls of playstation. Admit that no one is perfect.

    • It’s funny how you said that the webmaster stated all opinions, wheile the webmaster gave out 100% facts. Why do you defend a console and a company that doesn’t give a damn about you. All Microsoft wants is your hard earn money. They will use that money to produce more shitty hardware and software. They buy the cheapest shit that they can find. and sell it. And it’s people like you who buy into their shit. You cough up money for shitty fucking games, for a shitty fucking console that refuses to play them. The CEO’s don’t give a fuck about you. They over charge you for the online, when you are already paying for online service for your ISP. The CEO’s of Microsoft just want your money to buy a new private jet and just laugh at you. What I don’t get is why you love a praise a console like it was a GOD, when all you bought was the devils product of shit?

  37. ur dad says:

    R u fuckin queer that likes japanese boys everything u put bout xbox wrong ur n idiot fatass i bet ur dad beats u n then makes u go down on ur mom ur probably a bum 2 add get a job homo

    • At least the webmaster knows how to spell. and your faggot sorry ass can’t. And also it’s funny how you had to make a comment on this site. Because your PMS is kicking in, when you saw this site. Xbox is for kids. It’s a children’s toy. Now go and grab your bottle full of warm milk. and your mommy can rock you to sleep.

      • Random P.O.S. says:

        Damn there are some sandy vaginas in here, bunch of butt hurt trolls. If the man said fuck xbox then who are we to deny him. Those bashing the webmaster for creating his own website to bash microsoft- anything ●fucking government is a complete waste of taxpayers money go be mad at that, you can’t even apply for Obama care at his website and you’re bored filthy faggots for being on here. I hope you all catch dick cancer

      • Straight to the gallows says:

        “Xbox is for kids”

        You are the textbook example of opinionated comments. With your logic, a flamethrower is for kids. A dying, infested goat is for kids. Does that sound ridiculous? It shouldn’t, since that’s the same logic you used.

        Don’t embarrass yourself with a reply to this. Your stance has no worthy defense that I will even care to read. I typed in ‘fuckxbox’ on a whim, and I surely won’t return to this site to see the gibberish that follows my comment.

      • baby xbox user says:

        bitch its a luke warm bottle, get it write. “Xbox is for kids. It’s a children’s toy.” wtf bashing him about spelling, at least get your grammar right. “It’s a CHILDS toy.”

  38. Anon O Moose says:

    I agree that Sony has the better hardware. I agree MS makes inferior machines. I agree that MS constantly price gouges with Gold. However PS Network is easier to hack. Lulzsec proved that. MS has the better online service, just a shame MS is so fucking greedy.

  39. james says:

    fucking ps3 fanboy

  40. John S. says:

    Well, it’s time to provide an actual, grammar checked argument (provided this website does not edit submitted content, because either it’s edited or Xbox fans are actually too retarded to provide a coherent message). You say that the Xbox is inferior to PS3, PC, etc. when clearly the consoles are for different people, with exclusives and unique properties each (although the next Gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are much more similar). A PC is a much more personalized system than any of the two consoles. (Nintendo seems like they’re in their own world and not so focused on competing against the other two companies and more on just satisfying customers) To me, the 360 and PS3 are almost the same. They allow communications between users, albeit one at a fee, and they both offer multi player, albeit one at a fee. While Xbox does charge you for some rudimentary features that should be free, Xbox Live has a much more professional and official feel than PSN, and that’s not because PSN got hacked. Also, it’s all about convenience. People are not going to run back to Gamestop and sell their newly bought console because the other one has some obscure feature that the other doesn’t. Honestly, anyone busy denouncing the opposite console may be unsatisfied with their current console. Why care about what those other fuckwads want to buy? It’s their choice. I don’t give a flying shit if someone wants to buy a turd decorated with urine for a console, and neither should you.

  41. Graeson says:

    Ps3 is the worst ducking thing alive it won’t even fucking. Stay on for 5 minutes and it doesn’t overheat its bullshit so fucking no I’m not paying 100$ for a fucking piece of white console to be replaced fuck that do it for free playstation and maybe you will get another chance a xbox is a way fucking better choice he’ll maybe even a fucking Nintendo ds lite fuck you playstation go fucking die. Bitch. -sincerely Graeson. Aka FPS_Orbital I hope you fucking pass this on to playstation so they. Can know how shity there. Consoles are. FUCK YOU

  42. Drew G says:

    Well one reason why xbox tops everything else it xboxLive…enough said

  43. james says:

    the fact that you constantly call everyone simple minded idiots, means . . . wait for it . . . that you. are. a. simple. minded. idiot, just sayin bra, every time you interject with that’s your opinion, everything you write is an ‘opinion’

  44. Callum F. says:

    The xbox does drive me crazy on accasion but it is far better than PS3 and that piece of shit,the Wii,alough I would prefer PC gaming. The main reason I bought it is because it for one is much cheaper than P.C gaming and for two the playstation seems like the king of machine I like to wipe my ass with. The ability to play with friends on xbox is a more functional system than on the shit station. You never have to put up with squekers on xbox because you can go in to a party and talk with your friends even if you are playing something like halo and they are in to MLP happy playtime adventure of but sex. 🙂 good day, bitch.

  45. Jamal says:

    Everything your saying is YOUR opinion, you show no proof to what you say. All you do is speak on something you never had before. How would you know how it works unless you’ve used it before? Cuz xbox never posted anywhere that it had internet explorer on there, and I should know Cuz I own and xbox so whatever you say is bullshit, there is nothing you can tell me about an xbox period. All you gone do is try comment at certain things I say Cuz you are childish and you just want some attention, Cuz no matter how much say xbox sucks Microsoft is still making more money than your ass, and people still gone but their products.

  46. an says:

    Dude what the hell is your problem with xbox360? Ive had my first white xbox for 8 years no problems an d still works, people just don’t take care of their shit. And wile playing the same game on both ps3 HD and xbox360 HD there is virtually no difference in graphics or gameplay so you obviously have no facts and are just a diehard sony fanatic.If you have never even owned an xbox360 then all you arguments are invalid and childish. For xbox live a whoping $60 dollars a year (16cents per day)is really nothing but I know for some its a hassle, what you probably don’t know is ps3 is not going to be free after the ps4 comes out so have fun with that…ps. All PlayStations suck, they are only popular because of poor people that cant afford online. A ps3 is basically a big psp (same exact software). PS3 Cons, when you get a new game you have to wait 2hrs to play it, PS home is the stupidest thing I have ever seen, controllers made for a fucking aliens hands and have a shitty charge.

  47. Carl J. says:

    xbox best. We have yoda in Soul Calibur IV

  48. Tom L. says:

    ADMIN REPLY – It’s rare that I’ll take the time to respond to hate mail, but since you asked so nicely, sure. My responses will be bold/italic/underlined. – although i do not like xbox, your rant is alittle off. i will quote you and point out your flaws and id love to hear how you justify them… and im not going to use inappropriate language and would appreciate you to do the same. 1ST “It is wholly inferior to all other consoles, its extremely unreliable, by comparison its overpriced and underfeatured, and of course, its developed by Microsoft which makes it worse.” yes it used to be unreliable the slim resolved that problem, its priced the same or around the ps3 (which besides power and graphics the xbox beats it.) and most good quality PC’s will be way more expensive than $300.That’s why I said by comparison, nobody in their right mind would compare a gaming PC to a console feature for feature. and its has 3x the amount of features as PS3. (party system, voice messages, beacons, avatars, apps, and the list goes on and on.)Hooray for naming arbitrary and meaningless features!!!! and if your using a PC your most likely using windows which is made by microsoft. so microsoft as a software developer is spot on, but they do not make hardware devices. the xbox was the first microsoft hardware ever made First hardware ever? That is just flat out not true. Do some research.so any one with any experience with electronics knows there are bound to be flaws. 2ND “Why does Microsoft insist on charging you for things like an internet browser and Netflix” they actually do not charge you for netflix or and internet browser that comes with gold membership (ill get into why they charge later)You CANNOT use those without a Gold membership, which costs money. My point is 100% accurate here. 3RD. “Why does Xbox Live cost money?” thats a simple answer… to provide consistent and proficient online mulitplayer and capability. ps3 does not charge for online play and their servers are terrible and theres always lag.That’s your opinion. and their servers have been hacked 3-4 times each time leaving the PSN servers down for months at a time.That’s an exaggeration. and have u noticed it takes around an hour just do download a 50 MB update when it takes xbox minutes. No I haven’t because that’s not a fact.“They know damn well that youre going to buy their shitty console and their shitty games.” well actually microsoft doesnt make games game developers do (and no, they do not make halo. bungie and now 343 industries do, microsoft just owns the rights to the game.)… No shit. But Microsoft is a publisher for several games. Not to mention they get a cut of games sales. They don’t have to develop the game to make it factual to say “their game”, there’s an Xbox logo on every single game box, that’s close enough I think.
    so blaming the games on microsoft is ignorant. plus almost all games are made for all systems.” Actually sit down and use a PS3 or a Wii, and then honestly tell me why Xbox is so great” ive played all those systems, the wii is for children and doesnt have the games im interested in. Opinion.and a ps3 has a terrible online and the community is undermatched compared to xbox.Opinion again. “And Nintendo has been making games since before most Xbox players were born” based on your terrible reasoning your obviously not born before Nintendo was made either. How is this relevant again? “Microsoft isnt exactly a reputable hardware company” they never made hardware before the xbox Once again, not true at all.there will be flaws go look up all the problems with sonys first hardware creation… “Sony had already integrated Blu-Ray from day one” well if you knew anything about what your talking about you would know sony created the blu-ray and microsoft created HD-DVD and they where having a battle over which one would be better and at the time microsoft could not put the blu-ray into the xbox due to copyright reasons. Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about, Microsoft didn’t invent HD-DVD. Toshiba did, and I’m so confident on that I’m not even going to double check it before I post this to the website. If I’m wrong, you can kick me in the balls. (same thing happened between cassette tapes and A-track tapes but your to young to know that)Pretty sure A-track tapes aren’t a real thing that ever existed. Now if you meant 8-track tapes, I’m familiar with those. ” I love arguing with simple minded idiots. Go ahead, stand up for your precious console.” hahaha i want to point out im not arguing, just trying to show you how your wrong and do not know what your writing about. and since you do like to argue your a young teenager Speculation.because grown men have discussions rather than arguments. and it says you post all these but i seriously doubt you will. and P.S. you definitely owned a xbox 360 and it probably broke on you and you gut butt-hurt from it. nobody creates something like this just for the hell of it. I’ve legitimately never owned an Xbox. And I definitely made this site for the hell of it, I enjoy web programming. looking forward to your response…

