Jinx.com Hates Xbox Too!

Popular gamer website Jinx.com even hates the Xbox. Check out what they had to say in their newsletter from 1/4/08.

“Xbox360 is teh suck! As a public service, we’d like to provide this brief rant: Nine people in the J!NX Office ponied up a hefty wad of female deer for an Xbox360. Of those nine, six of us now have a broken Xbox360. For the math-impaired, that makes 66.666% (repeating, of course) bitter J!NX gamers. So sad… We have consoles from 20 years ago that still work perfectly, apart from a few cartridges that need a blow now and then… (heh, blow…) -Team J!NX ”

See it here: http://fuckxbox.com/images/jinxhatesxbox.JPG

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