Half a Million Surveyed, 42% Had Failures

No Fuss Reviews puts out the hard numbers for everyone to see. Out of 500,000 people surveyed, 42% had to have their Xbox replaced, with most of them having it replaced more than once, and many of them having to have it replaced three or more times. You cant ignore numbers like that. Xbox is clearly a flawed console.


Microsoft Banning Waves of Users

BBC brings us an article about the recent wave of bans on Xbox Live. “Many gamers modify their consoles by installing new chips or software that allows them to run unofficial – but not always illegal – programs and games. Some BBC News website readers claimed that they had “modded” their consoles to allow them to make back-ups of games that they had already bought. “Discs are very fragile things and some users like to have their games backed up,” said Donald Glass of Aberdeen.” Sounds like Microsoft is making excuses to ban consoles so people have to buy more.


Over 50% Failure Rate

Seattle Pi lets loose the results of a survey about failures in the 360.”That means 54.2 percent of Xbox 360 consoles fail in one way or another. That’s well above the reported failure rates of Sony’s PlayStation 3 (10.6 percent) and Nintendo’s Wii (6.8 percent). However, when the results hit newsstands in the September 2009 issue of Game Informer, gamers were surprised with the results. No, they didn’t think 54.2 percent was a high rate – they thought it was low.” You can’t argue with results.


Xbox 360 Failure Rate Details

Gamespot has an article that goes in depth on the specifics of the catastrophic failure rates of the Xbox 360. “Takahashi quotes a Microsoft engineer who raised the issue of hardware reliability in August of 2005, months before the system’s November launch. At the time, 68 of every 100 Xbox 360s made by Microsoft’s Chinese manufacturing partners were coming off the line nonfunctional. Worse still, when the first batch of the system’s three-core CPUs rolled off the line, only 16 percent worked.”


Dashboard Update: Not For Everyone

A new dashboard for Xbox, but not if you own the Core or Arcade version. If you own the original Core version or the Arcade version, you don’t quite meet the requirements for the update. “While we expect the majority of consumers to download the New Xbox Experience without a problem, a small percentage of Xbox 360 owners do not have enough memory to accommodate the update. To help ensure all Xbox LIVE members are able to download the New Xbox Experience and enjoy its new features, Microsoft will be offering storage solutions to the Xbox LIVE community.” I’m willing to bet they’ll just tell you to buy their overpriced hard drives. Hows that for customer loyalty and service?


Over 16% Failure Rate According to Squaretrade

Squaretrade, a company that specializes in providing warranty support to purchasers of electronic goods from various manufacturers, claims 16% of Xbox 360s experience a hardware failure within six to ten months after a warranty purchase. Three out of every five failures were for the infamous “Red Ring of Death” general hardware failure error, a problem often linked to overheating. The Xbox’s figures compare poorly to competing consoles, which have a failure rate of around 3% — and if anything, the Squaretrade figure underestimates the scale of the Xbox 360’s reliability issues. Numbers don’t lie, the 360 is just a piece of shit.


Jinx.com Hates Xbox Too!

Popular gamer website Jinx.com even hates the Xbox. Check out what they had to say in their newsletter from 1/4/08.

“Xbox360 is teh suck! As a public service, we’d like to provide this brief rant: Nine people in the J!NX Office ponied up a hefty wad of female deer for an Xbox360. Of those nine, six of us now have a broken Xbox360. For the math-impaired, that makes 66.666% (repeating, of course) bitter J!NX gamers. So sad… We have consoles from 20 years ago that still work perfectly, apart from a few cartridges that need a blow now and then… (heh, blow…) -Team J!NX ”

See it here: http://fuckxbox.com/images/jinxhatesxbox.JPG

Xbox 360 Class Action Filed

Class action suit is filed against Microsoft for their shitty Xbox due to the scratched disk claims. “The lawsuit contends that the plaintiffs in the case “have been damaged in that their game discs were destroyed by the Xbox 360 during reasonable, foreseeable, normal, and intended use.” They blame Microsoft because “The Xbox 360 was negligently designed and manufactured in that the Console’s laser disc reading assembly contacts and scratches the video game discs during normal and intended operation and use.” Hopefully some justice will come to Microsoft for their laziness and overall crappy product, take them for every penny.


A Tale of 11 Broken Xbox 360s

Check out the story of this guy who has gone through 11 Xbox 360s. “The list of problems is almost comically large: three red lights of death, two with disc read errors, two dead on arrival, several with random audio and video-related issues and one that actually exploded.” Coincidence? I think not. More like shitty product.


Full story link is no longer valid, check it out on archive.org