  49. I love you and your VIEWS says:

    ADMINS ARE GAY- I TOTALLY AGREE (NOT) WITH YOUI couldn’t agree with you because quite frankly,- you are wrong. XBOX doesn’t just blow PS3 away on about umm, everything? But especially on games and graphics. Even fucking Wii graphics could beat the shit out of yo sorry ass excuse of a console (PS3). Only retards and downeys do that kind of retarded shit and actually buy it, much less fucking PRE ORDER that next shittiest console about to try and make it big (PS4), which looks like a fucking sandwich made by a fucking nigger with only stones to use.

  50. Dylanator says:

    You are an idiot. Why would people care about what some guy think about a god damn gaming console? Im not here to give you reasons why the xbox 360 is better than the ps3, wii and pc (I like all of them except for the wii, because the wii is for pussies) And I also like arguing with idiots because you are one of them. Ermahgawd I hate Microsoft and xbox I’m gonna start a stupid website and complain about pointless issues so I can get attention. Seriously dude, do the world a favour and close this site and get a god damn life

  51. Jason says:

    Does PS3 Have Party Chat?? No………………………. yeah

  52. Conor S. says:

    obvious troll is obvious

  53. Me says:

    I dont know who you are or what you othink youre doing but lets not forget that xbox has a better community and doesnt have to defend itself against the like of sony or nintendo, therefore i hope you seethe errors of you pitiful life as an alternative online user, but xbo has never dissapointed people who understand what the online enttainment is all about and lets not forget ps3 lags even with fibre optic connection you daft and silly fool……

  54. Chris says:

    I’d agree with you, but you apparently think the Wii is better than a bucket of shit.So, your point is invalid.

  55. El Capitan says:

    ADMIN REPLY — Feel free to post any info you like, nothing is going to make me shut down this site. — How butthurt can you possibly be? Pretty much all the current generation of consoles bar the Wii (not, I stress, the WiiU) are about equal, and any non-fanboy, SERIOUS gamers buy all three consoles so as to get all the different exclusive releases.Do some research before you waste your life on such a bunch of ignorant, ill-informed bullshit.People like you are the reason gamers get a bad rep: shut the fuck up, get the fuck over it, move the fuck on with your life.And close your near-brain dead website too. Don’t make me come back here and post the only facts on your page.


    i’ve had my xbox for around 7 years and its just starting to mess up. My friend had a PS3 and it messed up in about 3 years. So ya there might be some features about the xbox 360 that suck but its not a piece of shit like you delude yourself into believing. But if i had to come up with a reason why xbox beats all other consoles…..it would be….HALO!!!

  57. Victor says:

    Its funny that you write that 42% needed to get their Xbox replaced.. I had my Xbox for 5 years now, and it have worked perfectly the hole time.. Your are fucking gay..!

  58. D'wayne C. says:

    fuci u ps3 blows dats y itz free y u tryna get money over a gay website fuck ur wii and ps3 xbox n pc da best i luv xbox u just a mad lil fishy nigga hah hah! hop of mmicrosofts dick u pansey ass nigga -WEEEEZY

  59. Noobinator says:

    Its fuckin funny as hell that you have more hate mail than likes. Go burn your Xbox. I donated 9,000 dollars to this site. NOT bitch.

  60. simon says:

    I used to see things from your perspective until about 3 or 4 years ago when I realised just how wrong I was so I have just sat here and read all of the ps3 fanboy bullshit on this site and frankly I dont think you are in any place to say anything against the xbox. I have owned both the 360 and the ps3 and frankly there is nothing to choose between them. Microsoft customer service sucks, I know, i sat waiting for someone to pick up the phone for half an hour when my computer was up the creak but when I called sony’s customer service I gave up after 2 hours when the aforementioned ps3 completely died after only half an hour of frankly depressing use (this is from new) while my xbox is still going strong after 3 or 4 pretty much faultless years of perfectly good gaming. So what if its a little clunky from time to time, the red ring of death is at least non terminal and you can fix it yourselfplus why would you buy a ps3 for like £50 to £100 more when you are only going to have to go back to the shop in half an hour and ask for your money back when the thing gives up on you. Also if you have never really properly used an xbox then you have no real evidence to base all the crap on this site on. Seriously you make me laugh.

  61. Johnny Gat says:

    PS3=xbox.They’re the same, exactly the fucking same.Also, how can you know Xbox is shit if you’ve never owned one? You can’t make a clear judgment just by WATCHING people play it, that’s like watching porn and saying ‘Huh, sex looks really crap. I’ll never do it’.I’ll agree, PC is superior. But for the casual gamer a PS3 or a 360 does the job just fine. I honestly couldn’t care less about the crappier graphics etc.As a little side note, my friends mum got really pissed off one time and threw their Xbox down the stairs (which I used to own, mind you, I just let them have it because I was getting a new one for Christmas). It survived the fall without a dent and still works exactly as it did on it’s first day out of the box in 2007.And the controllers are solid, too. PS3 controllers a brittle and cheap, I trod on a friends controller and broke it. I threw my controller at the wall and dented the wall.

  62. BYTJAK says:

    ADMIN REPLY — I think you have your info wrong buddy. Lay off the beer for a few days. — xbox is better. yo imma tell u this only once idiot:xbox got free internet,ps3 doesn’t,xbox got cool exclusives like god of war,infamous on ps3 la noire is on 4 cds,while on xbox la noire THE COMPLETE EDITION is on only 1 fucking cd.on xbox u dont get rrod like on ps3.ps3 got shit exclusives like that space boy chicken shit halo and gears of war oh forgot to say xbox got uncharted which is also good

  63. nokosage says:

    amidoinitrite? Nigger

  64. carl says:

    you suck too. i thought you were serious for a moment until i saw that you wanted donations. for what? this web page. i admit that the xbox sucks, in fact, i hate microsoft period. and my wife is on her 3rd xbox. but what in the fuck do you need money for to say that it sucks? you even have ads for xbox games. what the fuck? i ask again, WHAT THE FUCK?

  65. Martin 80canada says:

    Millions of people on Facebook 200 likes for your websiteYou=ic failM$=ic amounts of moneySony=iAnd yes that means the ps3 is equal to the wii

  66. FuckAsianJewPS3 says:

    Your boooooooooooshiiiit can go fuck up a suk-a-dic chicken! How many fucking times has PSN been hacked? Oh yes, and did you know, 60% of the bitches that play PS3 are 40 year old men that enjoy sucking little dicks like yours. Hallafuckingluja!

  67. ashley k. says:

    You donated a entire website to the pure hatred to all consoles. I Dont hold a grudge to any console on the list. I have a perfect gaming pc wii. and 4 60gb playstation 3s. only the old xbox’s break and very rarely the new ones do. same with the ps3. that is why I have the old models of the ps3 I fix them and use them. as they are the best type of ps3 you can buy and they can no longer be purchased. The 360 is a fine console. it maybe isnt as good as the play station as in graphics and preformance because I know the technical know how on each side of the argument The the word “featureless” drums over me like your the biggest single minded idiot I have ever even bothered to read about. the 360 has loads of features. it has better online play and functionality than the ps3 keep it simple =ox online ps3=fline. media console=3 xbox is cheaper ps3 is even cheaper for me anyways. but not for the general public. I can get broken 60gb for about 40 quid a pop (50 bucks) and make them worth about 350$. I would like to hear a response from you on this case email me back at —-@live.co.uk or If you live in the UK please give me a phone number as I would like for you to explain to me why you hate xbox so much in more detail as your comments are praticly invalid towards the console. that problems other consoles probably inflict themselves

  68. barrett says:

    Battlefield 3 is all i have to say

  69. Snake says:


  70. Johnny says:

    Fuck you you PS3 Fanboy. Xbox has better graphics and plays better than PS3. Fuck you and your huge pussy lips.

  71. Fg says:

    This entire website is a bunch of whiney weak ass little cunts. I bet sony paid for this whole stupid ass site . Pull ups little children are for big kids remember .

  72. Tegan says:

    Because I use it.True, I’ve replaced it quite a few times, actually. However, there is a reason that people keep rebuying these cheaply made consoles–and I believe that to be the ease of connectivity to decent people.(The definition of decent people being the ones opposite of those who hate on xbox, game on computers–because computers are NOT consoles, use hand-helds only–again, not consoles, and those who game solely on the Wii.The Wii is a console meant to complement the gaming experience, not dominate it.)You can hit me back if you want me to explain why PC gamers aren’t decent people, but I feel that if you met one no explanation would be needed. 🙂

  73. roody-poo says:


  74. I'm an idiot says:

    Well I made a big mistake coming here one, why you ask? You did a horrible job of convincing me Xbox was no good. If anything, you should enjoy the “love/hate” people send you, I suppose. I honestly just feel as though anybody who has the trouble to stumble upon this website, hope you see this comment. Just close the window ASAP. FAIL

  75. Go fucl yourself says:

    You just want to make money out a peoples tragedy, Fucker asking for donations…. I thinkg you do this for living and that you have nothing beteer to do :S

  76. Anonymous says:

    At least Xbox LIVE never got hacked. I wonder why? Most likely because Microsoft knows what they’re doing!

  77. cj says:

    your a fukin dumb ass for real this is tha bigest waste of time every no one cares what tha fuk yu think dick head ass nigga if yu dont like sumthing keep that shyt to your self

  78. Birchy says:

    our online network works, the console is cheaper, the games are cheaper, the controllers have a better feel to them, the games are to a higher standard (single console release, not multi like CoD)wheres the downside? we have to pay for our network? so what? we you get what you pay for ^^also, could Sony try and rip the Wii off any more? Its a poor amalgamation of an xbox, a Wii and a blueray player.grow up ^^

  79. Nikki says:

    Haha u suck. Get a life you little idiot. Only cause you can’t afford an xbox 😉 retard. oh yeah btw do you have fun playing online with your cool playstation 3 right now? haha! 😀 😀 😀 fuck youu.

  80. F PS3 says:

    Ya i bought a PS3 instead of an xbox…. bad idea!!! Im tryin to play come cod right meow and the servers are all down and i can’t even sign into the playstation network….!!! Imma sad boy!! Im going to go buy an xbox now -kingdopeo over N out

  81. lol says:

    LOL ^^ umadbro?

  82. why do you care says:

    Dude, I am an Xbox user, but I have respect for other consoles like the ps3,wii,…!

  83. fuck you says:

    i have not powered off my xbox since i bought it, when i leave..weeks at a time.. i come back and no “bugs”. Going on 3 years. No dead xbox, way to stand up for your “rebel” bull shit cause, i run openSUSE on my pc. I’m not a huge fan of microsoft. but playstation can fuck right off, i’d rather play 1st generation nintendo. Playstation should have been a 1 game console….SOCOM BITCH

  84. fuck you! says:

    fuck you. 4chan is going to ruin your life!!!!!!

  85. Ps3 fucker says:

    ADMIN REPLY — Wow. What a great point. You must be very intelligent. — Youer Mother Fuck

  86. Dave says:

    I’m just going to list 3 plain arguments why you are a turd;1) You say XBox is overpriced, yet it is the same orice as PS3 for the respective 250GB versions of each console. Oh, and Wii may be cheap but it’s not even worth mentioning.2) Yes, Microsoft is a Software company,and this certainly shows in their XBox Live service. It is so much better than PS3 online and I can justify this as I have had an XBox 360 for 4 years and had a PS3 slim for one year.3) This message to you is mildly sad, but paying for a domain and wasting time creating a site is 100 times worse. Let alone your idiotic idea of feeding the company you hate £250 to buy the console you clearly loathe just to then destroy it. No one cares, GROW UP.

  87. John says:

    You are the biggest waste of space on this earth. You must have tons and tons of free time to make such a retarded fucking site.I hope your loser ass gets testicle cancer and you fade off the face of this planet. So good luck on dieing soon u piece of shit.ps. your mom loves my cock

  88. Austin says:

    Hey, i was just searching for Troubleshooting w/ xbox, today, my xbox was making some weird noises, [keep in mind its had open tray errors in the past], and later on, the noises got louder and louder, and finally, i decided to install Call of Duty: Black Ops to my HDD, around 45%, it said the game was scratched, keep in mind, its no more than a few days old, i pull the game out, hold it up in light, and i see a Laser Burn circle completely around it, i’m not giving up on microsoft, they have decent servers for their online games, nice Party chat/ ingame chat systems, but, the consoles themselves, just fucked brah, the laser on my xbox is out of place, and i guess it just, burns my discs, no, i didn’t move the console at all, i didn’t jar it at ALL… Xbox ask me to send it back in, and they’d replace it for free… so that’s another reason Xbox > Ps3… they replace your xbox FOR FREE, if its within the 1 year – 3 year standards, depending on what happened to it … I SUPPORT/I DONT SUPPORT.in some ways, i support, they do need to fix the consoles bugs, and flaws, but, the Online servers, party chats, in game chats, and online in general, just eats up the PS3… :S sorry bro. 🙂

  89. Josh says:

    I find it interesting that you trash Microsoft so much yet in the top image on your site you suggest that a pc is superior to Xbox (no arguments there btw). That pc however is most likely running windows as there is no other operating system with as extensive of a gaming library as Windows. Say what you want about Microsoft but as for as gaming goes, their OS is the king. As for a PC, any well built PC is going to trump any console for a number of reasons. My favorite one is being able to upgrade the internal parts without having to buy a whole new system. Want the newest game but don’t have the video ram? Go buy a new video card. Even PS3 can’t compete with that!You mention Xbox Live is buggy. What isn’t? Even the almighty, overrated Macs have bug issues sometimes. The number one cause of issues with Xbox live however have to do with internet connection (and not the connection on Microsoft’s end). Do a little research, and you will learn that the Xbox Live servers are some of the best servers out there and are even the model for many other servers (including your idolized PS3’s market place). The reason the Xbox Live servers do such a great job and are highly ranked is because Microsoft can afford to maintain them with, um, well, a subscription fee (similar to WoW). The difference between WoW and Xbox Live is that the Live fee is for every game (with some exceptions, but there are always exceptions).As far as Nintendo is concerned, it doesn’t really compare. The gaming experience on the Wii is different than that of either the PS3 or the Xbox. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Wii is great, but it can’t really be compared to the other consoles.The PS3 is not without it’s flaws. My brother’s PS3 has had disc issues since he got it. Granted, PS3 has had less hardware issues than Microsoft, but Microsoft in most cases has owned up to them and admitted “Yeah, we rushed the Xbox to market. So we renovated it and released a new version”. Considering I have a modded Xbox 360, I probably won’t rush out and buy the new one however.RROD errors are an easy fix, if you know how to follow directions and aren’t a complete moron–just saying. It’s kind of similar to all the errors and “malware” that people are always talking about in windows. I’ve had my laptop for 3 years and I have never had any malware, viruses, BSOD, nothing but I digress.Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lawn full of Zombies and those plants don’t grow themselves.

  90. Thomas T. says:

    i truly believe that anyone who takes part of this “console war” is just wasting their time. just buy whatever console that fits your style of gaming and shut the fuck up, because this is getting really annoying

  91. niek says:

    the fact that you pay for this domain really feels, i’d commit suicide if I were you.

  92. Nick says:

    I cannot argue opinion. But i will argue facts. Why is it that my buddies PS3 has to update for 10 minutes every time he puts a new game in? I don’t. My games start right up. Why is it that you have to have a netflix disc in your PS3, but i instantly stream, with Halo Reach in my disc tray. I read that you say something about the backwards compatibility, well, the first gen PS3 did a bad job at it. look it up. And dont get me started on PSN. How can you rag on us when sony has now integrated an online system that you would have to pay for, just like us, and when we pay, we earn. Who gets map packs first? who got GTA4 dlc first, Fallout3 anyone? yea, we pay to get stuff before you. but in reality, how is the 360 over priced when it does exactly what your system does. it plays video games.

  93. Mr.Xman says:

    some part of your website is true and some part also wrong,i’ve bought 2 xbox (arcade and elite) and no ps3 arcade one is blew up i guess -_-and the elite runs good till now. i never play online on xbox, because myself doesnt have internet that fast enough to run the online game, just use the internet when there is a new update..so maybe if elite fail too i’ll try ps3 too… but well i love Jrpg and Microsoft games like fable2

  94. Trevor says:

    People have different ways of wasteing there time from the ps3 to the wii to the xbox. you spend ur time hate blogging somthing that still sells at 300 a pop. somthing that dosent have feelings and microsoft proble laughs at you. have fun living in your grandmas basement. i cant belive i wasted my time writing this down.

  95. Snoug says:

    I hate Xbox360 as well. The Hardware issues are inexcusable but your rant is terrible and does the opposite of what you intended. Your doing nothing but whining with inaccurate facts and theories that are generally wrong. You also contradict what you say. I like the idea for the site but you need to grow up or no one is going to take you seriously.

  96. . says:

    your grammar sucks

  97. Nate says:

    dude seriously xbox may not have the best track record but the only thing that you get with PS3 is a shitty online and a limited amount of DLC that xbox didn’t get exclusive rights to. Also i used to be a Play Station fan and anti Microsoft but then i got an xbox and it was and still is fun as hell i haven’t even played my PS3 since. So don’t go around saying Xbox sucks when A) you don’t own one, B)pretend that PS3 is better because it’s really not and C)why should anyone donate to an uneducated PS3 fan-boy

  98. Noobinator says:


  99. DicksMcgeee says:

    Ha. You’re an idiot. I bet you created this website in Windows, I bet you’re reading this email in Outbox or Windows Live Mail, and I bet you payed for them both too. Now you should admit that probably cost you a lot of money. More than a year of Live? Probably. I bought my Wii at launch, my PS3 the christmas a year after and my Xbox about a year ago. My Wii no longer reads discs, and I’m on my fourth PS3, yet the worst problem my Xbox has been fine for it’s entire life, keep in mind it was bought used. Obviously these errors do not reflect the market. Today my Xbox gets the most use, then the PS3 then wii. Why you might ask? Because the only thing I have to buy for Xbox is the Live, as piracy is the best policy. Yet I do not regret buying Live, the party chats I have are much better than the in-game ones of PS3 and the multiplayer has never failed to connect. (PS3: See Burnout, Uncharted, Warhawk) While my Xbox gets the most use online, it has very few Exclusives as you seem to have mentioned, but there are enough to keep my fancy. This all might change when Playstation Plus finally decides to add Cross Game chat; but for now, The Xbox works better for me online, and the choice of games is limitless.

  100. Lawrence says:

    Really? You know you’re only making the fire worse this way. I’m not saying I support or hate xbox but by making a site like this, what do you really hope to accomplish? You’re just stirring up hate between people who could just get along, it’s completely pointless. I hope you get back to me.Lots of Love,

  101. xbox last resot says:

    i have to almost agree. You are completely right on so many points, but xbox elite has the power to plug an external hard drive into it and play movies as well as music from an external source through the usb imput. I have 39 full seasons of shows and over 400 movies that i can play without switching disks or manually changing them and its all wireless, name a gaming system that can do that. And dont say a computer cause that takes a hell of alot more work and money to play it on a tv.

  102. luis says:

    fuck you motherfucker

  103. Confidential says:

    I’m not going to be an ass like everybody else but i just want to say. Don’t hate it till you try it. seriously. Even though a majority of it is C.O.D. And its service has alot of downfalls. its fun. I can tell you it’s way better modded and way better without the 5-year old rules. But dont be such a ps3 fanboy until you try xbox. Computer rules ALL. Wii sucks major cock too. but microsoft is realy good on the computer end. xbox end, they suck total dick. and WTF. DONATE TO FUCKING XBOX? Why the hell would a TOTAL ps3 fanboy like you donate to a stranger for agreeing with their opinions. Whatever thats my opinion, dont hate and be a fanboy until you actualy try the shit out

  104. dylan says:

    oh an also, you’ve never used an xbox? already you are stupid.. and also tell me you’ve never used Microsoft Office.. the best and most popular program for that kinda shit.. so what im trying to say is fuck you

  105. dylan says:

    you’re dumb.

  106. Jesus says:

    What’s this bullshit!? I don’t care man, It don’t matta to Jesus. I gonna fuck you…Saturday, I’ll fuck you next Wednesday instead.

  107. Dean says:

    Youu fuckinn retard, Unbelieveable, Thats all i’ve got to say. You don’t own an xbox and you can make comparisons?…. get a life you Fanboyyy .. Who makes a fucking website dissing a console no one wants to hear what you’ve got to say. Get a Life!

  108. i fucking hate ps3 says:


  109. y do u want 2 know says:


  110. griff says:

    hello mister, you could be this >> in gaming circles you are whats known as an idiot!! trust me when i say im a hardcore linux user but live is the best thing M$ have ever done.ps3 does rock as hardware, but hello can someone learn to program for it. 25 years+ of experience so don’t even try.love you buy yaself a pint :>

  111. GT:BigArodx77 says:

    The only good thing PS3 has is blu ray THATS IT! Can you honestly say that the online can compare to Xbox Live? I know you’ve heard the saying “you get what you pay for”. How many people couldn’t even sign onto PSN to play MW2 on the release? All because of shitty servers, and Sony really cares about its customers? Wow you can surf the web on a PS3, thats cool I guess, but how many people really use that to their advantage, I mean who doesn’t have a computer in their home??? The graphics for both consoles are the same, you cant say PS3 is better or 360 is better, its impossible. The games also have a tie, PS3 has some pretty good exclusives and so does 360 so there isn’t really an argument here either. The 360 has had the RROD problem yes, Ive had it, everyone that I know that has a 360 has had it happen but after it does happen, thats it! And the new consoles rarely get it. I think it all comes down to the online play, and the 360 has the best. I mean there is 750,000 online right now on MW2, thats saying alot about customer satisfaction……and the Wii? Over a 360??? Come on now, bowling is fun until you bowl a 300 every game you play.

  112. xbox519clan says:

    Get the fuck out of here with this cock sucking shit. Both consoles are great to own. Get over your bitch ass shit of thinking one console is better is better. Besides Wii is best LOL.

  113. xbox rules says:

    lol what a fucking ps3tard! xbox live is worth the money cuz it rules and wtf are u talkin about no game? it has lots of exculisve games like halo gears and modern warfare 2… ur probably a jrpg fag tho but hey xbox took away final fantasy too! lmao

  114. rocky says:

    fuck you. The ps3 is a console i would buy only for the few exclusives it has, all of it’s games are jokes. The xbox 360 has way too many hit titles for you to even call it bad.The only reason its unreliable to you is because you cant fucking take care of it you peice of shit. Wii is for children, computer games are fail, ps3 sucks so much they had to lower their fucking price.Oh and did you know activision is going to stop supporting the ps3? guess what no more fucking call of duty for you, take that fucking bich ass ps3 pricks!

  115. Harold says:

    ADMIN REPLY — 90% is not an accurate number, you just made that up. While the majority of PC’s do run Windows, a large percentage of that is because of businesses running Microsoft products. Contrary to what you think, you can game on Linux or a Mac, but thanks for trying. And you know how I know it sucks? Because as of the time of this posting, there are 74 people supporting Xbox, and over 300 saying “Fuck Xbox”. So dont take my word for it, ask the people that outnumber you 3 to 1. — Do you realize your a contradicting moron?You say “Microsoft’s Xbox is a terrible console that nobody should ever buy”Then you continue to say “Or better yet, buy a computer. You’ll be glad you did.” – Dipshit 90% run Windows which is DUH Microsoft Dumb Fuck!And now the big one “No, I dont own an Xbox, never have and never will. ” So How The FUCK do you know it sucks?!!?Dude just fucking die already… your such a moron its insane….

  116. sadam says:

    Are you being for real right now? you have no idea what the fuck your talking about. xbox blows ps3 away on so many levels. yah you pay for xbox live, but that gives you features that those sony faggots think are a waste of time. on the ps3 can you be in a party with 7 of your friends while playing different games? no. can you with xbox? hell fucking yah! and whats up with haveing to buy wireless controllers and thats it? $50 for a controller? thats outrageous. with xbox you got fucking options. you can buy a wireless controller, for $40, or a wired one for $30. and big deal with this whole blu ray shit, who really gives a fuck if the disc can hold like 6 gigs of memory, you dont even need that much space to make the fucking game, thats just a waste of sonys money and time. and you would honestly rather buy a wii? are you on fucking crack? i wipe my dogs shit up with that thing, its a worthless block of plastic. the games suck dick and the graphics look like they brought the chips back from dreamcast. those asian pricks have no idea the pile of shit the made gets played for like a week then just sits in a corner and collects dust. and this shit about the elite? what you dont like that xbox has different stages of xbox you can buy based on what your needs are for a console and what you can afford? while the cheapest ps3 is still $300? my friend bought a ps3, and took it back the next day it sucked so bad and bought an xbox, and says thats the best dicision hes ever made. the only better about the ps3 is the fact that it has internet browser, which i admit is pretty cool, but still the ps3 cant even be put in the same catagory as xbox, cause xbox will win every time. better game selection, lower overall prices, cant be beaten by sony. sonys ps2 was selling more than that p.o.s ps3 by 500,000 consoles in august. your the ignorant cockmongral. think before you waste any more money on this peice of shit website, and your piece of shit ps3. i use my ps3 as a paper weight at my office, that big fucking waste of technology. and your gonna have overheating problems with the new slimmer console, since you idiots took out the fucking cooling system. im done here, you can go suck a fat one and burn in hell you dirty piece of shit

  117. Alex bBoovey says:

    my dad say that ps3is no goosd and that yuo are retard and thaat xbox 3360 is gpood and ps3 sux you are stopid and can suk 360 cocks… we is for pusies and old gay men like dad and yous sux 360 cock ps3 has seaga gennisis grappics and you like 360 cox. FUx yuo,alex bovey

  118. leeee says:

    hi am xbox owner never had any issues had my xbo well over 2 years never broek ps3 are shit .. xbox made somthing ps3 had 2 make a year after all am saying dude i have both and ps3 is dam right shit .. people who sit on ps3 all times have no freinds u can’t even play muysic while playing a game … fuck me its the 2009

  119. Nokkie says:

    Well, I have a Xbox 360 and it’s never failed me. But that’s not my point .. I don’t really have one I guess, I just wanted to say and ask this: Gaming is Gaming, love it or hate it .. but don’t be a fan boy of one or the other =.. and here’s my question, why have you devoted time and money into making/maintaining this website? I don’t really find it pointless .. but you bitched about Paying to use Xbox live .. but yet you pay to bitch about it? I know I might be wrong, you might not pay. But hey, keep up the decent website and enjoy Gaming

  120. mohamed a says:

    ADMIN REPLY — I’m not really sure what you are trying to say. Improve your communication skills and please try again. — i love xbox 360and i have xbox 360the xbox 360 is no badthe problem of PROD is finished and has slovedwhy xbox 360 is bad ?the xbox 360 white 60 gb is very bad bad badyou are right on ( fuck xbox ) not for xbox elite 120gbwhy ps3 is better than xbox 360 ?ps3 is not badthe problem to high prices the blu ray discs originalthis is bad feature why die xbox ?Suppose that some people with no money to buy a Blu-ray DiscThis feature is worse than the cheap price copy DVD X-Box 360There are some people who need cheap pills such as DVD Xbox 360Optimal tablets needed cheap and like some other people need thisYou are not thinking correctlyIs a good man who thinks correctlyWhy the Xbox is the only worse? Why is not there some equipment worse than the Xbox 360In my view that the Xbox 360 is the best performance, speed and ease of use and a good system and licenses and the price of cheap discsYou are already not thinking correctlyAnd considers that the Xbox 360 is the best graphics from the rest of other devices such as ps2 and wii and psp and ps1 and nintendoAnd is considered the best such as Playstation 3And you are already prefer the Xbox for a Playstation 3And in this form may be found at one of the workers of this website are psychological complex, a state of madness and you need a psychiatrist and Dr. handles this disease, which is inside youYou are not a normal human being one staff this Web site are the same thing in need of specialist doctor, a mental hospitalAll those who are the creators of this impact have psychological state or psychological complexThis threat to your lifeAnd if you look good between the Xbox and Playstation 3 are the same level of graphics and possibly the best X-Box technical Playstation 3And in my view, I advise you that the owner of Microsoft is rich from the world and can do anything you and finds you and the rest of the creators and they will tell you, one of the police staff and acting with youAnd I advise you do not do this again because the likelihood of Beer said that the Web, you may close foreverAnd you write words in your web words to describe that Microsoft does not make anything for the rest of us and other people, and peoplesAnd Microsoft made us a device such as a Hockey 3 and works the same efficiency Hockey 3 and is in the other game machine, amusement useful benefit us, and the rest of the communityI advise you not publish this serious talk, which you write on your webAnd do not publish these publications for the rest of the people, even you are not a lesson for everyoneI hope to be something I wrote to you and help you benefit others like youI wish you happiness and comfort alwaysAnd I hope you do not hate the Xbox 360 once againI hope with all my heart you live in comfort, security, and like all the stuff

  121. Donald says:

    I am the proud owner of an XBOX36O you assclown. I am pissed that you actually made a site to bash my system? Yeah there are the ring of death issues but xbox will warranty it, im on my 3rd Xbox360 and they keep sending me a new one every time the old one breaks. the online PWNZ the ps3 by far, fyi your a dicklick

  122. Cel says:

    WoW, Where to start. I guess i’ll start like most everone else in saying I have all the gaming systems in question. Im not sure what is going on here, I have met some fan boys in my day but i guess the like of face to face conversation prevents people from being honest with themselves on this site. I can’t imagine how generation after generation you can have so many people that are blind to see who won the console wars. Last generation the ps2 won and thats it anyone that says other wise isn’t a gamer or is just plan ignorant. The 360 takes large unheard of shits on all of it’s competitors. The Wii shouldn’t even be considered a contender, Nintendo hasn’t made a respectable system sense the SNES (64 was fun but lets face it, it flopped hard). The Wii is for socccer moms and little kids, there games aren’t fun and the garbage game concepts are plentiful. Raiseing dogs and babysitting, this is what software Nintendos system has to offer. Lets not even get into it’s Hardware, the Wii is a $249.99 Gamecube with motion controls. It’s Hardware add-ons list is endless and the motion plus attachment mixed with the rumor of a new Wii system just goes to show you that Nintendo only has left overs in there Recycling bin to after gamers. It’s game over for Nintendo, the Wii will fade out of favor like tickle me Elmo.PC gaming.There no doubt that PC gaming is intense and can be really fun, but it’s also a giant pain and more often than not, not worth it. You need more ram,video card not supported,game doesn’t work with this OS, theres a huge list of reasons why the new game you want to play is not supported and go check on the return policy on a opened video game, at least you know when you buy a console game that though you may not like the game at least it’s gona play. What about hackers, modders. all those people who wanna win but don’t wanna actually do work have a great place to call home on PC gaming. Video Games are made on PC’s so there best place to sho case it’s talents is on a PC but for the average gamer it’s not worth the money to get a system that can max out a games graphics our more than likly gurentee the next big game will run on it.PS3. it’s a shame something that was so great can spawn something that can fail so hard. It’s graphics are better you say? so why is it that the same game thats on the 360 is displayed at a lower resolution on the ps3? I’ll tell you why and that cause of Blu-Ray. No one is pushing the system not just cause it’s gona be more work but because the work isn’t worth the turn around. People have to own a ps3 in order to buy games for it and lets face it very few people have a PS3.PSN is garbage, but you get what you pay for. Demos come fisrt to XBlive as well as download content. PSN’s chat is not even with trying and there arcade games are terrible. It’s download speeds are noticably slower than the 360 and it’s interface is confusing and bland.The game library for a ps3 is limited, PS3 exclusives rarly disapoint but are few in number. Sony failed to carry over the exlusive contracts they had with the ps2 over to the PS3. Never in Video Game console history has a company lost some many exclusives to it’ competitors as did the PS3.PS3 was also the first to introduce the half ass version of a game you really want to play program,GT5 and Socom.Home was a complete flop which normally wouldn’t matter considering no one wants avatars miis or things of that nature but Sony was pushing it down peoples throats as a selling pooint for over a year. Fail.XB360.got just about everything right but there shitty hardware which is a giant fail on there part considering the whole point of video gaming is have a piece of working hardware to do it on. But the truth of the matter is if it’s competitors had something better to offer Microsoft would more than likly have lost most of there clients with every failed system. It’s not because people are ignorant that they continue to game on a 360 after a hardware failure, it’s because you it’s a no brainer, Sony failed harder than the RROD with that under priced Blu-Ray player they continue to lose money that has few exclusives worth mentioning whos’ online is sub par…..it goes on and on. Bottom line is who ever mad this site is an idiot that more than likly either had a bad experience in the past with the Microsoft Corporation and wants to try and stick it to them by not supporting them and trying to rally others against them, or he/she just isn’t a gamer. True gamers know who is winning and who has won a console war and im sorry XB360 won hands down. Anyone that says other wise it just plane wrong cause it’s plane as day to see.with so little time left in this generations battle for console surpremicy the jig is up. Nintendo needs to hang it up,Sony I look forward to see what you learned from this and congradulations to MicroSoft, I just hope you can gurentee us a system that will last longer than 8 months at a time next go around.

  123. None says:

    ok… first I just want to say, why would you pay for a domain name, build a tiny* website just to say that you hate xbox, noone cares, I didnt read a sentence of your shit because its a waste of my time. The ps3 sucks, the wii is a kid console, and a computer, come on! You wasted a ton of your time building this website, so do this, First: Go get a job, Second: Move out of your mom’s house, Third: Try to get a girlfriend, I mean seriously, do you just play the ps3, wii , or computer all day??? Get a life you mindless fat piece of shit!

  124. Heaf says:

    Whilst the XBOX360 does admittedly suck, the online experience IS better, it costs a fraction of the price of both a ps3 and a PC (wii’s are childs toys) and has a BIIIIG community (that’s actually good once you get past the whining brats).Yeah PS3 is a better console but we need developers to start realising and utilising this as you can’t truly say it’s better than 360 because it’s selection of games suck balls. It’s exclusives are dire and everyone wants to jump on the xbox bandwagon because that’s where most copies of games will get sold.Also the xbox 360 controller ergonomics are just too good, ps3 controller hurts my hands because of it’s neanderthal design.Besides, I play Halo3. I wouldn’t even think of getting a ps3 even if they did have awesome games and a huge online community. However, I would think about it if they sorted the controller out. It’s horrible.Overall Whilst xbox has its many faults, it’s still just so much more worth it than any other console. Yeah, I’ve had to buy 2 consoles, but those two consoles are cheaper than 1 ps3 and I’ve learnt how to fix xbox’s and I don’t know about you, but I love learning.

  125. Mm says:

    Why is third party game companies backing out of sonys corner? Sony is not an expert at making video games so why say microsoft is? Why is there a PC that most likely runs some sort of Microsoft program on it in your fuckxbox.com banner? Why do I own 4 perfectly running xboxes four 5 years now with no problems (1@home 3@work). When am I going to get games on my PS3 that atually use the system and not tickle its balls? (agreeing its a more powerful sytem, not being used by its company, oh thats right they don’t make the games back to sentence two) Will blu-ray survive netflix and other movies on demand type options? Are we going to get any adult games on the Wii?How are you going to play games on your PC when it crashes from a virus?Am I gonna see any games 4 my ps3 anytime soon?Am I gonna hear about another tard throw his Wiimote through its TV another thousand times, really who does that?Do you have any good ideas on how to keep dust building up on my ps3, my ps2 sees more action?MM

  126. Thats all says:

    Xbox 360 – 30 million soldPS3 – 22 million soldlet the facts speak, not you

  127. The Only Sane Man On This Earth says:

    First of all, let me state that I own all 3 consoles. My statements are my rational opinion. First of all, lets compare Xbox to the other consoles, starting with the Gaming PC. There is no doubt that in terms of technical specs, it blows 360 out of the water. After all, its a constantly evolving platform that is getting better hardware every year. However, there is one thing about the 360 that ultimately trumps the PC. Price. It costs thousands of dollars to maintain a Gaming PC. Few can afford that in todays awful economy. Second is the Wii. It plays uniquely with its Wiimote, but its downfall is the fact that there is so much third party shit on that system, it’s hard to differ from the good and the bad. It has potential, such as a family friendly library of games FROM NINTENDO, and an approachable price tag. I enjoy the Wii. But its not right for this gamer. Now for the big dog, the PS3. This is one of the most expensive gaming machines on the market, but its downfalls are the price, and games library. The price is monstrous, at 600$ your getting the graphical and technical power you pay for. But the games library is a little weak. Easily, the best games out there are for PS3 are Resistance 1&2, Uncharted, and inFamous. (no I’m not counting Killzone 2, because I personally don’t like it.)Now, what do I like about the 360? Games on Demand, all the stuff that came with NXE. I just love it. So what if I’m a fanboy? You are to.

  128. larry says:

    you know the ps2 outsells the ps3 and the wii seriously the kids game

  129. Jackson says:

    Microsoft might be a little bitch, but the 360’s not bad.This brand devotion, however, is mothfucking bullshit. (Yeah, that’s right. Not motherfucking, it’s mothfucking)

  130. DaDude says:

    So let me get this straight. You paid for a domain name so you could bash Xbox? That’s pretty lame dude. I could make fun of you all day but something tells me you’re already suffering as it is.

  131. Rick says:

    cool site faggot. i have gaming comp, xbox 360, wii, and ps3….xbox rapes because of live and you suck fat old cocks. thanks, bye

  132. Tein says:


  133. Larry S says:

    ADMIN REPLY — At no point does this irrationally long statement make any actual claims, valid or otherwise. I’m not really sure what you were getting at, if anything. Lay off the drugs, seriously. — Where, oh where, should I begin telling you about how foul-mouthed http://www.fuckxbox.com is? How about here: We can’t just sit around and do nothing. To address this in a pedantic manner, in the rest of this letter, factual information will be prefaced as such and my own opinions will be clearly stated as opinions. For instance, it is a fact that http://www.fuckxbox.com needs to stop living in denial. It needs to wake up and realize that in public, it vehemently inveighs against corruption and sin. But when nobody’s looking, it never fails to overthrow western civilization through the destruction of its four pillars—family, nation, religion, and democracy. In order for us to realize more happiness in our lives, we need to understand that http://www.fuckxbox.com‘s the type of organization that will trump up any lie for the occasion, and the more of a thumper it is, the better it likes it. While I don’t know http://www.fuckxbox.com‘s secret plans, I do know that http://www.fuckxbox.com might have been in a lethargic state of autointoxication when it said that the bogeyman is going to get us if we don’t agree to its demands. More likely, perhaps, is that http://www.fuckxbox.com‘s uncompromising, sordid “compromises” are in full flower and their poisonous petals of anarchism are blooming all around us.I refuse to believe solely on http://www.fuckxbox.com‘s say-so that separatism forms the core of any utopian society. The mere mention of that fact guarantees that this letter will never get published in any mass-circulation periodical that http://www.fuckxbox.com has any control over. 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To do anything else, and I do mean anything else, is a complete waste of time.When I say that there should be a law against this, this does not, I repeat, does not mean that mediocrity is a worthwhile goal. This is a common fallacy held by impolitic lotharios. http://Www.fuckxbox.com claims that the average working-class person can’t see through its chicanery. I would say that that claim is 70% folderol, 20% twaddle, and 10% another coldhearted attempt to make the pot of obscurantism overboil and scald the whole world.Whether or not you realize this, it’s our responsibility to allay the concerns of the many people who have been harmed by http://www.fuckxbox.com. That’s the first step in trying to send its prognoses into the dustbin where they belong, and it’s the only way to pronounce the truth and renounce the lies. 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  134. kyle says:

    your a fucking bitch i fucking hate ur site xbox is the best gameing thing ever GO FUCK YOUR SELF if i every find you you wish i hadnt

  135. Eoghan says:

    i was looking through the hate mail site and i have to agree with them, even though in some ways the ps3 is better like you can access the internet and more powerful processor but in order to use blue ray you have to buy a tv that costs over £2000. i dont even watch HD or Blue ray. i play the xbox because the ps3 doesnt meet the gaming requirements of funability it just depends on the GRAPHICS and even though the xbox cant handle the graphics the ps3 can hold hardly anyone cgives two shits about the graphics most of the time.

  136. shitty site says:

    i have both xbox 360 and ps3. i play xbox 360 99% of the time. better games. better network. better system. get a life you fag

  137. ross da boss says:

    u suck balls joey

  138. douchebunny says:

    go die you stupid cock xbox is da shit. wii sucks ps3 sucks too. by teh way ur site was haxored to say xbox®wsome. just like it should… you fuggin guck go die!!!

  139. Richard says:

    So you hate the 360. Cool. But your opinion is wasted on this website. You spent awhile setting up this site, just to bash a system that is (In your opinion) Bad. You say that the 360 is overpriced. Maybe compared to the Wii it is, but not even close to overpriced as to a ps3 or a computer. A good gaming computer, *Good* range from $1000+. The ps3 is hundreds more than the 360. You say Microsoft is stupid for not putting in blue-ray like sony. How did that work out for sony? They sell the ps3 for $400-500, and guess what. They lose money. It costs them more than $500 to make the console. The 360 is a legit console that has more games than 360 and arguably (opinionated) better exclusives.

  140. The Real Obama says:


  141. dee says:

    Settle down. It’s everyone’s opinion about which system is better. I respect your opinion that PS3 and WII are better than XBox 360.

  142. John B. says:

    …you think the Wii is better than the 360?Then your opinion no longer matters. I suggest you watch some Zero Punctuation for the low-down on the consoles.Unreliable? My friend fucked up his entire PS3 just by moving it whilst it was on. Goodbye blu-ray laser. At most if you do that with the 360 you get a few scratches on your disc, but it’s even still playable at the end. Not to mention the PS3 has crap exclusives, a crap GUI and poorly (if at all) implemented features, and PSN…well, that’s just PSN. What’s that, you don’t even have a lobby system yet? Rofl. I hate its guts even down to the controllers. Quite simply, they suck. The analogue sticks are convex – seriously – what the fuck? Are they made to be annoying? At least your thumb sits “in” the 360’s. The shape of the controller doesn’t fit in your hand either, it’s poorly designed – at least the 360’s had some thought put into them and were made ergonomic. Lastly on the controller front – your triggers. Absolute crap. Firstly, they don’t work very well at all, and have no pressure sensitivity what so ever. Secondly, games still have R1 as shoot, and your trigger as throw grenade? Score one for realism and copycat-ing! *rolls eyes*Anybody can jam more hardware in a box and sell it for a higher price. It’s the user experience, games and fan base that makes a console what it is. The Wii…rofl. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/673-MadWorldComputers, yes, are better. Know why? Because consoles are just dumbed down computers in a different shaped box, in a different room of your house. Funny how your computer will run a Microsoft product, though. You seemed to have overlooked that with your “hate Microsoft” mentality. You even have the computer on the header to this site with Halo on it’s screen, christ. Now I’m an unbiased person, and I actually don’t like Microsoft. I don’t run Windows on my Computer, I run Ubuntu (Linux). However, the Xbox 360 is the best damned game console on the market, and Sony have a lot of work to do before they’re at its standard.

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  144. Ajukashi Mituki says:

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  145. Why do you care? says:

    If you really hate Xbox so much why really spend all this time and energy into a website that revolves around it?

  146. Stephan Poo says:

    Gays should be respected like the Xbox 360 :PNaughty boy!

  147. Obama Sucks Cock Like Your Site says:

    Your opinion is completely wrong and mine is a fact. The Xbox 360 is much better than all three other consoles. You can go to hell the way Obama will!

  148. Antonio says:


  149. adi says:

    Aren’t you happy with your system? Do you have to bash on other consoles because is boring? You’re wasting your time and other’s time with your totally idiotic opinions. You’re not making any money from Sony are you? So why are you doing this?

  150. GAY RAPEST says:


  151. this site is ok says:

    ok fine ill admit it this website is cool xbox is a great console but so is ps3 i dont understand why everyone is fighting YOU PUNK BITCH!!!!

  152. Fuck this site says:

    This site sucks the ps3 and the xbox360 rule.SO Does Pc you should hate the wii.

  153. Darren says:

    Whilst I can see your loathing for the console your way of putting your arguement across makes you look like a fan boy of about 12years old who knows nothing, yes the XBox does have its probles but so does the PS3 as I have returned 4 of them and they are of poor build quality also, I would say though that XBox support is better than Sony support, also lets not forget about the Betamaz and VHS war, Sony well and truly fucked that up, also XBox will send you a new Memory Card free of charge for the update, you really should do some research before rambling on, http://www.xboxstorageupgrade.com/hh/web/home/hhauthentication.jsp hope you take note and maybe add my info to your website for a more balanced view.

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  155. Kyle Tidrick says:

    The Xbox360 is the greatest console ever made. You, sir, are an idiot.

  156. SUCK MY DICK PS3 says:


  157. manuel t. says:

    go fuck yourself who has better sales who has more exclusive titles who has more users online xbox 360 who invented online xbox and then pussy ps2 had to copy it

  158. XBOX LOVER says:


  159. a says:

    i think your hate for the xbox 360 is just covering up some deep emotions. i think there are some past expierences we should explore that have caused you to feel this way. if you were raped, you can tell me. its alright. im here to help.

  160. Seamus says:

    Oh but Xbox games are much better and kick PS3’s ass it is kind of narrow minded of you to say that Xbox sucks since you touched it once, PS3 has great games too like MSG4, Resistance 2, and Little Big Planet of course. But Xbox has Gears 2, Halo 3, Fable 2, Halo Wars, Mass Effect to name a few.

  161. Sean says:

    Hey there, your website is quite humourous, if only due to the fact that your argument lacks any real…..well….argument. You have no facts. You say xbox is inferior in every way yet don’t state any reasons why. I own a Wii and an xbox, and sadly the wii doesn’t get used anymore. I like the console it just lacks a good online component and the graphics can’t cut it, but the main reason it takes a back seat is that it doesn’t have killer titles. The xbox does. Go play gears of war and gears of war 2 and then try to justify your argument. These games are simply the best console games ever created. Actually while I’m writing this I realise how it will make no point. I wish people like you could change. I used to be a fan of playstation, but I ended up liking MS’ consoles more because they are better, My argument will now degrade to mere statements backed by no facts whatsoever, so that it may be understood by someone as simple as you. XBOX IS KING. XBOX IS BETTER. YOU ARE A LOSER. WAKE UP. THEN GO AWAY. Oh, and your website is terrible. I’m surprised you actually made a banner.

  162. shane says:

    I fucking hate you. i saw you h8 mail section and thought it was really funny. As you like reading hate mail, i like to write it. so here goes.

  163. kid says:

    WTF?? How old are you? You must be the geekiest kid on the block, look at this website and take a step back buddy, “PS3 is better than Xbox360”. Woopdy doo! Who cares? Spend you time doing something better, I can’t honestly believe how lame this website is…frikin heck this is comedy since how lame it is.

  164. FuckYouWebOwner says:

    FuckYouWebOwner..U must 1 of the ps3 fanboys..just get over it man..Xbox rules..Read it on all over the web..ps3 lose..admit it.. ps3 fanfuckingboys..

  165. Suck my dick says:

    Okay man, I have all three. A Wii, a PS3, and an Xbox. And yes, I can still tell you, you fuck up cock loving bitch, that xbox is better. And no, the PS3 doesn’t blow it away. I’ve seen games for the PS3 that can put out 720p for that shitty console, and yet 1080p for the xbox. So where are you getting this bullshit at? I really want to know. Because its wrong. Completely. I only have a PS3 for its blu-ray. As for everything else, I was COMPLETELY dissapointed. I’m guessing that at some point in your life, you picked up an xbox controller and sucked some dick at Halo big time. So you got pissed, took a shower, shaved your pussy, and then made this shitty website. Go for a run, get hit by a bus, and clear your head. Because in no way are you correct. And guess what? Fuck Blu-ray. It’s a GAME console, GAME! GAMES! Xbox has better GAMES!!! WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE CALLED GAME CONSOLE YOU FUCK! Seriously. What the fuck. Just die. Rot like a bitch. And you know what else? The Dreamcast isn’t hear anymore because of your worthless shitty fuckup playstation. So fuck you. Dreamcast was the fucking bomb and it should still be here.

    I just couldn’t help but send more mail. First of all, the xbox has pleased millions of people. Second, xbox live costs money because it’s actually worth it. PS3 always disconnects when I play it, it has no good online games (with the exception of Call of Duty 4) and even then, it’s a hassle to do anything online with that console. I’m not going to lie, the Wii is a great console, but it doesn’t overtake the 360, and even if it does, that means it beats the shit out of the PS3 a hundred times worse. I feel sorry for you. I wish you weren’t so ignorant and stupid. I really do. You need to take those dicks out of your ears and listen to the truth.

  166. BARKARR says:

    I have only one thing to say to everyone at fuckxbox.com, I wholeheartedly disagree. I’m not going to yell profanity or spam with grammatical errors and hate. I just don’t agree with you all. I’ve had a 360 for years, and yes I did suffer the red ring, but overall I’ve been quite pleased with my console. It has been reliable (see noted exception) and I really have fun with it. Sure it has terrible backwards capability, but I can’t exactly say I miss my old Xbox games. Live is constantly being updated and improved, so, I really don’t mind shelling out 59.99 a year for the service. I’m not saying that all other consoles are crap. I happen to own a Wii, and I like it too. Not a PS3 though, too expensive for me. Somehow I doubt this will appear on your website. You seem like the kind of folks who weed out the properly spelled, grammatically correct comments in favor of the poorly written ones, This is clearly a ploy to make all Xbox 360 owners look uneducated and “ghey”. Well, if I do make it, good luck with all of your ridiculous fanboy hatred. Sincerely, BARKARR

  167. Dick Bininya says:

    You have very poor grammatical skills. Try getting someone to edit your work…… Halo, 1 reason why xbox will always be better than playstation or any other console…. dont even start on some bullshit about how Halo is gay. Your just bad at it. And as for playstations network….laG lag LAG lag LaG EVERYWHERE. xbox makes a nigger nut sandwich out of playstation

  168. moopMASTER 2000 says:

    Xbox Sucks? You SUCK!!!y’know what? i know what happened!When you begged your mom to buy you a game console because your gamecube was gay, your mom bought you an xbox 360 core edition with no storage device and a wired controller. What’s worse is that you bought it the first day, and all the games sucked. Namely, games like GUN, Kameo, and Perfect Dark Zero. you spent all your allowance on crappy launch titles, and hated them. You went insane, ran away from home, went to live in the woods, and made a habit of mollesting squirels. Finaly, you finally saved enough money from panhandling to people taking nature walks, you stupidly spend it on a 360 Elite, but, you go insane when you realize that you dont have a tv. then you asplode with pure rage and reincarnate into a 39 year old virgin with no life who makes crappy websites for no pay for a living.that’s the story of your life.you know what? if you’re not going to update yoru website from time to time, then just do us all a favor and just stop breathing.Thank you for reading my detailed explination of why you suck big hairy balls.

  169. Xboxlover says:

    you f*cking noob men what do you think you are doing!!you suck bro!!!!!!xbox is just the best they got achievements and playsttion is just fucking shit menso stop saying that xboxis a stupid console!!!!

  170. Aj says:

    …you have to pay for live cuz they do maintinance on it all the time, and monitor it regularly. ps3’s internet system sucks. deal with it

  171. Chris says:

    I have 7 systems, yes lol im kinda rich. Ps1,Ps2,Ps3, Gamecube, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360 and i gotta say i cant agree with what ur sayin. ok yes the 360 has some flaws but i had the 360 since it came out and after 3 months i got the red lights after 4 weeks got it back its not 08 and its still working fine so any1 that has more than that probally played way to much and had it in a hot small place also the graphics compared to ps3 are the same its on the game itself not the system to deliver these arent computers gentlemen and also i have cod4 for both systems on ps3 i wont lie its a lil cleaner but ps3 also was 600 dollars at start and had the same amount of problems its huge and kinda ugly to be honest it looks out of place with my tv and etc. but its a fun play so i say 360 and xbox are the same seriously for the games that are only on xbox i play xbox same goes for ps3 other than that they are the same only one is more expensive with useless shit that ill never useblue ray? come on that not a perk its a excuse to charge more and u call microsoft the rip off artists and for the guy who was bitchin about vista if u actually had computer sense u coulda got it to work u loser it just takes some updates every1 knew that b4 it came out it was gonna have bugs every fukin thing does thats why things have BETAS shit stop hatin all the god damn time and also u kno u love xp and xp 64 profesinol (if u can afford it)

  172. shawn says:

    You are confused about what a monopoly is. Microsoft doesn’t have a monopoly on anything, you have a choice to buy windows, apple, linux or to use nothing at all. Heck, you could even write your own OS and use that.Also, you have never owned an xbox? But you have opinions so stronly against the console? Not only are you confused but you are hyprocritical by calling others simple minded. A closed mind is a simple mind. I’m guessing you won’t even read this comment, what with your head lodged firmly in your ass.

  173. You are gay says:

    You are gay

  174. YOUR FATHER says:


  175. xbox is elite says:

    Dude Xbox pwns the shit outta ps3 and the wii who cares about havin to flair my fuckin hands around just to play a game that woud get fuckin annoying and look at that lil gem known as “Lair” i played that at gamestop and wanted to take the ps3 out and set it on fire so fuck you fuck this site you know the 360is the shit so go fuck your mom stupid piece of fuckin shit

  176. Bill Gates says:

    Thank you for posting this website.U have no idea how much i wanted to have someone make this website. I’ll buy it off of you to use it for cyber-firewood. here you go.$1.25 is what its worth. oops i made a typo. i mean $0.25 is what you’ll get.expect payment in a few weeks, mortal.My mom said to get a life. and go out and see if we havent gotten conquered by martians yet. bet you wouldnt know even if they gave you the classic anal probe. Wait. dont go outside, because by then you’ll have a “Fuckthesky.com” or maybe you’ll trip over a paper bag.just stay home and jack off with your Wii, since you think its so great.like i said, youll get your pay in a week.Get a better life than mine, before its too late Bill Gates Too Late!

  177. invisible says:

    hello! i kno why you made thiis website!its cuz ur jealous. but dont worry, theyre getting cheaper,so u can ask yer mom to get you one, lowlife. (get a life, and get laid while youre at it.)if its a psychological problem, i know a good psychologist.u r a homo arent you? i can tell by how you type.

  178. Marc Digital Gangster says:

    Someone is sad their console is no longer numba 1. It’s ok baby. <3 #2's make websites like this. #1's don't waste their time. fuckps3.com didnt think so.<3 one day you'll make the switch baby. xoxox

  179. Steven says:

    Wow dude. I’m glad you really took the time to construct that awesome rant. I’m sorry you’ve only touched an xbox once. There are some great award winning games for it. In fact in recent times hasn’t the xbox had the majority if not almost every single one of those award winning games? I havn’t seen many for the playstation. One or two for the wi but you know that shit’s for the kiddy’s. Sorry your bias against microsoft shut down the box for you. I hope your family abandons you at christmas time.

  180. Sophie says:

    Ah, well, personally I’m hoping you’ll add this to your hatemail section, if not, then I’d better start adding in the cuss words. ;]Okay, so I will agree with you in some sense that the PS3 is a good console of which the technology is superior to that of the 360. Computers, you can upgrade every 5 seconds, get any game (emulation) etc.Although, most people, for computers anyway, don’t earn enough money to keep up with the latest parts. The PS3 is a very expensive piece of technology also. Although good, game developers are finding it hard and too expensive to actually develop games on, which is why a lot of the exclusives are being sent to other platforms, as well as the PS3 of course.The Xbox 360 also has a lot more sales than the other consoles of this gen (wii, ps3). I’m assuming you’re a fanboy who’s very angry about this for some reason, to be honest, Sony fanboys I’ve found are the worst and the most terribly bias and bullshitting. The Xbox fanboys I’ve talked to can admit to some extent of course that the PS3 is sort of superior specification wise than the Xbox 360 (although I’m sure there are some out there who don’t).EVERY SINGLE PS3 fanboy I’ve encountered has been terribly ignorant and express complete and utter hatred for all things Microsoft without even having an open mind and giving it a go. If they did, they would probably actually enjoy the console and it’s games.Microsoft customer service is actually the best service I’ve ever recieved. My brother’s console (we have 2) had a problem with it’s disk tray twice. We sent it in for repairs, it came back 2 days later. About a month or so onwards, it started to become faulty again, all we had to do was ring them up, they apologised and were very nice (which is rare for someone working a phone) and repaired it again which took about 4 days.So no matter what you may think, the customer service is actually really good. Microsoft DO care about their customers and try to cater for EVERYONE. IF you had actually done your research in an attempt to sound somewhat intelligent and NOT like a bias, raving moron, they’re actually attempting to get NEW people into gaming. Their console is cheaper than that of the PS3 because they want to make sure it’s a good quality console for people of any age that really isn’t horribly expensive. They wish to reach a larger audience and not just gamers. Do I see Sony doing that? NO. All they wish to cater for is their terribly bias and annoying fanboys and certain gamers with a spare large sum of money lying around.I really don’t mind the PS3 to be honest, I’ve heard the console is actually very good. I haven’t played it myself, although I’m looking forward to the day I do and not taking a bias approach towards it. The technology inside the console is excellent and if it were made in some years time it would be very successful. It will probably pick up in some years, although by then Microsoft would’ve probably released another console. We’ll see.

  181. okay says:

    Hi there! fuck you and fuck your website, fuck your attempt to be funny. fuck you mom. fuck your family. go die in a fire you fucking fag.fuck off !<3 MS

  182. Doesnt Matter says:

    You are seriously deluted my friend. Just because you, for some reason, “hate” microsoft, it doesn’t mean that their systems aren’t worth a shit. I’m open minded to everything, but I prefer the 360. There is nothing exclusive for PS3 right now except Resistance, and maybe that’s why you’re so pissed off? The fact of the matter is that all the good next-gen games are on the 360 right now. PS3 may pick up the slack in a few years, but not any time soon – sorry. I will say however, that the PS2 out-weighed the original Xbox, but that was Microsoft’s first attempt to create a console, Sony’s second. We have Halo, you have GTA, and Devil may cry. But guess what? They’re both coming over to our house this year. Both GTA IV, and DMC4. What do you think about that? Have fun with Final Fantasy(insert roman numeral here), it’s all the PS3 has going for it….except God of War 3..

  183. FUCKMYXBOX says:


  184. jacob says:

    You dirty peice of muthu fuckin dog shit bitch! You dont know shit and your fuckin opinions ought to stay to your gay-ass self. You would’nt last a day in the real world. Your probably one of those damn people that like the first damn thing they see because your too lazy to go outside. When was the last time you were outside? Was it that one day when your mom brought you home from the hospital; most likley. FYI kiss my ass you son of a bitch!

  185. jacob says:

    Yeah the Wii is selling, to dumbasses like you. The games on the Wii suck, they’re gay as hell, and make no sense. Seriously how far can you go with the same fucking games over and over. They’er all based on fuckin little circles w/o legs, arms, or necks. They have to hop around on their ass to do anything. And none of them has a storyline, you just sit there and stare. The only game worth playing is need for speed and you can’t controll it worth a fuck. And on the graphics suck dick on the computer too. Counterstrike, Call of Duty, and Battlefeild 2 suck. They can kiss my ass and eat my shit and still wouldnt be good enough to play. I mean DAMN THEY MAKE MY FUCKIN EYES BLEED. Plus the 360 has backwards comp. with only the good games, the ones that don’t aren’t worth a damn. What’s the point of playing the worst games on the best console, just pointless. The Ps3’s so lame it aint even got backwards comp. You’ll just say anything to protect your shitty console. That’s why they suck and are through. Uh hu, Microsoft is so good they own over half the entertainent market. And what does Sony have? Huh? SHIT, thats what. Just three gay gaming consoles. Microsoft has done beat all them fuckers. The only people they “Minipulate” are the smart people, who buy the best in the world. The wii aint innovative for nobody kids or noone else.Kids nowadays dont give a damn about that shit. They are drawn to more adult things like e-rated games. Something else, the wi-mote is slow with its actions and most of them dont work. They have caused millions of consoles to burn up. Which is a waste of fuckin money.Nintendo tried to sav their asses with the wii but it didnt work they were shut out when they made the gamecube. Microsoft kicked their ass way back then. I have been playing games ever sense they exsited 32 years ago and I can tell you dont know shit. And FYI Sony did not create blue- ray, Shuji Nakamura did. The person responsible for sony is Masuru Ibuka, and he didnt even know what blue ray was until a year after it was marketed. Microsoft did get sued a few times,but sony has too. And how many cases has Sony won? none. Microsoft won most of their 3 times because they were sued over stupid shit because someone didn’t read the directions and fucked up their product. Yeah Microsoft is so advanced that you need instructions. Sony’s lazy ass just threw together a peice of shit and tried to make money. If you took a pole, at least 90% would vote of microsoft. Sony has a reputation of being a shitty company that dont give a damn or know shit. I never have to call customer support because nothing I got from microsoft fucked up. I called one time to buy something, and it took 30 minutes total. I got a real person in 20. And when I called they were so concerced they triple checked my order and looked over every little detail with me. It only takes so long because the archive is so large they need more time to get to everything. It only took you so long because your a mother fuckin dumbass with shit for brains. I also called Sony customer support because my ps2 just quit in the middle of my game. Everything was plugged up and working, exept the system. It took me at leat 4 hours to get to a real person and he said quote,”Well I guess you just pulled it unplugged or something simple like that, but I assure you that 100% is functioning perfectly.” I didn’t unplug it, the damn thing just quit. It didn’t overheat because I was only playing it for 15 minutes before it did. By the way Sony’s systems have so many fuckin glitches that you dont even know what the game is like, but the xbox has only a few glitches and the 360 dosent have any. Sony and Nintendo didnt have any competition until microsoft stepped in and put them both in a major debt. Sony loses money with every ps3 sold because blue rays cost thousands of dollars and they put it in the ps3 and sold it for a couple hundred, so in a matter of time, they’ll be bankrupt. You dont have to pay for online pay only because it suck on playstation. You cant download anything or buy anything over the internet unless you actually use a computer. The dumbasses that beleive it is cool suck. You suck. Yo momma sucks. Your freinds and family suck. Fuck sony. Fuck Playstation.

  186. jacob says:

    From: The Publics’ opinion, To: Your sorry ass. You sorry son of a bitch! You don’t just go around yapping your gay opinions that make no fuckin. sense. The Wii is a peice of shit. Computers aint got any good games. Playstation is ok but Microsoft kicks their ass in a landslide. The graphics on the xbox are awsome, not that you’ ever seen them. Gameplay depends on the game you play, and the console has nothing to do with it. Some of the same shitty stuff on the xbox, what little there is, is on every other system. They have satisfied every costomer they have had. And FYI, the 360 does have backwards compatibilty for the xbox games, like you ever looked it up or tried it. The only reason Microsoft has fat wallets is because the whole world is buying their products. Nintendo fucked up with the Wii, so now they have sold out to Sony. And when microsft makes another system, they put sony out, because sony is too fuckin lazy to try anything else. You ignorant BASTARD!!!!!! You probably don’t even no what the fuck a good game is anyway. Their consoles nor the games on any of Microsoft’s material is shitty like yo fucked up bitch-ass mother fuckin gay self. Another FYI, microsoft so happens to have another version of the 360 with blue ray.Yes Microsoft has fucked up a few times, but let me tell you something, sony and Nintedo and any other out there have fucked up a hell of a lot more. I’m writing this because you’re a peice of shit, sony is a peice of shit, and anyone else but Microsoft is a peice of shit. I mean sony isnt so bad but the microsoft systems are wicked. so you just take yo fucked up self back to the hole where you came from and shut the fuck up!!

    • sirdicksalot says:

      Dude Microsoft literally robbed my friend he was talking on how xbox is better than playstation and the next week he said that he now fukin hates xbox because they didn’t replace his rrod (red ring of death) xbox

  187. Tom Fitz says:


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